50 Plum Hair Color Ideas that Will Make You Feel Special

Plum hair color is slowly but surely transitioning into one of the most endearing and loved hair trends of the last years.

Celebrities like Katy Perry or Justin Skye having flaunted their deep violet locks at A-list events.

As is, we’re certain that this trend will likely become a hair staple and remain that way for a long time to come.

So be ahead of the game with one of the superb shades below!

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1. Medium Plum Hair Color

Sometimes, the best plum hair color you can choose is a balanced one. Not too dark yet not too flashy, this medium plum shade is ideal if you want a harmonious approach to your hairstyle. The dark purple tint will look fabulous in natural sunlight.

2. Eggplant Hair

Like you can guess from its name, eggplant reflects the color of the dark purple plant. It also has a charcoal tint to it all around. You can experiment with this color no matter what hair type you have.

3. Dark Plum Hair Color

If you want a more romantic glow to your hairstyle, you should opt for a dark plum hair color. The darker the shade is, the more mysterious allure it will provide. Dark plum works wonderfully well for women with all skin tones.

4. Mahogany Hair

Want to incorporate earth tones into your new hair color? Mahogany is definitely for you. This highly rich hair color combines shades of brown, red and purple to form the perfect mix. The outcome is striking in the best way possible.

5. Light Plum Hair Color

While some girls prefer a dark approach for their new hair color, others like keeping it light and sweet. For this, we recommend a lighter tone of plum, which almost leans towards lavender. The metallic tint will make your locks shine.

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6. Burgundy Plum Hair Color

A pinch of red can work miracles for any piercing hair color. In our case, it’s about adding a burgundy hue to a general plum color. The results will be radiant, mostly owing to the reddish detail you add. If you choose this as your final color, consider getting it in a darker version.

7. Plum Pixie Hairstyle

You can easily get a dreamy, fairytale-like hairstyle by using two main elements: a pixie cut and a plum hair color. The haircut sets the mood, while the picturesque color takes the entire hairstyle to a new level.

8. Pale Plum Color

If you love following trends on social media, it’s impossible to not have come across this lovely shade of pale plum. It has bits of gray inserted in the overall color, lightening the dark purple base. This is an excellent choice for ladies with light-colored eyes.

9. Dark Plum Brown Hair

Another one of the shades that go beautifully well with plum is brown. As long as you keep them dark, mixing these two colors can result in a gorgeous blend that will bring out the best in your natural features.

10. Purple Braid

After you get your new hair color, you’re most likely dying to show it off. One of the best ways for showing off your new look, no matter what color you have, is with a braid. There are tons of braiding styles for you to choose from, including the stylish fishtail method.

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11. Plum Hair Color on Dark Skin

African American women can rock plum hair color without a care in the world. The intense hair color will complement their rich skin tone, especially if you choose a more vivid plum shade, to begin with. You can also try a darker plum, depending on the specific tone of your skin.

12. Dark Lavender

Lavender will most likely remain one of the most beloved pastels for hair colors. If you’re not up to the powdery effect that normal lavender has, you can tone yours down a bit until you reach a darker hue. Think of it as a gently lighter plum hair color.

13. Wine Hair

We have to agree that dark plum hair is romantic, but not as romantic as a wine hair color. This version adds more red sub tones and turns out warmer than traditional deep purple. It’s predicted to be one of the top-trending hair colors this autumn.

14. Plum Hair Color on Pale Skin

Even though women of color look radiant with plum hair color, that doesn’t mean that fair-skinned ladies won’t look just as terrific. In fact, this is one of the reasons why plum has become so popular among hair trends: its great adaptability.

15. Deep Plum Hair Color

When it comes to any kind of purple-inspired hair colors, it’s often best to go as deep as possible with the shade. For example, if you have olive or tan skin, a deeper plum hair color will flatter your complexion amazingly.

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16. Dark Amethyst

Lately, amethyst is starting to become even more popular than lavender for hair colors. While the tones are quite similar, lavender has a lighter approach, while amethyst is generally darker. We also adore the choice of styling in this photo.

