In With the New Retro with These 50 Pageboy Haircuts

From The Beatles, Frida Lyngstad of ABBA, Andy Warhol and more, celebrities from the 50s to 70s have been sporting the pageboy haircut for decades.

We all know that trends have a tendency to make major comebacks, and the retro pageboy is no exception.

See how you can get a classic or modern pageboy cut to flatter your personal style below!

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1. Classic Pageboy Haircut

If we were to choose just one photo to describe the classic pageboy, this one would definitely be it.

The shot showcases the timeless pageboy haircut that trended in the 70s, simply perfect if you want to channel your inner Dancing Queen.

2. Messy Pageboy Hairstyle

However, if you want to adapt your pageboy to the times, we recommend going for a more careless approach.

In other words, you can get the traditional foundation, but spice it up with a messy hairstyle. The photo above is the perfect reference.

3. Mushroom Pageboy Haircut

It’s clear that the pageboy haircut is the close relative of the wedge haircut, popular during the same period. If you want to accentuate the wedge part of the haircut, we recommend going for a mushroom-inspired silhouette.

4. Choppy Pageboy Style

Nowadays, the pageboy haircut is far more laid back than its mid-20th-century predecessor.

If you want to get with the current times, you should draw inspiration from the former outline and add your own spin to the look with a choppy hairstyle.

5. Long Pageboy Haircut

There are various lengths that you can use with your pageboy haircut, which range from ear-length to shoulder-length or even longer.

If you want to relatively maintain the length of your hair, choose to get a pageboy haircut like the one in the picture above.

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6. Pageboy Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

In most cases, you’ll find the pageboy with full, arched bangs. Be that as it may, some women prefer side-swept bangs for their hairstyles.

You can rest assured that side bangs work amazingly well with the bob-like haircut.

7. French Bob Haircut

Speaking of bobs, you probably have noticed that the good ol’ pageboy comes pretty close to what we know as the modern bob.

If you want a bit of both worlds, you can go for a French bob haircut, undoubtedly inspired by the pageboy.

8. Pageboy Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

We love how the pageboy haircut is so versatile when it comes to personal styling. For instance, if neither arched bangs nor side-swept bangs match your tastes, you can tweak your pageboy to have curtain bangs.

9. Shaggy Pageboy Haircut

If you want to boost your pageboy with a boho touch, you should consider mixing it with a shaggy hairstyle.

Basically, you’ll just have to get your tips trimmed unevenly, as well as your bangs. We love the Woodstock feel of the look.

10. Long Bob Pageboy Hairstyle

In this day and age, most pageboy haircut representations will lean towards the long bob side.

You can spot an abundance of A-list celebrities with lobs that have a hint of the pageboy on the red carpet. Why not try one out for yourself?

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11. Short Pageboy Haircut

Like we briefly explained earlier, the pageboy can appear in a variety of lengths.

If you’re drawn to shorter, flirty hairstyles, you should get a short pageboy haircut. Your locks should fall just about to the line of your jaw for the look to work.

12. Inverted Bob Pageboy Hairstyle

Another reason why we adore the pageboy is the ease with which you can fuse it with other hairstyles.

For example, you can effortlessly combine the pageboy with an inverted bob. The results will take your breath away.

13. Blunt Pageboy Hairstyle

With the pageboy, it’s all about getting your hair cut the right way. Afterward, you won’t struggle with daily styling.

For this purpose, we recommend opting for a blunt haircutting technique applied by a professional stylist.

14. Layered Pageboy

Alternatively, you can work layers into your hairstyle for some modern glam. To soften the look, we suggest using feathered layering as your method of choice. For an edgier hairstyle, go for longer, jagged layers.

15. 1950s Pageboy Hairstyle

The traditional pageboy started gaining traction in the 50s and 60s.

With this fact in mind, why not experiment with a textbook pageboy mixed with a soft vintage hairstyle?

The outcome is ideal for a picturesque early retro look.

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16. Shaped Pageboy Hairstyle

Here’s another way that you can use your imagination to get a unique pageboy hairstyle.

You can start with the traditional, rounded base and add some angles of your own.

The arched line that frames the model’s face in the above photo is a great example.

17. Ombre Pageboy Haircut

Why not make your own version of the pageboy entirely? You can accomplish the goal by playing with color and texture throughout your hairstyle.

