50 Glamorous Ways to Rock Box Braids

Classy, versatile, sexy, and chic all at the same time, box braids are one of the most popular options for protective hairstyling.

These beautiful braids come in various shapes and sizes, which range from thin to jumbo and short to waist-length or even longer.

Box braids are a pleasure to style, protect your hair, and always look amazing.

See a variety of ways to rock your box braids to perfection below.

1. Faux Locs

Faux locs are just too hot to ignore. This style imitates dreadlocks without using the same technique, by tightly twisting the braids for long and classy locks.

2. Long Box Braid Bob

Box braids don’t have to be long and heavy. These braids look just as gorgeous on shorter hair. An example is this long bob with several gold beads sprinkled in the front.

3. Half Up Braided Top Knot

When it comes to styling your braids, buns are all the rage. Half up half down top knots, in particular, are a wonderful way to accentuate the length of your braids while remaining playful.

4. Super Long Box Braids

The longer the braids, the lovelier the technique stands out. An amazing aspect about this type of braids is that you don’t even have to complicate styling for them to still look fabulous. Just let them fall naturally down your back for a beautiful impact.

5. Box Braids with Beads

Beads are some of the most popular accessories for spicing up box braids. In most cases, just a few gold beads are used to highlight a few braids, but don’t hesitate to add more if it reflects your style. Personality should always come first when choosing hairstyles.

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6. Casual Half Updo

A braided hairstyle doesn’t need to take ages to set up in order to look splendid. For instance, you can just part your hair half up half down and tie the top part into a loose, messy bun. It’s an easy way to gain effortless style and show off your pretty braids at the same time.

7. Classy Box Braids Bun

Have a black tie event coming up? Turn your box braids into a fancy updo in a matter of minutes. The key here is to wrap the braids tightly around the bun and secure them in place with bobby pins. The outcome is nothing less than superb.

8. Sleek Jumbo Box Braids

Box braids can be thick or thin, depending on your preferences. If you want fewer braids but you’d like to highlight the weaving technique used to make them, go for some spectacular jumbo braids. They’re sleek, stylish and fall adorably around you.

9. Black with Brown Undertones

A little bit of color can go a long way for your box braid hairstyle. If you don’t want to go full out balayage or ombre, you can get a few lowlights or highlights under your first layer of braids. Brown and black always go well together for this style.

10. Half Up Small Box Braids

Narrow braids are just as stylish as wide ones. To enhance their impact even more, consider simply pulling your hair back into a classy half up half down hairstyle. It looks even sweeter if you have a side part, so try it out if this is your case.

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11. Light Brown Box Braids

You can also get inspired by your skin tone for the color of your braids. Match the ends of your hair with the shade of your skin and keep the roots your natural hair color for a stunning contrast.

12. Honey Highlights

Highlights are a definite favorite among ladies with box braids. The way that the highlight color mixes with the base color in the braids is truly special. If you choose this style, we recommend choosing a light and dark tone to emphasize the contrast.

13. Platinum Blonde Box Braids

Another option for lighter locks is platinum blonde. Mix in a few caramel lowlights for an even nicer effect. The braiding technique can be admired in all its beauty with this style.

14. Large Box Braids Style

Jumbo braids look absolutely dazzling when styled properly. You can take a few of your top braids and pin them back, revealing your face and framing it nicely simultaneously. This styling idea works for long and short braids alike.

15. Geometric Roots

If you had a creative approach when getting your braids in the first place, why not show it off? If your scalp was left with a jaw-dropping geometric pattern, outline it with a half up top knot so the technique can be admired adequately.

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16. Purple and Pink Ombre Box Braids

Ombre is another one of the top trends for bringing braids to life. If you want to give them an ultra feminine touch, consider purple and pink as a color combo option. Fade from dark violet roots to cotton candy pink tips.

17. Silver Ombre with Black Roots

Grey and silver hues are hotter than ever for hairstyles these days, so keep the idea in mind when choosing the ombre colors for your braids. But ombre braiding hair is available in just about every color imaginable these days.

18. Cute Box Braids with Half Up Double Buns

If you want to mix playful and sassy, half up double buns are always a delightful way to start. Regardless of what color your box braids are, they will look amazing when styled in this fun way.

19. Large Ponytail

Long and thin braids have a lovely effect when styled into a high ponytail. You can either keep them down your back or bring the sides of the ponytail in front of your shoulders. It will look marvelous either way.

20. Double Bun Box Braids with Color

This box braid idea has two main aspects that are enough to get you excited for days: the color and style. Firstly, the bright pink color is perfect for a fun and outgoing gal. Secondly, those high double buns are just plain fun!

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21. Classic Half Up Half Down

Want to keep everything sweet and simple but you’re still in the mood for a bit of styling? The answer is easy – half up half down. For a bohemian touch, leave a few loose braids in the front. You will adore the results.

22. Short Box Braids with Bob Haircut

All women know how difficult it is to maintain long hair, no matter what styling you choose. Whether you want to keep the maintenance to a minimum or you just love short and playful locks, a box braid bob is a magnificent way to do so.

23. Dark Red Box Braids

As far as colors for box braids go, dark red is one of the most beloved options. The beauty of this shade is that it goes beyond traditional earth tones without being too flashy to wear in all occasions. If you ever have doubts about colors being appropriate, tone down the color a shade or two.

24.  Tight Ponytail with Jumbo Braids

A long ponytail is another hairstyle that will never go out of fashion and that will always be suitable for any setting. Not only does it keep your head out of your face, but it also brings a boost of elegance that few hairstyles can. Box braids styled this way look flawless.

