Spice Up Your Life with These 50 Red Hair Color Ideas

We couldn’t be more excited to get into one of the most daring shades you can try out for your locks – red hair color.

In addition to being a statement hair color, red is also brilliant for the wide variety of tones it has to offer.

You can experiment with hues that range from cherry red up to intense mahogany, with highlights and ombre possibilities galore.

Enjoy the eye candy below and take your pick of the crop!

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1. Deep Red Hair Color

We’ll start exploring reds with this appealing version. If you have light blue or green eyes, you will absolutely adore this brave take on red hair. It looks spectacular against pale, tanned and dark skin, and in any length or texture.

2. Warm Reddish Caramel Tones

For a natural approach to red locks, consider a primary caramel base with just a touch of red. The results will resemble copper, with plenty of subtle highlights and lowlights to brighten up the all-around color. Work with a professional stylist for the best outcome.

3. Cherry Red Hair Color

If you’re not afraid to go against the grain, cherry red is for you. It’s a fun color that will help you leave an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Like with most red hair tones, it looks the best on women with green or blue eyes.

4. Intense Plum Shade

What if you’re drawn to purple? You can level up an average red hair color with a vivid shade of plum. While the base still has a red tone, the true shine comes from the deep violet that achieves the perfect balance of subtle and sparkling.

5. Strawberry Red Hair Color

Our regular readers already know that we’re crazy over strawberry blonde, but what about strawberry red as a hair color? This version leans more towards the red side than the blonde one, with a summerish vibe all around.

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6. Black and Red Hair Color

In an age when balayage is all the rage, we are embracing our natural roots more than ever. In this example, you can see how black or dark brown roots look stunning against rich burgundy locks. We also recommend the cute asymmetrical long bob haircut.

7. Wispy Caramel Highlights on Red Brown Hair

If reddish brown is your thing, you can always explore ways of giving it a personal twist. One stylish method is to sprinkle in some light, like these wispy caramel highlights. They’re discrete and delicious at the same time.

8. Rich Chocolate Red

Without a doubt, chestnut hair color is a beauty choice that will make heads turn. In this photo, you can admire a rich, chocolate red take on classic chestnut and how it would appear on long, wavy locks.

9. Red Orange Hair Color

Tend to think out of the box? Red orange is the ideal hair color for you. While it’s not a shade suitable for conservative personalities, it will be a dream come true for ladies who aren’t afraid to be bold.

10. Sunny Highlights

Turn your highlights game up a notch with these super sunny beauties. They’re a bit lighter than the caramel streaks we presented earlier, with a warm, honey tone to them. It’s a picture-perfect choice for women with red brown hair.

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11. Dark Red Hair Color

Are mystery, allure, and magnetism all definitive traits for you? Dark red hair color is definitely the way to go. This deep alternative for normal red hair is an extremely flattering choice for ladies who are all about that classy sex appeal.

12. Natural Ginger

If you’re a natural redhead, you don’t even have to stress about changing your hair color. But what if you’re a freckled, blue-eyed beauty that longs for natural ginger locks? This spicy yet natural shade is what you’re looking for.

13. Magenta Red Tone

Looking for a way to show off your summer tan or natural medium skin tone? Magenta red is everything you could ever wish for. While it is indeed a courageous hair color, it’s subtle enough to be appropriate for all situations.

14. Red Brown Hair Color

Women who seek balance between eye candy and elegant should certainly think about red brown. We’ve talked about ideas for highlights on this base, but don’t hesitate to keep the color radiantly solid.

15. Brown Red Hair Color

On the other hand, you can go for an all natural angle with brown red. As opposed to the abovementioned shade, brown red comes even closer to earth tones. The true charm comes from a pinch of red that makes the entire difference.

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16. Red and Orange Highlights

In the wise words of one of our favorite girl bands of all time, “spice up your life!”. Red and orange go amazingly well together when paired in highlights. As a result, you can play around with chunky streaks in rusty orange and deep red hues.

