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From Sweet to Bold: 55 Lavender Hair Color and Styles

Lavender Fairy Hair

Lavender hair has quickly stepped up the ranks of top style statements. While it’s still in vogue, try out these gorgeous lavender hair ideas, ranging from tamed tones to the most vivid lilac, blue, and purple hues. Once you’ve found your lavender hair dye inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask a specialist about the best tips on how to get the outlandishly stunning lavender shade you want.

Get inspired below by lavender hair color ideas!

1. Long Curly Lavender Hair Color

Long Curly Lavender Hair Color
Source: pinterest/shaeshaes03

While it’s not a block color, this subtle lavender balayage mixes the most pleasant hues for an almost natural look. Style your hair in wavy locks for the best display of the color palette you’re after.

2. Bun Style Lavender Rainbow Hair

Bun Style Lavender Rainbow Hair
Source: instagram/hairbymisskellyo

Rainbow hair and mermaid hair are two top trends in the past couple of years. Playing with strong, unconventional colors, they’re hairstyles reserved for the daring who love an edgy note added to their day-to-day look.

3. Long Hair Lavender Ombre Mermaid Colors

Long Hair Lavender Ombre Mermaid Colors
Source: instagram/mermaidians

This is a great hair idea using toned down, almost gray lavender hues. For chromatic balance, the lavender ombre uses pastel hair dyes starting mid-length all the way to the end.

4. Lavender Ombre Hairstyle

Lavender Ombre Hair
Source: instagram/theriverwolf

An eccentric color duo makes this ombre hair dye idea quite exciting. The turquoise hair color doesn’t block the vivid lilac. Quite to the contrary, it enhances the color and creates a visually pleasing balance. We recommend purple ombre hair ideas anytime, any day.

5. Curly Hair Light Lavender Balayage

Curly Hair Light Lavender Balayage
Source: instagram

Once upon a time, such a daring hair color would have been reserved for costume party wigs. Now, it has become a style statement that we encourage you to try out. Make sure that this light lavender balayage complements your skin tone. If your skin tone is lighter, try a darker base shade.

6. Lavender Lilac Bob Haircut

Lavender Lilac Bob Haircut
Source: instagram/ddcohair

A bluntly layered bob haircut in a vivid lavender shade is a strong statement. Additionally, this hair color can be tested as a temporary alternative. Nevertheless, we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with it and will want to change it to a permanent choice.

7. Blue Lavender Hair Dye Curly Hair

Blue Lavender Hair Dye Curly Hair
Source: instagram/caitlintyczka

If you have ever seen a lavender bouquet, you know that each flower typically displays a different color. This photo of a lavender balayage stands as proof that you can successfully combine lavender shades for a great look.

8. Short Bangs Warm Lavender

Short Bangs Warm Lavender
Source: instagram/jodiewankenobi

We fell in love with this warm lavender tone. Perfectly fit as a summer hair color, it can beautifully make the transition to a fall hair color thanks to the warm reddish overtones.

9. Pink Lavender Color Long Hair

Pink Lavender Color Long Hair
Source: instagram/yelena_chaulk_hair

Another red-infused lavender hair color idea which works great with the layered haircut. Add a few sunny orange and blonde highlights for the best illuminating effect.

10. Dark Lavender Layered Hair

Dark Lavender Layered Hair
Source: Instagram

Starting from a dark base, this lavender color idea is best fit for more conservative and formal environments. If you wish to experiment with this hue, we recommend trying it out with a semi-permanent hair dye first.

11. Lavender Color Bob Cut Short Bangs

Lavender Bob Cut Short Bangs
Source: instagram/folk_stockholm

This edgy look is one of our personal favorites. Blunt bangs, blunt tips and a cold lavender balayage are the secret ingredients for an edgy style reflecting your personality.

12. Silver Lavender Straight Bob Style Hair

Silver Lavender Straight Bob Style Hair
Source: Pinterest

Bring your hairstyle into focus with this silver base and sweet lavender color punch. Wear your hair straight or adopt a wavy hairstyle – anything goes with this subtle hair color.

13. Deep Lavender Dye Bow Tied Hair

Deep Lavender Dye Bow Tied Hair
Source: instagram/ponipegaso

Dip hair dye in a bright purplish shade? Yes, please! You’re guaranteed an eccentric look with all the added benefits of wearing the moment’s hair color.

14. Pastel Lavender Half Tied Back Hairstyle

Pastel Lavender Half Tied Back Hairstyle
Source: pinterest/gr00vymama3/

The brilliance of this lavender shade seems almost angelic. A perfect fit for women of all ages with lighter complexions, it also brings a summery overtone to your look.

15. Braided Lavender Hair

dutch braid purple hair
Source: instagram/daisukesalon/

Make your hair shine in the spotlight by sporting a waterfall braided hairstyle. Above you can see just one of the countless options you have for a braided updo with lavender hair.

