50 Amazing Ways to Rock Copper Hair Color

If you ever had any doubts about copper hair color before, leave any and all hesitations behind.

Not only is this one of the hottest shades of any time, but it’s also a timeless hair color choice that has been keeping ladies from around the world fabulous for decades.

Considering the fact that it’s such an adaptable tone, you can style rock copper locks like a retro superstar, boho chic goddess, or punk rock princess every other day if you feel like it.

Get inspired with these glamorous ideas for rocking any copper hair color like the ultimate diva.

1. Classy Copper Hair Color Ombre

Classy Copper Hair Color Ombre

Step up your style game and get a sophisticated feel with this tasteful dark copper ombre styled with a long bob.

2. Ginger Delight

long ginger wavy hair

We all secretly dreamed of being born redheads at one point, but not all of us are that fortunate. This is your deliciously stylish solution.

3. Soft & Playful Copper Hues

bob with copper hair color

Have fun with your copper hair color and play around with a mix of discrete highlights and lowlights.

4. Au Naturel Beauty

medium length copper color hair

Keep things gorgeously natural with chestnut locks and light accents here and there. Fab and low-maintenance all in one!

5. Cool & Chic Redhead

long wavy red hair

If you want to glow with effortless style wherever you go, get this spectacular ginger look inspired by natural redheads.

6. Rich Auburn

medium length auburn hair

Another dark shade that’s easy to maintain is this lavish, deep auburn tone. Appropriate for all occasions, from an office environment to a wild night out with the girls.

7. Summer Fling Copper Hair Color

long curly red hair

It’s no wonder why everyone is crazy for the saying you only live once – it’s absolutely true. Embrace your inner sexy superstar with this playful copper hair color choice.

8. Autumn in Your Hair

medium length hair with highlights

If you’re head-over-heels in love with the season of the falling leaves, let your hair reflect that! Mix dark and soft highlights in your favorite autumn shades.

9. Spicy Dark Copper

dark red long bob

Caught between red-hot locks and doubts about being too flashy? Make the most of both worlds and go for dark copper with bright red accents.

10. Café au Lait Locks

light brown ombre

For the carefree summer girl at heart, golden strands are a must. Get creative with this subtle ombre and combine marvelous copper tones in layers.

11. Gorgeous Chestnut

dark copper hair

Even if you weren’t born with it, you can rock copper hair color like a pro with this natural shade.

12. Strawberry Blonde

medium length strawberry blonde hair

Shine like the sun with this adorable strawberry blonde inspired by copper hair color. Ladies with blue or green eyes will look especially magnificent with it.

13. Copper Hair Color with Top Highlights

copper hair ombre

Another summer must is experimenting with highlights on the top half of your hair. It’s fresh, it’s fabulous and we’re in love with it.

14. Rusty & Radiant

redhead with dark hair

It’s pretty clear by now that gingers are the main source of inspiration for copper hair color. Turn things down a notch with this ravishing, rusty tone.

15. Bright Bombshell

orange hair

If you’re glamorous and you’re not afraid to show it, go in the other direction and turn your copper hair color up to a vivid shade of orange.

16. Inspired by Fire

fire ombre hair

The flame-inspired ombre will never get old. Suitable for the young, wild and free and the posh alike, fiery locks are always awesome.

17. Subtle Copper Tones

red and orange highlights

If you want a deeper alternative to classic strawberry blonde, you can’t get any better than this. Think of it as Hayley from Paramore after she grew up.

18. Vivid, Lush and Lovely

orange and blonde ombre

Even though this copper hair color is a bit more daring than others, it’s definitely in the safe and chic zone.

19. Deep Amber with Lowlights

chestnut hair with subtle highlights

If you have naturally dark hair and you don’t want too much hassle with maintenance, go for a rich amber look like this one.

20. Sun-Kissed Locks

multicolor red and blonde highlights

This light and whimsical mix is a fantastic alternative for adventurous fire locks.

21. Silver with Copper Accents

silver hair copper highlights

Ash blonde is all the rage, so why not take it to the next level with some honey copper highlights?

22. Violet and Copper Twist

violet hair with copper highlights

Dark plum hair has never been so spectacular. Can you imagine what a huge difference some caramel highlights can make?

23. Dark Cinnamon

dark red hair with discrete highlights

You can get as dark as you want with copper hair color, it will look just as extraordinary in every shade.

