50 Super Chic Short Haircuts for Women

There are so many short haircuts for women out there that it’s hard to take your pick.

Even though they vary from medium-length to bobs or pixies, all of these shorter haircuts are just as stylish as any long locks.

No matter if you want to chop your way to a huge makeover and or you want to find inspiration for styling your already short hair, these cut and styling ideas will help you out.

Choose the right option for you out of our 50 short haircuts for women.

1. Short and Layered Bobs

It’s no surprise that bobs have become some of the trendiest short haircuts for women in recent years. This is an incredibly low-maintenance option that can be rocked in a solid color or with highlights. Consider getting a layered bob for some much-desired volume boost.

2. Medium Short Haircuts for Women

A long bob works amazingly for women in various situations. From growing out a super short haircut nicely to making a transition from long to short hair, the lob has it all. Mix things up with balayage or ombre for extra glam.

3. Short Haircuts for Women with Fine Hair

Anne Hathaway is solid proof that pixie haircuts work for any occasion, including red carpet events. You can choose any color, but earth tones are the best for maintaining an all-natural look. In addition to this, you can grow out your pixie cut into a bob any time.

4. Wavy and Styled Bobs

A slightly longer A-line bob can be styled in numerous ways, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. For example, you can play around with some loose braids that naturally fall into your curls or waves. It’s chic and cute at the same time.

5. Choppy Long Bobs

You can always add some edge to your long bob by going for choppy ends. Moreover, have fun with some interesting colors, such as ash blonde or silver. It looks wonderful on straight and wavy hair alike.

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6. Asymmetrical Short Haircuts for Women over 50 with Fine Hair

The beauty of sleek haircuts like asymmetrical bobs is that they’re timeless. Regardless if you’re 20 or 50, this haircut has the perfect balance of modern, appropriate, alluring and elegant. It’s also super easy to maintain if you have straight hair.

7. Very Cute and Very Short Haircuts for Women

Have the courage to go super short with your haircut? Good for you; you’ll adore it! This gorgeous haircut is somewhere between a buzz cut and a pixie haircut. Not only is it a bold and sweet statement cut, but it also looks divine on ladies with oval-shaped faces.

8. Color Combinations for Short Hair

Blonde, brown or reddish hair tone combinations are pretty much the norm. However, platinum blonde and black has a stunning visual impact. Add the whiter shade over jet black undertones and a perfectly trimmed pixie cut and you’ll get outstanding results.

9. Curly and Red Short Hairstyles

Deep red is a romantic hair color that women have been in love with for ages. It looks spectacular against all sorts of skin tones, from pale to olive or dark. Pair it with softly curled locks and a bouncy bob for a jaw-dropping look.

10. Modern Short Haircuts for Older Women

Women can look glamorous at any age, no matter how far along in life they are. This doesn’t even mean that they have to dye their hair or spend a lot of time or money on maintenance. A fab haircut for an older woman can be as simple as rocking natural grey hair with a classy pixie cut.

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11. Colorful Short Haircuts for Young Women

Make the most of your youth with a vivid shade of the color of your choice. Whether it’s pink, orange or a combination of both, don’t hesitate to experiment when coloring your newly short hair.

12. Braids and Long Bobs

A great feature of long bobs is that they can be styled easier than shorter haircuts. For instance, you can go for a simple braid on the side, or add another one to the other for symmetry.

13. Natural Short Haircuts for Black Women

If you were born with curls after curls, why not accentuate them? One of the advantages of short haircuts is that they offer a dynamic and voluminous edge to your natural hair. Allow your superb curls to bounce around naturally with a haircut like this one.

14. Artistic and Daring Short Cuts

If you’re not afraid to get creative with your hair and you’re willing to think way outside the box, go for a unique short haircut. For example, you can opt for a razor pixie cut with a shaved design on the side. You will definitely be one of a kind.

15. A-line Short Bob Haircuts for Women

A-line bobs are indeed a popular choice among short haircuts for women, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can curve the back part for a dramatic look.

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16. Electric Colors for Short Hair

The rainbow is all yours for choosing bold hair colors. Even more so, you can mix two bright tones for a truly original hairstyle. Pixie haircuts look amazing in vivid shades, so why not give it a shot?

