50 Teal Hair Color Inspiration for an Instant WOW!

A radical makeover is just what any gal needs every now and then to freshen up her look.

So what better way to get yours than by going for a teal hair color?

In addition to being one of the hottest shades you can try, teal is an incredibly rich color that works with all skin tones.

Take that leap of faith and choose one of the shades below!

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1. Medium Teal Hair Color

We’ll start off with a middle tone of teal. Not too bright nor too dark, this specific teal is wonderful for girls who want to get a balanced experience with the color. It works well with all types of complexions, during any time of the year.

2. Light Teal

One of the most popular types of teal hair color leans towards the lighter side. Before we get into the super light teals, here is an average light teal shade as an introduction. Consider this approach if you’re not generally drawn to pastels.

3. Deep Teal Hair Color

A gorgeous way to bring out any facial features is to opt for a deep teal hue. We wouldn’t exactly call it dark, but rather rich and intense. All the same, it’s a beautiful alternative for women who want to stay away from colors that are too flashy.

4. Mermaid Hair

If you follow us on HairMotive, you already know that we’re head over heels in love with mermaid hair. However, if this is your first time coming into contact with the concept, prepare to be amazed. Mermaid hair enchantingly blends sea-inspired colors, typically with a teal base.

5. Dark Teal Hair Color

Whether you have pale skin or you just embrace a goth lifestyle, dark teal hair color is just what you need. Tone down your shade of teal until you get as close as possible to black. We also recommend this approach for natural brunettes.

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6. Teal Hair Ombre

By far, the most popular way of rocking teal hair is through ombre ideas. You will soon see that you have a myriad of ombre options for teal, starting with this natural gradient. To get these results as a brunette, simply add the teal to the second half of your hair.

7. Metallic Teal

If you’re all about that mysterious and romantic vibe, metallic teal is what you have been looking for. Talk to your colorist about adding charcoal or a similar tone to your teal hair color in order to get a splendid metallic finish.

8. Brown and Teal Ombre

Women born with brown hair are in for a real treat. Teal goes amazingly well with this natural hair color, allowing you to add it without any unpleasant surprises. For a softer outcome, think about using a lighter shade of teal.

9. Teal Hair Highlights on Brown Hair

Alternatively, you can decide on lowering the amount of teal you add to your chocolate locks. Some girls prefer highlights for spicing up their natural color. You can do the same by picking your favorite teal shade and getting streaks throughout your brown hair.

10. Blonde and Teal Ombre

Although it may be more eye-catching than the examples mentioned above, a blonde and teal ombre is spectacular. Considering the lighter tone of your natural hair color, it’s best to use a brighter type of teal for an irresistible ombre.

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11. Teal Hair Color with Shadow Roots

A hair trend that has taken the scene by storm this year is shadow roots coloring. Basically, it involves dyeing an inch or two of your roots in a dark color for a more natural effect. When mixing shadow roots with teal hair color, you will get a harmonious transition.

12. Black Hair with Teal Tint

What if you’re not really into dyeing your hair, but you still want to bring it to life somehow? You can always try out a tinting method. To put it shortly, tinting involves adding a specifically colored coat to your hair to make it shine in that tone.

13. Teal and Grey Ombre

If you’re not afraid to have an original hairstyle that will make you stand out, experiment with bolder ombre ideas. For instance, you can take a light shade of teal as your first color and blend it with grey from the middle down.

14. Ash Teal Hair

We all know by now that ash blonde and ash brown are all the rage. But what about adding an ash tint to courageous colors? When mixing ash with a teal hair color, you will get one of the most extraordinary shades of steel blue that you have ever laid eyes on.

15. Metallic Blue and Teal Hair Color Highlights

Another way to get a creative hairstyle is to blend all sorts of highlights in various colors. To obtain balanced results, we encourage you to study colors that are part of the same palette. As an example, blend metallic blue, teal and purple highlights.

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16. Pixie Cut with Teal Hair

Want to make a statement through your hairstyle? It’s easy! There are only two main steps you have to follow. Pick a dazzling hair color, like vivid teal. After that, pair it with a daring haircut, such as a pixie cut. The combination will be impossible to go by unnoticed.

