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50 Asymmetrical Bob Looks for an Original Hairstyle

short asymmetrical bob

Out of all the new haircuts you might be taking into account, the asymmetrical bob will definitely stand out.

Not only does it incorporate one of the hottest trends of these past few years, the bob, but it also takes it to the next level.

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is based on asymmetry and going against the grain (in the most fabulous way).

Enjoy the abundance of ways you can get yours below!

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1. Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Contrary to traditional mindsets, “messy” is the new “classy”. When it comes to hairstyles and haircuts, a messy approach proves an almost paradoxical sense of fine style. So ladies, rake those fingers through your hair without a care!

2. Icy Silver Bob

We hope you’re already well aware that gray hairstyles are more popular than ever, including platinum silver versions. In this example, we took things a bit further with an ever so subtle blue tint on this adorable silver bob.

3. Asymmetrical Short Hair

Portia de Rossi proves that short bobs look utterly marvelous when trimmed unevenly. This particular haircut rests on the fine line between an outgrown pixie haircut and a bob, simply perfect for flaunting those lovely short locks.

4. Cotton Candy Bob

As a woman considering an asymmetrical haircut, we already know that you’re brave. But if you’re thinking about going even bolder with an unconventional hair color, then props to you! This cotton candy shade of pink is a pretty choice indeed.

5. Straight Asymmetrical Bob

One of the most generous textures for asymmetrical bobs is super straight hair. As there are no waves or curves involved, you can appreciate the difference from one side to the other. In addition, parting your hair to the side can help you achieve that sexy long bangs look.

6. Asymmetrical Long Bob

Speaking of long bangs, how about showing them off with an equally long bob? Even though many women tend to associate bob haircuts with short hair, you should know that the “lob” is just as trendy as the classic bob.

7. Ombre Bob

If you fancy playing around with colors, ombre will show you the way. Although this technique has been around for quite some time now, it still maintains popularity. Pair it with a long asymmetrical bob and you’ve got a dreamy hairstyle indeed.

8. Balayage Bob

However, if you prefer a sleeker color gradient in your hair, balayage is the way to go. Melting different tones from a similar color palette is a beautifully discrete way to bring any hairstyle to life, an A-line bob like this included.

9. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

So you’ve seen uneven bobs on straight hair, but what about girls with short wavy locks? This haircut is a dream come true for women with wavy hair that don’t want something too flashy. Owing to the dynamic texture of wavy hair, your bob will be subtly asymmetrical.

10. Blonde Tips Idea

On the other hand, you can always enhance the asymmetry of your bob through various methods. One way is to highlight just the tips or edges with an eye-catching color. In this case, you can see how a splash of blonde can make the whole difference.

11. Asymmetrical Bob for African American Women

Ladies of color look absolutely ravishing with asymmetrical bobs. Not only can they rock them with braids, like in the photo above, but also with their natural curls grown out. You’ll understand what we’re talking about at #19.

12. Highlights on Bob

If you’re not up for the color transitions that come with ombre or balayage, you can always go for a classic and classy set of highlights. You can opt for a traditional combo with a light brown base and blonde highlights, or you can explore hues that are more vibrant.

13. Fishtail Braid Bob

Alright, let’s say you’ve got your asymmetrical haircut all sort out. What are you going to do about styling? Even though it might seem more difficult to style shorter hair, you should know that braids are always an option. Enjoy this fishtail crown braid as inspiration.

14. Thin Hair Asymmetrical Bob

We know that thin hair can be a genuine challenge when it comes to haircuts. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case for asymmetrical bobs. This haircut is excellent for bringing your thin locks to life in a magnificent way.

15. Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

Rest assured that you can also rock an asymmetrical bob with bangs. Regardless if they’re straight, rounded or side bangs, they will all look enchanting with an uneven bob. Moreover, you can play around with the length of your bangs too.

16. Faux Asymmetry

What do you do if you like the idea of an asymmetrical haircut but you’re not willing to chop off your precious locks yet? Fake it ‘til you make it and recreate an asymmetrical bob look by pinning some of your hair back. Just make sure that you have a layered haircut to begin with.

