50+ Lavish Silver & Gray Hair Ideas You’ll Love

Without a doubt, gray hair is still going strong even well after the heyday of this trend. Whether you decide to go for a silvery platinum shade or a pastel tint, all tones of gray are still very much popular and appreciated.

Moreover, you can make your gray as warm or cool as you’d like with some help from highlights, lowlights or the balayage technique.

Explore some of the prettiest examples of gray hair we’ve handpicked and get your glam on!

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1. Gray Hair Ponytail

This is one of the most common types of gray hair you’ll see these days but that doesn’t make it less lovely. It’s a beautiful choice for all skin tones and also goes well with various eye colors. Show it off in a messy ponytail like in this photo.

2. Lavender Tinted Hair

What makes this gray tone special is its oh so subtle lavender tint. While you’ll soon find out that many gray hairstyles have a more pronounced touch of lavender, this one is discreet and barely visible in this bun.

3. Gray Ombre Hair

Numerous ladies opt for an ombre when it comes to their gray hair. In this case, black roots blend gorgeously into a light steel gray color. It looks even better if your hair is long as the gradient will be more visible.

4. Dark Roots Glam

On the other hand, you can always opt for shadow roots or darker roots. Using the balayage coloring technique, you can gracefully blend from dark brown or black to silver.

5. Rihanna Gray Hair

It’s crystal clear that Rihanna is one of the biggest trendsetters in the music and fashion industry. Especially when it comes to hairstyles, the singer is always one to seek inspiration from. In this shot, you can see how she wore long and wavy silver-colored hair and paired it with a shaved side.

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6. Charcoal Dark Gray Hair

If you want a full head of gray hair but one that isn’t that flashy, experiment with a charcoal gray shade. As can be seen from the photo, this shade is so dark that it’s almost black. Nevertheless, it shines with a charcoal glow made all the more obvious by the hairstyle with braids.

7. Teal Tinted Long Hair

Make those gray locks even more unconventional by also giving them a teal color tint. This dusty green color is a fine choice for girls looking for a grunge-inspired look or even for an elegant take on green.

8. Mermaid Hair

Another truly spectacular beauty trend that turned heads and stopped hearts was mermaid hair. In this photo, admire the gorgeous gray tresses that are really brought out by the metallic reflexes and lavender and baby blue highlights and lowlights.

9. Silver Gray Hair

This is a fantastic example of flawlessly executed silver hair. It starts from a dark base only for the hair to turn gray before ending in almost white at the tips. This combination will look sublime on hair of all lengths and textures, especially if you also add that metallic shine to it.

10. Long Gray A-Line Bob

Go for a total look change and besides dyeing your hair gray, also consider getting a new haircut! An excellent way to show off your newly colored locks is by going for a long, A-line bob. This will frame the face and also bring out the gray or white undertones and overtones of the hair.

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11. Black and Gray Hair

As you will notice more and more, silver locks are most commonly worn in a combination of black hair and gray. That’s because these two colors will blend together gorgeously and in a more natural way. Browse the various tones until you get the two nuances that will look perfect together.

12. Gray Balayage

As far as techniques are concerned, balayage is almost everywhere when it comes to silver locks. There’s truly something unique about this coloring method, especially when you want to obtain a natural-looking outcome. Dark-haired gals will especially love because, as the hair grows, the overgrowth will blend in instead of stand out.

13. Natural Gray Locks

While young women are dyeing their hair gray, plenty of women over the age of 50 or 60 turn gray naturally and many still struggle to color their naturally graying locks. So ladies, embrace your new natural color and take advantage of this trend to show off your silver strands of hair!

14. Short Gray Hair

Going silver is a terrific way to spice up any look but especially so if you recently got a short haircut. Silver highlights or even a full head of gray will make any short hairstyle look amazing, be it a pixie cut or a bob alike.

15. Gray Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown is a common base for highlights, balayage or ombre. So to bring this natural hair color to life, consider sprinkling gray streaks here and there. This will help add definition and weight to the hair and will also highlight its texture and layers (if there are any).

16. Pearl Blonde Hair

This pastel, pearl blonde hair with its gray metallic shine is a breathtaking hair color indeed. Frequently shortened to just pearl blonde, this delicate shade is very feminine but can turn rebellious very easily. The half up, half down bun style also beautifully brings out the different hues in the hair.

17. Gray Purple Hair

Purple is yet another favorite among women who opt for gray locks – be it as a tint or as highlights or in other dye techniques. This gentle lavender hue brightens up the silver base and accentuates the long and wavy hair.