17. Rich Plum Hair Color

If you really want to draw attention to your new look, always try to get out of your comfort zone with a brighter color. While rich plum hair color doesn’t mean going electric purple, it will indeed be livelier than any darker options.

18. Dusty Purple

We’re all well-aware by now that gray hair has taken the beauty charts by storm. If you’re not up to going full granny with your hairstyle, you can gracefully blend gray and purple for a cute, innocent and dusty outcome.

19. Plum Hair Color Ombre

Ombre hairstyles are still as hot as ever, with a wide variety of colors available for mixing. As far as plum hair color is concerned, it looks absolutely fantastic when mixed with black or a darker purple in the first part of the ombre.

20. Ash Plum Color

Ash plum comes pretty close to dusty purple, but it’s just a bit darker. It takes the light gray tint of dusty purple and darkens it until it gets close to charcoal. The purple hue remains pretty much the same, just blended differently.

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21. Emo Plum Hair

We talked all about emo hairstyles for girls a few months back and how pretty they can turn out. If you’re a fan of the haircut and lifestyle, you can think about switching up the traditional black for a more intriguing color. Plum is just what you need.

22. Plum Hair Color Balayage

Flashy ombre hair isn’t for everyone. For women who prefer a subtle mix of colors in their hairstyle, we have the industry-changing balayage. Ever since the technique surfaced, more and more ladies are opting for a discrete transition for their hair colors.

23. Chocolate Plum Hair Color

Now this is a hairstyle that will leave your mouth watering. It takes a dark chocolate base and sprinkles in the tiniest bit of purple for a tasteful tint. You won’t get any visible amounts of plum in your hair, just a soft glow in the sun.

24. Plum to Lavender Hair Color

If you do want to play around with more than one color in your hair, you can consider mixing multiple purples. For example, you can start with a dark plum hair color on your roots and melt the colors as you go until you obtain lavender tips.

25. Raspberry Hair

Girls with medium skin tones are going to go crazy for this hair color. It spices up the rich plum foundation with a splash of raspberry red. It’s a marvelous way of complementing a summer tan or entering a new season with a makeover.

26. Plum Hair Color Highlights

We’re always up for some stylish highlights. In this case, there are two ways you can rock highlights with plum hair. Firstly, you can get plum highlights on a black or dark brown base. Alternatively, make plum your primary hair color and add your favorite highlights over it.

27. Black Plum Hair Color

You know that a hairstyle is super cool when you see it on red carpet celebrities. Here, we can admire Katy Perry with black plum hair, a choice that complements her pale skin and light eyes exceptionally.

28. Purple Lowlights

There aren’t any limits to the way you decide on creating your hairstyle. Even if you already have some highlights in, you can complete them with a set of eye-catching lowlights. This is an original way to stand out with plum hair color.

29. Satin Plum

Even though the shininess of your hair strongly depends on your general hair care routine, there are some nuances that sparkle more than others. For instance, you can look into a satin plum hair color to get the glossy look you’ve been dreaming of.

30. Plum Hair Color with Bangs

Whether they’re blunt, choppy or side-swept, bangs look phenomenal with plum hair. Having a haircut with bangs will make the color pop even more, owing to the larger frontal coverage. Rock plum with any bangs style!

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31. Intense Plum

If your goal is to draw attention and awe, look no further. A medium yet intense plum hue will help you leave an unforgettable impression every time you interact with someone. The longer your hair is, the more the glam will be emphasized.

32. Cherry Plum Hair Color

We’re back to red tints for this hairstyle idea. We would describe this color as cherry cola, but you can also find it as cherry plum. It has a velvety soft hue that equally blends red and purple tones for a spectacular result.

33. Radiant Orchid Hair

Even though radiant orchid was the Pantone Color of the Year back in 2014, it’s still as fashionable as ever. You can use this color in all areas of your life, from makeup to interior design or even your hair. Choose this for your next hair appointment to shine magnificently.

34. Plum Hair Color with Blonde

Most women decide to use plum with darker colors in ombre hairstyles. However, that doesn’t stop you from playing around with blonde and plum combinations. In this example, you can see how a reddish plum would blend out to platinum blonde.

