Go For a Shag Haircut: 50 Funky and Cool Ideas!

After being one of the most loved styles of the 70s, shag haircuts are now once again among the hottest hair trends! Who would have thought that the shag would be back and booming decades later?

Probably quite a lot of people. This feisty, carefree and attitude-filled haircut works amazingly well for almost any face shape and hair type.

So slide till the end to get inspired and pick the shag hairstyle of your dreams!

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1. Medium Shag Haircuts

AS we present new hairstyle ideas, we always like to start with a balanced option. For example, one of the best modern shag haircuts you can rock is this medium-length, all-natural, choppy layers look.

2. Beach Hair Shag

The concept of beach hair falls under the broader category of modern adaptations of the timeless shag haircut. Just as the name suggests, the hairstyle aims to reproduce that sun-kissed, post-time at the beach look.

3. Short Shag Haircuts

Looking for a more playful approach to your shag haircut? Go short! In this particular case, the shag look was paired with a pixie bob hairstyle with brown highlights.

4. Shoulder-Length Hair with Sleek Layers

Hard as it may seem to believe at first, not all shag haircuts are messy. While most shags are associated with lots of layers, messy ones, you can also keep them sleek and styled, as above.

A sleek shag can be worn even on more formal occasions and is also a perfect fit for ladies more attracted to classy styles.

5. Long Shag Haircuts

To obtain the picture-perfect shag with long hair, you need to go above and beyond with the layers – the shorter and choppier, the better! This helps create a dynamic silhouette, and also makes for a boho style.

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6. Shag Haircuts with Bangs

A wonderful way to personalize your hairstyle is to pair those wild layers with bangs. We will be showcasing several bang styles throughout this list but we started with this classic set of full, arched bangs.

7. Cool and Flirty Short Shag Hairstyle

For a flirty and cool hairstyle, go for a bob-length shag haircut that you can style simply by running your fingers through your tresses. The blonde highlights on blonde hair are also a lovely touch.

8. A-Line Shaggy Bobs

Now that bob hairstyles are in discussion, talking about the shaggy A-line is a must. Angles are everything when it comes to cute shag haircuts, so it’s natural that an angled bob would serve as the perfect outline for one.

9. Shag Haircuts for Thin Hair

If you struggle with styling your thin hair, we recommend a shorter shag. A choppy hairstyle with a bob or even lob (or long bob) base, for instance, can help add extra volume. As the locks are shorter, they won’t be as pulled down as long hair.

10. The Asymmetrical Shag Bob

Speaking of A-line bobs, why not try an asymmetrical version for your shag? The difference doesn’t even have to be dramatic. An inch or two of asymmetry should do the trick, in most cases.

11. Shag Haircuts for Older Women

Regardless of your age, you can look and feel fabulous during any chapter of your life with a sassy hairstyle, such a shag. Raquel Welch proves so time and time again, like in this flattering shot.

Also, ladies that caught the 70s shag haircut in its heyday can now experiment with its modern and shorter versions.

12. Straight Shaggy Hairstyles

We will be tackling types of hair throughout our list of shag haircuts, from curly to wavy and, in this case, straight hair. Get inspired by Dianna Agron’s gorgeous hairstyle – perfect length, master layers!

13. Jagged Bangs – Baby Bangs-Style

If you’re genuinely not afraid to leave your comfort zone, consider an unconventional shag haircut with bangs – almost baby bangs – and make these choppy too!

14. Gypsy Shag Haircuts

There are many vintage haircuts that can inspire the nostalgic, and this ravishing gypsy shag hairstyle is one of them. It’s a great look for medium to long hair, one made even prettier by the lush side-swept bangs and short layers.

15. Curly Shag Haircuts

If you were lucky enough to be born with natural corkscrew curls, never shy away from flaunting what you got from your mamma. In other words, find a hairstyle that accentuates your ringlets, such as this shaggy haircut.

16. Short and Choppy Bangs

What better way to complement your choppy layers than with equally choppy bangs? Instead of sporting eyebrow-length bangs, you can take a walk on the wild and modern side with a short and rebellious fringe.

