Dare to Get a Pixie Cut! We’ve Got 50 Suggestions & Ideas for You

Long gone are the days when short haircuts were just for guys. Short ‘dos are not only popular among women of all ages, but they have a distinctive chic touch that only these kinds of haircuts can obtain.

Among these, the pixie cut is one of the sweetest ways to rock super short locks glamorously.

You can match your pixie haircut with a brilliant color and make it shorter or longer, with or without bangs, and as straight or curly as you’d like.

See how you can get your dream pixie below!

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1. Dark Shaggy Locks

If you’re aiming for effortless glam, all you have to do is mess around with a shaggy pixie cut. You can maintain your natural hair color and keep it choppy all around for a playful look.

2. Pixie Cut with Back-Side Swept Bangs

In most cases, you will find pixie haircuts with long bangs that cover the forehead.

However, this haircut can look just as lovely with the bangs swept back and to the side.

This is a great idea if you have a smaller forehead and you want to add more volume to the top.

3. Long Pixie Cut with Bangs

Speaking of bangs, you’ll soon see that they’re definitive for a wide range of stylish pixie cuts.

To keep that nonchalant approach to your hairstyle, get a pixie haircut with long bangs and rake your fingers through them to the side.

4. Short Silver Ombre

Ombre hair looks wonderful on all types of hair lengths.

Even though this coloring technique is typically associated with long locks, a short ombre haircut with dark roots has a unique effect.

Dyeing the tips a light color, like silver, brings the whole look to life.

5. Natural and Messy Pixie Cut

Copper is a fabulous natural hair color that will always be in style. Top it all off with a short, A-line haircut like the one in the image above makes it perfect.

You can also pin the bangs back from time to time to switch the look around.

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6. Shaggy Pixie Cut in Pastel

Fairy hair is one of the cutest trends to hit the beauty industry. This is the perfect example of how you can pair a fun short haircut with a pastel shade like lavender. The results are undoubtedly eye candy.

7. Pixie with Short Bangs

Natalie Portman can rock a pixie quite like no other.

The renowned actress also proves that you don’t necessarily have to leave your bangs long for this haircut to be on point.

Feel free to opt for short, hairline bangs for a nice, bohemian touch.

8. Burgundy Asymmetry

Any deep red burgundy color will always look outstanding in your hair, especially if your eyes are a contrasting color like green.

If this is the hair color for you, consider an asymmetrical pixie cut with a slightly shaved side. It will frame your face gorgeously.

9. Turquoise Pixie Cut Long Bangs

Another way to wear long bangs with a short haircut is by adding an exciting color.

Any rich shade, from vivid steel turquoise to even hot pink, will complement a pixie haircut beautifully!

10. Layered and Tousled

Bring on the layers! One of the best ways to get that messy, edgy, and tousled look is by asking your hairstylist to cut your short hair in layers.

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11. Blonde Pixie Cut Undercut

To chop your way to short hair perfection, you can combine the base of a pixie haircut with a bold undercut.

This tomboyish hairstyle is surprisingly feminine and charming for the lucky gals brave enough to experiment with it.

12. Black Pixie Cut with Finger Waves

Few hairstyles can compare to the genuine retro beauty that finger waves or curls provide. You can style your hair this way anytime, regardless of its length. As far as pixie haircuts are concerned, the outcome is marvelous!

13. Cotton Candy Pink

Rihanna is yet another celebrity that proves pixie cuts should be on your list of haircut options for your next appointment at the salon.

Not only does the R&B princess show how amazing the haircut looks, but also how you can take it to the next level with a unique color.

14. Super Curly Pixie Cut

Enhance your natural curls with a well-trimmed pixie cut.

The way that the haircut is done adds even more volume and dynamism to these already bouncy locks.

A choice that should be considered by all curly girls if they want to cut their hair.

15. Platinum Blonde with Purple Highlights

In a world dominated by ombre and balayage, why not go rebel and get some vivid highlights? Platinum blonde hair cut in a pixie fashion looks even better with a few bright streaks.

