Burgundy Hair: 50 Vivid Hues & Shades You’ll Just Love Wearing this Fall!

For brunettes, choosing a burgundy hair color shouldn’t be a problem. These wine-tinted hues ranging from maroons to cherry red-infused burgundies look stunning on darker bases.

Nevertheless, blondes shouldn’t shy away from finding the right burgundy hair color to sport this fall.

Try out one of these beautiful and timeless burgundy hair color ideas that we’ve compiled for you and let them inspire your fall season look!

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1. Burgundy Hair Color

A red velvet shade which looks great on long dark hair. Get ready to meet fall with a deep, warm hair color.

2. Long Layered Burgundy

What would you do to refresh your look? How about adopting a new layered hairstyle for long hair complemented by a red wine shade of burgundy?

3. Burgundy Box Braids

Box braids have seen a rise in popularity recently. Still, adopting this hairstyle, even if it means wearing burgundy extensions, is a daring change. Nevertheless, the edgy note is worth taking a leap of faith.

4. Deep Burgundy Hair

Here is a shade of burgundy hair color that is flattering for all hair types, hairstyles, and skin tones. Whether it’s a uniform hair color or if it is applied in highlights, the wow! effect is guaranteed.

5. Wavy Burgundy Hair

A vivid burgundy balayage complemented by bouncy waves is a stylish choice for the modern woman. Look your best this fall season with this burgundy dream!

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6. Long Burgundy Waves

With just a tint of auburn, this burgundy balayage was done on a dark brown base. A beautiful combination of colors highlighted by the auburn hints.

7. Dark Plum-Inspired Burgundy Color

Closer to a plum hair shade, this hair color is certainly a style statement. If you have porcelain-white skin or up to a medium skin tone, this hair color is the one for you!

8. Burgundy Crown Braid

This warm burgundy hair color is ideal and highly flattering for medium to darker skin tones. Put your hair up in a crown braid for an even cooler look.

9. Burgundy Hair Lowlights

Sleek, well-textured straight hair looks gorgeous with this dark cherry hair color. Darker burgundy lowlights make the texture and lighter color hues pop out.

10. Burgundy Brown Hair Color

There’s almost no better way to show off your reddish brown layered mane than by creating some perfectly styled curls to go with it!

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11. Long Burgundy Hair

Straight hair has its perks when it comes to showing off your new burgundy hair. Nevertheless, cascading waves create a stunning visual effect too.

12. Box Braids with a Twist

These four-strand box braids in a toned down burgundy shade look gorgeous. If you’re among the beauties who braid their tresses in box braids as a protective style, add this extra chic note to your look.

13. Burgundy Plum Hair Color

The burgundy color spectrum is quite wide. Nevertheless, all the hair colors in this color chart borrow something from the colors specific to fall.

As such, a delicious plum overtone is just the right choice to meet this colder season in style.

14. Burgundy Blonde Ombre

If you thought that burgundy is too strong of a hair color to be mixed with any others, think again! This edgy ombre uses burgundy, minty green, and a washed-out copper shade for a stunning ombre.

15. Dark Burgundy Half Updo

Another alluring cascade of ringlets in dark burgundy hair color. Wear this stylish half do at your next party for a stunning result!

16. Burgundy Red Hair Color

Even if you have thinner hair, dying it in a fiery burgundy color like this one will visually create more volume. At the same time, the texture will pop out thanks to the light-catching shade.

17. Burgundy Lob

We already mentioned that the colors in the burgundy color chart befit any hairstyle. These pictures of a lob haircut with burgundy hair stand as proof!

18. Burgundy Pixie Cut

Here’s an edgy look that’s not for the faint of heart. A pixie haircut with a cool undercut and razor-cut pattern looks stunning in the plum burgundy hair color.

19. Stacked Bob with Burgundy Color Hair

We love the toned-down shade of burgundy on this stacked bob. Wear this reddish brown hair color in more formal or conservative environments.

20. Red Burgundy Hair Makeover

If you’re in dire need of a look change, go for a fiery red burgundy shade like this foxy lady right here. Its warmth and vitality pack the perfect punch of energy for chilly fall days.

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21. Layered Burgundy Hair

Dye your tresses in this crimson burgundy color for a glam appearance. With the right hairstyle for straight hair, you’ll be ready to shine in less than five minutes every day.

22. Burgundy Purple Hair Color

Fanned out against the white background of the dress and the dark skin tone, this purple burgundy shade looks surreal! It’s definitely a shade worth trying if you’re one of the naturally curly beauties out there.

23. Dark Burgundy Balayage

Not quite maroon, yet not quite on the violet side of the burgundy hair, this perfect balayage packs a punch. Wear your hair styled in springy waves for a totally mesmerizing look.

24. Blonde Burgundy Hair Color

We told you! Blondes can go for burgundy colors just as easily as brunettes or redheads. Even if it’s just burgundy highlights you’re after at the moment, you’ll be back for more, we’re sure of it!

