Transform Your Brown Hair with Our 50 Lowlights & Highlights Suggestions!

Let’s be honest, women are rarely happy with their hair.

If it’s straight, they want it weaved. If it’s curly, it should’ve been relaxed.

Similarly, many blondes dream of being brunettes while dark-haired girls often imagine how they would look as blondes.

But trends tell us we don’t have to be that drastic if we want some changes.

There are tons of interesting ideas for girls who want brown hair with lowlights and highlights, and here’s a collection of the best of them!

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1. Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

brown lowlights on blond hair


This hairstyle is in line with the latest trends, which recommend natural looks with subtle transitions of hair colors.

It will accentuate your eyes, as well as your basic hair color. Try 1 or 2 shades lighter and you will hit the jackpot.

2. Dark Brown Hair with Lowlights



Suitable for both long and short hair, this style softens your look with the gentle auburn lowlights. The result is an exquisite hairdo that you can’t look away from!

3. Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

auburn highlights


It might be a little more daring if this is your first time experimenting with colors, but the combo of highlights and lowlights – if done right – can bring magic to your hair.

4. Light Brown Hair with Lowlights

light brown hairstyle with lowlights


If you’re thinking of more options for brown hair with lowlights, this style just 2 shades lighter than light brown.

This will help you maintain your ‘non-blonde’ status.

It’s just a step away from your natural color with an aura of monochromatic locks.

5. Brown Hair with Red Lowlights

caramel lowlights on dark brown hair


Everyone knows redheads are not to be messed with so why wouldn’t you steal a bit of their power with some red lowlights?

You can also add caramel highlights on top of everything to complete your look.

6. Light Brown Hair with Caramel Lowlights

lowlights in light brown hair


These lowlights are so much fun to wear!

Nothing lightens up dark brown hair like some caramel hues; you only need to make sure you go to a skilled hairdresser who knows which strands to lighten.

7. Medium Brown Hair with Lowlights

light brown hair with face contouring lowlights


Getting barely-there blonde streaks in medium hair is totally chic.

Subtle lowlights like these are a great option when you don’t want to fully commit to a different shade of color.

8. Chocolate Brown Hair with Lowlights

auburn lowlights in chocolate brown hair


Whenever chocolate is involved, count me in! Even if it’s only the name of this shade of deep brown hair.

Combine it with these glamorous lowlights, and you have the look of the season.

9. Platinum Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

lowlights in platinum hair


But what if you reversed the nuances?

Brown lowlights on platinum blonde hair are to die for, softening a look that might otherwise appear too straightforward.

10. Red Hair with Brown Lowlights

brown lowlights on red hairstyle


There’s nothing easier than calming down your red hair by inserting these beautiful brown lowlights in it. If you have naturally wavy hair, they will simply pop up!

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11. Honey Brown Hair Color with Caramel Lowlights

blonde highlights and lowlights


Caramel – yummy! – lowlights are for everyone, as long as the cut is right. A curly hairstyle highlights this warm caramel for a modern look.

12. Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Lowlights



This look gives you so many lowlights you don’t even know where the base color ends and the stylish lowlighting begins. And that’s a good thing!

13. Dark Brown Hair with Violet Lowlights

burgundy and purple locks


It’s time to take things up a notch with some purple lowlights – and if you’re as courageous as this girl in the picture below, you can have as many strands come in contact with the vibrant color as her.

14. Brown Hair with Auburn Lowlights



There’s no right or wrong season to sport these auburn shades in your hair.

Natural curly hair has an advantage, though, for it best highlights the subtle changes of color.

15. Bleached Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

bleached blonde with brown highlights


You’ll hardly find a better mix of colors than brown lowlights on bleached hair. If you’re feeling lucky, add some highlights, as well, to complete your summer look.

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16. Dark Brown Hair with Bleached Lowlights

blonde highlights on dark brown hair


It starts with dark brown hair, but it ends with an unpredictable bleached blonde. Champagne tones with a subtle ombre might be just the combo for you.

17. Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Lowlights

wavy curls with balayage highlights


We’re back to caramel again but just because you need to see this medium bob with its beautiful curls.

If you think the lowlights look good in waves, wait till you straighten out your hair!

18. Dark Hair with Burgundy Streaks



While burgundy shades look good on any hair length, look how perfect they are on this short bob!

For the more daring, add a bit of violet in the color mix as well.

19. Dark Brown Hair with Dark Chestnut Highlights

dark brown hairstyle with chestnut lowlights


This dark and warm hair look is simply perfection.

You can ask your stylist to use the balayage technique to add some chestnut streaks around the face.

Then have your hair styled with beach waves.

20. Blonde Highlights and Purple Lowlights

purple lowlights brown hair


It might look like something inspired by Tumblr, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your hair express both the crazy and the calm side of your personality.

21. Sweet Beige Accents on Brown Hair

subtle beige accents brown hair


The accents can even overpower your base color if you want them to. But they can also be barely-there, allowing you a slower transition to a lighter hair color.

22. Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights on ash brown hair


So you like blonde hair and brown hair as well – you don’t have to choose!

You can sport this hair color, a gorgeous combination that perfectly blends blonde and ash brown.

23. Dirty Blonde Ombre on Dark Curly Hair

dirty blonde with lowlights


It’s summer, and nothing stops you from making a dramatic change from dark hair to dirty blonde.

While you’re at it, make your hair bouncy with these awesome curls!

24. Half Updo with Lowlights in Light Brown Hair

caramel lowlights on light brown hair


If you’ve had your hair long your entire life, it’s time to give this hairstyle a try.

