45 Best Looking Asymmetrical Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Asymmetrical haircuts are gorgeous choices if you want a dramatic new look.

Even though asymmetrical haircuts are usually associated with bobs or pixie cuts, there are plenty of medium and long ideas to choose from too.

We want every woman to find the asymmetrical haircut of her dreams, so we have covered ideas for all lengths in our selection.

If you want to explore the magnificent world of asymmetrical haircuts, scroll through our references and enjoy!

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1. Stacky Bobs

The stacky bob is the perfect kind of asymmetrical haircut for an edgy gal who still has a strong sense of style. It’s a fantastic choice for ladies with longer faces, such as oval or heart shapes.

2. Pixie Cuts with Long Bangs

The pixie cut with longer bangs is one of the most popular asymmetrical haircuts around.

It shines with any face shape and looks great on ladies of all ages. The platinum tips are also a pretty addition to the hairstyle.

3. Two Tone Asymmetrical Haircuts

To spice up your asymmetrical pixie cut even more, consider a two tone hair idea.

For instance, you can keep the short side black and bleach the rest for an awesome rock star appeal. Feel fry to try other colors out too.

4. Choppy Bobs

Bobs, no matter the length, are a reflection of class and femininity. However, you can instantly add some personality by working with your hairstylist to make it choppy.

This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds in a balanced manner.

5. Silver White Pixies

What’s even hotter than platinum hair? Silver white.

If you have really pale skin and want to get an eye-catching pixie haircut, consider dyeing your hair in a bright white shade.

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6. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Go with the flow by rocking a wavy asymmetrical bob. It works impeccably for any occasions, from getting down to business at the office or partying all night on the beach.

7. Metallic Pink Medium Haircuts

Long asymmetrical haircuts are wonderful. This bold cut has one side shoulder length and the other considerably a few inches longer.

The metallic pink hair color is a dazzling detail.

8. Long Asymmetrical Haircuts

Another longer choice is this superb long bob. It shines through a rich, natural hair color and a steep A line from back to front.

We support it as one of the asymmetrical haircuts for women who don’t want to sacrifice too much of their overall hair length.

9. Wavy Asymmetrical Ombre Hairstyles

You’ve already seen that wavy locks are perfect for chopping into asymmetrical haircuts, but what happens when you add a subtle ombre?

You get a brilliant hairstyle that’s bound to make heads turn as you walk through the city.

10. Casual Asymmetrical Haircuts

Some women are rather interested in casual asymmetrical haircuts that they can wear in any setting.

If you want a hairstyle that you can sport at the office just as well as on a date, we recommend the easy-going idea above. It’s also great if you plan on maintaining your natural hair color.

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11. High Fashion Haircuts

Tend to be on the sophisticated side? Perfect! It means that asymmetrical bob haircuts are definitely for you.

This refined short bob literally shimmers with high-class style, especially owing to the longer strands in the front.

12. Cute Electric Purple Hairstyles

Feel free to go wild with your asymmetrical haircut, like with the color you choose. If you’re a cute rebel at heart, electric purple is always a fun option for asymmetrical haircuts.

13. Pink and Blonde Mix Hairstyles

For a soft and delicate appearance with a twist, you can mix blonde and pink for your asymmetrical haircut.

It looks visually delicious on long, wavy hair that’s fearlessly chopped on one side.

14. Side Shaved Pixie Cuts

Take your asymmetrical pixie to the next level by bravely shaving the side. You can even add a shaved line or two for some extra style and glam.

A haircut with this vibe also deserves an equally exciting color.

15. Choppy Bangs Hairstyles

Whoever said that bangs had to be long, straight and perfectly aligned with your eyebrows? If you have the courage to experiment with asymmetrical haircuts, you should also take a fun idea like short bangs into consideration.

16. Natural Long Bobs

Do you feel that au naturel is a representative term for you? Then you might as well schedule your next appointment with your hairstylist and show them this rich chocolate long bob.

17. Pastel Purple Asymmetrical Haircuts

We love flashy colors, but we’re also equally fond of pastel shades. If you love lavender hair, check out this courageous asymmetrical haircut starts with a pixie base and has super long bangs.

18. Wavy Pixie Cuts

You don’t necessarily have to leave just your bangs long for asymmetrical haircuts with a pixie shape.

You can go for long locks completely on one side, especially if your hair is wavy or you like curling it.

We recommend it as a great choice for oval-shaped faces.

19. Curly & Braided Asymmetrical Hairstyles

This wouldn’t be a complete HairMotive article without sneaking in some styling tips. After you have done research on asymmetrical haircuts, consider this jaw-dropping styling choice for your long bob.

20. Eccentric and Edgy Haircuts

We have to admit – you really need to have guts for this category of eccentric asymmetrical haircuts.

Not only does the style contain a rainbow of pastel hues, but it’s also bravely shaved into a unique haircut that will certainly make you stand out.

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21. Cotton Candy Pink Hairstyles

If you’re caught in a lack of inspiration for the color of your asymmetrical haircuts, you might want to take this fairytale-like shade into consideration.

It resembles the soft shade of cotton candy and has a fabulous lavender tint to bring out the girly girl at heart.

22. Curly and Easygoing Hairstyles

Going back to natural asymmetrical haircuts, ladies with corkscrew curls can enjoy these styles too. Not only can they personally enjoy them, but they look absolutely stunning for a natural approach to this daring cut.

23. Full Side Swept Bangs

There’s something about the fullness of radical side-swept bangs that make girls with small faces even cuter than before.

That’s where emo hairstyles step in and inspire us for asymmetrical haircuts. Take the haircut further by chopping more on one side.