18. Ash Blonde Hair

Another brilliant hair trend that’s still up and kicking is ash blonde hair. As the name suggests, it takes traditional the blonde and adds smudges of gray to it for a cool finish. It’s easy to wear and won’t stand out so it’s perfect for a more professional look.

19. Blue and Gray Hair in Hair Flower Crown

We usually see blue and gray blended for as the final color, but you can also separate them in your hairstyle. For instance, you can dye the roots blue and keep the rest silver with a few cold lowlights added in to accentuate the colors. The hair flowers styled in a crown-like fashion are also a beautiful finishing touch.

20. Opal Hair

If you can’t decide on just one pastel color for your new metallic hair then don’t hesitate to combine several shades for a gorgeous look – like the one in the photo above. Opal hair, as the trend is commonly referred to as, mixes various light colors such as purple, pink, and blue with silver.

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21. Highlights for Gray Hair

Refresh your look by adding some well-placed highlights on your gray hair. Consider opting for a pastel-like blue or a more natural tone like brown or blonde. Style your hair in waves as the finishing touch.

22. Steel Blue Hair Color

Steel blue is definitely another popular choice partly thanks to the fact that it starts from a dark base color. This makes it more wearable even though it’s not your everyday color. Owing to the gray undertones, it’s also a bit more glamorous than navy blue hair – another popular shade of blue.

23. Wavy Long Gray Hair

Make your long hair really stand out by going for a dark shade of gray in a beautiful balayage. Take things up a notch by styling your waves – be them natural or made with a curler – for more definition and extra style. The perfect hairstyle for every occasion!

24. Rose Gold and Silver Blonde Balayage

This dazzling hairstyle masterfully combines some of the hottest hair trends of these past few years: silver, rose gold, and balayage. They are all placed on a well cut bob hairstyle that showcases them all beautifully.

25. Dark Ash Hair Color

This charming solid color has just the right amounts of brown, gray, and black to make it delightful. We would say it’s somewhere between dark ash and a shade of charcoal which makes it all the easier to pair it with any outfit or to wear no matter the time of day or occasion.

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26. Lowlights for Gray Hair

An amazing way to enhance naturally silver hair is by adding in some lowlights. Choose a slightly darker color that flatters and brings out the haircut and skin tone. It also works the other way around – if you have a deeper base color, add some lighter lowlights.

27. Light Ash Gray Hair

You now know about ash blonde, but what about ash gray? This radiant hair color is a bit darker than the first one we showed on this list. See the example above as it combines an extraordinary gray and blonde melt.

28. Gray and Silver Space Buns with Braids

If you can’t make up your mind between silver and gray, then use both! You can start with a charcoal base and transition to silver or white towards the end. Also, bring them both out by going for a space buns updo with braided undersides.

29. Granny Hair and Bangs

Don’t shun away from your rebellious side when it comes to your hairstyle. Go for the so-called granny hair shade of gray and make it look all the more fabulous with some short chopped bangs – only add them if they fit your face shape – if not, go through these other types of bangs to pick the ones that actually work for you.

30. Platinum Gray Hair

Take your locks to the next level with this exquisite shade of platinum gray. It’s wonderful if you want to keep your locks in a light color without going full white. This is also a great hair color to wear during winter time.

31. Half Up Twisted Ash to White Hair

Also, you can incorporate white into your hair in an impressive manner and without going over the top. One of the best ways to do so is with an ombre or balayage that goes from gray to silver and ends in white.

32. Gray Lavender Hair

This is another example of how you can rock lavender gray hair. It’s a great way of mixing glam and graceful for a truly memorable look. Admire this extremly pretty short to mid-length hair that was also styled with a twisted hair crown made complete and all the more fairy-like by the butterfly fairy accessories.

33. Dusty Purple Ombre

As an alternative to the light lavender hue, you can go a few shades darker with this dusty purple. Customize the look to suit your personality and make it even more special by going the purple ombre way with very tips.

34. Pink and Gray Hair Ombre

Another idea that will take your hair out of the ordinary is to go for a gray ombre with light pink tips started about lower mid-length. Just start with a gray base and fade it to pink. It’s a cute mixture that’s sure to leave an impression.

35. Metallic Baby Blue Tint

What makes this hair color remarkable is its subtlety. Even though it’s very close to being a classic gray color, its baby blue tint is superbly discrete but visibile enough to stand out. The result is both classy and free-spirited!

