70 Straight Hairstyles & Haircuts You’ll Love Wearing

Straight hair, don’t care! There are so many straight hairstyles you can try out that you’ll have a hard time deciding on just one.

To keep you inspired when you want to get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together the ultimate collection of both straight hairstyles and haircuts.

Check them all out below and have fun exploring the opportunities!

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1. Long Straight Hairstyles with Side Part

Whether your hair is naturally straight or you’re slaying in a wig, weave, or extensions, ultra-long straight locks are a visual blessing. If your hair flows down to your waist, you can just part it to the side and skip any other styling.

2. Contourage Straight Hairstyles

However, a straight hairstyle with a middle part is just as alluring. To further enhance the look, consider a set of face-framing contourage highlights.

3. Medium Length Straight Hairstyles

If you want a simple yet versatile foundation to work with, look into medium length hairstyles.

When your hair goes a tad bit past your shoulders, it’s long enough to style. At the same time, it isn’t so long that it gets out of hand.

4. Ombre Straight Hairstyles

Would you rather stand out with eye-catching straight hairstyles? Ombre hair is the way to go. The dramatic transition is guaranteed to draw attention, regardless of the colors you choose for the ombre.

5. Balayage Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Let’s say you want to play around with color but without a striking two-tone approach. Well, the balayage coloring technique is exactly what you need. The fine gradient helps you go from one color to the other harmoniously.

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6. V Cut Straight Hairstyles

Switching back to haircuts for a sec, we have a gorgeous silhouette you should consider. The V cut is ideal for women with straight hair, as the triangular shape will clearly show.

7. Side Twist Straight Hairstyles

Picture this: you’re running late, but you don’t want to leave your hair down. To save time while staying chic, take a thicker section of hair, twist it to the side, and pin it behind your ear. Instant style.

8. Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Throughout the past decade, bob hairstyles have made their way to the height of hair trends. Although there are tons of individual bob cuts you can test out, a blunt bob always looks spectacular on straight hair.

9. High Ponytail Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Long and luscious hair will look outstanding with ponytail hairstyles. Therefore, if you’re aiming for Instagram baddie glam, tie your tresses into a tight, slick, high ponytail. Add hairspray to the top section to avoid any unwanted wispy strands. 

10. Long Straight Hairstyles with Half Up Ponytails

As an alternative, you can look into equally fabulous half up half down hairstyles. You can even use Ariana Grande’s trademark hairstyle as inspiration for your half up ponytail. The approach also works as a trick to make your straight locks seem even longer. For more volume, use a ponytail hairpiece.

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11. Long Bob Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Another variation of the bob that works wonders for straight hair is the lob. Also known as long bobs, lob haircuts can be anywhere from halfway down the neck to over the shoulders.

12. Chunky Highlights for Straight Hair

What if you want to make your straight strands dazzle? Highlights will always be an appealing approach. If you’d rather go big than go home, try a set of chunky streaks that contrast with your base color.

13. Cute Straight Hairstyles with Bangs

Straight hair and bangs are a match made in heaven. Rest assured that there are numerous types of bangs that you can choose from. A frontal fringe will accentuate the straightness of your overall hair.

14. Layered Medium Length Straight Hairstyles

With a blunt, one-length haircut, your straight hair will shimmer with beauty. On the other hand, a straight haircut with layers will add texture, definition, volume, and all that good stuff.

15. Side Swept Straight Hairstyles

The late and great American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once stated, “In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.

No truer words have been spoken. For a look worthy of a red carpet premiere, gracefully sweep your straight hair to the side.

16. French Braid Straight Hairstyles

Easygoing yet stylish, French braid hairstyles are a beautiful solution for when you’re in a rush. The technique is accessible, making it one of the quickest braids you can get aside from the traditional three-strand one.

17. Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Thick Straight Hair

If you are not afraid to change your entire look, check out the pixie cut! Indeed, you’ll be sacrificing a lot of hair, but the results are totally worth it.

18. Casual Updo Straight Hairstyles

Still, if you’re sticking to long locks for now, a casual updo should do the trick. Use a hair claw or a similar accessory to twist and clip your strands in place without much effort.

19. Shoulder Length Straight Hairstyles with Texture

You can sport medium length hair in a variety of ways. As an example, if you want to define your straight locks, add some texture with discrete layers.

20. Pigtails Straight Hair Hairstyles

Want to bring out your inner kid? Pigtails are playful and cute, all while helping you show off your feminine side. A set of low and loose pigtails is the way to go.

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21. Chignon Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Special events call for sophisticated straight hairstyles. In this regard, we have no reservations in recommending the stunning chignon. A style that blends class with comfort, the chignon will make you glow with elegance.

22. Bowl Cut Short Straight Hairstyles

If we’re going to talk about girly hairstyles and haircuts, it’s only fair that we cover those perceived as boyish too. With a modern approach, the bowl cut can be the coolest makeover you didn’t even know you needed.

