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85 Easy Long-Layered Haircuts in 2024

Messy Long Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

Long layered haircuts are perfect for any time, offering a wealth of cutting opportunities for those fortunate enough to boast a luxuriously long mane.

Adding long layers is a simple yet effective way to breathe life into a style that might otherwise appear flat and lackluster. You can also opt for a polished style to achieve a sleeker look. With layered haircuts for long hair, you have the flexibility to infuse bounce and shape by styling it with a quality blow dryer and round brush.

For those desiring texture, feathered chunky layers can be an excellent choice. Resembling the feathers on birds, these layers impart a beautiful look to long hair. The versatility of these hairstyles lies in their easy styling and suitability for all hair types.

Maintaining long hair comes with its challenges and requires effort, but with the right tools and a skilled stylist, you can effortlessly become a show-stopper in no time.

Check them all out below and take your pick of the crop!

1. Cascading Long Layered Haircuts

Cascading Hairstyle for Long Hair

The first layered haircut idea focuses on enhancing your hair’s texture, definition, and flexibility. By skillfully incorporating a mix of long and short layers, the result is hair that cascades gracefully like a waterfall. The varied layering technique not only adds visual interest but also ensures that daily styling becomes effortless and enjoyable.

2. Wavy Cool Long Layered Hair

Wavy Cool Long Layered Haircut

Embracing a layered hairstyle is a perfect match for wavy hair, turning it into a dreamy and dynamic canvas. Regardless of the specific layering technique you choose, the natural waves in your hair will elevate the overall look, adding a touch of glamour. For a chic and effortlessly stylish appearance, consider opting for choppy and playful layers that bring a sense of movement and charisma to your wavy locks. This style effortlessly combines sophistication with a hint of playful charm.

3. Inverted Long Straight Layered Hair

Inverted Layered Straight Hair

Long hair opens up exciting possibilities for showcasing various features, and layered haircuts can accentuate these in delightful ways. Consider incorporating inverted layers to gracefully frame your face, enhancing your natural beauty. You don’t necessarily need layers throughout your entire hair; strategically placing a few inverted layers in the front can achieve the desired effect, drawing attention to your facial features and adding an elegant touch to your long locks.

4. Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

It’s easy to understand why so many women choose to rock long hair with bangs. The extraordinary main length contrasts incredibly well with shorter strands over the forehead. Curtain bangs, for instance, look wonderful when cut at an angle to blend into the rest of the layered look.

5. Messy Hairstyle for Thick Layered Hair

Messy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair can prove to be both a blessing and a curse. It all depends on your styling preferences. We recommend choosing shorter layers for your haircut if you’re drawn to volume and texture. They’ll accentuate the thickness of your locks even more.

6. Voluminous Long Layers

Voluminous Long Hair

Achieving voluminous hair doesn’t necessarily require extremely thick locks, as demonstrated by Selena Gomez’s long layered hairstyle. Through strategic layering starting from the middle of her hair, the top section effortlessly gains volume and texture. This approach allows for a fuller and more dynamic appearance, proving that well-placed layers can create the illusion of thickness and enhance the overall body of the hair.

7. Emo Hairstyle for Your Long Layers

Emo Haircut

If we take a short trip back in time, we arrive in the angst-filled era of emo and scene teens. Most of the time, emo hairstyles for girls came in the form of long, aggressively straightened hair with full bangs. So naturally, the hair bangs were swept to the side as much as possible. Nevertheless, the jagged layers pulled the whole look together.

8. Feathered Thin Hair

Feathered Thin Hair

As far as hairstyles for thin hair are concerned, the feathered haircut has owned its #1 place on the podium. Whether your hair’s fine, a session with feathered layers is enough to liven it up. The short and wispy layers serve as a massive volume boost. In addition, your long layered hair will look amazing.

9. V-Cut Layered Long Hair

V Cut Layered Haircut

For years, the V cut has been an essential choice for girls and women with long hair. Instead of letting your long locks fall lifelessly around you, choose to shape them in a subtle V as they go down. The silhouette is highly flattering for all hair types of long hair.

10. Long Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Among the celebs slaying layered haircuts for long hair for years is Jennifer Love Hewitt. More specifically, the former Disney teen star and current gorgeous woman remind us how sensational side bangs look. No matter what face shape you have, they’re sure to suit you.

