Bob Hairstyles: All the Ways to Cut & Style Them!

No haircut has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years quite like the bob. Whether we’re talking about long, medium, or short bob hairstyles, the conclusion is the same. We simply can’t get enough of them.

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If long locks used to be the primary beauty standard, things couldn’t be more different nowadays. Thanks to the many different chic and messy bob hairstyles, women have now fully embraced this shorter hair alternative, and so we’re here for it.

The bob comes in numerous shapes and sizes. While some women are flattered by angled bob hairstyles, for example, others look better with stacked bob hairstyles. With that aspect in mind, how are you supposed to know which type to go for? 

The aim of our guide is to help you in this very process. We’ll be breaking down the bob haircuts and hairstyles available for you. From there, you can make an informed decision that caters to your hair type, face shape, and more. Let’s get to work!

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1. Short Bob Hairstyles

If length isn’t an issue for you, definitely go for a short bob haircut. At most, the hair will reach your jawline. On the flip side, it can be as super short as eye level.

Short bob hairstyles are perfect for women who want to accentuate their faces or certain facial features. Happily enough, a short bob can complement any face shape when cut the right way.

Overall, keep in mind that the areas where the margins of your haircut fall will be the most emphasized. For instance, a bob that reaches the top of your ear will highlight your cheekbones.

2. Medium Bob Hairstyles

However, short bobs can sometimes make you seem older than you are. For a less mature alternative, you can explore the world of medium bob hairstyles.

A balanced choice, the medium bob style usually falls halfway down your neck. Most of the time, it adds a playful touch to your appearance.

The mid length bob is short enough to show that you’re not afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Simultaneously, it’s not quite a super elegant long bob.

3. Long Bob Hairstyles

Speaking of which, it’s high time we dive into the highly coveted lob hairstyles. In case you’re wondering what on earth a lob is, the term is the shortened version for “long bob”.

In general, lobs are preferred by women who want to go shorter with their hairstyle without chopping off too much hair. A long bob usually ends at the base of the neck, but it can be even longer and even go as far as shoulder length. 

4. Blunt Bob Cut Hairstyles

Now, we’ll proceed with the diverse cutting techniques associated with bobs. For starters, we have the ultra sleek blunt bob. As expected, the tips of the hair are cut in a blunt line.

The bob approach is most suitable for women with naturally straight hair. Otherwise, if you have to straighten your hair to emphasize the line, you’re in for quite the amount of daily maintenance.

In addition, to make the symmetry of your blunt bob stand out, we encourage you to style your hair with a middle part.

5. Choppy and Messy Bob Hairstyles

As of late, choppy bobs have become a summer favorite. The style helps you obtain the beach waves that all girls are raving about.

As of late, choppy bobs have become a summer favorite. This style helps you obtain the beach waves all girls rave about and you can be sure you’ll surf that hair trend like a diva. 

At the same time, a choppy bob can significantly lift your locks. Regardless if you have fine or thick hair, they will enjoy a whimsical dose of volume. We particularly recommend the silhouette for women with wavy hair.

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6. Stacked Bob Hairstyles

If you thought the choppy bob provided volume, wait till you see the stacked bob. Indeed, it’s typically shorter than its messy alternative. Notwithstanding, it boosts your hair like never before.

In a nutshell, the stacked bob uses overlapping layers to create more volume. For that reason, it’s one of the most effective bob hairstyles for fine hair.

All the same, do note that the stacked bob also increases the size of your head. Consequently, it’s more appropriate for women with smaller heads and faces.

7. Inverted Bob Haircuts

An inverted bob can create angles in all the right places. By definition, the haircut starts shorter in the back and gets slightly longer towards the front.

While there are various types of inverted bobs, they all serve the same purpose. Any inverted bob can sharpen edges and contour your face beautifully.

After you’ve decided on the length, you can incorporate more personality-enhancing features, such as heavy layers.