17. 70s Shag Haircuts

Whether your bangs are slightly parted, swept carelessly to the side, or messily down the front, rock them with your head held high for some retro glam.

18. Long Bangs and Shaggy Hair

An amazing way to highlight your shaggy locks even more is to wear them with long, about nose-length bangs. It’s the traditional boho approach to this hairstyle, and ideal if you want to get closer to the retro shag haircut.

19. Pixie Shag Haircuts

Admire and get inspired by this shaggy pixie cut! Make the pixie as short or long as you want to, but remember: styling is key! Also, we recommend going for longer bangs no matter the length of the pixie.

20. Casual Shag Hairstyles

If you don’t want to go too over the top with your shag, but still want to make it memorable, go for a casual style like above. Go for a middle part, keep the hair around shoulder-length. The bangs are optional.

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21. Shaggy Inverted Bobs

It’s easy to see why inverted bobs are among the most voluminous cuts and trendiest hairstyles. Add even more volume by cutting in choppy layers – shag effect guaranteed!

22. Shoulder-Length Shag

Shaggy hairstyles look arguably the best with shoulder-length hair. You can appreciate the layers and get that much-needed kick of volume without struggling with the maintenance afterward.

23. Layered Shag Haircuts

It may seem redundant to label a shag haircut as layered, but we want to emphasize the role of this cutting technique. As this example goes to show, the short and gradual layers are the icing on the cake for a shaggy hairstyle.

24. Boho Hairstyles

You will frequently find the term boho associated with shag haircuts – for quite obvious reasons too. To emphasize the bohemian part of your shaggy hairstyle, make and keep your bangs choppy.

25. Dramatic Hairstyles

We constantly encourage our readers to get a hairstyle that fully represents their personality. So bold girls can look at style icons like Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord for some extreme shag hairstyle inspiration.

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26. Shag Haircuts for Round Faces

A shaggy hairstyle is one of the best ways to compliment a round face shape. By focusing the layers and angles inwards, you can successfully create a slimmer face effect. Add side-swept bangs for extra cuteness.

27. Wavy Shag Haircuts

Shag haircuts and wavy hair truly go hand in hand. This is the ideal hair texture for a shag as the wavy layered locks will fall gracefully into place on their own.

28. Curtain Bangs on Ombre Hair

One characteristic that both retro and modern shag haircuts have in common is the way they style bangs. One of the most common and also coolest approaches is going for curtain bangs.

29. Colorful Shag Hairstyles

To put the spotlight on the rebellious side of a shag, couple it with a new hair color. Considering that shag haircuts are typically wild and rebellious, play around with the liveliest of colors, such as this rich green.

30. Black Shag Haircuts

Halle Berry can rock a short shag quite like no other. The renowned actress is well known for her choppy hairstyles and especially for their bold shortness and spunk. This goes to show that a shag can suit women of all skin tones, face shapes, and personalities.

31. Side Part Hairstyles

Contrary to popular belief, shag haircuts are just as head-turning with a side part as they are with curtain bangs. Indeed, retro shags cuts are almost always middle-parted and their modern-day counterparts open the way to experimentation.

32. Choppy Shag Haircuts

If you want to get as much attitude as possible out of your haircut, go for extremely choppy layers. Also, experiment with different lengths for the layers. For example, try short layers on top and longer ones as you go down.

33. Pop Shag Hairstyles

Remember when celebs like Mandy Moore, Meg Ryan, or Alexa Chung rocked a shag? Recreate their look for a fun and girly hairstyle. The one above, for example based on a short bob with progressive, angled layers that frame the face.

34. Sexy Shag Haircuts

The sexiest shag haircuts are often the messiest and most careless ones. Counterintuitive as it may seem, they stand out through their reckless glow and as a statement of an outgoing personality.

35. 2000s Hairstyles

If we were to talk about pop icons of the 2000s, there’s no doubt that Britney Spears would be among the top three of that decade. She was a trendsetter in both clothes and hairstyles, and this long, choppy, and thoroughly layered hairstyle is surely one of her most famous looks.

