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How to Determine Your Face Shape: The Ultimate Guide

cheekbone width

We’ve all heard of round, square, oval, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, and rectangular faces. Be that as it may, how are we supposed to know how to determine face shape specifically?

No need to worry, because we’ve got you covered with this ultimate face shape guide! First, we’ll show you how to find out what face shape you actually have.

From there, we’ll present a series of characteristics for each individual silhouette. To top it all off, we’ll leave you with numerous recommendations to match your facial features.

Ready? Buckle up for the ride and start scrolling!

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How to Determine Face Shape

Learning how to determine face shape isn’t nearly as complicated as many would believe it to be.

For some people, it can be as easy as comparing their own face to others with an already established shape. In this case, you can look at a series of photos with specific face shapes and see which one resembles yours the most.

However, for other people, there can be a fine line between one face shape and another. For instance, it’s common to be unsure as to whether your face is oval or heart-shaped. The same goes for square and rectangular faces.

For these situations, we have a step-by-step process that shows you how to determine your face shape with accuracy. All you need is a measuring tape, a mirror, and a piece of paper and pen to write down your findings.

TIP: We recommend using a flexible tape measure for the process. It’s the type that garment makers use to work with fabric. You’ll have a far easier time getting the correct face measurements.

Once you have the items ready, see how to determine face shape by measuring the areas described below!

1. Hairline to Chin Length

face length

To begin with, find out how to tell your face shape by how long your full face is.

  1. Look at your face in the mirror and place the tape measure at the middle of your hairline.
  2. Then, pull the tape down until it reaches the edge of your chin.
  3. Write down the inches as your overall face length.
  4. In addition, make sure you take note of all the measurements that follow.

2. Jawline Length

jawline length

After that, determine the complete length of your jawline.

  1. Start with the measuring tape at the upper corner of your jaw, just under your earlobe.
  2. Run the measure diagonally across your jawline until you reach the bottom center point of your chin.
  3. Multiply the number of inches by two in order to obtain the full length of your jawline.

3. Cheekbones Width

cheekbone width

The distance between your cheekbones will be decisive for finding the most flattering hairstyles for your face shape.

  1. Before measuring, use your fingers to feel where the high points of your cheekbones are.
  2. Depending on your facial structure, you will find the points somewhere below the corners of your eyes closest to the sides of your face.
  3. Pull the tape across your face to figure out the distance between the two points.

4. Forehead Width

forehead width

Finally, move the tape measure up to determine the width of your forehead.

  1. Similar to measuring your cheekbones, run the tape across your forehead from one point to the other.
  2. The limits are typically at the center of your temples, between the outer point of your brow and where your hair begins.
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Now that You Know All This:

Now that you know how to tell your face shape measurements, it’s time to see how they all line up.

Once you have all the individual proportions written down, consult the characteristics below to see which face shape category your features fall under.

I. Round Face


People with round faces usually have the length of their face close to the width of their cheekbones.

After that, the jawline width and forehead width are equal (or close to equal). Lastly, the measurements for cheekbone width and face length are greater than those for the width of the jawline and forehead.

Nevertheless, you also have to take other facial features into consideration.

For example, women with a round face shape also have a curved hairline. Both the jawline and the chin will be rounded too.

Additionally, round faces tend to be shorter in terms of face length than oval or rectangular faces.

II. Square Face

The characteristics of round faces are similar to those of square faces.

However, there are some standout features that will help you find out how to determine your face shape.

As far as measurements are concerned, square faces have about the same numbers all around. More specifically, the total length of the jawline should be around the width of the forehead and cheekbones.

Furthermore, your overall face should be just about as wide as it is long.

The angles are what makes square faces stand out from round faces. In other words, people who have a square face shape have a sharper jawline.

In addition, the hairline will typically be straighter, as opposed to curved. The cheekbones also tend to be a bit more angular.

III. Oval Face


With an oval face shape, there aren’t any similarities among measurements. In fact, the differences will be quite visible.

  1. First of all, the face will be notably longer than the cheekbones are wide.
  2. Secondly, the jawline will generally be smaller than the width of the forehead.
  3. Thirdly, the cheekbones will be wider than the forehead.

In many cases, people with oval faces also have taller foreheads. Moreover, both the jawline and the forehead will be curved instead of angular.

All in all, if you have a long face that doesn’t feature sharp angles, it’s likely that you’re part of the oval category.

IV. Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead will be wider than your cheekbones. The length of your jawline will also be smaller in comparison to your forehead.

In some cases, the forehead and cheekbone can be around the same width. Notwithstanding, they will have a greater width than your jawline.