24. Playing with Fire

bright orange hair

You can showcase your brilliant and outgoing personality and inspire fire without going into ombre. Here is the perfect example.

25. Fall Reflection

long red curly hair

Autumn-lovers will adore this rust copper hair color. Wear it during any time of the year and look nothing less than amazing.

26. Discrete Copper Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights

If light hair isn’t your thing but you want some deep dark locks with a twist, here is your dream solution.

27. Rose Gold

rose gold hair color

Ah, rose gold, where have you been all our lives? This particular shade of copper hair color is one of the trendiest choices of the year.

28. Boho Ginger Kid

natural red hair

Ginger kids are back again as our infinite source of inspiration. Rock this copper tone with some crimson lips and you’ll transform into a femme fatale.

29. Electric Hues

purple pink orange yellow ombre

We’re all for electric hair color combos, especially when they combine vivid shades like purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow. This ombre is to die for.

30. Layers of Rusty Highlights

curly red hair with highlights

Bring your lush locks to life with a rainbow of rusty highlights! Mix them with honey and gold tones for the ideal balance.

31. Golden Brown Allure

light brown hair with blonde highlights

Speaking of honey, you can also mix it with caramel lights for an all-around golden look inspired by copper.

32. Pink-Tainted Copper Hair Color

dark pink hair

A wonderful uni color that’s still as glam as ever is this pink-tainted copper. You can almost feel the taste of strawberries!

33. Cotton Candy

pink strawberry blonde ombre

For the more spirited girls, take the pink-tainted copper we mentioned before and let it fade into spectacular cotton candy ombre locks.

34. Grey and Copper Pastel

grey and copper ombre hair

Whoever thought that steel grey and soft copper could look so amazing? If you have super long hair, this is the style for you.

35. Sunset Ombre

dark purple pink copper ombre hair

Allow your hair to shimmer like water reflecting a picture-perfect sunset by combining indigo with deep pink and copper.

36. Subtle Earth Tones

light brown wavy hair

Timeless is the key word here. You can never go wrong with a sweet, natural shade of copper like this one.

37. Deep Copper Red

dark red wavy hair

A brilliant tone of copper that works wonderfully for all types of skin tones and complexions, this rich shade is not to be neglected.

38. Grunge Copper Hair Color

long wavy copper color hair

Edgy, courageous and striking. If these traits are the norm for you, don’t hesitate to try this copper hue.

39. Pink Ombre with Copper Base

copper and pink ombre

Love pink? So do we! Instead of dyeing all of your hair pink, stand out from the crowd with a subtle copper and magenta ombre.

40. Accessible Ginger

natural ginger red hair

We’ve been talking about gingers for quite some time now, but not all of us can master the look naturally. Here is the answer to all of your problems.

41. Sunny Autumn Days

long straight orange red hair

Brighten your day every time you look in the mirror with this lush, orangey copper tone.

42. Bold Copper Afro

copper color afro faux hawk

If you have been blessed with voluminous natural afro hair, you are lucky enough to rock bright copper hair like a dazzling diva.

43. Rich Copper Afro

dark copper afro hair

Another delightful solution for afro-haired ladies who want to lighten their locks is this deeper shade.

44. Beautiful Russet

long wavy dark red hair

Regardless if you have green, brown, or blue eyes, this exceptional russet will make you glow with natural beauty.

45. Retro Glam

retro red hair style

Take this natural copper hair color and combine it with finger waves or other retro hairstyles and you’ll be fit for the red carpet.

46. Sophisticated Braided Headband

copper and blonde hair

The half-blonde, half-copper hairstyle looks so sophisticated. You can add a braided headband to highlight the hair color contrast better. Braided headbands work best with a romantic fashion style.

47. Mysterious Beauty

lana del rey dark red brown hair

If Lana Del Rey rocks this deep and mysterious hue like the dark diva she is, you can too. Flawlessly.

48. Copper Shades with Purple Streaks

short bob with orange and purple highlights

Want to combine copper with a contrasting color without being too electric? Purple, every time.

49. Dark Roots & Copper Hair Color

rihanna long hair dark roots

If maintenance is your issue, look no further. Dark roots and copper locks are totally in.

50. 3 Way Copper Ombre

light brown triple ombre

We’ve had quite a few ravishing ombres on our list, but some might be too out there for the tastes of some ladies. This is an excellent way to mix three colors harmoniously without going over the top: copper base, caramel middle, and light honey ends. Perfection on so many levels!

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