55 Intense Chestnut Hair Color Shade Tones That You’ll Want to Try

Chestnut hair color is one of the most beloved shades among ladies who adore earth tones.

Not only does it give off a fresh, natural, and glowing vibe, but it’s also a hair color option you can wear all year round. 

Even though most would associate chestnut hair color with autumn and falling leaves, this rich shade looks stunning against tanned skin during the summer.

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Discover tens of intense chestnut hair color shade tones that you’ll want to try for your next makeover!

1. Rich Chestnut

We’ll start with the classics and work our way towards mixes and accents. This rich chestnut hair color requires no additional description. What you see is what you get!

2. Subtle Ombre

In the mood for ombre hair but you don’t want to go over the top? Just look at how subtle this gorgeous chestnut hair color fade looks.

3. Black Hair, Chestnut Highlights

If you have naturally dark hair, spice it up with some chestnut highlights over your dark undertones. You’ll boost the effect of your entire hairstyle.

4. Reddish Chestnut

You can go for a reddish shade of chestnut, especially if you have pale skin and hazel eyes. The tone is fabulous on women with long hair.

5. Chocolate Chestnut Hair Color

The best part about this chestnut hair color idea is that hardly anyone will realize that you have colored your hair.

6. Chestnut with Honey Highlights

Bring summer back in your life with some super sweet honey highlights over chestnut hair color. It’s cute, flirty, and chic all in one.

7. Ash Brown Chestnut

If you’re looking for a solid color, try ash brown chestnut hair color and see if it works for you. The grey undertones look fantastic.

8. Dark Chestnut

Almost no one can rock chestnut hair color better than Emma Stone. The beautiful and talented actress always showcases shades of chestnut, and she nails it every time.

9. Blonde Mix

Make your long locks shine with a mix of blonde highlights and lowlights with your chestnut hair. The blend will dazzle up your whole appearance.

10. Dark to Light

Want some contrast in your hairstyle? Go for an elaborate ombre that starts with chestnut hair color and slowly fades into platinum blonde at the tips.

11. Copper Highlights

Get a dynamic edge with some copper highlights on your chestnut locks. It’s subtler than blonde highlights, while still enhancing your reddish brown tones.

12. Very Faded Ombre

If discrete is definitive for you, try this extremely faded and sombre ombre that accentuates your tips. It’s a must for women with long hair.

13. Chestnut Balayage

Thought nothing could be better than ombre? Think again. Balayage is all the rage now, owing to its natural approach to a typically eye-catching ombre.

14. Cappuccino Locks

Gather inspiration from your favorite cup of java for your next hair color. Chestnut cappuccino – sounds and looks like heaven!

15. Silver Chestnut

While this choice could be considered a darker ash blonde, you can view it as a silver chestnut hair color. Either way, it’s exquisite.

16. Chestnut Afro Hair

Uber-curly afro hair looks nothing less than fabulous with this chestnut color. Just look at how it complements that beautiful skin tone.

17. Gray Highlights

Another way to spice up your dark locks is by introducing silvery blonde highlights. The contrast is amazing!

18. Redhead Vibes

Turn your chestnut hair color up a notch with even more reddish accents. Drew Barrymore rocks it flawlessly and so can you.

19. Black and Chestnut Ombre

Chestnut is fabulous for the lower part of your ombre. It helps you gradually lighten your locks without creating a humongous difference.

20. Caramel Chestnut Color

Honey locks and honey skin look outstanding together, just like Jenny from the Block proves to us every time. We also think the half up braided hairstyle is cute.

21. Copper Undertones

Still searching for ideas for a subtle approach for changing your hair? Color the under part with some dark copper highlights that go hand in hand with chestnut.

22. Ash Balayage

You can make your balayage even lighter with some ash blonde tones. All balayage highlights are a great choice for this summer.

23. Black Hair, Chestnut Accents

The subtlest chestnut hair color choice you can go for is this: black or dark brown hair with almost indistinguishable accents. They will make you look radiant when the sun shines on them.

24. Auburn Glow

You can also play around with an auburn chestnut hair color if you want to tilt towards metallic red more. The red tones will warm up your overall hairstyle.

25. Deep Violet Chestnut Ombre

You probably never thought that rich of a shade of violet ombre can go hand in hand with chestnut. Here is proof that it’s an excellent idea!

26. Pink Shades

Pink or purple tainted hair is a great way to explore uncommon hair colors without overdoing it. In addition, they complement chestnut hair beautifully.

27. Blue and Turquoise Highlights

However, if you have an outgoing personality and you’re not afraid to show it, then by all means, experiment with blue, turquoise or other electric shades.

28. Top Green

Obtaining a mermaid green shade on the top of your head isn’t as hard as you’d think. Here’s a hint: bleaching works wonders.

29. White Tips

Another favorite is fading from chestnut hair color to platinum blonde or white tips. Can you say gorgeous?

30. Crimson Chestnut

Crimson, burgundy, wine or blood red – no matter what label you put on this rich red hair color, the results are just as breathtaking. You might want to try it out.

