Forget All Your Fine Hair Issues with These 50 Short Haircuts!

Fine hair is beautiful but tricky at the same time.

While it has a soft and silky texture, it can also lack volume entirely when not cut and styled properly.

In addition, more and more women are now opting for short haircuts as opposed to long, heavy-maintenance hairstyles.

If you want to make the most of your locks and spice them up with a cute hairstyle, take a look at these short haircuts for fine hair!

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1. Messy Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

We basically have a general rule when it comes to hairstyles for women: messy is marvelous!

No matter what short haircuts for fine hair you’re interested in, you can give them more flavor by styling them messily afterwards.

2. Pixie Cuts

The pixie cut is undoubtedly iconic. From Audrey Hepburn to Halle Berry, women have been rocking this edgy ‘do for ages.

If you have fine hair, getting a layered pixie hairstyle is an excellent way to add volume and definition to your locks.

3. Short Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

Just like the pixie, the bob has been reigning for ages. We believe that it’s one of the most versatile short haircuts for fine hair, seeing that it has just the right length.

Also, we’ll be talking about quite a few bob hairstyles throughout our article.

4. Bob with Side Bangs

Bangs are a smart and chic method for dealing with fine hair.

There is an abundance of ways you can wear your bangs, starting with one of the most popular modern trends: side bangs.

By styling your bangs to the side, you’re mixing comfort with glam.

5. Easy to Manage Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Not all of us have a flexible schedule. In fact, countless women have to be up first thing in the morning to get ready for work or school.

You can’t always afford to set an hour aside for your hairstyle, so we recommend going for a classic, no-bangs bob in this case.

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6. Spiky Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

What if you have a sassy personality? An option is always to showcase it through your hairstyle.

As far as short haircuts for fine hair are concerned, spiky styles are always an option you can count on.

Not only are they full of attitude, but they also add volume to your fine locks.

7. Wavy Bobs

The cool part about bob hairstyles is that they work for any hair texture.

If you have wavy hair, for example, you should opt for a choppy long bob that combines the best of both worlds.

You will be flattering your hair texture while accentuating your natural volume.

8. Loose Curls

Are you forever in love with old Hollywood vintage vibes? Well, you can rely on your appearance to show it. Thanks to the concept of loose curls, any short hairstyle can go from bland to glam in a matter of seconds.

9. Casual Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

In most situations, the short haircuts for fine hair women look for should be casual, comfortable and adaptable, aside from being stylish.

To get a hairstyle that will almost fall flawlessly into place on its own, seek the services of a professional stylist to get a dreamy silhouette.

10. Short Ombre Hair

We often associate the idea of ombre hairstyles with long hair. Be that as it may, you can pull off an ombre even if you have a pixie cut.

It’s all in the way you choose to show off the color gradient, like the chocolate and honey long bob ombre in the photo above.

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11. Choppy Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

If you struggle with fine hair, you will most likely want a haircut that boosts your volume naturally. In this regard, we have nothing but kind words for choppy, messy and teased hairstyles.

They don’t require meticulous styling, all while pumping up the volume like there’s no tomorrow.

12. Bobs with Highlights

Ombre not your thing? Don’t worry – highlights will help give your hairstyle the zing factor.

In addition to bringing a natural hair color to life, highlights also play a major role in lifting fine hair.

The fact that they highlight individual strands makes them appear to be thicker.

13. Stacked Bobs

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the queen of all voluminous short hairstyles – the stacked bob.

In a nutshell, this haircut was basically created with the idea to push the volume over the roof. In the back, the hair is cut in short, stacked layers, for obvious reasons.

14. Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair over 40

We have a rule of thumb here at Hair Motive – style knows no age.

Regardless if you’re a teen or a woman over 40, you have every right to embrace your fabulous sense of style.

On this note, we recommend flirty bobs for our lovely mature ladies.

15. Overgrown Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair

We’ve swooned over pixie cuts, but what happens when you tweak the classic version?

What we know as an overgrown pixie cut is a hairstyle that you just might fall in love with.

It follows the general outline of a traditional pixie, just that it features long bangs and strands all around.

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16. Buzz Cuts

Women from all around the world have been fearlessly rocking buzz cuts in the past few years.

Whether you want a blonde bombshell look like Amber Rose or a chic and natural aspect like Keira Knightley, don’t be afraid to skip the fineness of your hair altogether with a buzz cut.