8. A-Line Bob Haircuts

For the bold, unapologetic, and assertive women we present the A-line bob haircut. As you can probably guess from the name, the A-line bob follows the shape of an A from back to front.

What makes the A-line bob stand out from other inverted bobs is its sharp angle. In many cases, the difference from one end to the other can be huge. Still, you can keep your A-line low key, if preferred.

9. Angled Bob Hairstyles

To put it shortly, the angled bob category encompasses all bob haircuts that don’t fall in a straight line. It includes the inverted and the A-line bob hairstyles we just spoke about.

Oftentimes, the angle will be oriented towards the front. Be that as it may, you can also flip the approach and go from shorter to longer at your nape.

10. Side-Swept Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Any bob hairstyles can reach new levels of awesomeness with a sensational set of bangs. Thankfully, there are more than enough fringe styles for you to choose from.

To begin with, we have the ever-trending side bangs. Judging by their multi-decade popularity, we’re certain they won’t go out of style soon.

Even more so, side-swept bangs look wonderful on girls and women of all ages. When paired with a bob haircut, side bangs will add a girly vibe to your presence.

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11. Straight Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

If you’re all about precision, you can opt for a set of full, straight, blunt bangs. Naturally, it’s easier to nail the look if you were born with straight hair.

In addition to blunt bangs, there are also other kinds of straight fringes you can experiment with. For example, curtain bangs are making a massive comeback lately for their retro beauty.

12. Layered Bob Hairstyles

When it comes to full, rich, voluminous hairstyles, layers are an indispensable element. As far as bob haircuts go, layers play a major role in lifting locks for the bobbing effect.

You can work layers into your bob hairstyle in countless different ways. But if visible texture is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get as many layers as possible.

By the way, you can also get inspired by our guide for all short layered haircuts too!

13. Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Are courage, attitude, and confidence all definitive qualities for you? Then the asymmetrical bob is likely the hairstyle of your dreams as it’s the perfect fit for a cool girl!

It’s one of the coolest bob hairstyles for women who know what they want and aren’t scared to show it. You can make the asymmetry as dramatic or subtle as you’d like, knowing the outcome will look gorgeous!

14. Spiky Bob Haircuts

While we’re on the topic of attitude, we have yet another sassy bob haircut we’re sure you’ll adore. Spiky bob hairstyles are perfect for gals with strong personalities.

In many cases, women in their 30s or over choose spiky bobs to bring out their youthful side. The hair on the crown of the head is spiked at the back, often continuing towards the nape.

To complete the look, the rest of the hair is usually cut in jagged layers. The lady in this example also went with highlights in a bold hair color to further accentuate the layers. 

15. Curly Bob Hairstyles

Are you tired of dealing with long ringlets that never seem to fall in place the right way? A bob haircut is ideal for any girl with naturally curly hair who longs for a smart change of look.

Still, there is a must-know aspect related to short curly haircuts. Due to the tight and bouncy nature of curls, they will always appear to be shorter than usual.

With that thought in mind, add one or two inches when calculating the final length of your bob if you don’t want to have too short hair.

16. Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Close to curls, we also have the cutest bobs for women with wavy hair. Wavy bob hairstyles can be either short or long and look fabulous. However, medium-length bobs end to obtain the ideal balance.

Even if your hair isn’t remarkably wavy, bob haircuts can help you get that extra swirl. If you want to accentuate your waves, add choppy layers throughout your bob. A curling wand can also help add definition. 

17. Pob Hairstyles

If you didn’t grow up with the Spice Girls, you should know that it is the most iconic girl band of the 90s. Their influence on pop culture is immeasurable and can be felt to this very day.

Aside from fashion, the Girls also had a long-lasting impact on beauty trends even after their peak days in the music industry. Posh Spice – whom everyone knows today as Victoria Beckham – has blessed us with what we know simply as the “pob”.

The word pob combines Posh and bob to describe the short and spicy haircut associated with the pop star. It’s fun, cute, and ideal for women with long, oval, or heart-shaped faces.