17. Pastel Teal Hair Color

Welcome to the lovely world of pastel teals. We’ll be talking a lot about them, owing to the huge popularity of this version of teal hair color. Here is an example of shadow roots with pastel teal, with a gentle charcoal tint on the base.

18. Deep Green Hair Color

When it comes to teal, you can explore the additional shades of green and blue associated with it. The deep green hue in this photo complements a fair complexion, all while making the eyes and lips stand out with grace.

19. Bright Teal Hair Color

Your employer or teacher may not approve of this teal hair color, but we’re sure that any unconventional gal will love it. Electric hues have always been a fantastic method of self-expression, especially for individuals who have bright personalities.

20. Emerald Green Hair

An excellent way of finding color inspiration is by paying attention to objects and your environment. For example, you can get inspired by the tones in your favorite jewelry. That’s how emerald green has become a highly beloved version of teal hair color.

21. Peekaboo Teal Hair

No matter if it comes in the form of highlights or a full layer, peekaboo hair has won over our hearts for good. The trend has gained widespread acceptance in the past few years, partly owing to the fun you’ll have just wearing it. Try a teal coat underneath your main hair color to see for yourself.

22. Teal Hair Color Balayage

Balayage is slowly but surely competing with ombre as the go-to coloring technique for women worldwide. The main advantage that balayage has over ombre hair is the subtle color melt, as you can see in this blue and teal mixture.

23. Icy Teal Hair Color

It’s easy to see why icy teal hair has a complete charm of its own. Not only does it inspire us for winter hair colors, but it’s also a fabulous way of adding a feminine touch to your look. Lean towards white or platinum if you want these results.

24. Boho Teal Hairstyle

Even though teal itself is quite a bohemian hair color, there are ways you can boost the boho chic edge of your hairstyle. For instance, wrap your teal locks into a loose low bun with some random strands in the front. Add a flower crown and you’re festival-ready in minutes.

25. Turquoise Hair

Blue lovers, feast your eyes on this marvelous hair color. Instead of a classic teal tone, you should think about turquoise and other blue-infused shades for your next makeover. You will still have the teal glam, but with an overall blue tint.

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26. Teal Hair Color Tips

How about women who aren’t sure if teal is for them? That’s where tips come in. By dyeing your tips in a certain color, you can gradually get used to the tone and decide if it’s the right hair color for you. If you’re not happy with the results, just trim your tips.

27. Bangs Hairstyle with Teal Hair Color

Bangs will most likely never go out of fashion, no matter how you choose to style them. For this reason, we want to show how a brilliant teal hue would look on a woman with long hair and bangs. Obviously, there’s no reason to worry that it won’t look magnificent.

28. Peach and Teal Ombre

If you know the basics of complementary colors, you will open up a whole new world of hair color possibilities. Take teal, for example. Break it down into the two main colors: green and blue. The complementary colors are red and, respectively, orange. Mix them for a stunning surprise.

29. Blue Green Hair

Not into bold combinations? A delightful solution is to mix the primary colors in teal. You can do so by choosing one as your foundation and adding numerous highlights with the second color. A green base with blue highlights will be jaw-dropping.

30. Pastel and Teal Hair Color Ombre

Love pastels, but also lively colors? If you can’t make up your mind, combine them! Although they are visibly different, the actual contrast makes the look even more appealing. If you go for this idea, try a steel blue pastel base.

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31. Afro-Textured Teal Hair

Want to give your afro curls a well-deserved makeover? You guessed it – teal is the answer. Darker skin and teal hair color look outstanding together. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend you use a hair dye that causes as little damage as possible.

32. Teal Hair Color with Natural Roots

We’ve talked all about shadow roots, but what about keeping your natural roots when playing around with teal? The concept is similar to getting an ombre hairstyle with your natural hair color. Less hassle, more natural beauty and an easy way of growing your hair out!

33. Peacock Hair

Essentially, peacock hair is like taking mermaid hair and eliminating any warm tones (like pink or orange). If you’re all about cool tones, this is undoubtedly the hairstyle for you. Combine blue, teal and purple highlights for a dreamy outcome.

34. Teal Hair Color Wig

If you want to avoid damaging your hair in any way, you can choose teal as a wig color. As an alternatively, use it for a weave or other types of hair extensions. This way, you will be able to experiment without long term hair damage.

