50 Fabulous Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she feels the need for a makeover. This change of look can either be discrete or dramatic – depending on its purpose and on the ocassion.

Most of the time, one of the easiest and most efficient ways of changing your hairstyle is by changing its color – namely, by adding highlights.

We’ve made things all the more easy for our brunette readers as this article is here to show the prettiest ideas of how you can add highlights for dark brown hair and completely change you look!

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1. Natural Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Our first idea is a wonderful choice for women who want just a bit of light brought to their dark chocolate locks. To obtain this effect, go for a set of highlights in a shade or two lighter than your base color.

2. Balayage Highlights

Want to stand out through the softness and simplicity of your style? Then consider blending your highlights with a balayage coloring technique that will smoothly blend them with the color of your roots. In this picture, the brown hair color was lightened by adding some shades of copper.

3. Highlights and Lowlights for Dark Brown Hair

Bring all the sunshine you can imagine to your hair with a professional blend of highlights and lowlights. This mixture will not only accentuate the individual strands but also liven up the overall hairstyle in a classy way.

4. Copper on Deep Reddish Brown

Copper is one of those unique hair colors that is spicy yet easygoing at the same time. Although it may initially seem to be a paradox, just take a look at this delicate and fiery tone and you’ll instantly understand why it’s so beloved.

5. Caramel Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Caramel is easily one of the most endeared options when it comes to highlights for dark brown hair. Regardless if choose chunky or wispy highlights, this particular shade works best for brightening any dark base.

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6. Highlights for Short Dark Brown Hair

Currently flaunting short locks? Then opt for a natural highlights tone to liven them up a bit. Whether you go for mahogany, chestnut or any similar shade, we encourage you to take a wispy approach to the highlights so that they won’t overule your short hairstyle.

7. Face Framing Highlights

Longing for a hairstyle that complements the shape of your face? Well that’s exactly what face-framing highlights are here for. If you get golden highlights like these on your brown hair, they will accentuate your facial features and make for a glamorous look to rock in the summertime.

8. Anne Hathaway Auburn Highlights

We’re back to the natural look for this example with highlights in a magnificent shade of auburn. You know that a hairstyle idea is banging when beautiful A-list celebs like Anne Hathaway sport it at social events.

9. Red Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

A splash of vivid color is just what you need to spice up any hairstyle. As far as red highlights for dark brown hair are concerned, there are two main ways you can go: bold or discrete. Here is how some eye-catching red highlights would look like on a classy bob haircut.

10. Natural Red Highlights

By contrast, discrete red highlights result in a more natural look. Instead of providing a vivid style, they actually make it seem as if the reds are undertones of the base hair color.

11. Subtle Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

To get even closer to the dark brown roots, chocolate highlights are undoubtedly the way to go. They serve as a warm and natural choice that accentuate the locks and make for a hairstyle that is appropriate in all environments.

12. Caramel Lowlights on Dark Hair

While you can mix highlights and lowlights for a new splash of sunshine in your hair, you can also opt only for lowlights. This is particularly effective for accentuating the lower parts of the hair and even more so if you have a layered haircut.

13. Light Brown and Dark Brown

Combining light brown with dark brown is as natural as you can get for a hairstyle with highlights. This is also a lovely idea for women who rock side bangs as the highlights can draw attention to this area of the hair.

14. Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

For a cute, fresh, and youthful look – no matter your age – consider getting some intense blonde highlights. This is a timeless look that started gaining popularity in the 90s and early 2000s and is still going strong today.

15. Dark Green Highlights for Dark Brown Hair and Pale Skin

Have naturally dark brown hair and pale skin? One of the best ways to bring your gorgeous natural features to life is to experiment with equally dark highlights, but in a different color. For instance, dark green is an excellent choice, especially if you have blue or green eyes.

16. Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash blonde and ash brown are still very much trending. No matter if you get them as highlights or as your main color, these tones are deliciously trendy and flattering and can be both edgy and classy – sometimes at the same time, it all depends on the styling!