What makes a heart-shaped face particularly stand out is the silhouette of the chin. It will be pointed, similar to the lower tip of a heart.

Oftentimes, women with heart-shaped faces will also have a widow’s peak. However, the trait isn’t necessary to be able to classify your face as a heart shaped one.

V. Diamond Shaped Face


Heart-shaped faces can sometimes be confused with diamond shapes. The main reason is that both share the pointed chin feature. All the same, the difference will be clear in the upper half of the face.

People who have a diamond-shaped face will have the widest cheekbones. The forehead will be narrower than the cheekbones. In turn, the jawline will be narrower than the forehead.

In addition to that, the length of the face will often be a top measurement. Still, having a shorter face doesn’t mean that it’s not diamond-shaped.

The wide cheekbones and narrow jawline and forehead remain the primary characteristics.

Generally speaking, women with diamond-shaped faces tend to have more angular features.

VI. Rectangular Face


Last but not least, we have the rectangular face shape, also known as the oblong face shape. Essentially, it combines several features of oval and square faces. In the end, though, it clearly stands out as a shape of its own.

First off, the length of the face will be the most prominent measurement. As far as width goes, the jawline, forehead, and cheekbones should be pretty much in alignment.

Consequently, there should be a fairly straight line from the top to bottom on both sides.

Furthermore, the hairline and forehead will have straighter and stronger angles. In a similar fashion, the jawline will appear to be boxy.

To recap, a rectangular or oblong face will be longer than a square one but sharper than an oval one.

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Tips & Tricks: Flattering Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

After you have mastered the art of how to determine face shape, you’re ready to put your knowledge into practice. That’s where different hairstyles for different face shapes come in.

Every single face shape is profoundly beautiful in its own way. The secret is to work with your specific shape to bring out the best in your facial features.

Thankfully, there are tons of hairstyle tricks to help you in the process. When you peel back all the layers though, the rule of thumb is to achieve balance.

But don’t worry, it’s far easier than you think. Keep scrolling to see how to determine your face shape hairstyle match.

I. Pretty Hairstyles for Round Faces

With round faces, it’s all about adding angles in all the right places with sharp haircuts.

1. Tapered Pixie Cuts

Tapered Pixie Cuts

The pixie is one of the cutest short haircuts for round faces. When one side is tapered and the other with long, wavy bangs, the results are truly breathtaking.

2. Choppy Lob Hairstyles

Choppy Lob Hairstyles

Lob haircuts are all the rage this year. We recommend getting your long bob with choppy layers to sharpen your facial features.

3. Stacked Bob Haircuts

Stacked Bob Haircuts

Another variation of the same base haircut is the stacked bob. It flatters women with round faces by creating an angled silhouette for their hairstyle.

4. Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

For a unique and unforgettable hairstyle, try an asymmetrical bob. The greater the difference between the two sides, the sharper the angles will be.

5. Long Layered Haircuts

Long Layered Haircuts

Nonetheless, not all ladies want to sacrifice large amounts of their hair for their next cut. As an alternative, we encourage you to get a layered haircut for long hair. The layers have the same feature-sharpening qualities as bob haircuts.

6. Feathered Layers Haircuts

Feathered Layers Haircuts

Even better, be bold and consider getting a haircut with jagged and feathered layers. You’ll have all the definition and volume you could ever desire.

7. Shag Haircuts

Shag Haircuts

Take things one step further with an outgoing shag haircut. It’s a timeless look that’s bound to spice up your appearance.

8. Blunt Bangs Hairstyles

Blunt Bangs Hairstyles

The straight line that comes with blunt bangs will even out your rounder features. You can also read about all the types of bangs, in general, to see what other options would complement your face shape.

II. Long, Medium, and Short Hairstyles for Square Shaped Face

Having a square face means you’re blessed with a razor-sharp jawline. See how you can either accentuate or soften it, according to your preferences.

1. Loose Updos

Loose Updos

For a casual look, a loose updo hairstyle will do the trick. Make sure you pull out a few strands of hair in the front to make it seem genuinely nonchalant.

2. Middle Part Hairstyles

Middle Part Hairstyles

Would you rather tone down the sharpness of your features? Go for any hairstyle that has a part down the middle.

3. Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

To add contrast to your appearance, have fun with some curly hairstyles. If you’re lucky enough to have natural ringlets, the task will be effortless for you.

4. Rounded Bob Haircuts

Rounded Bob Haircuts

Another way to curve the lower half of your face is with a rounded bob haircut. Make sure that the tips are cut inwards and that you style your hair in the same manner afterward.