17. Rose Gold Asymmetrical Bob

As far as colors are in discussion, you have a wonderful world full of possibilities for your bob. Generally any color will look fantastic with this haircut, but we have to admit that rose gold has a charm of its own.

18. Braided Bangs Bob

This is another way you can beautifully add braids to your bob. All you have to do is part your hair to the side and braid it in the same direction. Start from your part and work your way down, tucking the end behind one ear.

19. Asymmetrical Bob Curly Hair

As promised, here is how a slightly asymmetrical bob looks like with afro-textured hair. The natural curls make the hairstyle all the more delicious and impossible to not admire, even from afar. All we can say is W-O-W!

20. Pastel Neon Bob

Not many women will be up for a pastel neon hair color, but we couldn’t resist including this heart-stopping hairstyle in our list. If you’re courageous, outgoing and downright fearless, we encourage you to express yourself through the color of your wildest dreams.

21. Bob with Box Braids

Box braids are some of the most beloved hairstyles in the African hair community. We’re happy to reassure you that they look stunning when cut asymmetrically. Consider highlights to accentuate your cute braids even more.

22. Colorful Asymmetrical Bob

Show your true colors with a funky hairstyle like this one. Even though it literally includes all of the colors in the rainbow, it’s not nearly as flashy as you’d expect. The secret is that the bright colors were gently applied in a few highlights.

23. Asymmetrical Bob Sew In

This haircut can be easily adapted for wigs, weaves, and other sew-ins. Here is an example of a sew-in that is just about mid-length, but you can make yours shorter or longer as you please. We love the tucked-behind-the-ear detail too.

24. Bob with Locs

Locs are adorable when cut into an asymmetrical bob fashion. A haircut like this also serves as an amazing way of rocking shorter locks, as opposed to shoulder-length or longer. We’re digging the A-line cut on this one.

25. Angled Bangs and Asymmetrical Bob

How about making your bangs asymmetrical too, like the rest of your hair? The results are super cool and we love the unconventional vibe that comes with this hairstyle. Nonetheless, we recommend it for women with naturally straight hair for less maintenance stress.

    26. Asymmetrical Bob for Mature Women

    No matter your age, funky fresh hairstyles are for everyone! If you want to celebrate your youth, think about getting a sleek asymmetrical bob with a bit of color. Keep your natural gray (it’s all the rage now) and throw in some highlights in your favorite color.

    27. Long Asymmetrical Haircuts

    We’re all for long bobs, but this one gorgeously pushes the limits of the lob even more. We warmly recommend this type of haircut for women who don’t want to radically shorten their hair with their new makeover.

    28. High Fashion Bob

    If couture is your middle name, you can show off your fashion sense through your hairstyle. The shape of this asymmetrical bob is jaw-dropping, as well as the color combination. If you choose this approach, you should definitely work with an expert stylist.

    29. Short Bangs and Asymmetrical Bob

    There’s something about super short bangs that makes us adore them. Top them off with a visibly asymmetrical haircut and you’ve got a cool and chic hairstyle you can proudly sport. The color choice is nice in this example as well.

    30. Choppy Asymmetrical Bob

    Layers are your friend! Even more so, the choppier the layers, the better. Not only is this version of an uneven bob super eye candy, but it also noticeably reduces maintenance time. Essentially, it plays on the “messy” idea we’re all so crazy about.

    31. Bob with Headband

    Accessorizing your bob can be loads of fun. For instance, you can experiment with different types of headbands until you discover your favorite. This sparkling, studded piece, for example, is ideal for elegant occasions.

    32. Red Asymmetrical Bob

    What makes red truly special as a potential hair color is that it goes amazingly well all year round. Even though it’s usually associated with autumn, it can make your bob shine throughout winter, summer, and spring just as delightfully.

    33. Two Tone Bob

    Keri Hilson is back at it again, inspiring women all over the world with her stunning hairstyles. We love that her bob also leans toward the avant-garde side, through cut and coloring alike. You may want to keep it in mind for a unique two tone hairstyle.

    34. Summer Vibes Asymmetrical Bob

    The sun is shining, the wind is gently caressing your locks… that’s exactly the vibe you get with this hairstyle. It’s just messy enough to remind you of a superb summer day on the beach, mixing straight and wavy hair.