11. Dynamic Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Dynamic Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Ah, the miracles a long layered haircut can make. If your long hair is layered into thicker pieces, you can have so much more fun subsequently styling it. In addition to the fun involved in the process, you’ll also end up with a dynamic hairstyle that complements your inner elegance.

12. Low and Subtle Hairstyle

Low and Subtle Hairstyle

For those who prefer to emphasize the length of their hair over added volume, discreetly layered tips can be the perfect solution. Instead of a full head of layers, a few soft layers strategically placed at the tips can provide the finishing touches to the overall look. This approach maintains the length while adding subtle texture and movement, offering a more understated and elegant appearance.

13. Blunt Bangs Hairstyle for Long Layers

Blunt Bangs Hairstyle

You’ve applied the soft layers to approach your hair’s bottom section. Nevertheless, you still feel that it’s missing some oomph. So add some sugar, spice, and everything nice simply by getting blunt bangs. For women with naturally straight hair, it’s a fantastic choice.

14. Swirly Hairstyle for Long Hair with Layers

Swirly Hairstyle

If you’re searching for a balance between cute and functional, a multi-layered haircut should be on your to-do list, especially if you have long hair. By cutting your hair in varying lengths and angles, you’ll enjoy swirly layers that will be a joy to wear. Even more, styling becomes an easy pleasure.

15. Middle Part Hairstyle

Middle Part Hair

While numerous women choose to part their long hair to the side, just as many opt for a classic middle part. When deciding how to part your hair, we recommend keeping any and every detail in mind. For example, a middle part hairstyle is a sweet solution if you want to emphasize your eyes and face shape.

16. Bouncy Hairstyle for Long Curly Hair

Bouncy Hairstyle for Long Curly Hair
Source: Pinterest

Often, long curly hairstyles truly are more complicated than they seem. Even though curls usually come with effortless styling, they weigh down the hair. As a result, subtle layers become almost mandatory if you want to get some volume.

17. Long Layered Shag Cut

Long Shag Hairstyle

Despite their remarkable popularity back in the day, old-school shag haircuts are trending again. Layers are part of the foundation for shag cuts, as you can’t get one without them. Also, the more short and feathery layers you add, the “shaggier” your cool retro hairstyle will turn out.

18. Wispy Bangs for Long Layers

Wispy Bangs

If you’re a girl with a chill vibe, some wispy bangs might just be the missing piece of the puzzle to complete your hairstyle. Long and layered wavy hair looks charming with some relaxed bangs. Cut the other strands around your face in progressive layers to add a natural touch.

19. Hime Cuts

Hime Cuts

In Japan, the “home cut” has a significant place in beauty history. While it may not be as prevalent in Western culture, the home cut remains a popular choice among modern J-pop stars and their fans. This long-layered hairstyle is characterized by a distinct set of chin-length layers, leaving the rest of the hair beautifully long. The style offers a harmonious blend of shorter and longer layers, contributing to a chic and contemporary look.

20. Long Layered Haircut for Square Face

Long Layered Haircut for Square Face

We’re thrilled to introduce a layered haircut tailored for specific face shapes. If you have a square face with a strong jawline, embracing and accentuating these features can create a stunning look. To achieve this, focus on incorporating long layers around your jaw, opting for an inverted cutting technique to highlight and complement your facial structure. This approach adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your hairstyle.

21. 60s Haircut

60s Layered Haircut

Embracing the timeless appeal of layered haircuts, let’s take a stroll through the decades. To capture the essence of the 1960s, opt for a hairstyle featuring parted curtain bangs, soft waves, and understated layers. This iconic combination will transport you back to the chic and stylish atmosphere of the swinging sixties.

22. Choppy Haircut with Short Layers

Choppy Haircut with Short Layers

On the other hand, you can trade in long retro layers for short and sassy ones. The choppier your layers are, the edgier your overall hairstyle will turn out. Additionally, these layers will bring you more volume and bounce than you could ever hope for.

23. Heavily Long Layered Hair

Heavily Layered Hair

You can tweak the same approach with numerous layers for a less jagged look in a similar yet not-so-similar fashion. In other words, you can get tons of layers with a smoother and more comprehensive technique. As a result, your long hair will be fabulously flowing.

