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50 Happy Hair Color for Summer Ideas

You’ll be happy to learn that we’ve done our research and found out for you what are the best ideas this year when it comes to hair color for summer. We’ve searched and scoured Instagram, Pinterest, and every other social media outlet we could find, as well as get informed on what the best hairdressers, stylists, and trendsetters have to say on the matter. Curious to see what you need to be wearing these long, hot months? Scroll down to find out!

1. Fading Mauve Hair Color for Summer

As you might have expected, non-traditional colors are the main trend. Never before have we seen such a rise in non-natural shades as we have in these past few seasons, and it just seems as if this summer is the epitome of everything.

fading mauve hair color for summer


2. Aubergine Ombre Hair Color for Summer

Say goodbye to the traditional ombre and hello to aubergine. This is a shade of purple that lends itself fantastically to the ombre technique because it melts into a dusty lavender toward your ends.

aubergine ombre hair color for summer


3. Champagne Blonde Hair Color for Summer

The other major trend of the summer as far as hair colors are concerned is blonde hair. But not just any type of blonde. This year we’re only going for extreme blondes, with a hint of metallic if that’s at all possible.

champagne blonde hair color for summer


4. Smokey Pink

This lovely shade of pink has been treated to a fair amount of smoky gray which has muted and matted it to some extent. It’s the perfect solution if you want to keep up with the trends, but you don’t like exacerbated pinks.

smokey pink hair color for summer


5. Moon Blue Hair Color for Summer

Here’s an amazing color combination that you absolutely need to try. The best part of this long hair is colored with a shade called moon blue while the roots are neon strawberry pink. The result is a whimsical fairytale.

neon strawberry moon blue hair color for summer


6. Rainbow Hair Color for Summer

This idea is by no means a new one. However, it has been a favorite on Instagram and Pinterest for a very long time, which means it keeps its status as a current trend this year as well. We’re talking about rainbow hair, of course.

rainbow hair color for summer


7. Pastel Lavender Hair

Another all-time favorite which is maintaining its supremacy is pastel hair. This lavender shade is just an example, but you can choose whichever color you like best. Keep the same tone with a lavender bandana and lavender makeup.

pastel lavender hair color for summer


8. Light Rose Gold

If you’re not over the whole rose gold mania yet and still want to make it part of your life, you can sport it as a summer color. However, we advise you to keep it light, as rose gold is not actually a trend anymore.

light rose gold hair color for summer


9. Red and Rose Hair Color for Summer

We’re absolutely in love with this ombre and think it’s one of the best choices for summertime. It starts off with a fiery yet romantic rose red and develops into a dusty pink, perfect to symbolize the summer.

red and rose hair color for summer


10. Cotton Candy Hair Color for Summer

In case you’ve been away from Instagram for a while, meet cotton candy hair! It’s a combination of very sweet looking pastel colors that belong to the same family. For example, you can choose shades of pink and red, orange and yellows or blues and purples.

cotton candy hair color for summer


11. Pink and Purple Hair Color

Another major trend that has been taking over the world of hairstyling is called two tone hair. You can choose to do it either vertically or horizontally, but most girls go for the so-called Cruella de Vil look in the colors they like most.

pink and purple hair color for summer


12. Sandy Blonde Hair Color for Summer

What better hair color is there for your summer holidays than the one that replicates sand? This sandy blonde is really making our wishes come true right now, and we cannot wait until we go on vacation and get to wear it!

sandy blonde hair color for summer


13. Pink Sunrise Hair Color for Summer

A huge idea that has been on the rise as far as summer colors are concerned is to let yourself be inspired by the summer aesthetic. This means reproducing beautiful things you see around you in the hot season, such as this amazing sunrise.

pink sunrise hair color for summer


14. Rainbow Prisms

Here is what happens when hairstyling meets art, and when your hairstylist is truly a genius. This is not a trick of the light as you may believe at first sight. This hairstylist has actually painted color prisms on this ultra-black bob.

