50 Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Stunning Volume

These gorgeous hairstyles for thin hair below will show you just how important the styling technique is for creating the right look. If your fine hair lacks volume, then maybe you should consider changing your hairstyle.

Take a look at these amazing cuts that will make your hair look fuller and better! After all, bangs, choppy layers, and highlights are only some of the ways to make thin hair look fantastic.

From daring pixie cuts to choppy stacked bobs and all the way to long layered hairstyles, our list will show you the coolest hairstyles for thin hair!

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1. Choppy Bob for Thin Wavy Hair

This is one of the classic hairstyles for thin hair. The choppy sides will provide you with an impressive volume and the discreet, side-swept bangs will add structure to the cut.

2. Short Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical cuts are excellent for thin hair because they create the impression of significant volume. This short messy bob also features bangs which also contribute significantly to the final effect -as does the deep side part.

3. Short Messy & Shaggy Layered Bob

This shaggy layered bob adds volume and structure to thin hair which makes it a key look to consider. Complete the look with bangs to get the full effect of this short messy hairstyle.

4. Short Layered Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are absolutely fantastic for thin hair. This layered pixie is made to provide you with added volume. The short bangs and the blonde highlights offer structure to the look and help complete it.

5. Shaggy Layered Bob for Thin Hair

The top layers are significantly shorter than the bottom layers in this shaggy bob because this significantly increases volume. In fact, the bottom area features a cascade of shaggy layers that complete this fantastic look.

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6. Darling Short Bob with Long, Side Bangs

This is one of the go-to hairstyles for fine hair and thin locks precisely because this length is ideally suited for hair that falls flat. This cut looks great on straight as well as wavy hair and it will not require too much daily styling.

7. Glam Pixie Cut

This is one of the shortest pixie hairstyles for thin hair out there. In fact, this glamorous cut is a miracle worker for women with fine hair because it completely reinvents their style. Adding extra-short bangs is a key element in this stunning cut.

8. Choppy Inverted Bob with Bangs

This short inverted bob hairstyle looks fantastic on women with thin hair because it provides them with excellent structure. The long side bangs complete this adorable look.

9. Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair

Thin hair does not necessarily mean that you have to resort to short hairstyles only. This layered cut for long thin hair proves that the right technique can do wonders!

10. Fabulous Blonde Pixie Cut

The top layers are meant to add volume and the short bangs complete this gorgeous look. This fabulous pixie cut will help create the illusion that the hair is thicker than in reality. Some texture spray can help a lot too!

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11. Choppy Short Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs are yet another excellent hairstyle for thin hair because they add volume naturally. In fact, the choppier the bottom layers, the better because this controls the volume.

12. Adorable Chocolate Pixie Hair Styles

The long bangs in this adorable pixie cut add a romantic effect to the final look. The short top layers will provide you with significant volume, so it is a cut that you should definitely consider if you want to add texture and volume to your locks.

13. Messy Pixie Cut with Side Part

The side part and long comb over look amazing. This short pixie is one of the best short hairstyles for thin hair because it is extremely easy to style. In just a few minutes, you will be ready to look fantastic.

14. The Daisy Buchanan Glam Hairstyle

The Daisy Buchanan extra short bob is a very chic look for thin hair. It is one of the best hairstyles for thin straight hair because it provides natural volume. Add a retro headband and you will be all good to go!

15. Cute Pixie Cut for Thin Brown Hair

Emphasize your beautiful eyes with this darling pixie cut. At this length, even the thinnest hair will have amazing volume. Blow dry and then use some hairspray to make that volume stay in place.

16. Boyish Pixie Cut

The faded sides make this boyish pixie cut an excellent hairstyle for women with fine hair. The natural part provides structure to the look and the short comb-over makes it look stunning. Its textured nature also helps a lot too!

17. Messy Choppy Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair

This hairstyle is tailor-made for fine and thin wavy hair. The short bottom layers ensure natural volume and you can easily style the longer layers at the top to look gorgeous.

18. Long Layered Pixie Cut

We absolutely love the long layers in this fabulous pixie. This statement look is extremely elegant and it will look fantastic on straight thin hair.