18. Lavender Balayage in Pastel Shades

lavender balayage on short hair

Don’t be afraid to mix and match statement colors for a personal look that’s bound to turn some heads. Particularly when the featured shades are warm pastels combined in a gorgeous balayage.

19. Lavender Grey Hair

grey hair and lavender hair color

Loose waves and layers in addition to the lavender overtone wash away the monotony typically associated with grey hair. A lovely color punch for rainy fall days.

20. Lavender Pixie Haircut

outgrown pixie cut

Pixie haircuts with edgy style elements such as undercuts and intricate patterns are all the rage. Add an even edgier note with this lovely lavender hue.

21. Dark Lavender and Green Ombre

green purple ombre

Wow your entourage with a makeover by playing with these two strong colors. They’re perfect for thick, voluminous hair like the straight locks in the photo above.

22. Light Lavender Color

lavender hair updo

There are only a few hairstyles that can complement this light-toned hair color as nicely as a playful, messy updo. Not only does it look absolutely fab, but it’s also a comfortable and practical hairstyle.

23. Wavy Lavender Layered Hair

wavy lavender hair

This hot pink and lavender balayage is sure to earn you some style points. If you have medium or long hair, rock the look with perfectly styled wavy locks.

24. Lavender Deep Dye

Deep Lavender Hair Dye

Certainly not for the faint of heart, this deep dye hair color idea falls nothing short of mesmerizing.

You can get it as a block color or part of a balayage. No matter which way you choose, the outcome will be  vivid, elegant, and chic.

25. Lavender Silver Hair

Lavender Silver Hairstyle

Just a touch of lavender on dark silver hair can change your entire look. We particularly recommend adding a bit of lavender to a gray foundation for wome4n with long hair.

    26. Lavender Balayage on Dark Hair

    balayage in lavender shades

    This exquisite balayage in lavender hues doesn’t even require the use of bleach. Achieved on a dark base, this is one way to step up the mid-length layered hairstyle.

    27. Lavender Balayage on Brown Hair

    brown lavender hair

    If you needed extra proof that lavender works well with natural brown hair, here it is. Don’t bother covering up the natural color of the roots. The light brown and light lavender shades are perfectly complementary.

    28. Short Lavender Hair

    short lavender hair

    The feminine note brought about by this light lavender tone is nothing short of lovely. It stands out even more when combined with a deep, side-swept, long pixie cut.

    29. Medium-Length Lavender Hair

    medium length lavender hair

    Are you looking for ways to spice up your medium-length layered haircut? Add a touch of lavender to the natural hair color with a subtle balayage.

    30. Bright Lavender on Long Hair

    lavender dye on long hair

    Here you can admire the perfect lavender hue for mermaid hair, which is flattering even for porcelain skin.

    Straight, long hair can easily become a hassle when it comes to new styling ideas.

    Nevertheless, using a vivid and playful hair color can save you the trouble of getting into complicated hairstyles. The tone itself will make you shine.

    31. Lavender Blonde Hair

    lavender balayage on blonde hair

    Ash blonde and subtle lavender notes exude a chic feminine glow when combined in this perfect, luminous balayage. Also, pastel tints are all the rage this year.

    32. Iced Lavender Color

    blue lavender hair color

    Here is another edgy look that’s not for the faint of heart. Notwithstanding, if you’re not willing to adopt the haircut, at least give this iced lavender shade a chance. We bet it will fare among this winter’s top hair color trends.

    33. Lavender Dye for Blonde Hair

    short lavender hair

    Whether you bleached your hair or you have natural blonde hair, it will be the perfect base to obtain this enticing lavender color.

    Visit your hair salon for more tips on how to get this hue and what type of dye to use for bleached or natural hair.

    34. Blonde and Lavender Hair

    lavender blonde balayage

    Add a delicate lavender touch to your bright blonde tresses with this perfect balayage. For an added feminine note, style your hair in bouncy waves.

    35. Lavender Highlights on Blonde Hair

    dark lavender highlights on blonde hair

    If you’re not willing to change your look with a dramatic shade of lavender, try out these beautiful shades for highlights. They’ll create a great visual impact and add a pretty touch of color.

    36. Lavender Gray Hair

    lavender gray hair

    A sleek hairstyle of vintage inspiration featuring flat loose curls couldn’t be fitter as a canvas for these lavender gray hues to fan out. You can never go wrong with big, loose curls, especially if you rock lavender locks.

    37. Lavender Purple Hair

    deep lavender and purple hair

    Doesn’t this hair color idea look gorgeous? We support it as an expertly done balayage combining hot pink, lavender, and purple for genuine mermaid hair results.

    Try out the suggested hairstyles in the image and get even more inspiration for purple hair on our platform.

    38. Lavender Balayage on Brown Hair

    Lavender Balayage on Brown Hair Style

    If you love balayage hairstyles, be prepared to be amazed. Lavender is the idea25l balayage color if your hair is naturally light brown. The cool purple tones will make your natural hair color come to life.

    39. Lavender Brown Hair

    brown hair with lavender balayage

    Show off your lavender hair with a perfectly styled cut. A middle-side and thick straight hair are ideal to showcase the lavender balayage on brown hair.

