50 Superb Wedding Looks to Try if You Have Short Hair

Short hair, don’t care! Brides can look brilliant on their wedding day even if they don’t have long locks.

In fact, there are some wedding hairstyles for short hair that even outshine those for waist-length strands.

Get ready to put your creativity to the test by using smart accessories, volume tricks and more through the examples we have prepared below!

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1. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair Updos

Updos may seem like an impossible task to achieve with short hair. However, the secret is in the technique.

Work with your short locks by wrapping them over each other on all sides and using plenty of pins to keep them in place.

2. Low Buns

If you can’t seem to get a hang of updos due to the length of your hair, you can always play around with low buns.

They’re far easier to achieve for women with shorter hair, and they also serve as chic and tasteful wedding hairstyles.

3. Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs

Regardless if you have arched, short, or side-swept bangs, you should make the most of them with your wedding hairstyles for short hair.

If you fall under this category, we recommend a bridal hairstyle that accentuates your bangs, such as this updo.

4. Alluring Hairstyles

If you want to emphasize your sensuality on the big day, go for a romantic hairstyle.

You can combine elements from high or low updos, gently sweeping your hair into place. Retro accents will always make your hairdo shine.

5. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

It may not be as easy to get a half up hairstyle if you have shorter hair than if it would have been long, but you can improvise. Use accessories to gather your strands and pin them at the center back part of your head.

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6. Loose Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

You genuinely can never go wrong with a loose hairstyle for fancy events. As the bride, you can accentuate your feminine side with a loose updo. Don’t hesitate to leave a few strands loose in the front for a charming effect.

7. Pixie Hairstyles

You may think that styling is extremely limited if you have a pixie cut, but accessories are here to save the day.

Women with pixie hairstyles can look into cute additions like headbands to brighten up their look on their wedding day.

8. Faux Hawks with Low Buns

If you feel that a low bun isn’t spectacular enough for your bridal appearance, you can mix it with another hairstyle.

For example, you can start off with a loose faux hawk and work your way down to a low bun at the back of your neck.

9. Casual Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

You don’t always have to get complicated with wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Sometimes, a few loose curls are more than enough to complement bridal jewelry, makeup, and gowns.

This way, you can focus on your lovely facial features.

10. Side Swept Short Wedding Hairstyles

Side-swept hairstyles will always be symbolic for femininity. Even if you have shorter hair, you can use pins for holding it in place on the side. Using a rolling technique will also help for getting the outcome you desire.

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11. Short Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

What if you’re not the bride, but one of her good friends?

In such cases, it’s best to go for a classy yet simple hairstyle, so you won’t take away the bride’s shine on her big day.

You can delicately comb your hair to the side and use a cute hair pin.

12. Middle Part Wedding Hairstyles

If you generally wear your hair with a part down the middle, you can incorporate this detail into your bridal hairstyle.

After parting your locks, we recommend wrapping them in a small low bun and leaving a few around your face in the front.

13. Headband Hairstyles

As opposed to the ornate headband in our pixie hairstyle example, the one in this photo stands out through simplicity.

Thin and bejeweled, the headband Jennifer Lawrence is wearing in this shot is perfect for wedding hairstyles for short hair.

14. Side-Pinned Short Wedding Hairstyles

On the other hand, you can decide on highlighting a side of your hairstyle. You can start out by searching for a hairpin or hairpiece that flatters your wedding gown. Afterwards, choose which side you want to pin it on.

15. Bob Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have a bob haircut, especially an angled and stacked one, you may find difficulty in trying out updo hairstyles.

Nevertheless, bobby pins save the day once again. Use two or three to pin back a few strands for a pretty faux updo.

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16. Swept Back Updos

Elegance can also be easily represented by sweeping back your hair. To get the look, it helps if your hair is naturally wavy or curly.

All the same, you can use a curling iron to obtain the dynamic effect of a voluminous swept-back hairstyle.

17. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair with Veil

We couldn’t forget about wedding hairstyles with veils. It is your wedding day after all, isn’t it?

Well, we couldn’t encourage you more to leave your hair down or half up for the best results. Your veil will fall into place flawlessly!

18. Boho Bridal Hairstyles

What if you’re planning a nature-themed wedding outdoors?

It would be more than appropriate to put together a bohemian look to go with the atmosphere of the event.

