50 Beautiful Long Bob or Lob Haircuts You Must Try Out!

Lob, short for “long bob”, is a haircut that’s been around for years, and from the looks of it, it’s here to stay.

With so many different ways to style lob haircuts, they are sure to last for years to come.

While celebrities tend to keep the lob cut trending, everyday women have been able to wear stylish lobs with even more unique looks.

If you’re thinking of cutting your hair and can’t quite figure out what style you want to go with, we’ve gathered 50 of the best lob haircuts to offer you a variety of ideas to choose from.

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1. Classic Lob Haircut

Classic Lob Haircut


This classic lob can simply do no wrong. Both sides are slightly bumped at the ends for a gentle curve effect just above the shoulder.

2. Long Bob With a Front Swoop

Long Bob With a Front Swoop


Achieve this style can be done by running your fingers through the top of your hair and bringing it forward. Darker makeup will complement the darker tones of this particular style.

3. Long Bob with Fringe Bangs

Long Bob with Fringe Bangs


When you want a more carefree look, go with these fringe bangs and loose waves. Lob haircuts such as this are as carefree as it gets!

4. Angled Blonde Lob

Angled Blonde Lob


The angles of this lob coupled with straight ends are perfect for anything in your wardrobe. Whether it be formal or casual wear, this angled bob is just as versatile.

5. Curly Textured Lob

Curly Textured Lob


Who said you can’t have big hair and a lob at the same time? The curls on display here are all that’s needed for full and curly lob haircuts for thick hair.

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6. Gray Teased Long Bob

Gray Teased Long Bob


Gray makes this long bob stand out as a work of art. Flip one side behind the ear, give it a quick tease, then go on about your day!

7. The Professional Lob

The Professional Lob


As simple as it may seem, try this lob for work and business meetings. It’s also a great style for lob haircuts for thin hair.

8. Twists and Turns Lob

Twists and Turns Lob


Show off your new highlights with this shoulder-length lob full of twists and turns. Not to worry, it can easily be transformed into a straight bob when desired.

9. Long Bob Illusion

Long Bob Illusion


If you’re obsessed with the look of short lob haircuts, but not ready to commit to losing your length, add some waves and angles to give it a slight illusion.

10. Fully Textured Long Bob

Fully Textured Long Bob


Not everyone can’t pull off big hair. But the way these fully textured curls fall into place makes it worth the effort.

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11. Shaggy Lob

Shaggy Lob


As cool as can be, the very best lob haircuts are flexible. Whether out for coffee, or riding a bike, this shaggy style lob will fit any occasion.

12. Blue Hombre Wavy Bob

Blue Hombre Wavy Bob


Don’t be afraid to play around with color. Try this blue/green ombre color on your wavy lob and see how many compliments you’ll get!

13. Get Up & Go! Lob

Get Up & Go Lob


Live freely without having to worry about your hair. Maintain this fabulous behind the ear look with little effort. Just get up, shake, and go!

14. Loose and Wavy Lob

Loose and Wavy Lob


Loose waves are perfect for bringing out those gorgeous highlights. Try this look and you won’t be able to keep your hands out of your hair.

15. Pulled Back Bob

Pulled Back Bob


Add accessories to your bob if you want to change the entire look. Try this style to keep your hair off your face on a hot day.

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16. ‘Color Me Red’ Lob

‘Color Me Red’ Lob


Your lob will be the talk of the town with this bright red color change. Add a few loose curls and bangs to encourage your new color to shine through.

17. Long Bob Topped With a Hat

Long Bob Topped With a Hat


Nothing goes more perfectly with lob haircuts with bangs like a wide brim hat. Wearing your hat on the crown of your head will keep your lob as the main focus.

18. Simple Wavy Lob

Simple Wavy Lob


When your hair isn’t as thick as desired, lob haircuts for fine hair like the one featured here are all you need. Add a few big waves and that’s it!

19. Lob Knots

Lob Knots


Here’s a beautiful way to add variety to lob haircuts. Leave out a few loose tendrils on the side gives this bun knot a more classy look.

20. Elegant Lob Updo

Elegant Lob Updo


Whether you’re going to a wedding or you’re the one getting married, try this elegant updo and instantly become the center of attention!

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21. French Twist Fun Lob

Fun Lob Style


Have fun with your long bob by adding a few French twists. Complete the style with a cute bun on each side.

22. Natural Long Bob

Natural Long Bob


Big hair, don’t care! Let your natural waves and curls flow. When you have such a thick mane as this, try letting your lob just do as it pleases.

23. Shaggy Layered Lob

Shaggy Layered Lob


Layered lob haircuts with a shaggy finish are ideal for the nightlife. The best lob haircuts will let you shake your hair all night and still look great!

24. Top Knot Lob

Top Knot Lob


Take it up a notch and add variety to your lob! Give this look a try by pulling a handful of your lob into a knot and let the rest hang out.

25. Trendy Lobs

Trendy Lobs


Tie a scarf or headband around your wavy lob to give it an entirely different look. Lob haircuts will never get boring if you dare to accessorize.