Rainbow Prisms hair color for summer


15. Purple and Copper Hair Color for Summer

The great thing about the summer season is that it gives you the opportunity to try the craziest color combinations. This, for example, is copper and purple with just the right amount of sunflower yellow to tie everything together.

purple and copper hair color for summer


16. Glitter Hair Color for Summer

Glitter hair was a major trend a few summers ago. It started as a festival craze and then expanded into a street style. However, if you combine it with extreme blondes which are the trend this year, you can bring it back.

platinum blonde glitter hair color for summer


17. Glossy Green Hair Color for Summer

Can we even talk about summer hair colors without mentioning green? And we’ve found the perfect shade in this refreshing yet glossy coral green spiked with a little bit of lime that ensures it’s light and pretty.

glossy green hair color for summer


18. Sky Blue and Sunny Yellow Hair

If you’re thinking about mixing two opposing colors such as blue and yellow, better make sure you use these two shades. We’re talking about sky blue and sunny yellow. Notice how there’s a huge chunk of platinum blonde in the middle designed to give the eye a bit of rest.

sky blue and sunny yellow hair color for summer


19. Lavender and Blue Hair Color for Summer

Head into a field of flowers on a cloudless summer day with this hairdo. It’s essentially an ombre that started off with pastel lavender and melted into inky blue. The hair is decorated with faux daisies.

lavender and blue hair color for summer


20. Mustard Hair Color for Summer

This hipster hair color and hairstyle has us over the moon. It’s a very unusual mustard blonde paired with a very strong set of eyebrows and heavy-duty golden jewelry. Check with your stylist first because not every skin tone can pull off this color.

mustard hair color for summer


21. Extreme Blonde Hair Color for Summer

We’ve mentioned extreme blondes several times in this article so now it’s time to see a clear example of what this trend actually looks like. This shade is called arctic blonde, and it will require you to bleach your hair several times.

extreme blonde hair color for summer


22. Sea Foam Blue Hair

Another hair color inspired straight from nature is this seafoam blue that will match the ocean when you go on holiday. It’s the perfect choice for the mermaid trend that we’ve been seeing so much of lately.

sea foam blue hair color for summer


23. Violet Hair Color for Summer

Here’s another shade of purple that you can try. This is called violet, and you can tone it down or make it as neon as you choose. It goes perfectly well with both glammed up and nude makeup.

violet hair color for summer


24. Candy Cane Hair Color for Summer

We’ve already seen cotton candy hair so why not candy cane? These rose pink, tangerine, and lemon yellow shades blend in to create an absolute treat for the eyes. Have you noticed the crimping? The 90s are back!

candy cane hair color for summer


25. Iris Hair Color for Summer

We’ve got some more purple shades for you, such as this iris one, inspired by the flower. Spring and summer are the best seasons for botanical inspiration so allow your creative juices to flow!

iris hair color for summer


26. Magenta Hair Color for Summer

Despite what many might believe, magenta is not a shade of hot pink. In fact, it also belongs to the purple family. If you like it, you will have to mix in a healthy dose of pink hair dye or simply let your stylist do it.

magenta hair color for summer


27. Blorange Hair Color for Summer

If you haven’t heard of blorange until now, prepare yourself for a hair color that will rock your foundations! This is blonde and orange mixed into one resulting in this intoxicating shade that almost looks like a scrumptious lemonade.

blorange hair color for summer


28. Sunset Hair Color for Summer

Earlier on in the article, we’ve shown you what a hairstyle inspired by the sunrise looks like. Now it’s time for the sunset. You’ve got different shades of red, sizzling pink, purple, and, of course, dark roots as the night which is settling in.

sunset hair color for summer


29. Pastel Milkshake Hair Color

One of the newest hair trends fresh off Instagram is called pastel milkshake. Girls everywhere have been sporting it, and you can give it a go too if you want. Choose your favorite colors and join the trend.

Pastel Milkshake hair color trend instagram hair color for summer


30. Tangerine Hair Color for Summer

This amazing orange color is called tangerine because it has both some blonde and red in it. If you can’t get the right combination of colors at home, leave it to your stylist as this is one of the most difficult shades out there.

tangerine hair color for summer


31. Technicolor Hair for Summer

The reason why this is called technicolor hair is quite obvious. The color spectrum is large and vibrant, replicating the way old movies like The Wizard of Oz used to look when they first came out in the 30s as opposed to the earlier black and whites.

technicolor hair color for summer


32. Grape Hair Color for Summer

Grape flavored drinks are the best, especially when it’s hot outside. So why not use the color as an inspiration this summer? This is a grape ombre on long hair that melts into iceberg blonde, complete with space buns.

grape hair color for summer


33. Marigold Hair Color for Summer

The marigold is a flower in the daisy family that blooms from the first heatwaves of summer until it feels the first layers of frost biting it. Therefore, it’s only natural that you let its beautiful yellow petals inspire you.