24. Steel Blue Asymmetrical Bobs

Calling all mermaids! You don’t need to have never-ending locks flowing down your back to rock these dreamy hair colors. You can play around with asymmetrical haircuts and go for a steel blue and grey ombre.

25. Afro Mohawks

Embrace your glamorous afro locks boldly! You can trim your curls into an asymmetrical mohawk that looks elegant and edgy at the same time.

We support the look as one of the most flattering natural hairstyles for women with afro-textured hair.

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26. Statement Haircuts

If you want to make a statement and you’re at a loss of creativity, go for fire-inspired hair.

All you have to do is get a balayage hairstyle that incorporates tones of red, orange, and yellow, topping it all off with a heavily-layered asymmetrical haircut.

27. Black and Purple Asymmetrical Haircuts

Short asymmetrical bob, long bangs, black hair, and purple highlights. What could you want more from a mysterious and alluring look?

The hairstyle looks amazing on women with all face shapes and hair textures.

28. A-Line Haircuts with Highlights

We adore A-line asymmetrical haircuts, but you know what we love even more? Turning things up a notch with bold highlights on dark locks.

We recommend it as an alternative for the showy purple highlights we presented earlier.

29. Discrete Asymmetrical Haircuts

Do you have naturally wavy hair but you’re not fully convinced that you want a dramatic makeover?

Go for a discrete asymmetrical haircut to bring more bounce to the back of your hair. Feel free to add some sunny highlights into the mix as well.

30. Zef Hairstyles

Ah, Yolandi Visser, the queen of crazy beautiful asymmetrical haircuts.

Follow her outgoing approach by trimming down the top part of your hairstyle and leaving the rest of your hair long. You’re sure to shine among your peers.

31. Asymmetrical Haircuts for Round Faces

Ladies with round faces can get inspired by this idea for their angled haircut. The side-swept bangs and medium bob silhouette complement this particular face shape in an adorable and alluring way.

32. Classy Angles

Keri Hilson shows us how a retro asymmetrical bob can make you sparkle.

If you love vintage styles and showing off your feminine side, her classy bob is one of the best examples you can copy. The brown undertones are also a lovely idea.

33. Inner Layers

If you have notably long hair, a few asymmetrical layers can greatly impact your overall look.

You should always be playful with your appearance, especially if you have a bright personality. Keep on layering your way to the haircut of your dreams!

34. Blue Accents

Get crazy, get creative! Blue streaks in various shades look great on asymmetrical haircuts. You can try the idea out regardless of the length of your hair or the shape of your face.

Additionally, if you have side bangs, you can splash the blue on them for an even more interesting hairstyle.

35. Rockabilly Pixie Haircuts

If you adore the 50’s and pin up hairstyles, incorporate the idea into your asymmetrical cut.

As an alternative for women who want a temporary asymmetrical rockabilly look, use bobby pins and hairspray to style your locks without cutting them.

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36. Choppy Long Locks

Release your inner rock star with these super choppy long locks and funky asymmetrical bangs. The jagged layers will provide plenty of volume, definition, and personality for a truly special hairstyle.

37. Perfect Bangs

Speaking of bangs, we can’t stress enough how important they are for asymmetrical haircuts. We particularly encourage women who enjoy pixie hairstyles to add side-swept bangs to their look.

38. Sweeping Beauty Hairstyles

If your hair is fine and silky soft, play around with lengths and let it gorgeously wrap around you. Asymmetrical haircuts are an excellent way to make finer hair appear thicker.

39. Spiky Pixie Cuts

If you want a sexy, fierce, and stylish approach to your next pixie haircut, don’t hesitate to go for a spiky approach.

To get the look, make sure your hair is cut in all the right angles. After that, add some product and style your spikes exactly the way you like them.

40. Volume Boost Hairstyles

Bring on the volume, girl!

Talk to your hairstylist about getting an asymmetrical bob cut so you can enjoy volume, bounce, and the exciting hairstyle you have always desired. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick or fine – you will be radiant.

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41. Rebellious Cuts

It’s easy to see why asymmetrical haircuts are considered to be outgoing hairstyles. If you want to push the rebellious vibe of your atypical haircut, try out the look pictured above. Those bangs are everything!

42. Inverted Asymmetrical Haircuts

Another clever idea for getting more natural volume is to rock an inverted haircut.

Whether it’s a pixie or bob, the key is to get focused layers starting from the top. Gradually soften them as you get to the lower part of your hair.

43. Rainbow Hairstyles

Any asymmetrical haircut can fabulously come to life when you use multiple colors.

While you don’t have to dye all of your hair in the colors of the rainbow, you can have a few select tones from a specific palette in some parts of your hair.

44. Short Asymmetrical Haircuts for Fine Hair

You don’t have to stress about struggling with fine hair anymore.

A proper short asymmetrical haircut will help you get all the qualities you desire without any frustration. A large side part, layers, and flirty lengths are the way to go.

45. Jawline Hairstyles

Lastly, we have a brilliant asymmetrical hairstyle that literally any woman can sport.

It focuses on the line of your jaw, with one part of your haircut to the top corner of your jawline and the other where your chin is. The angled results will take your breath away.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, you can pick any one of these asymmetrical haircuts for your new hairstyle.

What makes them stand out among other types of haircuts is that they can be adapted according to the shape of your face, your hair texture, length, preferences, and ocassion.

Although they might not be the best option for everybody, women who love expressing their creativity should definitely take asymmetrical haircuts into consideration.

What’s your favorite asymmetrical hairstyle of all?

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