    35. Braided Headband Bob

    If you want to get in touch with your creative side, you can recreate accessories with your hair. To put it otherwise, you can braid your way to headbands, crowns and other pretty ideas. Here, you can take in a narrow fishtail braided headband.

    36. Retro Bob

    Channel your inner retro diva with an asymmetrical bob in soft waves. You can kick things up a notch with finger waves, but this adaptation is a lot easier for day-to-day use. If your hair is like this naturally, don’t hesitate to consider an uneven bob as a haircut.

    37. Feathered Asymmetrical Bob

    Remember what we said about layers? You can make yours even more remarkable by getting a “feathered” version. In fact, this is one of the most popular layering styling for bobs, asymmetrical ones included.

    38. Side Bangs and Asymmetrical Bob

    Like we previously explained, all kinds of bangs look extraordinary with uneven haircuts. If you go for this option, we recommend keeping your bangs on the same side as the longer part of your hairstyle, like in the example above.

    39. Voluminous Bob

    Volume is a must-have on the lists of numerous women, specifically when it comes down to hairstyles. The sharp angle of this asymmetrical haircut and rigorous styling shows how yours can look with a major volume boost.

    40. Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

    Take your haircut a step further by adding an undercut to it. Seeing as asymmetrical cuts are already edgy, an undercut will only add to the stylishly rebellious tone of your hairstyle. You can get a full undercut or just shave down one side.

    41. Round Face Bob

    If you have a round face, you can count on bob hairstyles to flatter your features. Generally speaking, women with this face shape should opt for a shorter bob. Make the difference between sides about an inch, and tuck the shorter side behind your ear for a sweet and sassy look.

    42. Twisted Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

    Another way you can spice up your bob is with twisted styling. While it’s not exactly braiding, it involves twisting two strands at a time and then pinning them to the side. Use a few thicker strands to cover the end part.

    43. Edgy Bob

    While it might seem redundant to label an asymmetrical bob as edgy, this example proves how you can do it right. Aside from the large undercut, the rest of the hair is cut in choppy layers. Don’t forget your killer attitude!

    44. Stacked Asymmetrical Bob

    If you want your hairstyle to have a round shape, stacked bobs are definitely for you. You’ll get plenty of natural volume in the back, all while framing your face nicely in the front. Play with any lengths you desire.

    45. Steel Blue Bob

    Now isn’t this a terrific idea for women with deep blue eyes! If this is your eye color, there’s no better way to highlight it than with a similar tone in your hair. You can also keep dark roots and create an astounding illusion through dark eye makeup afterwards.

    46. Pastel Mix

    If you’re in love with pastel hair colors and you can’t choose just one, you’re going to adore this idea. Basically, it’s a spectacular balayage that melts pastel pink, purple and baby blue. Needless to say that it looks breathtaking on a bob.

    47. Graduated Asymmetrical Bob

    Enjoy this visual inspiration for a graduated bob filled with grace and beauty. It is increasingly longer from back to front for subtle asymmetry in the end. We’d also like to share our enthusiasm about those flawless honey accents.

    48. Very Long Asymmetrical Bob

    This is probably one of the longest and most spectacular asymmetrical bobs we have laid our eyes on. We’re head over heels in love with the quirky approach, resulting in a hairstyle that few would expect to normally see.

    49. Teased Bob

    Asymmetrical bob and bangs? Check. Hairspray and comb? Check. Maximum teasing? Definitely check. Put all of these ingredients together and you get a badass funky bob that’s fit for high fashion photo shoots.

    50. Subtle A-Line Bob

    We’ll end our list on a light note with an ever so subtle angled bob. Jennifer Lawrence definitely slays with this look, mixing refinement with edginess in a dazzling way. You can also get inspired by her warm platinum blonde hair color.

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    So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

    To sum up, the asymmetrical bob is the perfect fit for any woman who knows her style and is not afraid to show it.

    You can go for a showy or discrete version of this haircut and look brilliant all the same.

    The best way is to think about your uneven bob according to your personality traits.

    Are you more of a reserved gal with a chic twist?

    How about an eccentric woman who loves to be bold?

    Tell us what type of asymmetrical bob you chose in the comments section!

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