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55 Intense Chestnut Hair Color Shade Tones That You’ll Want to Try

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Chestnut hair color is one of the most beloved shades among ladies who adore earth tones. Not only does it give off a fresh, natural, and glowing vibe, but it’s also a hair color option you can wear all year round. Even though most would associate chestnut hair color with autumn and falling leaves, this rich shade looks stunning against tanned skin during the summer. Discover tens of intense chestnut hair color shade tones that you’ll want to try for your next makeover!

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1. Rich Chestnut

We’ll start with the classics and work our way towards mixes and accents. This rich chestnut hair color requires no additional description.

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2 responses to “55 Intense Chestnut Hair Color Shade Tones That You’ll Want to Try”

  1. Thelma Sansome says:

    Hello,Could you tell me how I could achieve a cocoa brown hair color. What levels of each color I meant.


    • Samantha Lottie says:

      Hi, Thelma!
      The secret to the perfect cocoa brown hair color lies in a few tricks. It is important to have a few subtle, lighter highlights to accentuate the beautiful cocoa brown and give your hair a natural look. Also, you should invest in a shampoo and conditioner designed for chocolate colored hair, as they will make the color last longer.

      Check with your hairstylist and they will certainly know what you want and how to achieve it!
      You can find more hair inspiration here: https://hairmotive.com/hairstyles-brown-hair-with-lowlights/
      Good luck!

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