24. Contemporary Mullet

Long Layered Contemporary Mullets

Starting from the 1970s and continuing through the 1990s, the mullet was undoubtedly one of the most popping hairstyles around. Just when you thought it wasn’t cool anymore, the mullet made a huge comeback in the late 2010s with a modern twist.

25. Long Thin Hair

Flattering Layered Haircut for Long Thin Hair

For women with fine hair, achieving volume is key to creating the appearance of added density. Beyond the haircut, styling plays a crucial role. Use a large round brush and a blow dryer to style your layered strands, enhancing their volume and giving your fine hair a fuller and more voluminous look.

26. Round Face

Round Face Layered Haircut

Miley Cyrus has consistently amazed us with her ever-changing hairstyles. During her Hannah Montana days, she looked absolutely stunning with long and layered locks. Like many women with a middle part, she opted for progressively layered strands in the front, adding a stylish touch to her iconic look.

27. Long Hair for Girls

Girls’ Layered Haircut

Layered haircuts for long hair are suitable for girls of all ages, from little ones to mature women. If you want your daughter to have a super cute hairstyle, consider adding a few discreet layers in the lower part of her hair. These layers won’t bother her during school or playtime and can enhance the overall look with a touch of style.

28. Piecey Haircut

Piecey Haircut with Layers

We’re back with yet another piece of a layered haircut but with a different approach. With the cutting and styling methods depicted above, you’ll have an almost fish-scale-like result. The key here is to alternate the pieces from left to right.

29. Choppy Bangs

Choppy Bangs Layered Haircut for Long Hair

We hope we’ve convinced you by now that choppy is a style to be embraced. From your layers to your bangs, don’t be afraid to go over the top regarding choppiness. Even more, imperfectly trimmed bangs look awesome on girls who can own them with confidence.

30. Boho Long Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Boho Long Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Deep down inside, do you feel like a hippie at heart? Your hairstyle is there for you to express it. Bohemare haircuts are pretty on old souls who prefer quiet simplicity to extravagance. For a boho-chic hairstyle, a middle part will always be suitable.

31. Textured Haircut

Textured Layered Haircut

Layers are the direct solution for adding texture to your hairstyle. The more texture you aim for, the more layers you should get from your long hair. Start halfway down and experiment with two or three lengths as you get to your tips.

32. Side Part Hairstyle

Side Part Hairstyle

Penélope Cruz is the embodiment of Spanish beauty. She’s known for her rich chocolate locks, often cut in graceful layers. Her long, layered, and side-parted hair is a textbook example to follow if you’re all about subtlety when it comes to your appearance.

33. Wispy Style for Thin Hair

Wispy Style for Thin Hair

Whereas some women look excellent with thick and long layers, others are complemented by many wispy layers. Ladies with thin hair problems, in particular, can create more texture, dynamism, and playfulness throughout their hair with their help.

34. Long Straight Layered Hair

Easygoing Layered Haircut for Long Straight Hair

Would you rather show off the length you’ve worked hard to gain? Then, you don’t have to sacrifice any of it with an easily layered haircut. To illustrate the idea with a concrete e above. Part your hair to the side and work in some long bangs with soft layers. You’ll look exquisite.

35. Curled-Up

Curled Up Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Ultimately, the main hairstyle goal for an abundance of women is – you guessed it – volume. We’ve shown how you can achieve it in diverse ways. In addition, you can get systematic layers from inch to inch down your hair. After that, curls the tips up and out for a dense and glamorous hairstyle.

36. Long Asymmetrical Layers

Long Asymmetrical Haircut with Layers

To stand out with creativity, an asymmetrical haircut will always help you complete the task. Furthermore, the longer your hair is, the bolder you’ll be able to go with the asymmetry in your hairstyle. For example, you can crop one side shorter and work layers into the longer portion.

37. Layers for Women Over 60

Women Over 60 Hairstyle

Jacqueline Smith has repeatedly proven that age has nothing to do with a woman’s beauty. With a flattering hairstyle for women over 60, you can age gracefully and confidently. Get inspired by Jacqueline’s lovely locks and try some discrete layers with tousled bangs.