17. Casual Short Haircuts for Women with Curly Hair

Maintaining curly hair isn’t as effortless as it seems. However, with the right haircut, taking care of curly hair can become a breeze. Add some layers to a long bob for natural volume without deteriorating your hair with chemical products.

18. Intricate Braids for Short Locks

If you’re tired of keeping your hair down and you have a long bob, explore the wonderful world of braids. The possibilities are countless; from a full head of cornrows, to French braids, Dutch braids, fishtail braids and more. These two tight, cornrow-like French braids are a fantastic way to start.

19. Half Up Half Down Short Hairstyles

It’s a bit more difficult to play around with half up, half down hairstyles if you have short hair, but bobs work perfectly for this. Not only will it keep pesky bangs out of your eyes when trying to grow them out, but it also looks super cute.

20.  Stylish Short Haircuts for Women over 50

Celebrities never cease to inspire us for beautiful hairstyle ideas. For example, Lena Headey impresses not only through astounding acting skills, but also through natural grace. This haircut will compliment a wide range of women over the age of 50.

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21. Classy Short Haircuts for Black Women with Round Faces

Pixie haircuts are flattering for dark-toned women with round faces, to say the least. Especially when they’re styled with long bangs, pixie haircuts complement a rounder face shape while enhancing high cheekbones and other key features.

22. Short Hair Pastel Colors

Pastels are some of the prettiest shades you can choose from for changing your hair color. Even if you cut your hair into a bob, you can fuse two tones from the same palette, such as lavender and periwinkle.

23. Box Braided Short Haircut Styles for Women

Box braids are an excellent solution for long-term styling. Even though most box braids are long, they look just as chic when they’re trimmed into a long bob. The fact that the lob is inverted makes the outcome even better.

24. Bold Bob Colors

Vivid hair colors are becoming more and more popular as women are breaking old-fashioned boundaries to experiment with bright tones. The perfect example of a playful yet fashionable shade is this rich blue. Feel free to choose the color that best suits your personality.

25. Womens Short Haircuts for Thin Hair with Accessories

Spicing up any haircut is easy if you have the right accessories. This styling tip is especially useful for ladies trying to grow out super short haircuts in a fun way. All you have to do is find the bow of your dreams and gently place it to the side, above your ear.

26. Rock Glam Short Hairdos

If you were born to be wild but have a hopeless passion for fashion, you can combine these personality traits in the perfect haircut. A sharp pixie cut has just enough edge to satisfy your rebellious soul. Even more so, it can be dyed in a platinum pink for that glam you desire.

27. Short Haircut for Black Women with Attitude

As you can see, pixie cuts have become almost synonymous with attitude and confidence. Take yours to a whole new level by daring to shave the sides. You can leave your bangs long and curl them for that glamorous edge you’re searching for.

28. Retro Short Curly Haircuts for Women

On the other hand, your pixie haircut can be a symbol of refinement and elegance. To channel your inner retro movie star, opt for a sleek pixie cut that’s combed up on the sides. Those picture-perfect curls are the icing on the cake.

29. Boho Short Bobs with Fringe Bangs

Fringe bangs are cute, stylish and sweet at the same time. If you’re a boho chick at heart, you can chop them a bit higher than you normally would. Top it all off with a flawless, ear-length bob and you’ll have heads turning in no time.

30. Celebrity-inspired Short Layered Haircuts for Women

Whether you are or aren’t a fan of this television personality, you have to admit that Kris Jenner knows how to keep looking forever young. As far as hairstyles are concerned, she shows how women over the age of 60 can maintain their youth with a short and lively haircut.

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31. Super Short and Flattering Cuts

Your facial features are superb; why hide them behind a thick mane? You can go all the way with a buzz cut to show off your beautiful face shape and details. Accentuate your statement by bleaching your hair or dyeing it in the color of your choice.

32. All-natural Short Haircuts for African American Women

An alternative for the super flashy short cut we spoke about above is a natural buzz cut. It looks wonderful with short, curly roots, and it’s yet another way to embrace your facial traits.

33. Between Long and Short Cuts

Medium-length cuts are always a great option if you’re not ready or you just don’t want to chop all your locks off. This long, inverted bob in a rich copper shade is an option to consider for sure.