17. Copper Red Hair Color

On this note, you can also turn that rusty orange into a ravishing shade of copper for your locks. The beauty is that you can go as dark or light as you please, and the results will still remain remarkable. This is a medium shade is an excellent way to start.

18. Fire Ombre

We talk about ombre hair all the time, but what about this unconventional approach? Bring the fire in your heart to life with this flame-inspired ombre, which starts from deep red and blends into warm blonde at the tips.

19. Purple Red Hair Color

This is an exceptional alternative for women who desire a purple tint to their hair, but who don’t want to go over the top. Compared to our plum example from #4, this option is more settled down and with just a hint of purple.

20. Lowlights Red Hair Idea

Not into the whole highlights look? You can try out lowlights by mixing black and red hair. While the base coat is primarily dark red, there are plenty of black undertones all around to give it an interesting edge.

21. Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

However, if you do want highlights but not the traditional ones, you can try this idea out. If your hair is naturally dark brown or black, all you have to do is add some faded dark red highlights for a breathtaking result.

22. Light Red Hair Color

Women who crave a ginger look with a bit of pop will adore this example. Essentially, it’s a warm shade of light red that rests comfortably between copper and strawberry blonde. It’s an enchanting idea for red carpet glam.

23. Wine Red Hair Color

Often, inspiration can be found in the most ordinary of objects. For instance, a glass of enticing red wine can serve as the model for your next red hair color. It’s a deep, romantic shade that looks astounding on women with dark eyes.

24. Candy Apple Red

To brighten things up, allow yourself to be inspired by the concept of candy apple. This whimsical shade is to die for, with a sweet touch that you won’t find in every red you come across. We recommend it for ladies for outgoing personalities.

25. Brick Red Hair

To continue ideas drawn from day to day life, how about brick red hair? We love this particular tone for the sexy and sassy vibe, all while remaining perfectly presentable anywhere you go. It’s yet another fantastic idea for blue-eyes belles.

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26. Ruby Red Hair Color

Want to be the center of attention in the most refined way possible? Do it with elegance through a hair color that makes your admirers think about precious gems. Ruby red, for example, is a shade that will make hearts stop.

27. Red Pink Hair Color

We probably won’t see Lana Del Rey with this color IRL, but a girl can dream, right? Even if it is a figment of the imagination, the red pink used in the editing is to die for. You can get inspired by it for a funky boho look.

28. Platinum Blonde with Red Ombre

Want to make your fire ombre even more eye-catching? Make the colors bolder and more contrasting. This particular shade of platinum blonde is sure to make heads turn, especially thanks to the gorgeous peachy transition.

29. Peekaboo Hair

If you haven’t heard of the concept, peekaboo hair is one of the most creative trends lately. As the name suggests, you can practically create the illusion of different colors and styles through your very own hair. Chestnut and blonde work terrifically for it.

30. Burgundy Red Hair Color

We have already dedicated a whole article to the hopelessly romantic shade we call burgundy hair color, so you can imagine how much we dig it already. To prove our point, here is a wonderful example.

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31. Vibrant Rusty Red

Although it might seem counterintuitive to use “vibrant” and “rusty” in the same description, you can easily see how they work flawlessly together here. In the photo above you can appreciate a truly striking red hair color.

32. Red Velvet Hair Color

If you try imagining red velvet as a hair color, this is the closest you can get to perfection. We adore this deep, brilliant shade of red that makes women with pale complexions shine brighter and more beautifully than ever.

33. Caramel Copper

Another way you can rock copper red hair is by giving it a caramel tint. In a nutshell, it’s basically a rich tone of copper that has just a bit of a caramel hue to make it come to life. It’s a hair choice that works well for all skin tones and eye colors.

34. Warm Red Hair Color

If chestnut and ginger red had a child, metaphorically speaking, this would be one of the prettiest babies in the world. We warmly encourage women with thick, wavy hair to consider this heart-warming option.