    Lighter ends add more luminosity and volume, turning the spotlight on the texture and hair color.

    40. Lavender Balayage Highlights

    Balayage highlights in lavender hair color

    A blonde lavender balayage highlighted by the perfect curls makes a great style statement for the chic girls out there.

    The soft lavender notes add just the right feminine touch to the look. The before and after shot above is sure to convince you.

    41. Dark Lavender Hair

    Dark Lavender Hair

    Here, you can check out a lavender shade that’s flattering for both darker and light to medium skin tones.

    The reason why it goes so well for all types of women is the balanced, medium-to-dark lavender used throughout the hair.

    42. Lavender Highlights Balayage

    rosewood lavender balayage highlights

    Do you feel like your hair needs an extra dose of life and energy? There’s nothing like a vivid, energetic color that can help you achieve your goal.

    There’s no better idea than a beautiful color that’s at the top of hair color trends this year.

    43. Black and Lavender Hair

    lavender highlights on dark hair

    This lavender hair idea fans out as a more sober alternative to the summer’s rainbow colors. Nevertheless, the lavender and purple hues are still applied in thin streaks throughout the messy mane.

    44. Lavender Blonde Ombre

    blonde lavender ombre

    This is a personal favorite as far as lavender ombre ideas are concerned. The subtle transgression from light brown to blonde and finally to a toned-down yet intense lavender shade is simply mesmerizing.

    45. Lavender Blonde Highlights

    lavender and blonde highlights

    A light brown base is ideal as a canvas for the blonde and lavender highlights that will bring a fresh note to your hairstyle.

    We recommend this highlights idea for girls who are naturally light-haired or have their hair colored in a similar tone.

    46. Short Bob with Lavender Highlights

    angled bob haircut on dark hair

    Dark hair and dark lavender highlights work together like a charm. If this edgy bob haircut needed any cool addition, the lavender tips strike the right balance.

    47. Lavender Hair Color

    lavender blue hair

    For the artistically-inclined, this iced pastel lavender shade is a must this year. Not only is it a beautiful choice for all hair types and skin tones, but it will also help you shine throughout any season.

    48. Light Lavender

    Light Lavender Hair

    Some hairstyles are bound to stand the test of time. All the same, they deserve some tweaks here and there.

    If you’re looking for the ideal adjustment for a fresh appearance, this soft lavender hue is just the tweak to keep up with trends.

    49. Lavender Long Hair

    long lavender hair

    Everybody dreams of having such a lusty, full mane. While growing out your hair to this length requires loads of patience, the benefit of displaying its full beauty in an intense color makes the waiting time worthwhile.

    50. Short Lavender Haircut

    short bob haircut on lavender hair

    What could you want more than an asymmetric pixie haircut embellished with a rich lavender hue?

    As a result of the combination, you’ll get more volume, luminosity, and your texture will be accentuated.

    This hairstyle is definitely a winner for those of you who want to undergo a refreshing look change.

    51. Faded Lavender Short Haircut

    Faded Lavender Hair Short Cut

    It’s easy to see why short haircuts are so popular with lavender hair. Take a look at the glamorous Kelly Osbourne, for example.

    She rocks her short inverted bob with a spectacular shade of faded lavender. The white undertones also contribute to the dazzling effect.

    52. Metallic Lilac Hair with Shadow Roots

    Metallic Lilac Hair with Shadow Roots

    In recent years, shadow roots have become a style staple for women worldwide.

    If you’re considering keeping your roots dark, go ahead and pair them with a metallic lilac tone for the rest of your hair. You’ll be blown away by the outcome.

    53. Dark Lavender Lowlights

    Dark Lavender Hair Lowlights

    We’ve talked all about highlights, but what about the delightful beauty of lowlights?

    For a chic and subtle touch to your overall hairstyle, throw in some dark lavender lowlights.

    We particularly recommend the idea for girls with brown or black hair.

    54. Lavender with Silver Ombre

    Lavender Hair Ombre with Silver

    Most of the time, we see ombre hairstyles with lavender as the secondary color.

    But what if you dared to step out of your comfort zone and go the other way around?

    For an original approach, use lavender towards your roots and blend out to silver.

    55. Pink, Strawberry Blonde, and Lavender Hair Highlights

    Pink, Strawberry Blonde and Lavender Hair Highlights

    Spring hair color ideas are so wonderful that you can rock them all year round.

    If you want to truly stand out among your friends, mix lavender highlights with strawberry blonde and pink streaks.

    You’ll be amazed by how much your unique hairstyle glows!

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    So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

    To conclude, we’re confident that our collection of lavender hair ideas will be useful when planning your courageous hair color change.

    Although lavender isn’t an idea fit for all women, the variety of tones available make it a surprisingly flexible hair color.

    You can try out a flashy shade or tone yours down to a subtle lavender tint.

    When you’ve made your decision, go ahead and share it with us in a comment below!

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