26. Sassy Blonde Angled Lob

Sassy Blonde Angled Lob


When you know your haircut is amazing, you’re not afraid to switch it up. Angles, colors, top pony tales, whatever you want will work with this cut.

27. Rainbow Bob

Rainbow Bob


Let your stylist be free. You never know what you’ll get. This lob style came out wonderfully. The oil slick look that these colors created is simply beautiful!

28. Lobs & Braids

Lobs & Braids


Inserting random braids to lob haircuts is as easy as pie! Go ahead and transform your look by adding braids anywhere you please.

29. Twists and Top Bun Lob

Twists and Top Bun Lob


Let your long natural twists hang freely and pull a few up into a top bun. Why not? You can be as versatile as you want with hair this luxurious.

30. Deep Pink Long Bob

Deep Pink Long Bob


Wow the crowds and make every head turn when you casually walk into any room with this amazing pink under-curled bob. One word describes this look: extravagant!

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31. Tamed Lob

Tamed Lob


Keep your wild hair tamed as much as you can, but when it refuses to behave, lob hairstyles that will conform to your hair pattern is all you need.

32. Gray Hombre Choppy Lob

Gray Hombre Lob


You don’t have to always have a blunt cut or one color in your hair. Give your lob some variety with choppy ends and hombre gray color change.

33. Curly Lob

Curly Lob


Curly lob haircuts are not going anywhere. So go ahead and get the rods and curlers out and join the curly lob crowd. You know you want to.

34. Cotton Candy Lob

Cotton Candy Lob


Soften up lob hairstyles with this cotton candy pink color. Add loose waves and spirals all over and then go on about your day worry-free.

35. Deep Wave Long Bob

Deep Wave Long Bob


Show off your deep waves with this long bob style. The versatility of this look is endless when you have the length and fullness as in this style.

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36. Sophisticated Lob

Sophisticated Lob


Sleek, classy, multifaceted, and easy to keep. This is what comes to mind when you couple a soft bang with even softer waves on display in this sophisticated bob haircut.

37. Lob of Endless Curls

Lob of Endless Curls


Let your curling iron have its way with your hair to pull off this look. Lob hairstyles hold up great under the pressure of hot curls.

38. Pastel Bun Bob

Pastel Bun Bob


Take a risk with color and create several lob hairstyles in one. Let your stylist play with colors and add a pulled back bun while you’re at it.

39. Naturally Wavy Lob

Naturally Wavy Lob


Put your natural waves on full display while your beautiful blond highlights take center stage. Lob haircuts come alive when you allow your natural wave pattern to be free.

40. A Lob-ful of Curls

A Lob-ful of Curls


Your thick hair will never be the same when you try this curly long bob style. Lob haircuts on thick hair are unbelievably flexible and easier to style than you think.

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41. Tight & Curly Full Lob

Tight & Curly Full Lob


Wear your tight natural curl pattern however you desire, but when you have the length for a long, full and curly bob, do yourself a favor and go for it!

42. Curly Over-the-Eye Lob

Curly Over-the-Eye Lob


With full and voluptuous curls like these, you can do almost anything to your lob. Throw one side over your eye if you want. It’ll still look fabulous.

43. Spiraling Long Bob

Spiraling Long Bob


Let your hair spiral out of control, literally! If you don’t have the length, add clip-ons or extensions. No one will ever know with all of these lovely tresses.

44. Curly Bangs Lob

Curly Bangs Lob


Curly bangs resting ever so softly on the face is the main focus of this lob hairstyle. When your hair is this perfect, it really doesn’t matter what outfit you wear.

45. Behind the Ear Lob

Behind the Ear Lob


Listen up! You don’t always have to follow the lob-wearing crowd. It’s your hair, you can pull it behind your ear if you want to!

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46. Blonde Blunt Bob

Blonde Blunt Bob


Perfect blunt lob haircuts look just like this. There isn’t a strand out of place and it looks absolutely stunning! Treat yourself to this style and thank us later.

47. Side Curl Lob

Side Curl Lob


The curl pattern peaking from the roots in this lob hairstyle all but forces a side part. Don’t fight it! Lob haircuts with natural wave patterns don’t require much work.

48. Bone Straight Bob

Bone Straight Bob


Yes, curls are gorgeous, but if you can pull off a bone straight long bob, by all means, give it a try!

49. Textured Top Bun Lob

Textured Top Bun Lob


Naturally textured hair is far more versatile than we give it credit. A fresh trim and a big top bun can turn a blow-dried lob into a breathtaking updo in minutes.

50. Lob With an Off-Centered Part

Lob With an Off-Centered Part


Lob haircuts are not always perfect, but sometimes this is done on purpose. So what if your middle part is off-centered. It still looks stunning!

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

Fifty different lob hairstyles, from tight coils to bone straight blunt cuts, and none were disappointing.

Just when you thought there weren’t any more ways to style your long bob, we showed you how accessories, braids, buns, and color can give you that much needed inspiration.

So don’t be afraid to shift your middle part to the side or add a random braid. It’s even okay to incorporate clip-on and extensions to achieve a fuller look.

Whether you decide to try one or all of these styles, let us know which ones you liked best. We’d love to hear from you!

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