25. Burgundy Hair Color Dye

If this edgy long angled bob needed any extra cool element, the burgundy hair hit the sweet spot. Warm and alluring, it can soften a rough edgy look.

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26. Burgundy Blonde Ombre

Starting with a brown base and transitioning to a warm blonde hue, this reverse ombre adds a final color punch with the burgundy tips.

27. Burgundy Hair Colors

Here are four instances displaying the richness of burgundy. With such vivid coloring options, it’s difficult to choose just one burgundy hair color.

28. Dark Plum Burgundy Hair

We love the cascading waves of dark plum burgundy hair. The styling ideas are also delightful and inspirational!

29. Wavy Burgundy Hair

A layered hairstyle for wavy hair naturally goes well with a burgundy shade. Particularly if your natural hair color is a lovely shade of brown.

30. Glossy Glam Burgundy Hair

Another glossy glam hair coloring idea which uses burgundy shades in a dramatic yet stylish balayage. The strand bangs are also lovely.

31. Burgundy Hair Color on Lob

This burgundy shade reminiscent of red wines looks stunning on sleek straight hair. The lob haircut with blunt bangs also makes for a gorgeous look!

32. Deep Burgundy Bob

Dye your chic bob haircut in this mesmerizing statement hair color. This burgundy shade is ideal for darker as well as medium skin tones.

33. Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

If the previous chart missed a few burgundy shades, so here they are! Choose the perfect burgundy hair color for your hot fall look.

34. Long Brown Burgundy Hair

Reddish brown shades of burgundy complement a fair complexion and blue or green eyes. This shade looks quite natural, especially if you’re naturally a brunette.

35. Purple Burgundy Hair

Live it up and give your hair the chance to shine with this daring burgundy hair verging toward vivid purple. It looks stunning on medium-length hair too, as you can see.

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36. Burgundy Wine Hair Color

This is one of the richest wine-inspired burgundy hair colors. Reminiscent of mulled wine around Christmas time, this shade will brighten up your chilly fall days.

37. Burgundy Balayage on Dark Hair

Chunky tresses were covered in a dark burgundy to obtain this subtle, classy balayage on short hair. As usual, the rich burgundy shades are highlighted by the perfectly styled curls.

38. Burgundy Balayage on Light Brown Hair

Mix two warm hair colors like golden brown and reddish burgundy for a colorful but still soft look this fall.

39. Burgundy Black Hair Color

We love the natural transition from black to a hint of dark burgundy achieved through the use of this subtle balayage.

40. Burgundy Violet Hair

For the stylish ladies with a knack for unconventional hair colors, this violet shade of burgundy is a must-try!

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41. Light Burgundy Balayage on Blonde Hair

Natural roots and a gorgeous display of burgundy hair colors from top to tips is the way to go if you’re after this glamorous look.

42. Red Burgundy Hair Color

Enrich your natural brown hair color with a deep red burgundy shade for a lovely soft note and an extra dose of glam.

43. Rainbow Hair with Burgundy Highlights

If you’re drawn to this playful hairstyle, know that it is rainbow hair and that the highlights are your go-to choice. Add a few burgundy highlights among your color palette to enjoy one of the fall’s vetted hair colors!

44. Burgundy Highlights on Blonde Hair

If you’re undecided about the burgundy colors that would complement your natural blonde hair, try on some burgundy highlights. They go beautifully with blonde hues.

45. Purple Burgundy Hair

It may be that creates the mesmerizing color play. Nevertheless, a purple-tinted burgundy shade is a style statement that will make heads turn.

46. Burgundy Pixie Cut

This is another short hairstyle perfectly complemented by a warm burgundy hair color that softens the edgy note. As if this cool and edgy pixie cut with an undercut needed any more glam!

47. Burgundy Balayage

Here is an example of a balayage that brings together a variety of burgundy shades. Try it for yourself if you can’t decide which burgundy hue to choose this fall.

48. Dark Burgundy Brown Hair Color

For a chic natural look, blend burgundy with brown. Both hair colors are deemed fall fashion must-tries. As such, you can’t go wrong!

49. Straight Burgundy Hair

Straighten your hair to achieve this sleek and well-textured look in no time. Moreover, you get the chance to flaunt the dark burgundy shade in all its glory.

50. Light Burgundy Ombre

The auburn burgundy hair color applied mid-length all the way to the ends is just the color punch the natural light brown hair needed for a refreshed look.

Try this soft feminine look for yourself if a full burgundy shade isn’t quite your cup of tea.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

Thanks to the deep luminosity and warm nuances, burgundy hair colors made a great comeback these past few years.

It’s safe to say that burgundy is a hair color that stood the test of time and you should definitely experiment and play around with it and its shades.

Any burgundy hair color and hue will definitely continue to be a top choice over the falls to come! But let’s talk this year: what shade will you go for this fall?

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