Undercut for Women: 60 Chic and Edgy Ideas to Try Out!

Undercuts are back and booming like never before! If some time ago an undercut was considered appropriate for a well-groomed man, ladies can now enjoy this edgy haircut for themselves.

Shaved hairstyles are perfect for women who know what they want and have a bold attitude.

If this describes your personality, then have fun exploring these design ideas for inspiration! Find your newest undercut, all below!

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1. V-Shaped Undercut Haircut Pattern

This is a classic undercut design that has just the right amount of femininity and edge. Three is a good number for your V-shaped lines – not too few, not too many.

2. Double Diamond Design

If classic playing-card diamonds are your thing, this design will definitely spark your interest. In addition to the two diamonds, add another V-shaped line for dynamism.

3. Triangle and Lotus Undercut Hairstyle

Lotus flowers and triangles are both beautiful symbols that you can incorporate into your shaved design. Maintain your chi while looking fly!

4. Flowing Leaf Design

You can also reconnect with nature through your shaved haircut. This beautifully designed leaf is sleek and full of meaning at the same time.

5. 3 Shaved Lines

Another idea is to keep it relatively simple, with just a few shaved lines. This shape is ideal if you already have an eccentric hairstyle, like a bright hair color.

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6. A-Line Ascending Design

Switch up your design with V-shaped lines in an ascending pattern. This is another undercut idea that is discrete, yet really pretty.

7. Lotus Flower Undercut Women Style

As you will soon find out, lotus flowers are one of the most popular undercut designs. If you embrace minimalism, just go for an outlined shaved at your nape.

8. Sweet and Simple

Even more so, you can keep things as simple as possible with this kind of design. It won’t make you stand out too much, while making a statement.

9. Horizontal and Diagonal Lines

Why keep everything one way? Combine horizontal shaved lines with a few diagonal ones for a unique approach to your shaved haircut.

10. Upside Down Diamond Long Hair Undercut

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what they symbolize is even lovelier. An upside down diamond shape looks amazing on an undercut, so keep this idea in mind if you’re a strong woman.

11. Snowflake Winter Design

Do you always find yourself counting down the days ‘til Christmas? Is winter your favorite season? This snowflake shaved design can keep your seasonal cheer all year round.

12. Undercut Hairstyle Women with Intricate Lines

If you pride yourself on originality, you can get a complex shaved line design that you most likely won’t find on anyone else. Creativity is key to a successful shaved cut.

13. Spider Web Design for Halloween

Regardless if Halloween is just around the corner or you love the spirit of this holiday, you can get inspired by a spider web for your design. Aside from being chic, it also flows nicely with the rest of your hair.

14. Three Side Lines Undercuts Idea

Another simple yet effective idea is this asymmetrical design. Three easy lines on one side will show that you’re not the one to simply go with the trend.

15. Pixie Undercut

You’ll often find shaved designs associated with funky pixie haircuts. This is a wonderful way to show off the rock star in you while staying fabulously fashionable.

16. Back Braid Styling Idea

A marvelous way to style your undercut is with a back braid. In essence, this is a reverse French braid that begins from the top of your shaved cut and ends either in a messy bun or a ponytail.

17. Optical Illusion

Play around with the beauties that geometry has to offer. You can keep passerby wondering if your shaved haircut shows cubes, the flower of life, or even peace signs with a design like this one.

18. Discreet Undercut Hair Design

While some ladies opt for ample shaved hairstyles, others prefer narrow yet impactful ones. For instance, this V-shaped design, while basic, leaves a long-lasting impression.

19. Complex Nape Undercut

For a truly memorable undercut, do some research on symbolism. Incorporate the symbols that matter the most to you into the final design for a shaved nape cut you’ll adore.

20. Flying Heart Design

Is love one of your guiding principles in life? Don’t be afraid to show it in your hairstyle! This flying heart is full of meaning and looks beautiful as a shaved design.

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21. Tribal Long Hair Undercut

Tribal prints, also known as Aztec patterns, have taken the fashion world by storm. However, they don’t look good just on clothes. You can glamorously apply a tribal pattern for your undercut.

22. Large Triangle and Inner Designs

Keep those triangles coming! If this symbol means a lot to you, experiment with different lines and cuts for the ultimate triangle shaved hairstyle.

23. Undercut Long Hair with Diamond Pattern

Diamonds don’t have to be complex in order to look good on a shaved haircut. You can go for a classic diamond pattern that flows well with the rest of your hair.

24. Kitty Design and Two Tone Hair

Can you say Kawaii!? If you adore Japanese pop culture or are a fan of everything that’s uber cute, an eccentric two tone hairstyle and haircut like this is just for you.

25. Heartbeat Undercut Bob

When worst comes to worst, love will always find its way. This heartbeat shaved design is just what you need if you love life and aren’t afraid to show it.

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26. Lining Up

Simplicity really is a trustworthy source of elegance. With just a few lines shaved according to the shape of your head, you have a great classy undercut design.

27. Moon Cycle Design

If you have a special connection with the moon, express it through your hairstyle. This design beautifully showcases the cycle of the moon.

28. Subtle Undercut for Women

A discrete undercut is a fantastic idea if you often have to attend formal events or you just opt for minimalism. These well-trimmed lines are an excellent source of inspiration for one.

29. All Around Undercut Hairstyles

Even though we usually see all-around undercuts associated with pixie haircuts, it looks just as awesome with long hair. Use your long locks to hide or reveal your undercut as you please.

30. Mohawk Glam

Everything about this haircut is amazing, from the vivid ombre to the edgy mohawk and to the eye-catching shaved designs on the sides.

