50 Superb Cuts & Styles for Wavy Hair

Nowadays, the idea of wavy hair has become synonymous with #hairgoals

Even those who weren’t born with naturally wavy locks often recreate this hair texture through styling.

There are more than enough advantages to support the popularity of wavy hair.

In addition to offering countless styling options, it also has an all-around natural and easygoing look to it.

See how you can have fun with wavy textured hair below!

1. Short Wavy Hair

Wavy locks look splendid on all hair lengths. Even short hair, which usually proves to be a challenge for styling, becomes effortless with waves. This carefree bob shows exactly why.

2.  Updo for Wavy and Thick Hair

If you have longer hair, you can venture into the wonderful world of updos. The hairstyle shown in the example above is fit for any types of formal events, from weddings, to proms, cocktail parties and more.

3. Long Wavy Hair

How about if your waves are waist-length? If you have succeeded in patiently growing your hair out, your possibilities are limitless. Even more so, you can simply leave it down. It will look just as radiant.

4. Messy Half Up Hairstyle

If you do want to experiment with hairstyles though, half up half down ones are a nice place to start. This loosely knotted and twisted hairstyle can be obtained in a matter of minutes. Just pin it in place and you’re ready to go.

5. Wet and Wavy Hair

Women with afro-textured hair frequently opt for a sleek, wet, fresh-out-of-the-shower look. Even though the locks in this example lean towards the curly side, you can easily see how a moist style can add glam.

6. Cute Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Want to bring out your playful side? There are wavy half up half down hairstyles for this approach too. This half top knot has an innocent and sweet shine to it that will complement your beautiful smile.

7. Wavy Ombre and Long Bangs

One of the benefits of wavy hair is that it works perfectly with bangs. To bring even more charm to your look, consider experimenting with different hair colors. This brown to blonde ombre is an excellent idea.

8. Ash Colored Waves

If you already have your haircut sorted out, you can start thinking about coloring. For a cool look, consider playing around with ash blonde or brown tones. Highlighting, ombre and balayage are all ways to get the results you desire.

9. Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

Nevertheless, if you’re still having trouble finding a haircut that flatters your style, you can count on bobs. Especially if you have thick locks, a long bob with a subtle angle can do your lovely hair justice.

10. Half Up Boho Braid Hairstyle

You will soon notice that half up half down hairstyles are a hot trend for wavy locks. This braided style not only adds volume to your look, but it brings the best out of your natural hair texture.

11. Wavy Crochet Hair

Crochet curls are one of the most beloved hairstyles in the natural hair community. They’re fairly easy to achieve for afro-textured curls, and the results are absolutely ravishing. The Bantu knots are a pretty final touch.

12. Low Wavy Updo Hairstyle

Although most updos are worn high, as the name suggests, there are lots of dazzling ways to adorn them low. This loose hairstyle, for example, shows how elegant a low updo can be.

13. Romantic Wavy Hairstyle with Flowers

If you have your heart set on a special someone or a memorable event, explore the world of romantic hairstyles. This stunning knotted braid is sprinkled with gentle white flowers that bring you closer to nature.

14. Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Another way to rock short wavy locks is with a stacked bob. What makes this short haircut remarkable is the natural volume provided by the angled layering in the back.

15. Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Thick wavy strands deserve a hairstyle that enhances their enviable texture. This is a simple yet effective half up half down hairstyle that can be worn on both casual and formal occasions.

16. Plait Headband Hairstyle

While you can have hours of fun trying on hair accessories, sometimes an unforgettable impression is easily accomplished through styling. For instance, this fine plait worn in a headband fashion frames your face gorgeously.

17. Natural Wavy Hair

Even though natural afro-textured hair is usually extra curly, some women have natural locks that are wavy. If you’re one of these lucky ladies, don’t hesitate to enjoy all that volume with a suitable haircut like this one.

18. Wavy Wedding Hairstyle

A bride to be always spends an extensive amount of time putting her look together for the big day. This enchanting hairstyle combines a waterfall braid with a traditional braid overlapped. The icing on the cake is the flower accessory.

19. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Jessica Alba is definitely among the celebrities that rock wavy hair flawlessly. For this chocolate hair color, the esteemed actress opted for a choppy, shoulder-length haircut with a middle part.

20. Half Up Wavy Hairstyle with Accessory

This is yet another wavy hairstyle that works for weddings and other fancy events. It is achieved by loosely braiding two thick strands on each side and connecting them at the back of the head. The metal accessory draped over the braids makes the look picture-perfect.

21. Platinum White Waves

Yet another bold hair color for outgoing women with wavy hair is platinum white. While it might not be appropriate for the lifestyle of all ladies, it’s certainly an option for those with a daring approach to life.

22. Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Free-spirited, classy and delicate, this hairstyle is the perfect example of what a short bob should look like on wavy hair. The bangs are casually tossed to the side for a heart-warming hairstyle.

23. Wavy Curly Hair in Blue

If you relate to electric colors that match your personality, blue should be on your shortlist. This vivid shade looks fantastic on wavy and curly hair alike, or a mix between the two.

24. Waves in Violet

Another rich shade for wavy strands is deep violet. Just like electric blue, not everyone can own this color comfortably. Nonetheless, it looks spectacular on women with a powerful attitude.

25. Pin Up Wavy Hairstyle

Even though they date back more than half a century, retro hairstyles are still going as strong as ever. Many vintage styles involve wavy or curly hair, so feel free to get inspired by their genuine elegance.