In addition to vintage wedding gowns, you should also think about boho hairstyles with flowers.

19. 50s Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Scarlett Johansson proves in this photo that 50s-inspired hairdos will never go out of fashion.

You can use this photo as a reference if you want to give your bridal look a retro vibe. Focus on the gentle curls and side-pinned aspects of the hairstyle.

20. Short Chignon Hairstyles

Chignon hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes, from classic examples to modern adaptations. If you want to get the best of both worlds, mix a bit from both and add a tiara at the back for a picture-perfect finish.

21. Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Some of the most popular wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids with short hair involve loose braids.

Considering the length of your hair, you won’t be able to venture into complex braiding techniques. However, you can try out a half upside braid.

22. Teased Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Without a doubt, teasing is one of the most effective styling techniques for achieving more volume in your hair.

If you decide on going for a half up half down or updo hairstyle for your wedding, use a comb to carefully tease the top for more volume.

23. Short Wedding Hairstyles for African American Women

How beautiful can halo braids be? For a bride with short to medium-length hair, we honestly believe a crown braid is one of the most feminine hairstyles out there.

We recommend this bridal hairstyle for all women, regardless of their complexion.

24. Swirled Hairstyles

If you can’t get the detailed hairstyle of your dreams due to your hair length, you can use your imagination to make the most of what you have.

For example, you can curl the ends of your strands and pin them in swirls for an eye-catching wedding hairstyle.

25. Slicked Back Wedding Hairstyles

Here’s another gorgeous ideas for our brides with pixie haircuts. If you feel that sweeping back your hair doesn’t accurately represent your personality, you can try slicking it back.

Make sure you slick and comb down the sides and back well.

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26. Bouffant Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Ever since the peak of retro fashion, bouffant hairstyles have been a favorite for women worldwide.

If volume is your main hairstyle objective, don’t hesitate to do research on bouffant bridal hairstyles. They also work wonderfully well with veils.

27. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair with Side Bun

For some women, getting a flattering wedding hairstyle is as easy as styling their locks to the side.

Instead of tying your bun at your nape, you bring it all to the side you feel it looks best on.

We especially recommend this method for women with side-parted hair.

28. Intricate Headband Hairstyles

To prove how impactful the right accessories can be for hairstyles, here’s a jaw-dropping example.

You can find headbands that contain your favorite details and use it as the center point of your hairstyle.

Better yet, you can create one from scratch to match your dress.

29. Simple Short Wedding Hairstyles

Alternatively, go for a simple yet mesmerizing look for your wedding.

This is the ideal hairstyle for women with significantly short hair, or those who aren’t interested in fancy updos.

Yet again, the metallic headband saves the day for a marvelous hairstyle.

30. Edgy Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

What if you’re a woman with a strong sense of adventure? It’s your day, so go ahead and express yourself to the fullest through your appearance.

You can add some edge to your wedding hairstyle by mixing in braided or faux hawk elements.

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31. Wedding Hairstyles with Birdcage Veil

While most women go for long veils in the back, some love the timeless beauty of birdcage veils.

If you decide on getting this model, you should think about leaving the rest of your hair simply styled.

In fact, you can just brush it elegantly into place and add the veil for the complete look.

32. Diagonal Braid Wedding Hairstyles

As long as your hair is shoulder-length, you can have fun with all sorts of braided hairstyles on your wedding day.

If possible, we recommend trying out unconventional braiding methods. As an example, you can experiment with braiding your hair diagonally.

33. Bridal Hairstyles with Large Curls

You can probably tell by now that retro wedding hairstyles are among the most popular these days.

For a vintage look that you won’t see everywhere, get inspired by the large curls and bold accessories in the hairstyle pictured above.

34. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair with Metallic Accessories

Alternatively, you can go for effortless elegance with discrete accessories. A thin, metallic tiara will work wonders for any bride, especially if they have a low updo going on. You can place it right on the outline of the updo.

35. Feather Wedding Hairstyles

Not all glamorous hair accessories in wedding hairstyles for short hair are metallic. Actually, quite a few stylish ones don’t involve any metal at all.

To support our claim, here is an example of a sophisticated hairpin with navy and white feathers.