23. Blowout Hairstyles

Want to look as if you just stepped out of the hair salon? Behold the magic of blowout hairstyles. Using a blow dryer and a round brush, you can get a chic and flowing style suitable for any day of the week.

24. Bouffant Straight Hair Hairstyles

Take a trip back in time with a pretty retro hairstyle. Even though you have quite a few vintage options available, a bouffant hairstyle will get you closer to fashion icons of the ‘70s.

25. Detailed Half Up Half Down Straight Hairstyles

If you have some time on your hands and you’re in the mood to push your imagination, try an intricate hairstyle. Thanks to your straight hair, everyone will be able to appreciate all the fine details.

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26. Asymmetrical Straight Hairstyles

Another advantage that straight hair has is that it’s perfect for all sorts of asymmetrical haircuts. As opposed to wavy or curly hair, straight locks will help you highlight the length of each section.

27. Short Layers on Long and Straight Hair

Volume who? Wait till you feast your eyes on short layered haircuts for long hair. Not only will your straight tresses be as bouncy as ever but you’ll also get loads of texture.

28. Feathered Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

Speaking of texture, we have an even better solution that will help you achieve it. It’s a specific layering technique that hair professionals call feathering.

Owing to the remarkable texture that results from feathered layers, the method is ideal for women with fine hair.

29. Straight Short Bangs

The right straight hairstyles and haircuts should also flatter your facial features. For instance, short blunt bangs can bring attention to your eyes. You can pair them with any length for the rest of your hair.

30. Messy Bun Straight Hairstyles

If you have long and straight hair, you’re eventually going to get sick of it falling into your face all the time. The answer to your prayers is here, and it’s in the form of the magnificent messy bun and all you need is a hair tie.

31. Braided Updo Long Straight Hairstyles

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, we have an updo that certainly won’t be good to go in a minute.

Nevertheless, it will make you the most radiant presence at the party. A complex updo with braids will revitalize your straight locks like never before.

32. Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

If you slowly want to start exploring alternative braiding techniques, start with the fishtail braid. It’s easy to create if you have straight hair, and the results will be fantastic.

33. Pin Up Straight Hairstyles

To prove our point about the prettiness of vintage hairstyles, take a look at this pin up gem. With two victory rolls on top, a chignon in the back, and a flower on the side, you can channel Betty Grable like a pro.

34. Prom Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Most of the time, your prom hairstyle can either be super simple or super over the top. Still, if you want something in between, try a half up hairstyle with a loose twist.

35. Reverse Braid Updos

We always recommend the reverse braid as an appealing way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. No matter how complicated it looks, you just need to apply the same braiding technique starting from your nape towards the crown of your head.

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36. Piecey Textured Haircuts

For more texture than you could ever hope for, think about getting a piecey haircut. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, medium length, or long, cutting it in piecey layers will make it look sensational.

37. Slicked Back Hairstyles

In recent years, slick back hairstyles have become more and more popular for women with straight hair. It’s a favorite among celebrities of all kinds, especially for important events.

38. Braided Headband Straight Hairstyles

How about a girl next door look? We’ve got your back for that too. Just braid the top section of your hair into a headband fashion and you’ll be as cute as a button.

39. Side Bangs Hairstyles for Straight Hair

We talked about straight hairstyles with side parts, but what about side bangs? Regardless of your hair length, side-swept bangs will be a beautiful and comfortable addition to your appearance.

40. Side Braid Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Sometimes you need just one distinctive element for your entire hairstyle to sparkle. Even though the possibilities are endless, we encourage you to try with a side braid using your braiding style of choice.

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41. Shag Haircuts for Straight Hair

Back to texture with a careless yet stylish look – the shag haircut. It’s been trending on and off for years now, and we stand by it as your go-to solution for texture in abundance.

42. Side Bun Straight Hairstyles

Time and time again, we’ve noticed that tweaking any classic hairstyle can help you get the perfect modern twist. For example, you can take any ol’ low bun or chignon and style it to the side for a contemporary touch.

43. French Roll Updo Hairstyles

If you’d rather maintain the straight down approach, you can get the same refinement with a French roll updo. Although the hairstyle resembles a chignon, the wrapping technique and length slightly differ.

44. Hair Clips Straight Hairstyles

Accessories are always an excellent way to spice up your hairstyle. For instance, you won’t believe how much a handful of colorful hair clips can go a long way – and you don’t even have to style the rest of your hair!

45. Pompadour Straight Hairstyles

If you have a pixie haircut, you are by no means restricted to style it in one way. Just one bold alternative for styling a pixie is the timeless pompadour.

46. Long Swept Back Bangs

The feathering technique can be used for certain sections of your hair too. We particularly recommend the method if you have long bangs. Cutting them in feathered layers and sweeping them back looks awesome.

47. Boxer Braids

If regular low pigtails are too plain for you, boxer braids are the answer. You can braid the pigtails loosely or tightly, based on your preferences.