34. Wavy and Colorful Short Hairstyles

Wavy hair, don’t care! Bring out your funky side with a deep turquoise tone that looks radiant against pale skin tones. You can keep the bob choppy for all-around edge.

35. Charming Short Haircuts for Women over 40

Even though numerous women opt for really short haircuts as they age, you can take a youthful approach to yours. Fringe bangs, layers and the perfect shade of platinum blonde will do the trick.

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36. Two Tone Pixie Cuts with Long Bangs

Singer Keyshia Cole reminds us why short, asymmetrical haircuts are so chic. This side-shaved pixie cut with shoulder-length bangs adds amazing dynamism to your overall look. To boost the impact, keep your roots dark and dye the rest.

37. Edgy Short Haircuts for Women with Thick Hair

Women with thick hair know that it’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. While it’s great to always have full, voluminous locks, it’s just as challenging to find a haircut that suits the texture. This boyish pixie cut is ideal for thick hair, as a bit of tousling is all you need to style it.

38. Playful and Cute Short Haircuts for Women

Another sweet and rebellious short haircut and styling idea is this pixie cut with full bangs. Aside from the messy layers that have a charm of their own, the look is topped off with the ideal peachy pink color that really makes it complete.

39. Voluminous Short Hairstyles

Sharon Osbourne proves that flawless trimming can lead to a short haircut with volume for days. It’s all in the technique, so make sure you consult a styling expert if you want bouncy short locks.

40. Ombre on Short Locks

Ombre hair is as trendy as ever, with ladies rocking two shades in all the colors you could imagine. Short hair is no exception, especially if you sport a bob. For a natural approach, leave your natural hair color at the roots and fade to blonde.

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41. Sleek Short Haircuts for Women of Color

Rihanna’s gorgeous bob is an inspiration for women of all ages seeking short hair. It looks splendid, no matter if you’re 20 or 60 years old. In addition to this, it’s easy to style if your hair is naturally straight.

42. Best Short Haircuts for Women on Wedding Days

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, an elegant accessory is all you need for your short bridal hairdo. For instance, a white rose accessory is just what you need for a refined half up half down style to go with your dress.

43. Styling Ideas for Long Bobs

Long bobs allow countless styling ideas to come to life. You can twist two braids on each side and use a hair tie to bring them together into this lovely half up half down hairstyle.

44. Elegant Short Haircuts for Women over 60

This is a classic hairdo for women in the second half of their lives. It has an elegant touch while providing easy maintenance. All you have to do is comb it back and apply a bit of hairspray for a fancy evening.

45. Lovely Short Haircuts for Women with Round Faces

Inverted bobs are just what women with round faces need for a fresh makeover. To make the haircut stand out in a fine way, go for highlights in your favorite color.

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46. Short and Natural Afro Curls

Afro hair has a natural beauty that few other hair textures have. One of the top advantages about this type of hair is that you get volume all around without even trying. Accentuate this benefit by keeping it short and simple.

47. Exotic Pixie Cuts

To leave an unforgettable impression anywhere you go, dare to try out a funky pixie haircut. To make the look complete, go for multiple layers and a shade of cotton candy pink that is just as sweet as it is fun.

48. Layered Short Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair

Thin hair can be difficult to style, especially if you don’t want to resort to a box full of hair products. To make things easier, simply choose to cut your hair in layers that can be easily styled afterwards.

49. Volume Boost Shoulder-length Cuts

If your favorite beauty tool is a round brush hair dryer, this is undoubtedly the haircut for you. Essentially a long bob, this haircut can be styled in just a few minutes by curling the tips inwards.

50. Fabulous Short Haircuts for Mature Women

Last but not least, enhance your volume with a shoulder-length haircut. It works fantastically if you have wavy or curly hair, all while being completely appropriate for mature women.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

All in all, short haircuts for women are strongly connected to personalities and preferences.

While one woman might look drop dead gorgeous with a pixie haircut, another might look ravishing with a long bob.

To make sure that you get the best short haircut for you, take some time to compare styles and options.

In the end, you’ll get results that will make you look in the mirror with a broad smile.

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