17. Short Layered Haircuts for Fine Hair

Layered haircuts are arguably the best idea for women with fine hair. Owing to the cutting method, your strands will enjoy more volume than ever.

Generally speaking, the shorter your layers are, the more effective your hairstyle will be.

18. A-Line Bobs

What if you’re torn between a stacked bob and a long bob? If the short aspect of a stacked bob is too much for you, tone things down with an A-line bob.

Also known as the inverted bob, the A-line bob gets its name from the angle of the letter associated with the hairstyle.

19. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Short Bangs

Bangs can be beautiful, but they also sure can be annoying. If they’re cut at a traditional length, you have high chances of getting your hair in your eyes all the time.

However, all can be solved with cutting your bangs a centimeter or two shorter than you normally would.

20. Feathered Bobs

You can tell by now that bobs are essential among short haircuts for fine hair. Their versatility allows them to be adapted to all textures, fine hair included.

But what can you do to maximize the impact of yours? A heavily layered bob, commonly regarded as a feathered bob, will do the trick.

21. Short Textured Pixies

We’re bouncing back to pixies for this one. Creating texture is everything in a clever haircut to complement fine hair. The most reliable way you can do so is by chopping your short locks into short and numerous layers.

22. Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Not all women are drawn to the idea of super short haircuts for fine hair. In fact, quite a few want to lean towards the medium side with theirs.

If this is the case for you, get acquainted with the long bob. Get your hair cut inwards and leave it about shoulder-length.

23. Color Mix Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Aside from layering, coloring is also a wise way to create the illusion of volume.

For example, you can get a layered pixie or bob haircut as the foundation for your hairstyle. After that, mix in a multitude of colors through highlights to increase the impact further.

24. Brushed Up Bangs

A pixie haircut with long bangs has countless advantages. First of all, you’ll benefit from quite a few styling options for a short haircut.

You can choose to brush your bangs upwards instead of leaving them casually down. In the end, you’ll have a trendy and feminine short hairstyle.

25. 3-Way Ombre Hairstyles

We just talked about enhancing your fine locks with the help of color.

Nevertheless, while highlights are always an idea you can count on, you should never underestimate the power of a 3-way ombre.

In other words, you can add two secondary colors to your foundation for more dynamism.

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26. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair and Round Faces

Finding the perfect short haircut for fine hair may become even more challenging if you want one specifically for your face shape.

Women with round faces, for example, have a hard time finding just the right one to frame their face. Angles are everything.

27. Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair over 50

To prove a point about beauty without age barriers, just look how glamorous short haircuts for fine hair can work for women over 50!

The key to this approach is to gently curling your hair all around if it isn’t already curly or wavy.

28. Balayage Bobs

How could we have overlooked balayage hairstyles? Recently, balayage has been giving ombre a run for its money.

It steps in with the natural touch that the former trend lacked, and we fully recommend it for highlighting fine hair.

29. Headband Hairstyles

Repeat after us: accessories are my friend.

When it comes to personalizing short haircuts for fine hair, you should pay as much attention to hair accessories as you do to jewelry or makeup.

A seemingly insignificant detail like a cool headband can make all the difference.

30. Tapered Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Your hair doesn’t necessarily have to be the same length all around.

As a matter of fact, daring to experiment with methods like tapering can result in an even more memorable short hairstyle.

Step out of your comfort zone with a tapered pixie cut with long bangs.

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31. Short Shaggy Hairstyles

Shag haircuts have made a massive comeback this year, with more and more gals deciding to go for the sweet and sexy boho hairstyle.

If you have waves or curls, a shaggy hairstyle is honestly one of the best alternatives for working around fine hair.

32. Inverted Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

We’ve briefly mentioned the idea throughout our article, but let’s take a moment to shine light on a critical style tip for fine hair – inverted haircuts.

By trimming your locks at an angle, towards your face, you can successfully frame any shape in a gorgeous way.

33. Short Bowl Cuts

Just like shag haircuts, bowl cuts have taken the industry by storm during the past year.

No matter if they’re for men or women, bowl cuts now have a modern, edgy, almost hipster-like touch to them. Short bangs will make yours even cooler.

34. Bridal Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Before you turn into Bridezilla, take a deep breath and look into the options you have for short wedding hairstyles.