Aside from the choppy layers, the hairstyle above stands out through a beautiful brown and blue ombre.

18. Big Pageboy Hairstyle

On the flip side, if you’re interested in a retro pageboy, you can feel free to bring on the volume.

It helps if your hair is naturally thick, but you can recreate the look by gently backcombing your locks.

Use a few spritzes of hairspray to maintain the silhouette throughout the day.

19. Pageboy Haircut with Undercut

We’re happy to see how more and more women are embracing courageous hairstyles these days.

Just one example is the short pageboy with an undercut, perfect for gals with a daring personality. Add texture to the top through heavy layering.

20. Playful Pageboy

Even though most pageboy hairstyles are blunt and evenly-trimmed, you can try a playful approach for yours.

To put it shortly, all you’ll have to do is have your hair cut with rough, slightly asymmetrical tips.

You can proceed with styling the bangs as you wish.

21. Pageboy for Thick Hair

If you were born with notably thick hair, you’ll fall in love with this version of the pageboy haircut.

It features a shoulder-length haircut that brilliantly comes to life thanks to the natural thickness of the locks.

You can also use a round brush and a blow dryer to boost the inwards curl.

22. Medium Bob Pageboy Haircut

Another haircut you can easily mix the pageboy with is a medium-length bob, especially if you want a stylish modern hairstyle.

Considering that the two haircuts are similar in shape, you won’t have any problems with your experiment.

23. A-Line Pageboy Haircut

The A-line bob is yet another trending haircut that you should keep in mind when blending pageboy hairstyles.

To get this classy and sassy look, you have to be careful with the sharp A-line that your tips should follow as they get towards the front.

24. Wind-Swept Pageboy

It might be difficult to get the wind-swept pageboy on a daily basis, but it sure is an intriguing and alluring hairstyle for special occasions.

Whether you’re going to participate in a formal event or you have your own photoshoot coming up, you can count on the spiraled styling above.

25. Reverse Pageboy

Back in the day, the reverse pageboy was just as adored as the classic one. Also known as the pageboy flip, the reverse version of the pageboy haircut featured the tips curled outwards all around, including the bangs.

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26. Retro Pageboy Haircut

Nostalgic for the 70s? We have the ideal pageboy haircut for you. The one shown in the photo above is among the most accurate representations of the retro pageboy, highly popular in the 1970s. Would you rock it?

27. Box Bangs Short Pageboy Cut

If you’re more of a rockabilly chick, the short pageboy haircut with box bangs is just what you’re looking for.

It maintains the sweet and innocent shape of the classic short pageboy, all while appearing as an edgy hairstyle through the short and blunt bangs.

28. Voluminous Pageboy Hairstyle

Bring on the volume, ladies! If you have the right styling tools and an expert hairstylist, the radiant pageboy above can be all yours.

Large, voluminous hairstyles flatter almost any face shape or hair type, so why not play around with one for your next look?

29. Edgy Pageboy

You can make your pageboy haircut even edgier by messing around with it. Layers are key here, particularly those with sharp and uneven tips.

To complete the look, simply run your fingers through your hair while shaking your hands.

30. Soft Curls Pageboy Haircut

Want to increase the femininity of your pageboy? All you have to do is add soft, loose curls to the hairstyle. Not only will you make the haircut more elegant, but you’ll also boost the vintage allure of the overall look.

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31. High Fashion Pageboy Hairstyle

If your hair is naturally straight (like really, really straight), the pageboy haircut will be a piece of cake for you.

Even more, you can get some high fashion vibes with a catwalk-inspired pageboy like the one in the shot above.

32. Angled Pageboy Haircut

Angles are the perfect way to customize your pageboy so you feel it truly represents you.

You can start from the general form associated with the A-line bob. However, afterward, we recommend pushing the angles by making them even sharper.

33. Asymmetrical Pageboy Hairstyle

The asymmetrical bob is a fabulously spicy cut that has succeeded in securing its spot among trends for years now.

If your heart is with the pageboy haircut but you feel the need to dazzle it up somehow, the asymmetrical bob fusion is the way to go.

34. Textured Pageboy Haircut

We can’t stress enough how much of a difference some texture can bring to any hairstyle. As far as the pageboy is in discussion, texture can be just the modern element you need to adapt the look for current trends.