marigold hair color for summer


34. Sunflower Hair Color for Summer

Another type of blonde that has proved quite trendy is sunflower yellow. What could be best in summertime than the most iconic flower of the season? Pair this outstanding blonde with red lipstick and minimal eye makeup.

sunflower hair color for summer


35. Butterbeer Hair Color for Summer

Butterbeer is the name of the drink Harry Potter and his friends drink in the eponymous books and movies. However, recently it has become a very loveable shade of blonde which a lot of girls on Instagram are wearing.

butterbeer hair color for summer


36. Pastel Colors for Fair Skin

In case you’re wondering if you can wear all these strong colors on your fair skin, don’t worry. You can always try pastels. We know that not everyone is a fan of tans and prefers to show off their natural porcelain color.

pastel for fair skin hair color for summer


37. Ocean Blue Hair

We’re back to sea color with ocean blue hair. If you want to make this hairstyle even showier, we suggest you use a hair accessory in the shape of a coral, a starfish or, why not, a stylized shark?

ocean blue hair color for summer


38. Mulberry Hair Color for Summer

We are officially in love! Is there any color out there more beautiful than mulberry? Just look at this awesome ombre! Mulberries are a type of delicious fruits which look a lot like raspberries but actually grow on tall trees.

mulberry hair color for summer


39. Watermelon Hair Color for Summer

Let’s continue our hot streak of hair colors inspired by fruit with watermelon hair. This dip-dye job has a lot of green which represents the rind and red which represents the sweet flesh of the fruit.

watermelon hair color for summer


40. Peach Hair Color for Summer

Peach pink is actually a mixture of pink and blonde or red and blonde, depending on the natural color of your hair. It’s very close to lemonade but it needs more red into it to resemble the peach, so take that into account when you dye your hair.

peach hair color for summer


41. Strawberry Hair Color for Summer

We could not have listed summer hair colors inspired by fruit and not mention strawberry hair. This is such a traditional and now iconic color that you absolutely have to try it at least once. It goes great with pink lipstick.

strawberry pink hair color for summer


42. Lime Hair Color for Summer

Moving on to citrus, we need to talk about this neon lime green hair color. It’s everything we need to make our Insta stories by the pool look absolutely amazing. All that is missing is a cocktail!

lime hair color for summer


43. Banana Hair Color for Summer

The next fruit inspiration we have for you is the classic banana. It may be a traditional fruit, but it makes for a fantastic hair color. This shade of blonde is vibrant, fresh, easy to style, and simply yummy!

banana hair color for summer


44. Coconut Cream Blonde Hair

Speaking of yummy colors, how about coconut cream blonde? This shade uses the whole coconut as inspiration, seeing as it reunites the white blonde inside with the brown outer shell resulting in these shiny locks.

Coconut Cream Blonde hair color for summer


45. Lavender Fairy Hair Color

However, if you’re not such a big fan of fruit and prefer a more herbal type of inspiration, we still think that lavender is the best way to go. This is lavender fairy hair which is highly reminiscent of the fairies from children’s stories.

Lavender Fairy Hair color for summer


46. Dark Brown Hair with Pink Balayage

One hair trend we haven’t mentioned yet is balayage. Here it is in all its glory, beautifully displayed as bright pink on a gorgeous dark brown. Don’t be afraid to mix and match strong colors!

dark brown hair with pink balayage hair color for summer


47. Peony Pink Hair Color for Summer

Continuing our countdown of floral hair color inspirations, here is peony pink hair, taken after one of the most beautiful garden flowers ever. This could be perfect if you’re an edgy bride with a garden wedding happening this summer.

peony pink hair color for summer


48. Light Turquoise Hair Color

Speaking of weddings, how about this light turquoise in case you’re planning a beach wedding? You can pair it with themed accessories as well as a bohemian wedding dress and have the nuptials you’ve always dreamed of.

light turquoise hair color for summer


49. Goth Ombre Hair for Summer

Here’s how you do contemporary goth in summertime. You choose your favorite non-traditional color and go with a fantastic ombre, all the while accessorizing it with goth pieces.

goth ombre hair color for summer


50. Galaxy Hair Color for Summer

Galaxy hair will have you combining different shades of purple, pink, a bit of red, and brunette to get that awesome look of outer space into your hair. Add some tiny golden stars to accentuate the idea.

galaxy hair color for summer



When it comes to hair color for summer, it’s all about non-natural colors, extreme blondes, and inspiration from summer staples such as galaxy hair, pastel milkshake, candy cane hair, as well as neon and metallic colors. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these was your favorite and why!

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