Judging by the popularity of simplicity these days, your bridal hairstyle can be as elegant as tucking, pinning or braiding your fine locks behind one ear.

35. Short Undercut Hairstyles

We’re all for rebellious hairstyles that don’t fit into “society” standards whatsoever.

In saying that, we recommend that you consider an undercut to go with your short hairstyle. Leave your strands longer on top for extra adaptability.

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36. Wispy Bangs Hairstyles

If you have fine hair, you may not be able to obtain full and rich bangs.

All the same, you can toy around with wispy bangs that add personality to your hairstyle.

Part them any way you like or leave them directly across your forehead.

37. Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair over 60

We’ve saved the best for last when it comes to mature short haircuts for fine hair.

You can be well over 60 and still steal the spotlight wherever you go with the right bold haircut.

Leave all misconceptions behind and go above and beyond with a spiky pixie cut.

38. Curly Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Colored Tips

Experimentation with color will always help you get closer to the results you desire from your hairstyle.

Yet another example to support our claim is how colored tips work. Particularly if you have curly hair, coloring a portion of the strands will liven them up beautifully.

39. Super Short Hairstyles

Genuine grace has less to do with the length of your hair than it does with the way you carry yourself.

In other words, you can have a shockingly short haircut to back up your fine hair and be absolutely radiant while doing it with the right attitude.

40. Pastel Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Whether you religiously follow trends or not, you have to admit that pastel hairstyles are one of the cutest fads to be around for years.

They have an almost fairytale-like charm to them, especially when they’re combined with short haircuts.

41. Mohawks with Short Hair

Notwithstanding, mohawks step in as a spectacular alternative for women who don’t want to play it safe.

In addition to the edginess of a mohawk haircut, you can also multiply the wow effect by dyeing it in an equally eccentric color.

42. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Arched Bangs

Arched bangs have been popping in and out of hair trends for decades now, so you’re bound to catch a wave at one point.

Although it helps to have naturally wavy hair, you can easily style them with a round brush and blow dryer if your locks are straight.

43. Razor Pixie Cuts

Bring on the razor! Just when you thought that the pixie cut couldn’t get any more special, you find out that a hairstyle known as the razor pixie cut actually exists.

In essence, it’s a normal pixie dazzled up with an undercut or low fade.

44. Side-Shaved Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Alternatively, you can choose to shave just one side of your head for your short haircut.

It doesn’t matter if you have a bob, pixie, or another short haircut – all of them will be attractive if you shave a side.

Though please be aware that it will take quite a while for the hair to grow back!

45. Short Asymmetrical Haircuts

Asymmetry is bliss when short haircuts for fine hair are concerned.

By choosing different lengths and angles for your hairstyle, you will be drawing attention to the big picture instead of your fine texture.

Throw in some highlights for extra magic.

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46. Emo Pixie Cuts

We’re used to seeing scene or emo hairstyles with long hair with short layers on top.

Nonetheless, you can get a perfectly emo hairstyle even if you have short hair. All you need to do is focus on the long, layered and heavily side-swept bangs.

47. Flashy Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

You should never be afraid to make a statement through your appearance.

If you want to completely stand out from the crowd, go all out with your short hairstyle.

For some, it may mean rocking extremely short bangs or neon hair colors. For others, it’s mixing both ideas.

48. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair with Blunt Bangs

Ladies with naturally straight hair can always rely on the impact of blunt bangs. We love how they bring out a woman’s eyes and the shape of her face, all while making any short hairstyle even more dynamic.

49. Braided Short Hairstyles

If you have e pixie or even shorter haircut, you probably won’t be able to braid your hair.

However, anything from a short to a long bob can work. Switch up your style by creating a braid or two on the top part.

50. Short Teased Hairstyles

Last but definitely not least, dare to live a little and tease your hair! With the help of a comb and some quality hairspray, you can erase any trail of fineness from your hair in a matter of minutes.

Just make sure that you don’t damage your hair in the process!

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To wrap everything up, fine hair should never be a burden for any women.

There’s an almost ridiculous amount of short haircuts for fine hair available for you to choose from that it’s certain you’ll find your perfect match.

Save your favorite pictures and narrow your options down by elimination to reach your dream hairstyle!

When you’re all done, come back and share your ideas with us in the comments!

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