38. Flowing Hairstyle

Flowing Long Hair

We’re sure the hair presented above is magnificent enough to make even Disney princesses swoon. You can adopt the same enchanting style if you’re fortunate enough to have thick, waist-length hair with a bit of natural waviness.

39. Layered Locs

Layered Locs

Layers can also be incorporated into protective hairstyles for natural hair. Take locs, for instance. While you can always wear them straight down with a blunt trim, some layers will make them all the more interesting.

40. Retro 70s Hairstyle

Retro 70s Hairstyle for Long Hair

Farrah Fawcett is so legendary that she needs no introduction. So when choosing a 70s-specific layered haircut, we never even thought of picking any other style icon to represent it. Soft layers with curled tips are the way for a gorgeous retro hairstyle.

41. Braided Hairstyle with Curly Ends

Braids with Curly Ends

Similar to locs, box braids can also be dazzled with some strategic layers. If you plan on mixing your braids with curly ends, layers are a pretty and practical idea. Get the tips trimmed in a V-cut fashion, sit back, and relax while your hairstyle steals the spotlight.

42. Bettie Bangs

Cool Hairstyle with Bettie Bangs

Whether drawn to pin-up or rockabilly, Bettie bangs can be an excellent addition to your long hairstyle. Although most haircuts inspired by the 50s and 60s usually don’t feature layers, they can be the contemporary detail you add to the mix.

43. Kawaii Haircut

Kawaii Long Hair Hairstyle

Although the traditional Japanese home cut is with straightened hair, modern Harajuku fashion allows for more freedom and imagination. In this regard, you can achieve a kawaii hairstyle with a long cut and curled tips. The pastel pink color genuinely is the icing on the cake here.

44. Choppy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Choppy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Sheets on sheets of layered locks? Now that’s what we call perception. All jokes aside, many stacked layers can result in a breathtaking hairstyle for girls with thick hair. If you’re one for nonchalant hairstyles that reflect your chill personality, the idea deserves a spot on your shortlist.

45. Ombre Haircut

Ombre Haircut

Even though it peaked a few years back, ombre hair is still as cool as ever. We appreciate the hairstyle thanks to the fearless mix of colors, especially when they’re in contrast. In addition, you can use layers to emphasize the difference in tones from one area of your ombre hair to the other.

46. Feathered Tips Hairstyle

Feathered Tips Hairstyle

A full feathered haircut might not be for all women. Nonetheless, cutting your hair in feathered layers from the middle point downwards can work for anyone. It’s another volume-increasing tip that should not be overlooked.

47. Medium Layered Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Medium Layered Hairstyle for Curly Hair

A great deal of women prefers to sport their textured curls in afros. However, some want a more laid-back look. For the latter category, we recommend getting layers halfway down your hair. Optionally, you can throw some long bangs in to complete the medium-layered hairstyle.

48. Shaved Side

Shaved Side Hairstyle

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a statement we couldn’t agree more with. We strongly believe that daring, unconventional hairstyles are just as awesome (if not more so) than your average “safe” haircuts. For example, a shaved side with long layered locks on the other looks insanely cool.

49. 80s Hairstyle

80s Hairstyle

Our last dose of nostalgia for you comes from 80s haircuts with layers. You know the ones we’re talking about above—super short and choppy layers on top with frizzy and bushy locks on the bottom. Suppose you’re courageous enough to wear them. The age, more power to you!

50. Razor Layered Cut for Long Hair

Razor Layered Cut

Razored cuts are a way of styling your hair with layers that look wispy. Here she has her beautiful long hair with razored layers and long curtain bangs. She kept it styled messy, and it looks amazing.

51. Long Curtain Bangs

Layered Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Adding bangs is a fun way to change your look. It is also a way to draw attention to certain features, such as your eyes. Curtain bangs with long hair with layers have a classic look. They are versatile, easy to style, and flattering on most women. Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can rock the curtain bang look. They are also a perfect choice for special occasions.

Layered hair with long curtain bangs can be done in a variety of styles. The most popular is the Bardot. Other styles include side-swept bangs and a bun. You can also try wispy bangs. They are also a good choice for women with round faces.

