Ombre Hair: 50 Beautiful Ideas that Will Inspire You to Make a Change

Ombre hair is a fabulous way to change your look without settling for just one hair color.

No matter if you choose a natural blend of blondes and browns or you want to have fun with electric shades, ombre is definitely the way to go!

Suitable for long and short locks alike, ombre hair is a great way to express your personality through your look.

See how to get started below, and get all the inspiration you need in terms of ombre hair and the ways you can wear yours!

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1. Brunette Blonde Blend

The ideal natural approach to an ombre is blending brunette with blonde. If your base hair color is a dark brown, this is how the results might look if you want to add some light blonde.

2. Short Ombre Beach Hair

Choppy long bobs are all the rage, especially when they’re expertly colored. This beach-inspired hair color mixture goes perfectly with the haircut.

Not only is the hair chopped in layers, but the colors are applied in a similar fashion.

3. Fire Locks

Fire-like hair might not be for everyone, but those who find themselves in this three-tone combination will look stunning in it. It all starts with crimson roots and blends down to orange and golden blonde.

4. Platinum to Dark Ombre Hair

Even though most ladies choose to lighten their hair towards the tips, it also looks marvelous the other way around.

Color your roots to be platinum blond and fade your way through browns until you reach jet black tips.

5. Shades of Steel

Cold tones always go well together. For instance, this gray to blue ombre hair idea is an amazing choice for combining steel shades. The results are definitely outgoing, all while maintaining chromatic harmony.

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6. Long Ombre Curly Hair

Girls with natural curls should definitely consider a color gradient for their next hair appointment.

As you can see, the lighter tones are focused on the second half where the curls are more enhanced as well.

7. Ash Blonde to Platinum White

Ash-blonde is a beautiful shade to experiment with when choosing hair colors. However, adding an eccentric shade like platinum white makes the whole look even more radiant.

This combination works for various skin tones and hair lengths, so consider trying it out.

8. Playing with Pinks

Pink is one of the sweetest hair colors you can choose, indeed. If you want to take your pink coloring to a new level, think about mixing different shades from the same palette.

For example, you can begin with dark pink roots and move down to lighter shades for this spectacular ombre.

9. Natural Blonde Ombre Hair

If you want to keep things sleek and elegant, natural tones are always the way to go. This is how you can pair a long bob with an earth-toned ombre that is appropriate for any setting.

10. Subtle Reddish Fade

Want to keep everything subtle without using blonde? Another option for playing around with discrete tones is this reddish-brown palette. The results come close to balayage, thanks to the subtlety and fine gradient.

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11. Sky Blue Ombre Hair

Is blue your favorite color? If so, (or even for no) why not wear it on your hair? These adorable baby blue nuances look amazing when blended.

From cerulean to an almost white blue, these colors can make your hair reflect the summer sky beautifully!

12. Rich Red Ombre

Deep red is always a marvelous choice for the passionate woman. If your base color is black, dark red is one of the best options for your ombre hair.

It’s best if the transition is made gradually, like in the above example, for the impact you desire.

13. Braided and Blended Pigtails

In addition to ombre color choices, we also want to give you a few styling tips and tricks so you can associate the blend.

For instance, classic braided pigtails look fabulous with ombre hair, highlighting the color gradient.

14. Latte and Chocolate Brown Ombre Hair

Warm brown tones are some of the most popular options for ombre hair. Instead of venturing into blonde, you can continue your brunette base with latte tones that blend naturally with the rest of your hair.

15. Creamy Beige Melt

Furthermore, you can find a solution that’s halfway between the aforementioned style and the classic brown to blonde ombre hair choice.

This creamy beige has just enough of each so you can create the perfect balance of warm and pleasant, all in one wonderful hair color choice.

16. Lavender Fairy Hair

Often, these tones are associated with the terms of fairy hair or ‘mermaid hair’ depending on the intensity of the colors used. As you can see, lavender hair is simply stunning.