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36. Short Inverted Wrap Hairstyles

If you feel that you’re having a hard time getting your chignon in place, here’s a way you can trick your way into one.

Part your hair half up and take a large section from each side, bringing them together in the middle with a hair tie.

Afterward, wrap the lower part up and into the rest.

37. Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Soft waves or finger waves are a definitive part of vintage hairstyles.

Keeping in mind that you have short hair, you can count on the refinement of highly loose curls to complete your look.

This way, you don’t even have to worry about your hairstyle coming apart.

38. Asymmetrical Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

We all know how trendy asymmetrical hairstyles have become in the past several years.

Even though they wouldn’t necessarily be regarded as classic wedding hairstyles, they do serve as the perfect foundation for ones with veils.

39. Messy Short Bridal Hairstyles

Aside from being one of the most memorable days in the lives of the bride and groom, weddings can also be a source of continuous stress.

We say that you should live a little and make your choice from messy wedding hairstyles for short hair. We promise it’ll look fabuous!

40. Half Faux Hawk Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Another part we love about faux hawk hairstyles is that they don’t have to use all of your hair.

You can use just half of your locks for twisting them into a faux hawk, leaving the rest down on the back of your neck.

It’s the perfect mix of sassy and classy!

41. Flower Crown Wedding Hairstyles

To prove our point about the natural beauty of boho wedding hairstyles, here’s an example that will definitely win your heart over.

The hairstyle involves nothing more and nothing less than a flower crown – the ultimate bohemian hair accessory.

42. Ruffled Wedding Hairstyles

Pixie gals, here is another inspiring example for your bridal hairstyle. Skip the pins and accessories and focus on styling only your locks.

Try a ruffled technique using your fingers and add hairspray to keep your feisty strands in place.

43. Back Crown Bridal Hairstyles

What if you want a crown braid that doesn’t result in having a halo shape around your head?

Rest assured that the back crown braid is just what you need. It can easily take the place of a chignon or low updo, adding grace to your hairstyle.

44. Pin Up Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Rockabilly and pin-up hairstyles will certainly make the bride a sight for sore eyes.

To get a signature pin-up wedding hairstyle, you should think about using victory rolls on the top part or sides. We guarantee you’ll look radiant!

45. Peekaboo Wedding Hairstyles

Nowadays, peekaboo highlights can be found everywhere.

If you have a hair color underneath that is different from your top coat, you may want to have a bridal hairstyle that shows off the contrast. A chignon will do the trick.

46. Full Wedding Updos

Even though it’s challenging to get a full updo with shorter hair, it is doable.

  • Firstly, you have to ensure that your hair is at least half-neck length to be able to style it upwards.
  • Secondly, you should think about working with a professional stylist for the best outcome.

47. Half Up Braided Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Want to make your half up wedding hairstyle stand out? Repeat after us: b-r-a-i-d-s.

Use the two sections of hair that you’ll connect in the middle and create a braid for each. Three-strand braids and fishtail braids work best.

48. Natural Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you rock natural hair, show off your gorgeous curls on your wedding day.

You can make them pop by picking an accessory and strategically placing it in your hair. For example, the natural flowers in this hairstyle are simply perfect.

49. Side Twisted Bridal Hairstyles

Are braids not an option, due to the length of your locks? No matter – you can use twisting as your go-to styling technique. All you have to do is choose the strands you want to work with and tightly twist and pin them in place.

50. Statement Wedding Hairstyles

Last but certainly not least, we want to leave you with inspiration for outgoing wedding hairstyles for short hair.

You can always make up for the lack of length with a statement accessory, like an oversized flower to go with your gown.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

In summary, you can have a blast trying out all of these wedding hairstyles for short hair.

We believe that the experience itself will help you use your imagination to find the perfect accessories or faux updos to complement your style.

Make sure you let us know what short bridal hairstyle you chose for your wedding day in the comments section!

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  1. My sister is getting married in a month and she doesn’t know how she wants to have her hair styled for her wedding. I love the picture of the romantic hairstyle in the fourth picture. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I’ll share this picture with my sister since she wants a pretty hairstyle that goes with her short hair for her wedding.

    • HM Editor says:

      Congratulations to your sister! We’re happy to hear that you like the pictures we shared and that they might serve as inspiration for her big day! All the best, may she have a beautiful wedding and all the happiness in the world!

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