17. Dark Highlights for Brown Hair

What if you’re in the exactly opposite situation and are looking for dark highlights to sprinkle throughout your brown locks? Well, if your base has a red brown tone, you shouldn’t hesitate to play around with dark accents that bring it out.

18. Rose Gold Highlights

Just like ash blonde, rose gold is also a top hair trend of the past years. This truly is a lush tone, with accents of champagne blonde and peachy pink all around. It can make for a posh yet confident look and don’t hesitate to play around by adding waves to your hair.

19. Multi Colored Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Why settle for one color when you can mix multiple shades for your highlights? The sky is the limit when it comes to your options, so take a queue from the ones above. Admire these rich tones of purple, copper, magenta, and mahogany that look amazing together.

20. Multi-Tone Blonde Highlights

Not only are blonde highlights a prime choice for dark brown locks, but so are multiple tones of this sunny shade. In other words, go ahead and blend different kinds of blonde for a sublime color mix to enhance the dark brown base.

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21. Plum Tones

Plum is an enchanting color to add to your hair and there is a wide variety of shades to choose from. For this entry, we have chosen a rich plum tone to help you get a better idea of what it would look like.

22. Highlights for Dark Brown Curly Hair

Generally speaking, highlights do a fantastic job of emphasizing individual ringlets for women with curly hair. If your aim is to get a boost of definition, think about natural highlights in chocolate or light blonde.

23. Burgundy Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown and burgundy are a match made in hair color blending heaven. The two tones go hand in hand, completing each other for a romantic and mysterious look. They also work well together for all skin tones.

24. Caramel Highlights for African American Women

All darker skin tones will look spectacular with deep brown hair with highlights. To make an unforgettable impression, search for the tone that is closest to your skin tone for the highlights and then go several shades lighter.

25. Charcoal Highlights on Brunette Hair

We can’t get enough of charcoal, one of the trends that is closest to our hearts. Black and dark brown hair alike look radiant and lighter when mixed with charcoal highlights.

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26. Highlights for Dark Brown Hair and Olive Skin

We’ve solved the color problem for pale-skinned ladies, but what about women with an olive skin tone? Natural is the way to go! A popular option consists of getting mocha highlights or a shade that resembles the tone of the skin as much as possible.

27. Chestnut Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Now that we’re on the topic of natural highlights, let’s talk more about chestnut highlights for dark brown hair. Chestnut is one of the cool toned shades of brown that will make for stunning results even on a really dark base.

28. Hot Pink Streaks

Want to express your feminine side? How about bringing out that girly girl you’ve been keeping trapped inside? One word can solve all your problems: pink! Dark brown hair can look enchanting with hot pink or cotton candy highlights and tips.

29. Pastel Purple and Light Brown Highlights

To continue our purple highlights parade, here is the opposite of plumin the form of tarnished lavender. As we explained, lavender looks just as remarkable against dark brown hair. To customize the look even more, add some light brown highlights as well.

30. Fall Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

No matter whether you’re getting ready for a fall makeover or you just want to adapt the colors of the season to your hair, do it! You will enjoy that romantic vibe we described earlier and all through a natural and alluring hairstyle.

31. Turquoise Underneath Dark Brown Hair

Are you genuinely aiming to stand out from the others with your hairstyle? Move all your highlights to a specific area of your hair and, for an ultra cool look, consider getting highlights in a statement color like turquoise.

32. Soft Highlights for Very Dark Brown Hair

What if your hair is really dark, like close to black dark? Then make it all about the accents. You already have an enviable hair color, so all you have to do is make it pop! This will be veru easu to do with a set of subtle intense dark chocolate highlights.

33. Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Similar to rose gold, strawberry blonde or another other peach-inspired hair color can be a very flattering choice of highlights. We particularly recommend it for spring or summer hairstyles, but they can be perfectly fine during the other seasons too.

34. Red and Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Can’t make up your mind between blonde or red highlights for your dark brown locks? Combine them! Don’t hesitate to experiment with colors, especially when it comes to achieving a hairstyle you won’t see everywhere you go. The layered haircut also boosts the impact of the highlights blend.