So you aren’t perfectly sure what your face shape is? Then be sure to check out our guide on how to determine your face shape too!

18. Pageboy Bob Hairstyles

We’ll go even further back in time to the height of the pageboy haircut. As a predecessor of the bob we know today, the pageboy is a cool retro haircut that works for both women and men.

Although it was most popular in the 60s, the pageboy haircut remains a stylish throwback. As with many other bob hairstyles, it works best with straight hair.

19. Textured Bob Haircuts

There are various ways you can attain texture in bob hairstyles. Most often, a layered cutting technique is used to provide texture. Nonetheless, you can also get emphasized texture through the styling.

For example, ruffle your hair and use a bit of styling product to define the individual locks in your bob. Having wavy or curly hair will greatly help you get the results you’re looking for.

20. Feathered Bob Haircuts

Fine hair? Don’t care! With a feathered bob haircut, you can use the apparent drawback to your advantage. The texture you get in the end will be incredible.

Essentially, feathered hairstyles are layered haircuts executed with a specific approach. Instead of sectioning the hair into fewer chunky pieces, the layers are numerous and wispy.

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21. Faux Bob Hairstyles

Not all bob hairstyles have to come with a permanent makeover. So ladies who aren’t 100% sure about cutting their locks just yet can let out a sigh of relief.

The faux bob is one of the oldest tricks in the bob handbook. With a handful of bobby pins, some hairspray, and a good amount of patience, you can create one too.

At its core, the technique consists of folding pieces of hair inwards and pinning them underneath. For faux bobs, we recommend curling your hair – if it isn’t naturally textured.

22. Vintage Bob Haircuts

We’re long-time fans of vintage hairstyles and everything that oozes the trademark classiness of the first half of the 20th century.

As a result, you can imagine how much we adore the 1920s “Dutch” bob cut rocked by icons like Louise Brooks (seen in picture above), Colleen Moore, or Mary Thurman.

The signature bob of the time featured full, blunt bangs cropped just above the eyebrows. As for the main body, the hair typically fell to nose-length, with the edges turned inwards.

vintage bob looks gif
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23. Mushroom Bob Haircuts

Yet another retro classic is the mushroom bob hairstyle. Even though it comes in close to the pageboy haircut, the mushroom bob is shorter and resembles – you guessed it – a mushroom.

All in all, the hairstyle is chic and cute at the same time. Owing to its minimal length, the mushroom bob helps highlight the jawline, neck, and collarbone.

24. Braided Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

In addition, we enjoy a variety of bob hairstyles for black women that cater to the needs of natural hair. Braided bob hairstyles, for instance, are a great way to protect afro-textured hair, all in a glamorous manner.

You can choose from multiple braiding techniques for your protective bob. Box braids are just one example, and a highly popular one to boot.

If you want to see what other options you have, check out our complete guide for braid styles.

25. Dreadlocks Bob Haircuts

Alternatively, you can complement your bob haircut with dreadlocks (or vice-versa). Likewise, bob hairstyles look beautiful with all sorts of dreadlock styles.

If you want to make your bob haircut feminine and voluminous, try pairing it with some curled dreads. You can crop them at an angle for additional definition.

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26. Crochet Bob Hairstyles

On yet another similar note, crochet braids are absolutely stunning when cut into a bob silhouette. Another advantage they present is the natural aspect of the curls.

Given the curliness of crochet braids, you can get them cut into layers. For a rounder shape, keep the layers shorter towards the middle and gradually longer as you progress towards the base.

27. Twists Bob Haircuts

Any type of twists looks spectacular with a bob haircut. Whether you want Senegalese twists, kinky twists or something in between, the outcome will blow you away.

With a twisted bob, we recommend going for a side part too. Your braids will flow down in a flattering way. Feel free to keep them all at the same length or try an inverted or asymmetrical approach.

28. Faux Locs Bob Haircuts

There’s no doubting that faux locs are fabulous!. Whether you get them in a single color or a full palette of tones, faux locs will protect your natural hair in a lovely manner.