16. Short Pixie Cut in Blue

No matter if you are growing out a buzz cut or you want to opt for a super short pixie, you can easily consider this style as an option.

The cherry on top for this cut and style is the brilliant sky blue, which contrasts stunningly with the gal’s pale skin.

17. Afro Mohawk

Not only are afro curls absolutely breathtaking, but they also have the power to make heads turn no matter how they’re styled!

The haircut presented above is more like a twist between a pixie and a mohawk, with results that look nothing less than alluring.

18. Fire Gradient

Any fiery personality can consider a similar hair color combo.

This red-orange-yellow transition looks magnificent on various hair lengths, short included.

The key to nailing the look is concentrating the gradient on the bangs and top part.

19. Rock Star Pixie Cut Black Hair

Born to be wild? Get a haircut that does your attitude justice! This punk chic pixie is styled in tousled spikes and shaved on both sides and the back. You should definitely look into this idea if you have a small or oval-shaped face.

20. Wavy and Styled Up

Waves are always welcomed when talking about pixie cuts. Naturally wavy hair allows you to style your way to your favorite look with ease (and a small amount of hair product).

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21. Retro and Edgy Curly Hair Pixie Cut

Finger waves aren’t the only retro hairstyle that works fantastically with pixie haircuts. You can also go for thicker curls styled towards the front.

To make the look even more special, allow the sides and back to be a bit shorter than the rest.

22. Natural Highlights

To continue our list of celebrities that know how to wear a pixie cut flawlessly, Tyra Banks deserves one of the top spots.

The supermodel shows how a few honey highlights can make the cut all the more interesting!

23. Navy Blue Long Bangs

We always recommend navy blue as a balanced hair color that isn’t part of the earth tone palette.

It’s a vivid touch to your hairstyle without exaggerating with bright hues. Also, it can be an excellent color choice for your new pixie.

24. Chic Pixie Cut Curly Hair

Even if your hair is between wavy and curly, it still looks beautiful on a pixie cut.

Like with most other ideas on our list, we recommend shaping the whole haircut creatively, with shorter sides and long, luscious bangs.

25. Green and Wavy Pixie Cut

Wavy hair not only looks charming on pixie haircuts but also when it’s lightened by a lively color. Green isn’t the most common option, but it’s certainly an idea if you want to stand out!

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26. Pink to Blonde Spiked Ombre

Pink and blonde often go hand in hand when talking about hair colors, so why not mix them for the pixie haircut you have always dreamed of?

A funky way to style it is with soft spikes, so get inspired by the photo above for super pretty results.

27. Side Shaved Pixie Cut

If you’re rebellious at heart, you can go all the way with your shaved pixie cut.

Instead of just shortening one side, you can shave it down to accentuate the shape of your haircut.

It works for all hair colors and textures, so don’t hesitate to give it a go!

28. How to Grow Out a Pixie with Style

Short haircuts are challenging to grow out while still looking nice, especially buzz cuts, pixie haircuts, or any that involve shaving.

An exceptional solution is to gradually grow your hair into a bob and shape it along the way.

29. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Round Face

We have already presented the idea of an asymmetrical pixie haircut, but what if you take it to the next level?

You can leave the longer side to resemble a long bob, allowing the opposite one to stay short and sweet.

30. Beautiful Blonde Afro Buzz Cut

We already know that afro hair is dazzling in all shapes and sizes. But what if you dare to go for a buzz cut in a warm shade of blonde while you’re at it? Original and bold, this haircut is ideal for ladies with oval face shapes.

31. Pastel Blue Round Face Pixie Cut

If you have a round face, the best type of pixie haircut you can go for is with full bangs, either directly down your forehead or gently swept to the side.

If you’re in doubt about the color, this steel pastel blue shade can be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

32. Purple, Dark Roots, and Shaved Side

Pastels are certainly trending, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try out a vivid color like purple. To maintain a balanced look, consider an undercut and leaving your roots your natural hair color.

33. Growing Out a Pixie Cut in A-Line Bob

Another alternative for growing out a pixie cut nicely is a classy A-line bob. You can make the front part longer or shorter, depending on your preferences, but the key is to obtain that sleek A-line starting from the back.