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36. Highlights and Lowlights in Braided Ponytail

What can be more exceptional than a gorgeous mix of highlights and lowlights? Go wild with your favorite gray, ash blonde and platinum tones, and show them off in a stunning braided ponytail like the one in this picture. The flower hair accessories make the look almost Rapunzel-like.

37. Gray Hair with Red Strands

You won’t see this color combo as often as most others on this list, but it’s definitely a choice to keep in mind for the more outgoing ladies. The silver base of the hair is brought out by the face-framing cherry red highlights – it all makes for a very vivid and stunning contrast.

38. Gray Locks with Purple Highlights

Another idea is to use bright purple highlights to make your hair color seem all the more vivid. This is an alternative for girls who aren’t into lavender or dusty purple and who would rather use strong and more vivid shades instead.

39. Earth Tone Approach to Gray Locks

Of course, a natural approach is also always recommended as well, even when discussing unconventional hair shades as gray. This earthy tone is pretty to look at and suitable for all sorts of social situations – even the messy styling works no matter the case.

40. Gray Curly Hair

Curls will look magnificent in gray too! Give your curly hair a ravishing makeover by starting with darker roots and continuing in lighter shades. Add highlights if you want to define your curls even more.

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41. Ashy Melt Dye Technique

This exceptional balayage is yet another gray hair option anyone can consider when visiting their hairstylist. It uses gentle highlights to provide a pleasant contrast between gray and silver. Also, it can be the perfect hair color for both the cold and the hot seasons.

42. Black Hair with Gray Highlights

Gray highlights will look phenomenal against a natural black background. Even if your hair isn’t naturally raven, you can dye it this way and add the silver highlights afterward.

43. Dirty Blonde with Gray Undertones

We’ve been admiring dirty blonde hair for a while now, especially as there are so many more shades and combination of it than you might expect. Just take this dirty blonde with subtle gray tints and undertones as an example of this.

44. Blonde and Gray Hair

We could also associate this hair color with dirty blonde, but in truth, it’s a bit more on the platinum side. It’s the lighter alternative of the hair color we showed above.

45. Platinum Gray with Dark Roots

Seeing as dark roots are no longer a horror but rather a hair trend all on their own, feel free to combine them with whatever colors you’d like. Platinum blonde in an almost silver shade, for instance, is a lovely idea as is the messy bun styling.

46. Metallic Gray Balayage

If we were to imagine the dark version of opal hair, this one would come pretty close to it. The wavy short bob above has a rich steel blue base with soft violet highlights and undertones all over.

47. White Gray Hair

White gray hair, also known as silver platinum, is an amazing idea for short and long hair alike. This fabulous shade looks absolutely stunning on the slightly messy and wavy short equal bob cut from this photo – and will look just as good on really short and ultra-long hair too!

48. Blue Gray Hair

This deep shade of blue-gray is lighter than steel blue but darker than the pastel version. It’s an especially flattering hair color for women with pale complexions and will look especially gorgeous on straight and long hair as this will help accentuate the color transitions.

49. Purple Roots and Platinum Silver Hair

Just like we mentioned abit earlir in regards to blue, see here how you could dye your roots purple too. It’s a funky way to express yourself through your hairstyle and it looks so pretty on the silver base. Wear your hair half-up to make the roots stand out.

50. Silver and Black Curly Pixie Cut

This time, our source of gray hair inspiration comes in the form of an adorable curly pixie haircut. Its undercut part is left in a natural dark color, while the corkscrews top was dyed in a light gray shade.

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51. Long Curly Gray Hair

If you love long hairstyles with an edgy side, then this splash of gray idea is the ideal new look for you! Accentuate your color with natural or curling wand-made waves or curls and you are all good to go!

52. Straight Long Gray Hairstyle with Glasses

This classy look that combines an ash gray hair color with nerdy glasses is perfect for highlighting your geeky side. Your long locks will be even more impressive if you opt for a straight shiny finish and if you gather several face-framing strands in the back to free you face.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, it should now be clearer than ever just how versatile gray hair can really be. You have countless shades you can choose from, whether you want charcoal or platinum, pastel or metallic shades.

Before dyeing your hair gray, however, do note that it requires a lot of maintenance. We’d also recommend having it professionally made as a home version will not result in the best outcome.

Still, do let us know which one of these is your favorite and how you decide to dye your hair and all through a comment!

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