It’s stylish, easy to maintain, and the half updo is a go-to look for pretty much any casual occasion.

25. Purple Balayage for Afro Ringlets

purple afro


Who said lowlights and highlights are only for naturally straight hair? This lovely lady above goes to show you that you thought wrong!

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26. Light Brown Hair with Dark Lowlights

dark lowlights on light brown hairstyle


This is what you’ll be asking your hairstylist to try next: contouring lowlights that will draw all the attention to your facial features.

27. Wavy Lowlighted Curls on Dark Brown Hair

long curls with dark lowlights


So you’re not ready to part ways with your long locks, but you’re still looking for a change. Choose a color one shade lighter and style them in beach waves.

28. Short Bob with Honey Lowlights or Highlights

brown bob with soft curls


There are two options to choose from: either go with the subtle lowlights or the full-blown honey highlights. Either way, the bob is a timeless style.

29. Wavy Brown and Blonde Ombre Look

blonde streaks in dark brown hair


High-contrast colors bring a fun and edgy aspect to your hairstyle. Alternate between bouncy curls and straight hair to keep things even more interesting.

30. Platinum Lowlights in Light Brown Braid

lowlights in blonde braid


There’s no better way to show off your sleek platinum lowlights than in a French braid. You can also learn how to do a fishtail. It’ll look exquisite!

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31. Balayage Highlights and Lowlights for Brown Hair

brown highlights and lowlights


The award-winning hair coloring technique for 2015, balayage highlights will make for a lighter base that you can combine with different nuances.

32. Brown Roots with Wavy Blonde Highlights

wavy curls with lowlights


Blonde can go as far platinum – but not necessarily. Both these hair colors are truthful to their brown roots while spicing things up with a creamy blonde.

33. Dark Blue Bob for Black Women

black woman with blue bob


You can keep your dark brown roots, but nothing can stop you from trying out this sleek blue ombre.

Part your hair on the side and keep it straight for maximum effect.

34. Dark Shaggy Hairstyle with Silver Lowlights

side bangs with silver lowlights


Always stay true to yourself, and if your self comes with silvery accents in your hair, all the better. Extra points if you also go for the side-swept bangs.

35. Majestic Loose Curls with Silver Ombre

silvery lowlights added to light brown hairstyle


If you ever needed one photo to put up on your wall for inspiration to grow your hair long, this is it.

The creamy look of the light brown streaks of hair combines perfectly with the edgy silvery tones.

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36. Dark Roots & Short Bob



Another beautiful bob and clearly one of our favorites on this list. Keep things stylish with some side-swept bangs and loose curls.

37. Long Bangs with Caramel Lowlights



Often overlooked, this style for brown hair with lowlights can make for a unique and welcome change.

38. Lowlights in Messy Hairstyle



One of the best things about lowlights is they don’t have to be high maintenance. You can leave them be messy and add thin bangs parted in the middle.

39. Curly Red Hair with Dark Roots



Who said having curly brown hair was boring? Just pair it with a bright red while keeping the roots natural and you’re good to go!

40. Burgundy Ombre on Dark Brown Hair



But if you’re not ready to paint the town (completely) red, you can always go with a calmer version in ombre form.

Achieve and maintain that burgundy shimmer with some help from violet shampoo.

41. Silver Braids with Brown Roots



It’s more of a teenager-ish look, but the silver ends don’t have to be permanent.

Ask your hairdresser to go for a blonde ombre and you can achieve the edgy nuance with silver shampoo.

42. Chop It Up with Caramel Lowlights



Besides being incredible, this choppy bob can be easily swept behind your ears for practicality. The blonde lowlights are just a bonus to complete the look.

43. Half-Bun and Blonde Lowlights



Blondes have the most fun, right? Get a bit of the taste with these face-framing lowlights.

44. Brown Hair with Multi-Colored Highlights

blonde hairstyle with many colored highlights multi-colored accents


It’s less brown and more… colorful! If you know your boss would frown upon these sparks of color, only highlight them with some temporary shampoo color.

45. Chocolate Brown with Peekaboo Highlights



Another hair coloring technique that you might want to try is peekaboo highlights.

These allow you to keep most of your natural color while sprinkling it with surprising strands of a lighter shade.

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46. Blonde Ombre on Extremely Long Hair



Long locks always require a lot of patience – first to grow, then to maintain and keep healthy.

But just look at this perfect ombre with dark roots and you might just feel inspired.

47. Asymmetrical Long or Short Bob with Balayage Highlights



Whether it’s long or short, the asymmetrical bob can only be enhanced with these caramel highlights. Side-parted hair works best with it!

48. Red to Golden Ombre Locks



You might have to ditch all of your brown hair with this hairstyle, but you’re getting so much more in return.

We know we promised brown hair with lowlights in the title, but just have a look at it!

49. Beach Waves with Dark Roots

hairstyle with beach waves


You’ve got time to get your beach waves ready. Do it!

50. Bright Red Turned Gold



You might have seen these vibrant hair colors before. If you did, and you never had the guts to try it, this is your sign. Wait no more!

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So, What’s You Hair Motivation?

We don’t claim to have exhausted the variations of brown hair with lowlights and highlights, but this is a lot of options to choose from!

If you want it bad enough, you can go as crazy as your heart desires. The many options we introduced you too should have provided you with more than enough inspiration.

Speaking off, which of these is your favorite and what would you just love to be wearing right now?

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