35. Afro Hair with Blonde Accents

Our hearts melt every single time we come across afro-textured curls and hair texture. These superb ringlets deserve to be accentuated accordingly, so don’t shy away from highlights. Define them with an icy or ash blonde tone for a jaw-dropping silhouette.

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36. Periwinkle Highlights

Dreaming of a mesmerizing hairstyle that will make you feel like a fairy princess? We’re happy to introduce you to periwinkle. If you haven’t heard of this color before, you should know that this superb pastel color is predicted to trend for years to come.

37. Chunky Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

While some girls prefer a subtle approach to their highlights, others would rather embrace an outgoing and flashy look. Lucky for us, chunky highlights are just as stylish as wispy ones!

38. Summer Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Just like in the case of fall highlights, their summer counterpart can be nailed regardless of the season. The main idea is to accomplish a sun-kissed look that will brighten your appearance. For this, be daring and bring on the blonde!

39. Fire Highlights with Blonde Tips

Show off your fiery personality through your hairstyle and do so in a sassy way! Get inspired by flames for the colors of your highlights, with shades that range from crimson to bright blonde. Make sure they blend well to get the desired effect.

40. Highlights for Graying Dark Brown Hair

Never be ashamed of graying hair! It’s a natural process that should be wholeheartedly embraced instead of hidden away. In addition, charcoal, ash, and silver are some of the hottest hair color trends of these past few years, so boost the gray instead of hiding it!

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41. Peekaboo Highlights

We’re absolutely in love with peekaboo coloring, one of the cutest trends of these past few years. As you can imagine, the colors literally peek out from beneath your base color in an adorable way. For dark brown, pink is a lovely color surprise for the hairstyle.

42. Highlights for Dark Red Brown Hair

If you’re blessed with dark red-brown locks or had your hair colored this way, it’s best to highlight the red tones. To make the most of this effect, you should study similar tones that range from chestnut to mahogany or burgundy.

43. Chunky Blonde and Wispy Red Highlights

Are you drawn to the idea of chunky highlights but are also curious about wispy ones? The great news is that you can rock both for your hairstyle. This example features chunky blonde highlights and wispy red ones.

44. Bold Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

We’ll always encourage our fabulous readers to step out of their comfort zone with their hairstyle, especially when it comes to color. Platinum blonde is not only bold, but absolutely flattering for most any woman.

45. Pale Green Frontal Highlights

For this example, we want to draw attenttion to not one but two terrific ideas for a makeover. Firstly, the pale green color used for the highlights is truly special. Secondly, the concept of frontal highlights can bring a major “wow” factor to any hairstyle.

46. Brown Highlights in Braided Hair Crown

To make sure that your highlights are properly appreciated, you need to also do some research and discover the most flattering hairstyles for them. In almost all cases, braids will help you emphasize your new highlights – such as this half-up fishtail crown braid.

47. Blue Ombre Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

For a tumblr-esque grunge look, pastels and metallic tones are the answer. In fact, you can combine these two qualities and get a gorgeous steel blue ombre that will look even more amazing when paired with dark brown hair in the form of highlights.

48. Accent Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Want a touch of glam? Then accent highlights are exactly what you need! To put it briefly, accent highlights and lowlights work to make the base color more pronounced. Let’s say that it’s a bit of spotlight for showing off the best in your base tone.

49. Rainbow Highlights

Use your imagination to cook up the ideal color mixture for your highlights and use any shades you feel represent you. A complete set of metallic rainbow highlights is a cool way to start!

50. Sprinkled Streaks

To top off our list of options for highlights for dark brown hair, we will end with an unconventional idea. Even though we typically associate highlights with streaks all around our hair, you should know that adding just a handful can look just as marvelous.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To sum up, adding highlights for dark brown hair will be a small detail that can have a huge impact on your look. Whether you choose to go for natural accents or statement streaks, you should rock your new hairstyle with pride and a smile on your face.

How about you? Which combo from our list was your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments!

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