35. Hair with Plum Tips

Sometimes, all you need is just a spot of color in the right area of your hair to level up your look. In this situation, you can admire how dark brown looks with bright plum tips. You should also take note of the overall dark plum tint in the hair.

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36. Electric Indigo

We’re turning everything up a notch for this example – a sensational tone of bright indigo. It’s basically the highly saturated version of plum hair color, with just enough blue to get that generous indigo shine.

37. Steel Blue Plum Hair Color

Metallic pastels are all the rage these days, and we can all understand why. Another way to blend plum hair color is with steel blue. The experiment will result in an incredibly aesthetically-pleasing color that will bring your locks to life.

38. Curly Hair with Plum Hair Color

All of our curly haired girls are sure to fall irrevocably in love when they see how plum hair color looks on this texture. Your corkscrew curls will look even more adorable with this color, not to mention that they’ll come off as more accentuated.

39. Plum Tint

Every now and then, you’ll come across a deep hair color that has the slightest tint of a secondary color. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but believe us that it makes the whole difference. A plum tint on black or dark brown hair can work wonders.

40. Peekaboo Plum Hair

Peekaboo highlights are certainly among the recent trends that we’re down with. We agree that it’s a creative way to play with colors in your strands. You can get an all-around plum coat and add some blonde peekaboo highlights underneath, or the other way around.

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41. Plum and Peach Hair

Just the thought of blending plums and peaches as hair colors is absolutely delicious. For a youthful and outgoing hairstyle, you can start with plum at your roots and melt into magenta at the middle and peach at the tips.

42. Subtle Plum Hair Color

Out of all the examples in our list, this is totally the most subtle one. The plum tint is almost unidentifiable, but it has such a huge impact on the aspect of your hair. We recommend this options for girls who want to keep their look as natural as possible.

43. Pink and Purple Blend

Express your bright personality to the fullest with a pink and purple color mixture. While it seems to be pretty much like the plum and peach example before, it’s far more lively. The colors have a greater contrast and are more attention-grabbing.

44. Magenta Plum Hair Color

Speaking of grabbing attention, why not do so through a magenta plum hair color? As opposed to standard magenta, the plum-infused version is far more wearable. Still, it will draw admiration from all around, owing to the distinct tone.

45. Plum to White Hair

White has been gaining popularity like crazy over the last few years, so why not fit it into your hairstyle? Even though fully white hair may be a bit too much for many, you can use it for the tips of a 4-level purple ombre.

46. Thick Purple Hairstyle

If you’re lucky enough to sport thick hair and you want to emphasize this quality, always look for an out-of-the-box color. Plum is a terrific idea for accomplishing your goal, considering that it’s one of the richest hues you can try out.

47. Plum Hair Color Weave

Don’t hesitate to use plum hair color for extensions, weaves or wigs. We believe it’s awesome for testing out a bold new hair color without applying it directly on your natural hair. You already know that we’re fond of this tone for our gals with darker skin tones.

48. Blue Eyes with Plum Hair Color

You’ll often find women with light-colored eyes rocking plum hair glamorously. One of the reasons why the combination is so successful is that the dark hair and light eyes contrast outstandingly. Think about a deeper hair color if you have blue or green eyes.

49.  Sunset Ombre

You didn’t think we would wrap up our article without a funky idea for our bold and beautiful girls, did you? In addition to being a jaw-dropping mix of colors, this sunset ombre also has a chic and feminine touch to it.

50. Light to Dark Purple Hair

Finally, we’ll leave you with our last ombre idea with plum hair. As opposed to the dark-to-light examples we talked about earlier, this one takes the color melt the other way around. Start with lavender roots, transition to medium purple, and end in dark plum.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To sum up, plum hair color is a pure joy to wear.

We love that it’s a versatile tone that goes well with any facial features, skin tones or hair textures.

Whether you opt for a deep plum or a lighter purple, we support any variation of this exceptional color.

Tell us which one won your heart over in a comment below!

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