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36. Goth-Inspired Hairstyles

Were you expecting to find a mullet-based haircut that looks this outstanding? We’d guess no. However, this deliciously dark, mysterious, and goth-inspired shag haircut proves us all wrong!

37. Retro Shag Haircuts

We will go back to the 70s for this entry, with a gorgeous, retro-inspired shag. While the hair is on the long side, the many layers make it easier to style and maintain.

38. Wispy Shag Bob Haircuts

Ladies with fine hair should definitely keep shag bob haircuts in mind when booking their next hair appointment. This is a very flattering style as it helps add natural volume to the hair.

39. Shag Cut with Soft Curls

Yet another way to adorn a shaggy hairstyle is with soft curls. This look works best if your hair is naturally curly or very wavy, so have some fun with those tousled locks and shaggy bangs!

40. Cute Shag Haircuts

This particular short shag style is so easy to wear, that gals of all ages can rock it! Don’t hesitate to go for this all-around shorter haircut that combines flirty with feathered layers.

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41. Shag Hairstyles for Square Faces

Razor-like jawlines have a unique charm of their own, that can be made all the more stunning when paired with a hairstyle that complements them. For example, a shag haircut with softer layers will balance out the features.

42. Long Layered Shags

Short layers on long hair have been trending for as far back as one can remember. They work seamlessly together to create a balanced yet playful hairstyle. Moreover, they are one of the definitive traits of the modern shag.

43. Shaggy Bangs

Bring those bangs to life by making them shaggy too! Focus on full bangs that start from the crown of the head and continue with plenty of short and jagged layers.

44. Shag Haircuts for Thick Hair

Shaggy hairstyles can work miracles on thin locks and thick hair alike. Accentuate the natural thickness of the hair and get a fearless look, all in one!

45. Ombre Shag Hairstyles

Bring some color to your new shag by going for ombre hair. We’re sure you already know all about this coloring technique, but we wanted to draw attention to how easy it can contribute to an eye-catching hairstyle.

46. Platinum Shag Hairstyles

For an unforgettable impression, go for platinum blonde! This has been one of the top-trending hair colors for years now, and we’re certain that it will still be a favorite among women for years to come.

47. Classic Shag

A classic shag haircut will always focus on the top part of your hair as the pièce de résistance. In other words, all attention will be drawn to the short and layered top while the rest of the hair flows down naturally.

48. Curly Shag with Bangs

Shag haircuts with bangs are a very flattering choice for gals with curly hair. The fact that the locks have a curly texture pave the way for effortless bangs that perfectly complement the whole look.

49. Fiery Hairstyles

You can go all out with the colors for a shag and add some spice by blending various shades of red. The results will be spicy, fiery red, and sure to make heads turn.

50. Emo Hairstyles – The Shag Version

Curious as it may seem at first, emo hairstyles and shag haircuts have quite a lot in common. From the short layers on long hair to the voluminous top and sleek bottom, you can easily consider interchanging them.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, shag haircuts have taken over our hearts, for sure. Aside from being truly impressed by their massive comeback, we also admire and love the versatility and funkiness that comes with them.

We warmly recommend a shaggy hairstyle to any girl or woman who wants to go against the grain and rock a cool look every day – and an almost effortless one too!

So what do you say, which of the shag haircuts and hairstyles is your favorite?

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  1. Lisa Lewis says:

    Love seeing different cuts thanks

  2. Kathryn (Kat) P. Gay says:

    So many cuts that take me back to the days ofthe wonderful flower child and colorful ways of dressing … I have found the style I’ve been looking for at length so now I can complete my style…P.S…At 59 I am somewhat reverting back to those days of yore with a modern flare..my hair is Amethyst purple..and I’m either barefoot with bling at the ankles or one of my cowgirl boots/bootie collection..

    • Samantha Lottie says:

      Hi, Kathryn,

      Thanks for your positive feedback, we’d love to meet someone as colorful and cool as you are. We’re sure your style is amazing and a source of inspiration for other women.

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