26. Naturally Wavy Hair

Even if your waves aren’t perfect, they will still make heads turn. In fact, there’s a unique charm about messy, natural wavy hair that makes the carelessness all more extraordinary.

27. Medium Wavy Hair

Stuck between straight and wavy hair? No matter, there are numerous hairstyles that work amazingly for you. This shoulder-length haircut, for instance, will complement your medium texture.

28. Short, Cute, and Messy Ponytail

Women with short hair often have troubles finding a wide range of hairstyles. However, there are some that you can rock in a few minutes. For this casual look, simply wrap your hair in a short ponytail and let a few strands fall down naturally.

29. Half Up Fishtail Braid and Knot Hairstyle

Fishtail braids are some of the most endeared hairstyles that involve this styling technique. To spice your hairstyle up, braid only the top part and tie the remaining hair in a loose top knot.

30. Wavy Hair with Bangs

As we previously mentioned, wavy locks are ideal for sporting bangs. This classic fringe with medium-length wavy hair contribute to an adorable look that can be tailored to all situations.

31. High Wavy Ponytail

If they haven’t done so already, women with wavy hair instantly become best friends with ponytails. This versatile hairstyle is easy to put together and irresistibly cute, with or without a few loose locks on the side.

32. Wavy Long Hair with Baseball Cap

Long wavy locks allow more accessories to be added to your look. Hats of all kinds look outstanding, from classy sun hats to beanies and more. This baseball cap ponytail look is one to remember.

33. Retro Waves Hairstyle

Vintage allure can be attained even without any accessories at all. It’s all in the way that the waves are styled, in the form of soft, loose curls. This style works for all women, regardless of the length of their hair.

34. Wavy Blonde Hair

Blonde is undoubtedly a hair color that will never go out of style. This year, cold shades of blonde are trending again. Get this icy look by adding platinum nuances to honey blonde wavy locks.

35. Flower Crown Hairstyle

If you do want to make your hairstyle stand out, accessories should be part of your ideas. For example, if you mix a flower crown with wavy strands, you get a marvelously bohemian look.

36. Voluminous Half Up Wavy Hairstyle

Bring on the volume! This is, without a doubt, a quality that the majority of women strive for when it comes to hairstyles. A half up half down ponytail like this one will help you get the results you dream of.

37. Crochet Braids with Wavy Hair

This is another example of crochet braids on afro-textured hair. As you can clearly see, the results are glamorous, too say the least. Keep this idea in mind if you want waves for your natural hair.

38. Big Wavy Hair

Volume is a big deal for women, especially those with waves or curls. If you want big hair, you already enjoy a fair amount of volume from your natural texture. Dry your hair upside down and tease it a bit if you want even more.

39. Brown and Silver Wavy Balayage

This year, balayage is one of the trendiest coloring techniques. You can use this method for any hair colors, but some of the most popular mixes are brown and grey or silver. The nuances will look breathtaking on wavy hair.

40. Wavy Hair Perm

Perms are a reasonably easy way to get a hair texture that you greatly desire. The most common are curly and wavy, both which usually turn out exceptional. You’ll benefit from dynamism and a face-flattering shape.

41. Baby Blue Waves

Pastel colors have obviously taken the beauty world by storm. Whether they’re in pink, purple or green, they’re certainly a sight for sore eyes. Baby blue is a sublime choice, particularly for women with a matching eye color.

42. Boho Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair

Bohemian is a visibly recurring theme among wavy hairstyles. If you want to get this look without too much effort, a crown made from natural flowers is ideal. It’s a small step that will go a long way for a magnificent outcome.

43. Flirty Wavy Bob

If you’re always with a smile on your face and the center of attention, you deserve an equally impressive hairstyle. In this photo, you can see how a layered and angled bob can work wonders.

44. Black Wavy Hair

Women with natural or dyed black hair enjoy an abundance of shimmer and shine. If you have waves or style your hair this way, the light reflected on your raven locks looks jaw-dropping indeed.

45. Casual Wavy Look

Regardless if you’re planning on hanging out with your friends or spending a chill afternoon with your significant other, casual is the way to go. This look is all-natural and perfect for cozy evenings.

46. Wavy Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts are an alluring choice for women of all ages. Those who are lucky to have wavy hair can expect minimum maintenance for their pixies. Just add a bit of hair product and enjoy the chic outcome.

47. Beach Wavy Hair

Beach hair is a summer favorite for a multitude of women. The main idea is to recreate a sun-kissed look, with subtle highlights scattered all over. Needless to say that wavy locks top off the look brilliantly.

48. Wavy Braiding Hair Idea

Braiding becomes easy-peasy if your hair is naturally wavy. Not only do your locks have a greater chance of staying in place, but it’s also simpler to braid them in the first place. This two-braid look on the side is a great starting point.

49. Side Bangs and Wavy Locks

We have spoken about traditional bangs with wavy textured hair, but what about side swept ones? As you can clearly see, they look just as delightful as straight bangs if you’re a wavy girl.

50. Strawberry Blonde Waves

Last but definitely not least, strawberry blonde is yet another top-trending hair color. When you apply rose gold, ginger, copper or strawberry blonde on wavy locks, the outcome is nothing less than exquisite.

So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To wrap everything up, wavy hair is incredibly generous when it comes to styling.

No matter if your hair is short or long, there is a plethora of eye-catching hairstyles you’ll have endless fun with.

We recommend that you choose a style according to the context and that you don’t forget to match it with a genuine smile.

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