19. Short Wavy Bob with Mid-Part

An even bob with middle part will look fantastic on fine hair. You can use a round brush to style it and, in just a few minutes, you will get a classic elegant look.

20. Short Wavy Choppy Bob

Choppy layers look fantastic on thin hair because they maximize natural volume. Let your waves roam free with this adorable choppy bob and you will look amazing! This hairstyle will generally look well on al hair types.

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21. Darling Pixie with Bangs for Straight Thin Hair

This is one of the most elegant hairstyles for short thin hair. The long side bangs are the central element of this look because they dictate the entire structure.

22. Elegant Long Pixie Cut

This is a lovely long pixie that will look fantastic on thin straight hair. The delicate short bangs complete this elegant look and make it delightfully delicate.

23. Choppy Long Layered Pixie Cut with Bangs

If you want a more adventurous look, try out this choppy long layered pixie. It will provide you with all the volume you need to look stunning with minimum effort.

24. Shaggy Layered Bob with Natural Part

This is one of our favorite mediumlength hairstyles for thin hair. The natural part makes this look extremely delicate and the shaggy layers make it delightfully messy. Add a few light-colored highlights to complete this amazing look.

25. Stacked Asymmetrical Bob

This is a statement hairstyle for thin hair. Asymmetrical bob cuts are an excellent choice if you want to add volume to your fine hair. The shorter side will have more volume due to the length of the hair and the longer side is specially made to add structure to the final look.

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26. Lovely Choppy Short Bob

The thin long layers dictate the structure of this elegant hairstyle and the short choppy layers provide stunning volume. This makes this one of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

27. Curly Thin Hair in Short Bob

If your hair is naturally curly, a short bob is one of your best options because this cut will maximize the volume and accentuate those lovely curls.

28. A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

A-line bobs are excellent hairstyles for thin hair. While they may not provide as much volume as choppy layered bobs, they boast a classy look that you will love. You will have to spend a few minutes to style it properly but it will look stunning every time.

29. Darling Wavy Bob with Bangs

If you have thin wavy hair, then this short choppy bob is one of your best options. Experiment with the multitude of layers and the statement side bangs.

30. Subtle Stacked Bob for Short Hair

The longer layers in this stacked bob hairstyle are a subtle element that offers the ideal amount of volume to the final look. Accentuate your naturally straight hair with this stunning look.

31. Short Choppy Hairstyle for Thin Hair

This extra short bob is an excellent look if you are outgrowing your pixie cut. We strongly recommend highlights because these provide a solid structure for the final look.

32. Delicate Bob with Bangs

This delicate bob with bangs and side part is one of the cutest hairstyles for thin hair ever. It is very easy to style, so you can save quite a bit of time in the morning. You can also use hair clips and small accessories to make this look even sweeter.

33. French Bob for Short Thin Hair

French bobs are the best short bobs out there. They are also some of the best short hairstyles for short hair because they allow the hair to regenerate. This will create excellent natural volume and the final look will be outstanding.

34. Layered Bob for Thin Wavy Hair

This layered bob is a classic among medium length hairstyles for thin hair. If pixie cuts seem overly dramatic to you, then add volume to your thin hair with this elegant hairstyle.

35. Layered Bob with Side Bangs

This short layered bob will accentuate the natural volume of your hair. A few highlights can make a significant difference because they will contribute to the volume effect.

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36. Long Asymmetrical Bob

One of the most attractive medium-length hairstyles for thin hair, the long asymmetrical bob is extremely flattering no matter how thin your hair is. Style your longer side with a round brush to create an amazing hairstyle.

37. Perfectly Messy Asymmetrical Bob

This messy asymmetrical bob will highlight the delicate nature of your thin hair. The choppy layers will provide you with the volume you are looking for. You can style this gorgeous cut in just a few minutes and it will look fantastic.

38. Long Asymmetrical Choppy Bob with Blonde Ombre

Long asymmetrical bobs are such pretty hair styles. If you have wavy hair, you will get to enjoy the full effect of this amazing cut. Try out a blonde ombre to accentuate your amazing layers and add structure to the look.

