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Achieve Greaser Hair

How To Achieve Greaser Hair Without Feeling Gross

How To Achieve Greaser Hair Without Feeling Gross The 1950s was an era in which has inspired a large assortment of ...

Androgynous Haircuts

7 Androgynous Haircuts And Tips For The Gender-Nonconforming

7 Androgynous Haircuts And Tips For The Gender-Nonconforming Androgynous haircuts used to be for the outliers--the ...

Shaved Head

Shaved Hairstyle For Women And Men: Tips And Advices

Deciding To Shave Your Head? Here's What You Need To Know If you’re a man, you’re likely used to the idea of a ...

woman with bantu knots

How To Do Bantu Knots On Natural Hair | Hair Motive

Previously used primarily as a protective hairstyle worn at night away from the eyes of the public, bantu knots are no ...

woman with green hair

How To Reverse Green Hair From Chlorine | Hair Motive

Even though summer is winding down, this does not mean you have to get out of the pool just yet. Why not stay in until ...

4 strand braid

4 Strand Braid: Different Hairstyles That You Could Do With It

If you've mastered the French, Dutch, and fishtail braids, the 4 strand braid should be the next on your list. The 4 ...


Our Simple Tips And Tricks On How To Braid Cornrows

Cornrows have been a style of braiding hair that has been around for centuries. And with that much time around you’d ...

women crochet braids

Step-By-Step Guide To Perfecting Your Crochet Braid

Crochet braids were popular during the 90s and early 2000s but slowly faded in popularity. Fast forward to 2018 and ...

dyed hair

Dying Your Hair Tips: Highlights, Lowlights, Or Both?

Insert ImageInsert Image So you want to change your hair color. It could be due to those unsightly gray or white hairs ...

Bob Haircuts

55 Fabulous Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

The bob haircut has been a beloved choice among women for decades now. Thanks to its popularity, hairstylists have come ...

Blonde in Front, Brown in Back

50 Two Tone Hair Ideas

Out with the boring, in with the exciting! Two tone hair is rapidly gaining traction among trends this year, and we can ...

Deep Teal Hair Color

50 Teal Hair Color Ideas for Everyone

A radical makeover is just what any gal needs every now and then to freshen up her look. What better way to get yours ...