By getting your locs as a bob hairstyle, you’ll have an easygoing, low maintenance alternative to long locs extensions. You can even use some low layers for more shape and definition.

29. Afro Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

But what if you have already succeeded in getting your natural curls to an impressive length? You can show them off with pride by sporting an afro bob hairstyle.

Owing to the bounciness and natural volume your curls come with, your locks will bob around your head with little to no effort. We only recommend working with a professional who has experience in cutting afro-textured hair.

30. Pixie Bob Hairstyles

The bob’s little sister is a short haircut that we’ve grown to love unconditionally. Of course, we’re referring to the pixie cut.

Although the pixie cut is far shorter than the bob, there is a way you can retain elements from both. For example, you can take the long side bangs associated with most pixie cuts. Add some length to the front and back and you’ll have a superb pixie bob.

Moreover, this hybrid haircut is ideal if you previously had a short pixie cut and you want to transition to longer hairstyles.

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31. Undercut Bob Hairstyles

Want to take your inner edginess to the max? Spice up your bob hairstyle with an undercut!

Yes, undercuts do come with their fair share of pros and cons. Indeed, they’re a super badass way to show that you don’t want to conform to outdated beauty standards. However, if you ever want to grow your hair back, the process will be painstakingly long and annoying.

To deal with the downsides of an undercut, you can choose to get yours as a bottom layer for your bob. That way, in case you’ll want your hair to grow back at one point, the transition won’t be as visible.

32. Wedge Bob Haircuts

Like quite a few other bob hairstyles we’ve covered, the wedge haircut has a distinctive retro shine to it. The style gets its name from the wedge shape it forms at the back of the head.

In essence, a wedge haircut is a bob haircut with its own particular silhouette. About halfway down through the hair, shorter layers are worked in to provide volume at the top.

33. Bowl Cut Bob Hairstyles

Under the same category, we also have the awesome androgynous bowl cut. Even though we may have dreaded the bowl cut as kids, the modern version is as cool as it can be.

An original take on the bowl cut bob is to equally combine the two haircuts. In other words, you can leave the signature bob shape for the back and use the cropped bowl for the front.

34. Piecey Bob Haircuts

No matter what we do, we always find ourselves swooning at the sight of layered, textured haircuts. The same goes for the piecey bob.

When you strip everything away, it’s basically a layered bob haircut. Nevertheless, the way the layers are executed makes the whole difference.

The wide pieces look outstanding not only on women with fine hair but also on those with thick locks.

35. Razor Bob Hairstyles

Finally, we’ll wrap up our selection of bob hairstyles with a wicked idea for rebellious girls. For years now, shaved hairstyles have been used by both gals and guys to make a statement through their appearance.

If you feel that your bob lacks personality, go ahead and shave one side. We recommend parting your hair to the side and shaving the part that doesn’t contain your bangs.

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How to Choose a Specific Bob Haircut

When choosing a specific bob haircut, we recommend keeping the following aspects in mind:

1. Length

How short do you want your hairstyle to be? If you’re anxiously transitioning from super long hair, think about starting off with a lob haircut.

2. Texture

What kind of hair do you have? Curly bob hairstyles, for instance, will always be shorter when they’re dry (as opposed to wet).

3. Thickness

If you struggle with fine hair, choose a layered or textured bob to liven it up. Women with thick locks, on the other hand, need to choose a silhouette that won’t result in exaggerated volume.

4. Features

What facial features do you have? With the right bob, you can sharpen a jawline, highlight your best feature, or conceal a not-so-flattering aspect.

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Therefore, it’s easy to understand why bob hairstyles are such a beloved makeover option among women. The haircut is playful, sexy, and flattering for pretty much any gal.

All in all, the bob truly can work wonders for giving you that glow up you’ve always dreamed of. Take a deep breath, be bold, and start fearlessly cutting. You’ve got this!

Now that you know them, do tell us: which of these bob hairstyles is YOUR favorite?

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