35. Champagne Strawberry

Regardless if you call it champagne strawberry, rose gold or faded peach, this hair color is rocking the top trends this year. What makes it truly special is the metallic pastel tint, simply perfect for the bohemian girl.

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36. Electric Orange

Fearless? Go orange! And not just any orange – this electric shade. We’re well aware that not all girls will be comfortable with these flashy locks, but we have to admit that they’re an astounding sight for sore eyes.

37. Red Ombre Hair Color

If you prefer a subtle ombre, you can combine colors from a similar palette. For instance, here you can see a black-red base that blends into lighter red tips. The rich burgundy tint of the top part is the icing on the cake.

38. Bright Red Hair Color

If you’re all up for bright colors but aren’t digging orange, go for the reddest red you could ever think of. We’re drooling over this candy red for the heart-stopping impact is has, especially against pale skin.

39. Red Streaks on Black Hair

Want just a bit of red in your hair? Try out some medium streaks. This is an extraordinary option for women who don’t want to change their base color, but rather spice it up a bit. We recommend this idea for dark brown or black hair.

40. Auburn Red Hair Color

Another one of our all-time faves is auburn hair color, one more rich tone we have dedicated a full article to. Aside from it being a blissful color on its own, we find it to be a fabulous way of rocking a natural hue in your hair.

41. Red Balayage with Black Base

Some ladies love ombre, others are crazy in love with balayage. As you can see, the transition from one color to the other is more harmonious with this coloring technique. It’s the #1 choice for girls looking for a subtle color melt.

42. Black Red Hair Color

We adore the way this idea combines highlights and balayage for jaw-dropping results. The black top gorgeously blends into red, maintaining a daring yet classy look. We also love the choice of red for the second half.

43. Pale Red Shade

Grunge girl? Pale red should totally be among your final options. This hair color is the definition of edgy and unconventional, just what a rebellious gal is searching for. You can also wear matching lipstick for a Wow! effect.

44. Mahogany Red Hair Color

To complete our natural palette, we are more than happy to add mahogany to the mix. Just like chestnut or auburn, this hair color shines through with its natural beauty. If you’re a brunette, it will also be easier to maintain in the long run.

45. Auburn Base and Copper Tips

Speaking of auburn, feel free to absorb inspiration from this chic mix to spice yours up. The results are simpler to obtain than you think. All you have to do is get your auburn base done and dye the tips copper. Voila!

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46. Red and Honey Melt

Another balayage idea is combining reddish brown with honey blonde. We’d like to think of it as the subtle version of a fire ombre, much more wearable on a day to day basis. Feel free to consider it for any hair texture.

47. Dark Red Brown Hair Color

We’ve talked all about red brown on this list, but this photo will prove how glamorous it can be when in a darker tone. This natural shade especially looks dazzling on women with hazel or dark green eyes, like in this example.

48. Golden Red Hair Color

If you want to sparkle like Jessica Chastain on the red carpet, you should keep this golden red hair color in mind. It has an overall retro/ vintage glam to it, partly owing to the soft curl hairstyling as well.

49. Sunset Colors Mix

This is a coloring idea that will take your breath away, literally. Inspired by the very sunsets we witness every day, it reminds us that beauty will always be found in the colors of nature, even in their vibrant versions.

50. Purple and Red Magenta Ombre

Last but certainly not least, we will conclude with another sunset-inspired red hair color idea, but this time with just two shades. The first half is a rich indigo that continues with a graceful magenta red, all for quite the impressive ombre indeed.

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So, What Is Your Hair Motivation?

To wrap everything up, having a red hair color is a charming option for any woman.

Sure, it might not be the first option for ladies who take a traditional approach to their hair color.

Nonetheless, it’s delightful for those who aren’t afraid to be bold.

What about you? What’s the red tone of your dreams? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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