17. Black to Gray Fade

Similar to pastels, gray can be found in almost any corner of the world as a trending hair color.

If you want to avoid the aging effect that a full head of gray hair sometimes gives off, you can make the transition from black roots to gray.

18. Deep Purple Ombre Hair

Speaking of outgoing shades, purple is a fine choice for the bohemian at heart.

Even prettier than this ombre purple hair color itself is how it looks when styled. Braids, waves, and curls will all make your black to purple blend stand out glamorously.

19. Silver Pixie Ombre

Believe it or not, even the shortest haircuts can enjoy a masterfully designed ombre. Pixie cuts with long bangs, another hot trend, are the ideal example of chic ombre hair.

You can keep the roots dark and have the secondary color sprout an inch or two from the part.

20. Faded Fishtail Braid

Continuing our ombre hair styling ideas, it’s impossible to not consider fishtail braids.

This intricate braiding technique blends the colors used in your ombre magnificently. The thicker the fishtail braid, the more vivid your ombre will be!

21. Color Blends on Bob

A bob haircut is also a delightful pick for an ombre. The roots play the most important role, as any complementary color for the second half of your hair will look gorgeous.

Make sure that you keep those 1-2 inches of roots so you’ll get the impact you want.

22. Brick Balayage Ombre Hair

If your choice of colors requires it, don’t be afraid to tread on the fine line between ombre and balayage. This applies for colors that come from a similar palette, such as this brick red and light copper.

23. Half Braided Styling

Braids are a fantastic way to accentuate your ombre hair, but you can also combine weaving your locks with a classic low ponytail.

To make the results stand out and shine, consider curling your hair from the base of the ponytail to the ends.

24. Ombre Red Hair with Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids have taken the hair world by storm, and for a very good reason. Especially when the technique is used on ombre hair, individual strands come to life against the dark base color used.

25. Ombre Purple Hair A-Line Bob

Aside from short or long bobs, A-line bobs are a splendid way to showcase your radiant ombre hair.

If you want to make a daring transformation, go for bright purple paired with black roots. Brunettes will have a much easier time with long-term maintenance as their roots grow out.

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26. Faded Pink Braid

If you have thick and long hair, what better way to show off its qualities than with a big braid?

Regardless if you choose the French weaving technique or you want to go for a classic braid, your colors will dazzle beautifully in the end.

27. Blended Loose Updo

The beauty of a loose updo is that it’s perfectly appropriate for both casual and formal events. In addition to this, it’s a comfortable hairstyle that will accentuate your ombre hair like never before.

28. Red to Black Ombre Hair

We’re pretty used to seeing black to red ombre hair, but what happens when you turn things the other way around? This is one of the most alluring reverse ombre hair ideas, with crimson roots and black tips.

29. Two Tone High Ponytail

Long and wavy ombre hair can be properly admired when styled into a high ponytail. Don’t forget that you can always use 2-3 extra bobby pins under the hair tie for that extra boost of volume.

30. Short Turquoise Ombre Hair

Short bobs and turquoise hair colors seem to have been made for each other.

This explains what it has become one of the trendiest haircut and hairstyle combinations these past few years. To accentuate it all, go for a casual half-up top knot.

31. Pastel Half Up Double Buns

Double buns are also back and booming among hair trends. You can pin them up messily either entirely or half up half down. In any case, they work like a charm for highlighting the different colors in ombre hair.

32. Red and Blonde Ombre Hair

You won’t see this ombre hair idea everywhere, which makes it even more special. It works wonderfully for natural blondes who want to play around with their look.

Please note that it’s difficult to get rid of any red traces once applied on blonde hair, so be absolutely convinced that you want to take this step.

33. Twisted Braids Ombre Hair

It’s crystal clear that braids do a charming job of emphasizing ombre hair. However, this intricate braiding technique really takes the cake.

It starts as a French braid from your left or right side close to your neck and twists up and around your head for this heart-stopping result.

