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Senegalese Twists 50 Spectacular Styling Ideas

Jumbo Senegalese Twist

The Senegalese twist is one of the most beloved African hairstyles, known and worn by women all around the world.

These versatile braids are also known as ‘rope twists’ and are also categorized as being a protective hairstyle.

In addition to their shielding properties, Senegalese twists are also beautiful to wear.

See how you can rock yours below!

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1. Jumbo Senegalese Twist

Jumbo Senegalese Twist

With Senegalese twists, there are different sizes you can choose from. Jumbo twists are quite popular, owing to the dynamism they provide for your overall look.

2. Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyle

When it comes to styling your Senegalese twist, this is by far one of the most frequently used hairdos. In a nutshell, it consists in parting your hair half up half down and wrapping the top part in a large, turban-like bun.

3. Crochet Senegalese Twist

Crochet Senegalese Twist

If you’re considering getting crochet Senegalese twists, this is how the final results may turn out. They’re sleek, stylish and a gorgeous hairstyle choice for African American women.

4. Twists with Side Part

Twists with Side Part

In most cases, you will find Senegalese twists swept to the back or with a middle part. However, a side part really brings a feminine touch to the whole look.

5. Medium Senegalese Twist

Medium Senegalese Twist

Some prefer jumbo twists, others like small ones better. Nevertheless, we also have the medium category, with Senegalese twists that aren’t too wide or too narrow. This is what a well-balanced set of twists looks like.

6. Large Senegalese Twists

Large Senegalese Twists

While these twists are indeed big, they’re not quite jumbo like the first ones we presented. Instead, they’re a bit larger than medium twists, just enough to be well-defined and subtle at the same time.

7. Gold Accessories

Gold Accessories

Hair jewelry is becoming more and more trendier, and it’s also the perfect accessory for your Senegalese twists. A golden chain accessory like this one will bring your whole hairstyle to life.

8. Palm Tree Ponytails

Palm Tree Ponytails

You’ll often find that ponytails are an easy way to style your Senegalese twists so they won’t get in the way. This high ponytail has a palm tree-like effect that allows your twists to fall gracefully on all sides.

9. Small Senegalese Twists

Small Senegalese Twists

After covering the larger categories of Senegalese twists, we also have the smaller varieties. These thin twists, for example, might take more time to braid, but they look outstanding.

10. Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories

If you don’t prefer a piece of hair jewelry with lots of chains, you can go for one like this. Instead of having two chains on each side, it is decorated with small golden discs all around.

11. Senegalese Twist Bun

Senegalese Twist Bun

As far as Senegalese twist updos are in discussion, this one is just as popular as the half up half down version. It’s comfortable and chic, simply perfect for hot summer days or your favorite street style outfit.

12. Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles

Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles

Numerous public figures have rocked Senegalese twists throughout the years. Among them, Brandy wears them with her head high. The singer’s lovely hairstyle in this photo combines a fancy chignon with a vintage style top part.

13. Half Up Top Knots

Half Up Top Knots

If you don’t want to have the turban-like effect to your bun, you can also try this half up half down hairstyle out. It uses fewer twists and results in a chic top knot.

14. Senegalese Twist Updo

Senegalese Twist Updo

This is an amazing updo fit for even the fanciest of events. While the sleek ponytail is pretty basic, the top part is elegantly wrapped to shape the whole hairstyle in a unique way.

15. Long Senegalese Twists

Long Senegalese Twists

Even though there are girls out there that rock short twists, you will almost always see them long. If you want your twists to be waist-length, consider getting extensions or having the patience to grow out your natural hair.

16. Hats and Twists

Hats and Twists

This African hairstyle is adorable when paired with a tasteful hat. In this photo, you can see a casual white sun hat that’s more than appropriate for going out during summer.

17. Blonde Senegalese Twist

Blonde Senegalese Twist

Although black or dark brown are the most popular colors for these twists, blonde is also a sweet alternative. It contrasts beautifully with dark roots, so go for this option if you want a two-tone look.

18. Metallic Colors

Metallic Colors

You can also experiment with metallic colors like this gold bronze shade. It looks absolutely fabulous against darker toned skin, so this is a solution that African American women should definitely take into consideration.

19. Red Senegalese Twist

Red Senegalese Twist

In addition to blonde and black, you will also find gals who rock red twists flawlessly. Add a sweeping half up hairdo like this one and you’ve got a look that will certainly make heads turn.

20. Braids with Highlights

Braids with Highlights

Another creative way to enhance your twists is by scattering a few highlights in the color of your choice through them. In this example, you can see how a bit of blue can make the entire hairstyle look even more eye catching.

21. Swept to the Side

Swept to the Side

If you’re out of ideas for styling your twists, you can always go for something simple yet effective. For instance, this look involves sweeping a bit of the top part to the side and pinning up the tips.

22. Micro Senegalese Twist

Micro Senegalese Twist

Indeed, there is a distinctive category for the narrowest Senegalese twists. Often regarded as ‘micro’, these super thin twists strongly resemble natural hair, making them a favorite for many African American women.

23. Ombre Senegalese Twist

Ombre Senegalese Twist

What better way to stand out than by combining your favorite colors in your hair? This is a spectacular example of how ombre hair looks when twisted in these braids. The gradient from deep violet to lavender makes the result all the more special.

24. Silver Gray Twists

Silver Grey Twists

If you’re up to date with the latest hair trends, you will clearly see that shades of silver, gray and ash blonde are all the rage. So why not incorporate this tasteful trend into your braids? This is how they might turn out.

25. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids

Even though Senegalese twists are already braids, that doesn’t mean that you can’t braid them even more. This intricate fishtail braid definitely has the ‘wow’ factor going.