34. Platinum Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

On average, platinum white, silver, or ash blonde are the most popular colors for pixie haircuts for light-toned women.

This picture shows how a bit of each of these shades can be blended harmoniously for the ultimate platinum color.

35. Extra Long Bangs Styled to the Side

Even when growing out a pixie you can style it in just a few minutes and look glamorous. Simply toss the top part to the side and add a bit of hairspray or mousse to keep it in place. You’ll love how it turns out!

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36. Short Ginger Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Natural red hair is truly a beauty to behold.

Even more so, when shaped masterfully, it can turn into a haircut that’s elegant and sporty at the same time.

37. Red Pixie Cut with Bandana

Going a few shades darker, burgundy is a lovely fit for pixie cuts. If your haircut has long bangs, you can pin them back in a retro fashion and tie a bandana around it. It can be worn with fancy or casual attires alike.

38. Natural Short Wedding Hairstyle

What can women with pixie cuts do for wedding hairstyles? It’s easy! All you need is the perfect accessory and you’ll be good to go in no time.

For a natural approach, consider a wrap-around crown made of leaves or flowers.

39. Silver Accessory Wedding Style

If you want your hairstyle to match your jewelry, you can opt for silver accessories like the one presented above. You can also add a few gems if your bridal jewelry includes them, just as pearls.

40. How to Style Pixie Cut with Braids

Braids seem like the last type of styling you would dream of if you have short hair.

Nevertheless, it’s not impossible at all if you have long bangs.

You can even have fun with an angled French braid. Just make sure you secure it with a hair tie so it won’t come undone.

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41. Metallic Pastels

If you are drawn to pastel shades but want to live it up a little, give the color a metallic shine. This gleaming effect works for various pastel colors, from purple and pink, to blue or green.

42. Glam and Edgy Pixie Cut

Who ever said that you can’t combine glam with edginess? This layered pixie haircut does exactly that! In addition to this, the classy ash blonde color complements the look amazingly.

43. Long Shaggy Front Bangs

An exciting aspect about pixie cuts with long bangs is that they can be naturally styled in three distinct ways.

  • Firstly, you can sweep your bangs to the left on your forehead.
  • Secondly, try the opposite, on the right side.
  • Thirdly, tousle them directly down your forehead.

44. Silver Braided Hair Crown

Instead of purchasing a crown, why not make one from your own hair?

Simply French braid your way around your head and pin the end of the braid behind your ear to create a crown braid. The shimmering silver color is an awesome bonus.

45. Styling Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair

Aside from French braids, some pixie haircuts can also be styled into fishtail braids. If you have fine hair, you can weave a few front locks into a thin fishtail braid to the side.

46. Electric Turquoise Messy Pixie

Turn the intensity of your pixie haircut up a notch with this brilliant shade of turquoise.

It’s basically the brighter version of the pastel one we talked about at the beginning of this guide, so feel free to compare them!

47. Classy Pixie Cut Round Face

Another way to make sure that your pixie haircut flatters your round face shape is to keep it with normal bangs all around. Keep them full, thick, and trimmed just above your eyelashes for the perfect effect.

48. Growing Out Pixie Cut with Braids

Combine twists and braids for a fantastic pixie hairstyle. You can take two strands on one side, twisting the top one and braiding the second one.

49. Graceful Curls

Maintain curls all around your pixie haircut, even if you decide to keep the sides shorter. If your hair is really curly naturally, you don’t even need hair product to maintain the lovely shape.

50. Short Rainbow Ombre

Finally, we want to conclude our inspiration guide with the boldest of all pixie cut color combos – rainbow!

Indeed, it’s a daring choice, but it beautifully combines layer after layer of vivid colors.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

There are tons of pixie cut ideas you can toss around until you get the perfect cut and style for you!

When making your final choice, don’t forget to think about the color, hair length, texture, and your face shape so you can get the most flattering combination. Enjoy!

Which (if any) of these fit your needs and styles? Tell us in a comment or even send in an example of other great pixies!

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