25. Caramel Braids

For a balanced color, choose something between brown and blonde. For example, this rich shade of caramel looks fantastic, especially if you have a similar skin tone. Experiment with different shades from this palette until you get the one that represents you the best.

26. Asymmetrical Bob Box Braids

Asymmetrical hairstyles are a funky way to express your style while maintaining elegance. Bobs are the typical bases for asymmetrical haircuts, but feel free to try out different lengths.

27. Medium Sized Box Braids with Side Swept Ponytail

Sometimes the best box braids are neither narrow nor wide. Medium is a great way to go, and they also look charming when styled in different ways. An example is this side swept ponytail, gently secured with a hair tie.

28. Bandana and Beads

You can add accessories galore to your box braid hairstyle. Like we said, beads are popular, but you don’t have to stop there. Take a bandana or a scarf and wrap your ponytail up for a boost of style. For nice contrast, choose a bandana color that’s the opposite of your base tones.

29. Silver Half Up Top Knot

Long silver braids look stunning when they’re in a half up top bun. You can wear this style with different types of outfits, from boho to business casual and even formal.

30. Dark Turquoise Medium Box Braids

This is another example to illustrate the idea of a darker hair color that’s not from the brown-blonde palette. In most cases, turquoise would turn out to be a pretty flashy color. However, toning it down to a deep shade makes it wearable on a day-to-day basis.

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31. Laid Back Big Box Braids

Large box braids often don’t require any styling at all to be alluring. If you have jumbo braids, just sweep them to the back and let them fall casually. Don’t forget that genuine elegance is frequently found in simplicity.

32. Supersize Bun

A huge, beautiful bun is one of the benefits that only a full head of long braids can bring. A large bun like this can be achieved easily with small or medium sized braids, but you can also try it out if yours are large.

33. Light Blonde Braids

Blonde can work amazingly for your braids, especially if it goes well with the color of your eyes.

34. Messy Half Up Bun Box Braids Hairstyle

For busy ladies who are always on the run, all you have to do is grab a hair tie and pull the top half of your braids into a messy bun. You can do the same with a full bun, but half up hairstyles allow the length of your locks to be admired in detail.

35. Layered Box Braid Bob

In most cases, braids are kept all at an even length. Nevertheless, layered locks add volume and dynamism to your full look, no matter how you style them. Whether you leave your hair down or style it in a half up bun, you will look glamorous.

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36. Purple Box Braid Hair

Purple looks dazzling on braids, and it’s an excellent idea if it’s also your favorite color. A deep, rich tone of purple is easy to match with your daily outfits. Moreover, it looks outstanding with any eye colors, from green to brown and more.

37. Orange and Attitude

A hairstyle that is on point goes beyond appearances. It’s all about attitude and how you rock it. Therefore, a bright hue like orange should be worn with the same daring approach. Wear your personality with pride, no matter what your vibes are.

38. Long Lavender Locks

As a base color, purple has a generous amount of shades that can be played around with. From the dark violet we talked about earlier to this pastel lavender, all of them contribute to a bold appearance.

39. Balayage Blue Box Braids

If you want to surpass the classic ombre, balayage is the coloring technique for you. It harmoniously combines contrasting and similar shades for a jaw-dropping result. Just an example is this blue balayage.

40. Front Side Ponytail

It’s easy to level up your ponytail if you want to change your look around and you have long braids. All you have to do is tie your ponytail high up and use pins to bring it to the front. After that, sweep the braids to the side for a glam effect.

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41. Bright Yellow Colored Box Braids

If traditional blonde bores you but you want an out-of-the-box approach to your hair color, go for yellow. It may not be for everyone, but those who truly feel the color will dazzle in it.

42. A-Line Box Braids Bob

Another braided bob idea is the trendy A-line cut. It starts a bit shorter in the back and gradually becomes longer towards your chin. With or without braids, this haircut does a genius job of outlining the shape of your face.

43. Electric Blue Braids

Push your limits with this brilliant shade of electric blue for your braids. It’s the perfect choice for an adventurous girl who’s not afraid to show her personality.

44. Box to Cornrows

You can combine braiding techniques for a unique hairstyle that few others will have. For instance, mixing cornrows and box braids is an exceptional way to get an original style that shines with beauty.

45. Braiding a Box Braid

Yes, braiding braids is definitely an option for creative hairstyles. Our first example is this spectacular large side braid, which naturally falls to the side. Graceful, chic and stylish all in one.

46. French Braid Pigtails

Our second idea of braiding your braids is through French braid pigtails. Use the same weaving technique as you would for classic French braids and work your way down to the tips. You’ll see that it’s even easier with hair that’s already braided.

47. High Pigtails with Green Ombre

Take a trip back to the 90s with this braided hairstyle that’s full of attitude. High pigtails are back and booming among hair trends again, so think about it when you’re out of styling ideas.

48. Curled Box Braids for Kids

Braids are the perfect choice for girls of all ages. To add more sweetness and femininity, consider curling the lower half and the tips.

49. Black and White Braids

Contrasts are always welcomed for braids. Black and white look magnificent together, but also combinations like black and silver or similar tones.

50. Extra Large Braided Bun

Lastly, you can combine braids and buns for the ultimate unique hairstyle. If you have thin or medium braids, work them all into a large simple braid and twist it up into a big bun. You’ll love the outcome.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, your imagination can run free when styling box braids. In the end, there aren’t limits to the creativity you can put into your box braided hairstyle. One day you can wear them straight down your back, the other styled in double buns or even more braids. They look gorgeous in all tones, so have fun with pretty shades and create the style you have always wanted.

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