48. Inverted Bob Straight Hairstyles

As far as bob haircuts go, a top trending option for women with all hair textures is the inverted bob. If your locks are straight, the angle will be even more visible.

49. Curtain Straight Hairstyles with Bangs

We have yet another bangs style that looks wonderful on girls with straight hair. Curtain bangs give not only add some volume to the front of your hairstyle, but they’ll also give you that retro nostalgia.

50. Textured Half Braided Ponytails

Messy hairstyles don’t come only in the form of buns or other updos. You can get rebellious with pretty much any hairstyle you have in mind. A half-braided ponytail is a great way to start.

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51. Hair Scarf Bun Hairstyles

We’re fairly certain that all girls have clips and pins galore at home. But a hair scarf will take your aesthetic to the next level. Just wrap one around a bun or ponytail and enjoy the glam.

52. Hair Bow Hairstyles

As a creative alternative, try your hand at recreating accessories with your own hair. For example, you can twist your locks into a bun and finish it off with an adorable hair bow.

53. Space Buns Straight Hairstyles

Few hairstyles are as cute as space buns. Really, just look at them. Space buns don’t require that much time or effort to obtain. Notwithstanding, the outcome will take your breath away.

54. Dutch Braid Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Running out of braiding ideas? We’re happy to introduce the gorgeous Dutch braid. The technique is basically the opposite of a French plait, which is why the Dutch braid is often regarded as the reverse French braid.

55. Choppy Short Straight Hairstyles

For an alternative approach to the standard pixie haircut, we encourage you to try short and choppy layers. You can incorporate the jagged layers in both the front and back of your haircut.

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56. Mermaid Braid Straight Hairstyles

Whether braided or colorful, mermaid hair is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends. If you’re not ready to switch up your hair color just yet, you can get the mermaid look with a loose and teased fishtail braid.

57. Bubble Ponytails

There are times in which a plain ponytail just won’t cut it. In these cases, we have a fast and effective solution for brightening your ponytail. Take some clear hair ties and create bubbles throughout your pony.

58. Crown Braid Straight Hairstyles

Regardless if you call it a crown braid or a halo braid, the hairstyle is definitely unforgettable. You can create a crown braid in various ways, from using all of your hair to just a specific section.

59. Waterfall Braid Straight Hairstyles

If you want to have fun with your straight locks, set some time aside for making a waterfall braid. Just like the name suggests, your hair will cascade like a waterfall through the braid.

60. Top Cornrows Straight Hairstyles

On the other hand, you can express your creativity through cornrows. All you have to do is pick a design and braid the hair on the crown of your head.

61. Vintage Straight Hairstyles

The Roaring Twenties went down in history as one of the most iconic periods in America. With enough attention to detail, you can rock a hairstyle that an authentic flapper would have been proud to see.

62. Boho Hairstyles for Straight Hair

As of late, boho hairstyles have become the norm for special occasions of all kinds, from festivals to weddings and others. Weave some random braids into your hair and you’ll feel like a hippie goddess.

63. Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Any girl with an edgy soul deserves a nonconventional hairstyle she’ll adore, like a faux hawk, for example. You can either braid or pin your straight strands into an alluring hairstyle that emulates the classic mohawk.

64. Undercut Design Hairstyles

For even more edginess, get ready to hit the razor. If you’re brave enough, you can get a truly unique hairstyle with a creative undercut design.

65. Side Braid and Bun Hairstyles

Remember the side bun we presented earlier? Meet its fancy cousin that adds a side braid to the mix. It’s just another way you can level up your hairstyle with ease.

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66. Pull Through Braid Straight Hairstyles

While not a traditional braid per se, the pull through braid will undoubtedly help you steal the spotlight. We encourage you to take your time when creating it to obtain full and thick sections.

67. Stacked Bob Hairstyles for Thin Straight Hair

With the proper haircut, you can make your hair go from thin to win. More specifically, we recommend the stacked bob haircut for texture, fullness, and volume.

68. Wedding Hairstyles for Straight Hair

If you’re a bride to be, you deserve nothing less than a marvelous hairstyle on your wedding day. Work with a professional stylist to get the complex half up and heart shaped pull through ponytail braid shown above.

69. Net Braids Hairstyles

As an alternative, try a waterfall braid variation that looks like a delicate net over the top back section of your head. Straight hair is ideal for making all the details stand out.

70. Corset Braid Hairstyles

Finally, we’ll leave you with another inspirational braid that you’ll want to get your hands on. With Dutch braid pigtails as the foundation, tie pieces of hair like a corset to bring the two braids together.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

So, any doubts about discovering new straight hairstyles now?

We’re sure that you’ve got all the inspo you need to make your straight locks come to life any day. If you ever run out of ideas, you can come back to our guide and try out new exciting hairstyles and haircuts.

What’s your favorite way to flaunt your straight hair? Did we leave out any cuts or styles that you would personally recommend? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section!

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