31. Small Heart Shape

If you don’t want a huge design, a small shape at the back of your neck always works well with undercuts. This heart is just an example, but you can try out any geometric shape.

32. Undercut Ponytail

There’s no doubt that undercuts look spectacular with long ponytails. This photo shows you how the final impact of combining the two can be.

33. Honeycomb Undercut for Women

A design like this turns out being as sweet as honey. All puns aside, this honeycomb design is really a sight for sore eyes. Styling it with braided double buns is a definite bonus.

34. Animal Print Pattern

Bring out your wild side with an animal print design for your undercut. Cheetah is popular, but you can also experiment with your favorite animal-inspired pattern.

35. Zig Zag Girl Undercut

Instead of shaving lines just vertically or horizontally, mix them in a zig-zag motion that will be a joy to look at. You can make the undercut wider or narrower, as you please.

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36. Tousled Pixie Cut

Do it like a dude! This masculine pixie cut gets a distinct and very much visible feminine touch thanks to the gorgeous lavender ombre.

37. Batman Girl Undercut Style

Superhero symbols are a fun way to express your passions. A Batman undercut design will definitely set you apart from the others.

38. Triangles and Zig Zags

Can’t decide between zig zags and triangles? Use them both! This design looks great on girls with long hair tied in a ponytail.

39. Undercut Pixie with Bangs

Go against the grain by opting for an out-of-the-box pixie undercut. Instead of shaving both sides and the back, get an asymmetrical pixie with one side stunningly shaved in two ways and long bangs.

40. Sea-Inspired Undercut Hairstyle for Women Idea

It’s impossible to not think of long days at the beach with an undercut like this. Aside from the shaved design that makes us think of mermaids and fish scales, the blue and green tones make this a great sea-inspired look!

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41. Longer Undercut with Pixie Haircut

An undercut doesn’t necessarily mean shaving the back of your neck entirely. You can also simply cut the underside far more than the rest, like here, for this wavy pixie haircut.

42. Flowers and Glitter

Everything about this look makes it stand out gorgeously: from the contrasting ombre hair to the flower undercut and glitter. As a bonus, you can braid your hair upwards to enhance your two colors.

43. Hair Tattoo Undercut Styles

We can often find the term ‘hair tattoo’ associated with undercuts. The reason is that some designs are so well thought out that they truly resemble the art of tattoos.

44. Overlapping Triangles

Triangles are easy one of the trendiest undercut ideas. To make yours super special, overlap them and add a few more lines for that much-desired dynamism.

45. Dark and Light Slicked Back Undercut for Girls

A neat trick you can apply to your shaved haircut is using different lengths. For example, this design stands out by having one line with thicker hair and then one that’s almost completely shaved.

46. Bow Design

If you consider yourself to be a girly girl but you still want to take a walk on the wild side, this is the shaved haircut for you. The bow is full of femininity, but the haircut itself is packed with attitude.

47. Lightning Strikes

Whether you’re always the life of the party or you have an electric personality, lightning designs would work amazingly for your shaved haircut.

48. Star Design Curly Undercut

You can channel your inner superstar with this multiple star design. To keep things funky, consider shaving the stars to the side.

49. Blossoming Flower Slick Back Undercut

The power of suggestion is immense. Instead of going for a full lotus flower, you can recreate a blossoming one that suggests the symbol without putting it up front.

50. Pattern with Lines

Artsy souls should consider working with a professional stylist to get a picture-perfect design. The depth of the shaven lines and precision all contribute to flawless results.

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51. Reverse Double Dutch Braids with Undercut

So, you got an undercut. Now what do you do? Find gorgeous ways to style it! Reverse double Dutch braids that end in buns are a wonderful way to start.

52. Shaved Ombre Lines

This is certainly a design you won’t catch around every corner. What makes it brilliant is the combination of natural roots with color on the scalp which helps create an art-like image.

53. Mandala Undercut

Mandalas are just as beautiful, suggestive, and meaningful as any other symbol on this list. Read more about them and see if they’re the shaved design for you!

54. Dynamic Design

Straight lines look charming, but sweeping, swirling, curved lines are even more original. This is the perfect undercut idea for a lady filled with energy.

55. Crystals Women Undercut

With potential healing powers, crystals are lovely objects both literally and metaphorically. You can add them to your undercut for a pretty design with plenty of meaning.

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56. Narrow Shaved Undercut for Women

For this undercut, all you have to do is shave about an inch or two all around your head. It’s funky, fresh, and classy at the same time.

57. Red Carpet Styling

We know Rosamund Pike for her outstanding talent for acting, but she’s also an inspiration for sleek hairstyles. For example, she showed up at the 2015 Oscars with this elegant chignon coupled with an undercut.

58. Large Chevron Design

Some say that it’s best to go big or go home. We can say the same for undercuts destined for bold women.

59. Wedding Updo Style

Whoever thought you could combine the edge of a sassy shaved haircut with the elegance of a wedding updo hairstyle? The results are breathtaking!

60. Tiger Print Undercut for Women

Last but not least, a large tiger print undercut is for the woman who isn’t afraid to show off her tastes. Get one like this to shine among others through courage and attitude.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

All in all, your undercut should be a proper reflection of your personality.

We do hope these designs helped point you in the right direction, but you should always keep in mind that there are limitless options. In the end, this is the beauty of the undercut for women – you can get as creative as you’d like with the design.

Now, gather your courage and get those shaved lines you’ve dreamed of! And then tell us how it went.

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