31. Mahogany Shade

Mahogany is yet another chestnut shade that will seem like the hair color you were born with. Natural, sleek, and all-around lovely.

32. Russet Radiance

Ah, Jennifer Lawrence, how we love you so. Not only is this actress bursting with talent, but she constantly provides us with hair color inspiration.

33. Rusty Copper

If you’re a natural redhead, you’re one of the luckiest gals in the world. Nevertheless, you can recreate the look if you have a pale complexion.

34. Metallic Bronze

We love how this metallic bronze shade has discrete pink accents. The blended tones result in a radiant rose gold chestnut color.

35. Cinnamon Inspiration

Another shade that will leave your mouth watering from thinking about treats is this cinnamon chestnut hair color. Delicious, both phonetically and visually.

36. Natural Ginger

While this shade is similar to the natural redhead idea we spoke about earlier, it’s a bit more intense and perfect for courageous girls who want to show off sun-kissed locks.

37. Tan Tones

One more summer must-have regarding hair colors is this rich tan tone. Pair it with your glowing skin for an irresistible impact.

38. Auburn Highlights

Is your hair naturally dark? Bring it to life with some auburn highlights for a wonderful effect.

39. Deep Chestnut Hair

As you have already noticed, natural is the keyword for chestnut hair color. We also love how it appears that the bottom half is a bit darker.

40. Golden Brown

Shimmer and shine like the sun with this golden brown chestnut color. It’s yet another must for the summer.

41. Numerous Highlights

Why get only one set of highlights when you can get three or four? For a beautifully dynamic mix, get a few different chestnut and blonde highlights and lowlights.

42. Discrete Highlights

Tone things down with a few subtle blonde highlights on brown hair. The mixture is awesome for any hair textures.

43. Honey Tips

You can choose to brighten up your tips if your main shade is chestnut. Just make sure that the transition is gradual for the best effect.

44. Earth Brown

Go back to your roots (literally!) for this earth-inspired chestnut hair color. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

45. Milk Chocolate

If we’re talking about hair being on fleek, it’s synonymous with Queen Bey, aka Beyoncé.  This rich milk chocolate shade provides enough inspiration for days.

46. Red Brown

Speaking of superstars that inspire us, check out Lana Del Rey’s glamorous chestnut hair color. This definitely won’t be the cause for your summertime sadness.

47. Chestnut Lowlights

Instead of going for highlights, opt for some copper hair color lowlights on your dark locks. Remember, discrete and natural is the way to go.

48. Cocoa Brown

A slightly darker shade than Beyoncé’s milk chocolate hair color, this cocoa brown is still one of our favorites of all. It’s rich and flattering all over.

49. Black Coffee

Your chestnut hair color can get as dark as you’d like – here’s a picture to prove it. Black coffee can also serve as inspiration for your next hair color change.

50. Brick Red

Brick red is a warmer chestnut hair color that is fashionable, easy to maintain, and simply gorgeous. We fully recommend it if you want some warmth in your hair color.

51. Chestnut Hair Color with Contourage Highlights

One of the hottest trends of the year is undoubtedly contourage. Essentially, the style refers to highlights strategically placed in front to “contour” your face and highlight your lovely features.

52. Layered Chestnut Hairstyle

Chestnut hair color is usually pretty mellow. However, you can add edginess to your appearance by getting a layered haircut, especially if you have really long hair.

53. Pixie Cut with Chestnut Hair Color

Another haircut that can spice up your chestnut locks is the pixie. Experiment with a pixie cut for some feminine yet rebellious glam.

54. Headband Hairstyle with Chestnut Hair

If you don’t want to reduce the length of your hair to brighten your look, try some accessories. One of the cutest ones you can use is a headband or wrap, particularly in a contrasting color.

55. Orange Highlights with Chestnut Hair Color

Last but definitely not least, we have an atypical but gorgeous idea for an intriguing chestnut hair color. Skip the natural highlights and throw in some bright red-orange streaks.

So, What is YOUR Hair Inspiration?

In conclusion, chestnut is hair color that works for all skin tones, eye colors, and face shapes.

It’s not too flashy but not too monotonous either. In a nutshell, chestnut hair color is one of the best options you could experiment with if you want a subtle yet impressive color change.

But what about you – which specific tone blew you away the most? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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2 responses to “55 Intense Chestnut Hair Color Shade Tones That You’ll Want to Try”

  1. Thelma Sansome says:

    Hello,Could you tell me how I could achieve a cocoa brown hair color. What levels of each color I meant.


    • Samantha Lottie says:

      Hi, Thelma!
      The secret to the perfect cocoa brown hair color lies in a few tricks. It is important to have a few subtle, lighter highlights to accentuate the beautiful cocoa brown and give your hair a natural look. Also, you should invest in a shampoo and conditioner designed for chocolate colored hair, as they will make the color last longer.

      Check with your hairstylist and they will certainly know what you want and how to achieve it!
      You can find more hair inspiration here: https://hairmotive.com/hairstyles-brown-hair-with-lowlights/
      Good luck!

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