35. Pageboy Haircut with Long Bangs

Although Betty Page-type bangs are definitive for the pageboy haircut, that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock yours with longer bangs.

If you’re the kind of woman that doesn’t want to frame her face with classic bangs, sport yours long and to the side.

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36. Outgrown Bowl Cut

The pageboy is pretty much the longer and more arched version of the bowl cut of the 80s and 90s.

If you want to transition from a bowl cut to a longer hairstyle, try working a pageboy into the look.

Of course, you can also cut your hair this way directly if it’s already long.

37. Curved Pageboy Haircut with Undercut

We’re back with another cool undercut hairstyle, this time combined with a unique pageboy. What truly makes the look memorable is the significantly curved angle of the upper part, together with the long bangs.

38. Pageboy Haircut with Rounded Hairline

On a similar note but with a different cut, here is an edgy pageboy haircut with a rounded hairline. The bangs are extremely short, but they have a special charm of their own.

It’s another rockabilly-like look to add to your list.

39. Mysterious Pageboy

Are you the type of dark and romantic girl? In this case, the mysterious pageboy is for you.

What makes it stand out among other pageboy hairstyles is the long hair in front. To rock the hairstyle, make sure you leave your bangs longer.

40. Super Short Pageboy Haircut

Are you a big Betty Page fan? You can copy her iconic bangs for a super short yet super cute pageboy haircut.

The overall shape resembles a short bob, while the bangs are trimmed just about halfway down the forehead. We say it’s très chic indeed.

41. Casual Pageboy Hairstyle

For the modern, casual pageboy look, you can look to popular Asian hairstyles for additional references.

The way women cut their hair there shows that you don’t have to be afraid of high maintenance when it comes to this haircut.

42. Pin Up Pageboy Haircut

It’s easy to turn into a pin up princess with the pageboy haircut.

Get inspired by the timeless beauty of pin up posters and style your pageboy accordingly.

The side victory roll and large flower accessories also help with the final impact of the hairstyle.

43. Wavy and Choppy Pageboy

Traditionally, the pageboy hairstyle is worn by women with straight hair or those who style theirs in that manner.

Notwithstanding, the modern versions of the haircut look fantastic with any hair texture, even if it’s wavy and choppy.

44. Flowing Pageboy Haircut

Even long hair can be fashioned into a retro pageboy. All you have to do is be careful with the inwards styling all around to get the signature shape.

Also, you can use elements of the Hime cut (the longer sidelocks, to be specific).

45. Short Choppy Pageboy

Today, the pageboy is incredibly generous when it comes to styling.

You can be as playful as you want with your version, even including short and edgy layers throughout your hair.

Try adjusting your bangs a bit to the side as well.

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46. Piecey Pageboy

To take the aforementioned idea to the next level, choose to get your layers chopped in larger pieces.

The short bangs are optional, but they’re definitely a nice touch to get the piecey pageboy hairstyle you’re looking for.

47. Flashy Pageboy Haircut

The pageboy can also serve as a canvas for an exciting experimental hairstyle.

For instance, the one above takes details from the pageboy and bowl cut and combines them with a fully shaven undercut. The candy red top will make the look unforgettable.

48. Swept Back Pageboy Haircut

Want some more glam in your appearance? Start from the pageboy and go wild with styling.

Use a blow dryer, a big round brush and a bit of quality product to get the Hollywood-inspired hairstyle from the fashion shot above.

49. Short Pageboy with Highlights

Highlights are always a wonderful idea for personalizing any hairstyle, the pageboy included.

If you don’t want to go for an eccentric block color, throw in some highlights in your favorite soft tones to liven up your pageboy hairstyle.

50. Grunge Pageboy

Lastly, we’ll conclude our pretty pageboy ideas with a soft grunge approach. The cotton candy hair color looks brilliant with the jagged haircut. Don’t hesitate to try the look if you love alternative fashion and hairstyles.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

All in all, the pageboy haircut is an iconic retro hairstyle that’s easy to adapt to fit in with the latest trends.

We recommend it to any girl or woman as a fresh, fun, and original hairstyle for bright personalities.

You can choose to style yours according to the traditional silhouette, or you can switch it to match modern times with the examples we talked about.

We’re curious to hear your ideas about the pageboy, so make sure you share them with us in a comment!

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