For Creative Ways to Wear Brown Hair, Check These 40+ Ombre Ideas

Brown ombre hair is, without a doubt, one of the most popular hair coloring choices of today and tomorrow.

The reason is that ombre breathed new life into the old brown we were so used to, making it look new, glam, and maybe a little bit posh too.

All this without too much effort or too much maintenance.

So here are 45 creative brown ombre hair ideas to choose from!

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1. Cascading Brown Ombre Hair

This particular type of ombre is called cascading. The reason is pretty much obvious. You start with your shade of brown of choice at the basis and graduate it toward the bottom until it reaches your desired shade of blonde.

2. Dark Brown and Dusty Blonde Ombre

The great thing about brown is that, when it comes to ombre, it acts like a neutral basis to which you can add almost any other shade or color. This, for example, is a dusty, rosy dark blonde.

3. Cinnamon Brown Ombre Hair

As far as fall colors go, you can never go wrong with cinnamon. However, if you want to keep things interesting, you can try a brown ombre cinnamon combination that looks lush and delicious, perfect for Thanksgiving.

4. Mushroom Brown Ombre

Let’s stay in the realm of fall colors a little bit longer. Meet mushroom brown hair, a shade of brown that made it to the headlines in the past few seasons.

It’s a muted and matte type of brown with a forest type of finish to it.

5. Misty Blue Brown Hair

If you look closely to this color palette, you will notice why it’s called misty blue. The brown basis descends into a hazy and ashy dark toward the ends of the strands. Plus, it has a few dark blue hints in it.

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6. Blue and Brown Ombre Hair

Ombre hair can be subtle and understated, but it can also be bold and brave, such as this magnificent brown and blue combination. Make sure the blue and brown mix flawlessly instead of falling off of each other.

7. Caramel Brown Ombre Hair

This is one of the most classic combinations in existence, as well as one of the most requested by ladies everywhere.

Brown and caramel work together perfectly because they remind one of caramel and chocolate put together.

8. Milk Chocolate Brown and Caramel Ombre

Speaking of chocolate, this is how caramel highlights and milk chocolate brown ombre looks like. The beach waves help give the hairstyle that luxurious runny feeling melted chocolate has when you pour it over a cake.

9. Blonde and Brown Ombre

Another classic choice is the everlasting blonde over brown hair. No matter which shades you choose, this style will never fall out of fashion.

The main reason is that it compliments every skin color as well as every shade of eyes.

10. Mahogany Brown Hair

Mahogany was very much in vogue a few years ago when the world simply couldn’t get enough of this woodsy color. You can still pair it with a much darker shade of brown and create a formal and pleasant hairstyle.

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11. Silver Gray Brown Ombre

Before ombre, who would have guessed that gray and brown go so well together? Yet here we are, facing one of the most breathtaking color combinations we’ve ever seen.

Ask your stylist about the best shades of brown and gray that go extraordinary together.

12. Ash Brown Ombre Hair

Ash brown is a mixture of brown and matte gray that transitions perfectly from autumn to winter.

This means that you can wear it during both seasons and save yourself some money that you would have otherwise spent on the stylist.

13. Wavy Brown Ombre

Bust out your old curler and make your ombre stand out with a set of very well-placed curls. Don’t forget to spray some glossing agent on them when you’re done because nothing looks better than a shiny shade of brown.

14. Short Brown Ombre Style

There’s a common misconception going around that one can only apply ombre to medium or long hair. It not true. You can also try it if you have a pixie cut, such as this one. A short ombre like this sure looks bold and edgy.

15. Casual Brown Ombre

One of the main things that attract women to brown and blonde ombre is that it requires incredibly little maintenance.

In other words, if you choose a shade of brown for the upper part that is similar to your natural color, you won’t even have to dye your roots for a long time.

16. Silver and Brown Hair

Don’t be afraid to experiment when you try the ombre trend. Brown has the great quality of being a very sufferable color that can allow you to play around and see which other shade would suit your facial features best.

17. The Megan Fox

Our list of ideas for brown ombre hair also includes a few of your favorite celebrities who have gone for the ombre trend. Megan Fox is just one of them, and we can’t help but notice just how amazing she looks.

18. Everyday Brown Ombre Hair

If you’re not looking for a substantial change but, rather, something in the lines of an upgrade, you can opt for a highlight.

This will just alter your original color by a few tones, making it look like you spent a little too much time in the sun and it’s all natural.

19. Diamond and Brown Ombre

This shade of blonde is called diamond and it works perfectly with brown hair.

As you can easily see, the result is an outstanding transition from a very dark and matte color to an extreme white.

We love how the middle portion looks as if you’ve poured milk into coffee.

20. The Lucy Hale

Continuing our countdown of celebrities who got the ombre bug, here’s Lucy Hale and her sweeter than honey brown ombre. It’s a delicious addition to her tanned skin as well as her coffee-colored eyes.

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21. Brown Ombre Lob

The bob is, undoubtedly, the haircut of these past years. It’s enough to look around you or on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook and you will see that everyone is wearing it. This is a lob or long bob with a brown to blonde ombre.

22. The Kylie Jenner

Kylie is one of the most successful members of the Jenner-Kardashian family.

She managed to become a very well-to-do businesswoman on her own, even though she’s so young.

Looking at her great hairstyle choices, it’s no surprise she managed this by joining the beauty industry.