39. Glam Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Try out some glam loose curls to get the most of your bob hairstyle. These are easy to do at home and you will look extremely elegant.

40. Daring Choppy Bob with Side Part

This cute bob hairstyle for thin hair will provide you with enough volume to look your best all day long. The side part adds a classic touch to this look; it also makes it an excellent option for women with round faces.

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41. Long Hairstyle with Bangs for Thin Hair

This is one of the simplest hairstyles for thin hair and also one of the most elegant out there. It is easy to style and it will complicate your delicate hair in the best possible way.

42. Elegant Long Layered Hairstyle

This is one of our favorite long hairstyles for thin hair because the gorgeous layers create an effortlessly elegant look and help add a lot of volume.

43. Chic Choppy Bob for Wavy Hair

This chic choppy bob will look amazing on women with round faces. It is one of the key hairstyles for thin hair because the choppy edges create an excellent filling effect.

44. Long Layered Cut with Bangs

This is one of the best long hairstyles for thin hair. In fact, it is also excellent for women with round faces because the short bangs create a rounding effect. The delicate layers will create a fuller look for your long hair and you will look simply stunning!

45. Lovely Long Hairstyle for Thin Hair

The key elements in this hairstyle are the layered edges and the short top layers. Both these elements add volume to the final look, thus making this simple cut excellent for thin hair.

46. Adorable Long Layered Cut

This cut is perfect for long wavy thin hair because it puts your amazing waves to good use to create extra volume. The layered bangs complete this look and make it one of our favorite hairstyles on the list.

47. Edgy Bob with Choppy Bangs

This short hairstyle is simply impossible to ignore. The extra short layered bangs and the choppy edges of the even bob make this an excellent hairstyle for thin hair.

48. Lusciously Long Hairstyle for Thin Hair

If you have thin straight hair, we recommend you either keep it very short or go impressively long. This hairstyle should be your goal for the ideal long hairstyle because it is perfect in every way. The subtle bottom layers add a delicate structure to this hairstyle and the result is fantastic!

49. Long Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, try out a longer even bob with choppy edges. This is an excellent look, especially if you want to grow your hair out.

50. Edgy Choppy Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

The more layers in your cut, the more natural volume you will have. This cut is perfect for women with shoulder-length hair. The layered bangs complete this amazing look by adding a strong structure.

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These amazing hairstyles for thin hair prove that there are so many ways to add natural volume to your fine hair. Whether you want a daring pixie cut or a stunning bob, you have quite a few options to choose from.

With these excellent hairstyles, you will never have to worry about flat hair ever again! So which of these are the perfect hairstyles for thin hair for you?

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6 responses to “50 Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Stunning Volume”

  1. Jhonea says:

    You are confusing “thin” hair with “fine” hair. None of the women in these photos has thinning hair; they all have fine hair. A hair site should know the difference! Still, the photos are nice.

    • Samantha Lottie says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jhonea!

      Indeed none of these women have thinning hair, however, they to do have thin hair, which refers to the density of the follicles. While some women can have thin coarse hair, some have thin fine hair, fine hair referring to the thickness/diameter of the actual individual strand. In the examples illustrated in this article, we have women with thin hair, while some may also have fine hair, for more clarification, you can check out our article dedicated especially to fine hair: https://hairmotive.com/bob-haircuts-for-fine-hair/.

      Have a great start of the week!

  2. Sarah says:

    I would really like to see more long styles for thin hair. Like, down the middle of the back.

    • Samantha Lottie says:

      Hello, Sarah!
      We will surely have more articles about thin hair in the future, keep checking the website for new articles.
      Thank you for your comment and have a great day!

  3. jean yarwood says:

    need hairstyle for short very thin wavy hair

    • HM Editor says:

      You could try going for a layered or shaggy pixie cut or, depending on how long or short you want your hair to be, consider a short bob too. Either way, add layers or go for a textured cut if you want to add volume to your hair and also make it easier to style naturally. Hope this helps!

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