35. Vintage Teal Hairstyle

Mixing the old with the new has always been an idea close to our hearts. In this regard, you can take a vivid hair color like teal and pair it with a timeless hairstyle. Vintage or pin up curls are an exceptional way to start.

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36. Teal Tips with Purple Base

Purple and teal are two colors that will often go beautifully well together. If you want more of the former than the latter, try a purple base and blend out to teal tips. The blue/indigo gradient will look as pretty as the rest of the hairstyle.

37. Black and Teal Hair Color Ombre

Regardless if you already have black hair or you want to incorporate this color into your hairstyle, you can get a black and teal ombre. Adding black is a fine way of toning down any potentially dramatic hair color. Also, it works for bringing a natural touch to your overall look.

38. Teal Hair Color Lowlights

Instead of getting highlights, go against the grain with some cute teal lowlights. You can have any base color, as the bright teal will gorgeously accentuate the lower part of your hair. This pastel top is sure to inspire you if you’re out of ideas.

39. Blue Tinted Teal Hair

In some cases, a balayage hairstyle is so discrete that you’ll barely even notice the color melt. You can see the perfect example in this shot – an aquamarine teal foundation with subtle inserts of royal blue to add shape and volume.

40. Dark to Light Teal Hair Color

Have you ever thought of getting a three-layer ombre? With this sensational example, we’re sure it will be on your mind. Start with darker teal roots, blend out into a medium shade and finish everything off with pastel roots.

41. Rainbow Teal Hair

Outgoing girls should definitely think about getting rainbow hair at one point in their lives. Even though this multi-color mix is usually associated with all the colors of the rainbow, you can pick just a few for yours. Teal, magenta, peach and blue, all with a metallic finish, will make heads turn for sure.

42. Teal Hair Color with Pink and Steel Blue Highlights

On the other hand, you can narrow down your options even more with three main colors. Even more, you don’t even have to combine them in an ombre hairstyle. Spread them out however you like and enjoy a hairstyle worthy of fairytales.

43. Opal Hair

As a response to the bright and intense mermaid hair trend, opal hair comes as a pastel alternative. It basically follows the same color rules, but lightens all the tones with an opal-like tint. The teal, purple, blue and pink are all subtle, but wonderfully visible.

44. Splash of Teal Hair Color

No matter how many trends come and go, there aren’t any rules to the way you cook up your hairstyle ideas. Having fun with teal hair color can be as simple as getting a single streak in a certain area of your hair. It’s also a great method for testing the color.

45. Tri Color Highlights Mix

Here’s another way you can blend three colors in a magical hairstyle. This time, we want to show you how teal, blue and purple highlights will look together when mixed equally. To get the results you want, make sure you use the same amount for each color in all the highlights.

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46. Half and Half Hair

Step back ombre, and make room for the half and half hairstyle! There are few ways to stand out through your hair that can compare with this method. All you have to do is dye half of your hair teal and pick another cute color for the other half.

47. Aqua Teal Hair Color

Bring a little bit of the sea with you wherever you go with an aqua teal hair color. We particularly recommend this sublime tone for women with green or blue eyes. The electric shade will bring out the color of your eyes more than ever before.

48. Teal Hair Color with Braids

Looking for a way to make your teal hair shine even more? Braids should be your best friend. From French braids to fishtail braiding, any weaving technique can emphasize your chic hair color. Additionally, they will help you with ideas for formal events.

49. Orange and Teal Hair

Not many celebs have the courage that Hayley Williams of Paramore has when it comes to hair colors. We love the way she fearlessly rocked the shocking combo of orange and teal at one point in her career. Maybe it’s the right mixture for you too.

50. Teal Afro

Finally, our last example is a shout out to our girlfriends with big, curly hair. To make your afro pop, add a bit of teal to the tips of your coils. Thanks to the silhouette and natural texture of your hair, you won’t even have to dye all of it to get the same impact.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

In conclusion, going for a teal hair color is everything you could ever want from an exciting new hairstyle.

There are countless ways you can rock it, from pastels to almost invisible tints on dark hair.

Whether you’re a grunge girl for life or you just adore the vivid tone, have fun and explore your creative side with teal hair.

Which version won over your heart?

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