26. Senegalese Twist with Marley Hair

Senegalese Twist with Marley Hair

Have Marley hair and want to mix it with Senegalese twists? No problem at all; you’ll love the final impact. P.S. you can add a small hair bead like the one in the photo above for even more eye candy.

27. Senegalese Twist Mohawk

Senegalese Twist Mohawk

Even though this isn’t literally a mohawk, the cornrow sides provide an exceptional faux hawk for you to strut your stuff with. As you can see, the top part is made entirely with Senegalese twists, so think about this look if you want to take a walk on the wild side.

28. Pompadours


Ever since the 50s, the pompadour has been a symbol of refinement for women and men alike. You can sport this retro hairstyle if you want to glam up your whole look.

29. Slicked Back Half Up Half Downs

Sleeked Back Half Up Half Downs

If you’re not in the mood for buns or intricate updos, you can always sweep back your twists and tie them half up half down. They won’t get into your eyes and you’ll enjoy a laid back and classy hairstyle.

30. Senegalese Twists on Natural Hair

Senegalese Twists on Natural Hair

This is an example of how these braids look on natural hair in the process of growing out. As you already know, this is a protective hairstyle that you can count on for keeping your natural hair happy and healthy.

31. Elegant Low Buns

Elegant Low Buns

Nothing can quite compare to the elegance provided by a low bun or chignon. To make this hairstyle look even sleeker, consider parting your braids to the side. Now you’re ready to hit the red carpet!

32. Chunky Senegalese Twists

Chunky Senegalese Twists

If you want braids that surpass jumbo, you can always go for chunky. These types of Senegalese twists are sweet, original and playful all at the same time. Don’t forget about a few hair beads to accentuate the braids.

33. Hot Pink Twists

Hot Pink Twists

Love pink and not afraid to show it? Go for a set of marvelous hot pink braids. This is the perfect alternative for girly girls that want to express their femininity through their hairstyle.

34. Long Senegalese Twist

Brown Senegalese Twist

If you’d rather go for a more natural color for your braids, brown is always a wonderful idea. While it’s not black like most braids of this kind, it’s not too flashy or hard to pair with colorful outfits.

35. Twisted Half Up Ponytails

Twisted Half Up Ponytails

Take your half up half down hairstyle to a whole new level with a simple touch. After getting the half up ponytail ready, part it in two and twist the two bunches of braids.

36. Royal Blue Twists

Royal Blue Twists

Bright blue is yet another outgoing color you can get your braids in if you want to express yourself freely. It looks fantastic with various colors, so don’t think it would be too complicated to wear.

37. Curly Senegalese Twist

Curly Senegalese Twist

You’ll often see women with curled twists for more volume. Also, you can get half of your hair done in twists and leave the rest naturally curly, whichever way suits you better.

38. Side Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Side Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Another way to braid your twists is with this creative low side ponytail. The chunky braid defines your face shape gorgeously.

39. Classy Round Bun

Classy Round Bun

This low bun is an amazing idea if you have medium sized Senegalese twists. All you have to do is pull them back and wrap them around in a classy bun.

40. Senegalese Twist with Hair Crowns

Senegalese Twist with Hair Crowns

You can obtain a crown-like effect by twists your braids to the side. Leave the rest of your braids over one shoulder to allow the opposite one elegantly revealed.

41. Half Up and Twisted Back

Half Up and Twisted Back

Half up half down hairstyles are clearly some of the hottest ways you can style your braids. This back crown is achieved by twisting your hair on the sides inwards and pinning them together in the middle, at the back of your neck.

42. Senegalese Twist with Color

Senegalese Twist with Color

If pink, purple or red aren’t for you, any shade of purple is always a good idea. If you don’t want to stand out too much, we recommend going for a darker tone, like the plum color in the photo above.

43. African Roots

African Roots

In the end, the Senegalese twist is an authentic African hairstyle. If you want to honor your roots through your hairstyle, you can ‘decorate’ your braids with this magnificent Nigerian head wrap.

44. Senegalese Twist Updo Hairstyles

Senegalese Twist Updo Hairstyles

The key to obtaining this fab half up hairstyle with your twists is to create multiple parts. Take each bunch of braids afterwards and weave them one over the other.

45. Alternative Hat and Twists

Alternative Hats and Twists

This cute bowler hat is another option for headwear to complement your twists. You can use it as an accessory for a casual outfit for a dose of effortless style.

46. Cute Side Updos

Cute Side Updos

If you love looks that are out of the box, don’t hesitate to experiment with your updo. Sweeping it to the side, for example, is a great way to let your personality shine through your hairstyle.

47. Medium Sized Senegalese Twists

Medium Sized Senegalese Twists

This is another example of how medium twists look like. You can also use this as a model for parting your roots into small squares.

48. Colored Senegalese Twists

Colored Senegalese Twists

You can also concentrate your highlights on just one area of your braids to define them. Highlighting just the top makes any updo look exceptional, as well as when you leave your hair down.

49. White Twists

White Twists

For the free spirit, white braids are an awesome idea. The contrast with a darker skin tone is astounding, as well as the all-around impression the look leaves.

50. Sweet Half Up Half Down Styles

Sweet Half Up Half Down Styles

To conclude our Senegalese twist ideas, get inspired by this super cute half up hairstyle with a vintage twist. Like we previously explained, you can unwrap your twists from the second half of your hair for a curly effect.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

All in all, there is definitely a Senegalese twist hairstyle out there suitable for your preferences.

Don’t hesitate to try out different widths or colors until you get the results you desire.

Whichever style you go for, make sure that it’s one you can style with ease and that you’ll feel comfortable and confident with.

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