23. The Vanessa Hudgens

The beautiful Vanessa Hudgens is here to demonstrate how you can incorporate your brown to blonde ombre in a glam goth contemporary look.

She’s wearing a soft caramel smoky eye and very heavy mascara complete with dark plum lipstick.

24. Purple Brown Ombre

You can also mix brown with non-conventional colors such as purple if you want to go for a more daring ombre.

Try this shade of washed-out lavender as a summertime hairstyle, especially if you’re planning on attending any music festivals.

25. Sleek Brown Ombre Hair

The best way to show off an ombre job is by straightening out your hair. As opposed to being curly or wavy, when it’s straight, your hair clearly displays where the brown ends and the blonde begins.

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26. The Jessica Alba

The shades of brown and blonde actress Jessica Alba is wearing are toffee brown and chai tea blonde.

She opted for a nude makeup, and it was a fantastic idea because, in this way, your attention is captured by her cocoa-colored eyes.

27. The Chrissy Teigen

Although she has tried other hair colors before, supermodel and cook Chrissy Teigen has never looked better than with this beautiful blend of brown and blonde.

It helps sweeten her deeply angular face and make her look more girly.

28. The Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore is another celebrity who loves her brown ombre hair. She has had blonde hair all her life and seems unable to let go of it even now when she’s more mature.

29. The Caroline Flack

TV persona Caroline Flack went for a classic brown and blonde combination for her long tresses.

The difference is that, if you look closely, the brown part has a slight reddish undertone which serves to highlight her blue-green eyes.

30. The Miley Cyrus

Here’s a throwback picture of singer and actress Miley Cyrus before she decided to sport her now-iconic platinum pixie cut.

She used to wear a shoulder-length bob with small beach waves and, of course, a brown to blonde ombre.

31. The Olivia Wilde

The always exquisite Olivia Wilde is the picture of perfection with her reddish-brown to bottle blonde ombre which is set off against that amazing beaded green dress.

The entire color palette helps highlight her wonderful eyes.

32. Shaggy Brown Ombre

A shaggy haircut is perfect if you have thin or fine hair. The layers and the messy finish will give the illusion that your hair is much wealthier than it is in reality.

Here’s another tip – always keep your roots darker than the rest of your hair.

33. Ombre Hair with Bangs

Bangs and ombre? Does that work? Why not? But here’s the trick!

Visit your stylist and ask him or her what type of bangs would suit the shape of your face best.

And, no matter what, do not try to give yourself bangs at home!

34. Blonde Tips

Ombre hair can also means just dipping your tips in the dye. The effect is still striking, albeit minimalist. Balance everything off with a headscarf or another hair accessory that is more to your liking.

35. Three Shades of Brown

Another common misconception is that ombre hair can only come in two shades. Wrong!

This, for example, starts off as a mahogany brown at the roots which then melts into a fiery copper in the middle, only to end in a milky blonde at the tips.

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36. Fashionable Ombre Hair

We love everything about this look and plan to copy it as soon as possible!

The dark brown which ends in a cinnamon blonde, the perfect makeup rounded up by the oxblood lipstick, and the hipster hat which makes the look so contemporary and urban!

37. Brown Ombre Hair with Baby Bangs

Baby bangs have been very in this season. Here’s an example of brown and blonde ombre with baby bangs.

38. Brown Ombre on Long Hair

The best thing to do if you have long hair is to go for the ombre trend only about one-third of the length of your hair. This way, you can enjoy the best of both colors without changing too much of its original appearance.

39. The Khloe Kardashian

Let’s take a look at another of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and how she saw fit to wear the brown hair ombre look.

Khloe went for a much subtler appearance than her sister Kylie with a handful of blonde highlights and a pair of massive golden hoop earrings.

40. Butterbeer and Brown Ombre Hair

Ever since the world has taken a liking to non-natural hair colors, butterbeer hair has become quite the sensation.

The word and concept in itself originate in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter himself, reflecting the sweet butterscotch drink the characters used to enjoy.

41. Sunflower Yellow and Brown Hair

Another type of blonde that has been making its rounds of glory on Instagram is sunflower yellow.

It’s a very vibrant tone of yellow that closely resembles the crayon you used when you were a kid rather than a shade of blonde.

42. Copper Brown Ombre

Let’s not forget about copper, the color which managed to take down rose gold from its throne. That’s right. The world was over-the-top in love with rose gold until copper came along and stole the spotlight.

43. Cocoa Brown Ombre

However, if you don’t want to try any of these non-natural hair colors and want to stick closer to home base, you can always try the very classic cocoa brown.

It’s subtle and delicious, not to mention that you can wear it anywhere, from the office to the club.

44. Light Brown to Blue Ombre

Here’s a perfect combination for your summer holidays at the beach. This light brown is akin to sand while the blue at the bottom resembles the sea and its waves.

Speaking of waves, you can create some using your hair curler.

45. Mermaid Brown Ombre

This hairstyle is called mermaid hair because it has both purple and blue hues as well as beach waves. The color at the roots is a deep and natural-looking brown which doesn’t even need to be dyed. You can keep your own!

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

Brown ombre hair is a very easy and go-to solution for many women for a plethora of reasons.

It’s incredibly low maintenance, you can find a shade for every season, and it compliments every hair length, face shape, skin tone, and color of eyes.

Truly, you cannot go wrong if you choose this combination.

Let us know in the comment section below which one of these ideas was your favorite and why!

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