52. Trimmed Long Layered Cut

Trimmed Layered Cut

Here is a simple dark hairstyle for women with long hair. In the photo above she has kept her hair long and straight with a few layers to frame the face. Be sure to add a middle part to get the most out of this style.

53. Blown Hair

Blown Long Layered Hair

If you have been growing your hair out for a while sometimes it can be hard to find a new look. Here is a long layered hairstyle that would look amazing on women of all ages. To get this look keep your hair long with just a few longer layers added in and it will change up style completely.

54. Copper Hair

Copper Hair on Layered Hair

Fall is the best time to wear this beautiful copper hair color, but you could get away with it any time of the year. What makes this style so pretty is that she has added in so many wispy long layers, and it looks so pretty.

55. Long Locks on Balayage

Long Locks on Layared Balayage

Next is another long layered look with women with light brown hair. Here she has created this pretty look with balayage and added in just a few longer layers and it looks simple but beautiful.

56. Thick Layered Balayage

Thick Layered Balayage

Women with thick hair already know how hard it can be to find the right style. But adding layers is one of the best ways to thin out your long thick hair. In the look above, she has also added in a few highlights, and it adds texture and looks amazing.

57. 1990’s Layered Hair

1990's Layered Hair

Here is a look straight out of the 90s. But like all of the best retro styles, this one is back and beautiful. She has kept her hair long and straight with wispy layers in the front, and it looks amazing.

58. Refreshed Red

Refreshed Red on Layered Hair

Wow, this red hair color is so beautiful that so many people would love to wear it. She has kept her hair long and styled with layers and a v-cut. Then she added beautiful curls to throw it all together.

59. Purple Haze

Purple Haze on Long Layered Hair

A purple haze look is so pretty when you keep the base of your hair light. Here she has kept her long layer styled with a few layers and added purple to the tips. Curl the edges out a bit, and you are going to love your new purple haze hairstyle.

60. Spiced-Up Hair

Spiced Up Long Layered Hair

Everyone needs to spice up their hairstyle every now and again. In the look above, she has kept her hair long with a few highlights and styled it with a few blonde highlights added in.

61. Layered Beach Waves

Layered Beach Waves

All girls love a beach wave look during the summer. Beautiful blonde color is added to her long layered haircut with beautiful beach waves. After trying out this style, you will want to head straight to the beach to show it off.

62. Soft Layered with Korean Inspired Bangs

Soft Layered with Korean Inspired Bangs

Up next is a haircut inspired by Korean women who like a layered haircut for long hair. In the look above, she has kept most of the hair, along with a few wispy bangs added in. Keep it straight if you have thin hair, and you are going to look amazing.

63. Waist Length Layered Hair

Waist Length Layered Hair

It takes hard work to grow your hair out to your waist as she has done in the photo above. She has styled her long hair with a dark hue and a few layers added to the bottom. Curl the edges and you will love the way you look.

64. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs with Layered Hair

Layered haircuts for long hair come in all different styles. Here she is wearing hers with a middle part and beautiful curls added in, which looks amazing.

65. Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights on Long-Layered Hair

Sometimes all you need is a few fresh caramel highlights to change your whole style. In the photo above, she styled her long hair with a few long layers with fresh caramel highlights. Finish it off with a few waves and you are all set.

66. Chocolate and Honey

Chocolate and Honey on Long Layered Hair

This next hairstyle is a blend of chocolate and caramel tones, and it looks amazing. This is a unique style because many of these looks have long layers, but here she has added short layers all around and curled the edges out.

67. Platinum Highlights and Honey Lowlights on Layered Blonde

Platinum Highlights and Honey Lowlights on Layered Blonde

If you never have before, you should try going platinum blonde at least once. In the photo above, they created this beautiful look with honey lowlights and platinum highlights, and they are blended together perfectly.

68. Copper Autumn with Curtain Bangs

Copper Autumn on Long Layered with Curtain Bangs

This next hair color is best described as a stunning copper autumn tone. She went an overall coverage here on her layered haircut for long hair, which looks so pretty. Be sure to curl the edges out or ask for a blowout to get the most out of this style.

69. Layers and Raspberry

Layers and Raspberry Hairstyle

Raspberry is an underrated hair color. If you can find yourself a stylist that is good with color a raspberry hue can be so beautiful. Here she has also added wispy layers that frame the face perfectly.