34. Thin Braids and Top Knot

Complex braids are always a sight for sore eyes, but what if you don’t have the patience or time to invest in creating them?

There are always simple and unique options like these small, cornrow-like French braids that end in a loose top knot.

35. Rich Violet and Deep Magenta

Deep magenta and rich violet – what a flattering combination for a playful soul. To get this astounding gradient, it’s recommended that you work with an expert colorist that can make the gentle transition from purple to pink. The outcome will be worth it!

36. Braided Pink Ombre Hair

Sometimes the simplest braid in the world can have the most wondrous impact. Simplicity, after all, is the key to true elegance.

If you have pastel pink ombre hair with natural brown roots, all you have to do is braid your way to effortless beauty.

37. Colors Enhanced with Braid and Curls

What happens when you mix a chic back braid with perfectly curled locks and just enough volume on top?

You get a wedding hairstyle that’s fit for royalty, and also one that will draw attention to your lovely ombre hair.

38. Emerald and Brown Ombre Hair

Emerald green is an intense shade that contrasts gracefully with natural brown hair. You might even want to consider chopping your hair into an A-line bob and curling it if you want to make an impact.

39. Dark Hair with Hot Pink

If you want ombre hair that will truly reflect your fun personality, don’t hesitate to try out hot pink. Even though it might seem like a bold step at first, it looks great when blended from black roots.

40. Side Braid for Brown Blends

A half up, side braid is yet another pretty way to present your brown ombre hair. It works best with long hair that reaches around mid-back. Not only will the nuances be accentuated by the braid, but also in the bottom half.

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41. Multicolor Flower Bun

Instead of sprinkling flowers in your hair, why not twist your locks into a flower shape of their own?

This adorable hairstyle is easier than it looks – simply part your hair half up half down and twist the sides into a flower shape in the middle.

42. Silver and Dark Gray Ombre

Experimenting with gray tones is always a pleasure for those who adore the granny hair trend.

Black roots make the additional gray and silver shades stand out the most, so see which nuances are the best for your ombre hair.

43. Ash Brown and Blonde

There’s something genuinely special about the silver reflexes in this ash brown and blonde ombre.

The final results remind us of highlights while maintaining the gorgeous harmony and transition that are specific to ombre hair.

44. Long Blue Ombre Hair

Any rich shade of blue works exquisitely with black roots. Even though the gradient is generally best presented on long hair, you can also try it out for shoulder-length locks too.

45. Accentuated Shades with Double Braids and Buns

Any fan of ombre hair will love how these double braids and buns make the individual colors sparkle.

To achieve this lovely look, simply part your hair down the middle and create two French braids that start from the bottom up. Gather them up in two big buns and you’re all done!

46. Black Rainbow Ombre

By far one of the most daring ombre hair color choices, this rainbow mixture on a black base is a fascinating combination.

What makes it even more special is how the colors fall against curled locks, as you can clearly see.

47. Pastel Pink and Rose Gold

Game of Thrones fans will love this Khaleesi-inspired hairstyle. Not only are the double side braids an absolute pleasure to witness, but also the subtle pastel pink and rose gold ombre.

48. Half Up Ombre Hair

When in doubt, always choose a loose half-up top knot for styling your ombre hair. You really can never go wrong with it!

49. Braided Bun

If you have a bit more time on your hands, try French braiding your hair down to a loose bun or low updo for a graceful effect.

50. Sunset Ombre Hair Colors

Lastly, embrace the colors of a setting sun for a unique gradient. Dye your roots light pink and blend through magenta to violet tips.

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So, What’s YOUR Hair Motivation?

To wrap everything up, ombre hair is an amazing way to refresh your appearance.

Even though it’s been trending for a few years now, it still remains one of the hottest hair coloring techniques in the industry. There are countless color combos to choose from, fit for all preferences.

Take some time to weigh your options and get the hair colors of your dreams! Use this list to inspire you and then come back and tell us what you went for!

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