70. Soft Wispy Layers

Soft Wispy Layers- a girl wearing white shirt

Soft wispy layers will always be in style. Here she has kept her hair dark and added long layers and wispy bangs to complete this beautiful style.

71. Layered Volume Cut

Layered Volume Cut- a girl wearing sexy denim

Next up is a voluminous layered hairstyle that exudes a 70s vibe. She has her long hair styled with curtain bangs and big curls. Adding in long layers helps to enhance volume and leaves you looking stunning.

72. Contoured Cut

Contoured Cut

This beautiful woman is wearing a contoured cut with layers and thin curtain bangs. She went with a pretty red color and it looks amazing with her skin complexion. You can always ask your hairdresser for input if you do not know what tone would look good on you.

73. Blonde Layers with Bottleneck Bangs

Blonde Layered with Bottleneck Bangs

Light and bright hair is always a good idea during the summertime. She is wearing a blonde layered cut with bottleneck bangs in the look above. Finish your look off with beach waves, and you are all set.

74. Bouncy Layered

Bouncy Layered Hairstyle

Bouncy layers are a great choice for women with thin hair it will help to make your hair look fuller, just like it does in the photo above. She also added side bangs and kept it mostly straight with the edges curled out.

75. Dimensional Layered Hair

Dimensional Layered Blonde Hair

Dimensional hair color is a technique that adds both light and dark colors into your hair to create a more natural look. Here she has her layered haircut for long hair, which looks so beautiful, flipped out at the edges.

76. Hair Tinsel and Layers

Hair Tinsel and Layers

This next look would be great for women with long and thick hair. They have added a subtle amount of layers and left it natural. You could always add in curls to add a bit of texture.

77. Bleeding Red

Bleeding Red on Layered Hair

This will be a perfect style if you are looking for an edgy look with long layers. Here she added a fiery red hue into most of her hair with pops of black color added in. Be sure to part your hair down the middle and add loose curls to get the most out of your style.

78. Tousled Layers

Tousled Layers

Tousled layers work best in thin hair. In the photo above, she has grown her hair long and added so many tousled and wispy layers. Keep your hair natural, or try curling the ends out a bit if you need to add more volume.

79. Blowout Layers

Blowout Layers

Blowout layers are so much fun to wear. Here she has added long layers that are curled in to frame the face and curled out towards the bottom, and it looks gorgeous.

80. Swept-in Hair

Swept-in Layered Haircut for Long Hair

There is so much right with this next look. Here she has kept most of her hair long with the layers added in the front and curled them in. She has also added in the perfect amount of honey blonde and kept the roots dark for a more natural look.

81. Lavender Hair

Long Layered with Lavender

Layered haircuts for long hair are always a good idea, but she has taken it a step further and added a lavender money piece. The contrast between the brown and purple color looks amazing in her long hair.

82. Mushroom Blonde Balayage

Mushroom Blonde Balayage

If your brown hair needs a twist, you can always try adding in a bit of mushroom color. That is what she has done here and styled with long beach waves. This modern and trendy color would look amazing on women of all ages.

83. Costumized Layer Cut

Costumized Layer Cut

One of the best ways to add volume to your style would be to try this customized layered cut. Here they have styled her hair with long layers with the ends flipped out to the sides.

84. Red Peekaboo

Red Peekaboo

Peekaboo highlights are such a fun way to add color to your hair. Here she has kept her hair long and dark with layers and red pops. She kept it straight, but adding a few curls would help show off your new color.

85. Dyed Tips

Dyed Tips for Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Finally, we want to conclude on a creative note with a layered haircut that involves color. No matter what hues you prefer in your hair, we encourage you to use them to accentuate your layers. Therefore, think about dying the tips of your layered strands in a negative tone.

So, What is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To wrap everything up, we’re happy to have shared the latest layered haircuts for long hair with you, together with a selection of classics. Trust us – no matter your specific cut, you will glow with beauty if you rock it with a smile. For additional goodies, you’re welcome to check out our favorite long hairstyles and our top tips for long luscious locks.

Did we miss any other cute layered haircuts for girls with long hair? Let us know in the comments, and tell us which style impressed you the most!

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