5. Arched Bangs Hairstyles

Arched Bangs Hairstyles

Similarly, arched bangs can help reduce any dramatic angles in your facial structure. If you ever get tired of having them arched, you can always straighten your bangs to emphasize your square face shape.

6. Crown Braids

Crown Braids

If you want a gorgeous hairstyle for a special occasion, look no further than the crown braid. It will help you show off your amazing jawline in a wonderful way.

7. Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

For a half and half solution, think about getting curtain bangs. On the one hand, the curved angles on each side will balance out your look.

On the other hand, the triangular shape in the middle will accentuate your jawline. Overall, you get the best of both worlds.

8. Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Buzz Cut Hairstyles

If you want to test your limits, have the courage to get a buzz cut. It’s as fashionable as ever, with tons of female celebrities proudly sporting chic bristles.

III. Best Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face Ideas

If you have an oval face, you’ll either want to boast your face length or cover some of it up. Both techniques will result in enchanting hairstyles.

1. Long and Wavy Hairstyles with Middle Part

Long and Wavy Hairstyles with Middle Part

Firstly, you can highlight your oval face shape with a middle part hairstyle. The idea is especially flattering for women with long and wavy hair (or who prefer to style their locks in waves).

2. Long Bangs Hairstyles

Long Bangs Hairstyles

If you want to adjust your face shape with a good hairstyle, long bangs are a fantastic way to start. They will reduce the length of your face while beautifully framing it.

3. Braids Hairstyles

Braids Hairstyles

No matter what braid style you choose, we guarantee your braided locks will steal the spotlight. Even though they won’t conceal certain areas of your face, they will demonstrate your creative personality.

4. Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

For a harmonious appearance, we suggest having fun with a half up half down hairstyle. If the two sections separate around the length of your ear, you’ll get just the effect you’re looking for.

5. Choppy Bangs Hairstyles

Choppy Bangs Hairstyles

A set of choppy boho bangs will have a significant impact on the length of your face. At the same time, a jagged fringe will be easy to style every day.

6. Long Bob Haircuts

Long Bob Haircuts

Alternatively, if you love the fact that you have an oval face, you can embrace it with a long, shoulder-length bob. An additional advantage is that your hair will be long enough to style in various ways.

7. Short Bangs Hairstyles

Short Bangs Hairstyles

Without a doubt, short bangs are destined for girls with strong personalities. Moreover, they’ll cut down the length of your face without overdoing anything.

8. Updos with Side Bangs

Updos with Side Bangs

It can be tricky to rock an updo if you don’t want to extend the length of your oval face. However, you can sport an updo with side-swept bangs for a balanced and stylish appearance.

IV. Cute Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

If after learning how to determine face shape you’ve found out that you’re a heart silhouette, rest assured that you have a plethora of hairstyles available.

1. Tight Updos

Tight Updos

Women with a heart shape usually have smaller faces. As a result, they can wear tight updos to increase the size of their face and accentuate their eyes and lips.

2. Vintage Waves

a woman with vintage waves wearing a black sleeveless

Considering that heart-shaped faces come with pointier chins, there are numerous tactics you can apply to curve your features. For instance, you can try a vintage hairstyle with loose curls for a touch of retro glam.

3. Medium-Length Haircuts

Medium-length Haircuts

If you’d rather go a bit shorter, a medium-length haircut is precisely what you need. Whether blunt or choppy, it will make your heart-shaped face even lovelier.

4. High Ponytail Hairstyles

High Ponytail Hairstyles

Thanks to your generous face shape, you can easily dive into cute hairstyles like high ponytails. The look will add to the length of your face, all while framing it in a fabulous way.

5. Side Bangs Hairstyles

Side Bangs Hairstyles

Would you rather take some edge off your appearance? Side bangs will help you out in the process. If you make them feathered, they’ll further reduce the pointy aspect of your chin.

6. Long Layers Haircuts

Long Layers Haircuts

Are you all about rocking long locks? Make them appropriate for your face shape by adding long and luxurious layers throughout your hair.

7. Messy Top Knot Hairstyles

Messy Top Knot Hairstyles

If you have a widow’s peak, you can truly say that your heart face shape is complete. From there, you can style your hair in a messy bun to showcase your pretty facial structure.

8. Short and Bouncy Curls

Short and Bouncy Curls

Lastly, a head full of tight coils can take your heart-shaped face to a totally new level. Make sure your locks are cropped in short layers to get all that outstanding volume.

V. Best Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Face

A diamond face shape means that your cheekbones are to die for. You can either sharpen or soften them, provided you experiment with the right hairstyles.

1. A-Line Bob Haircuts

A Line Bob Haircuts

Are you all about angles? An A-line bob will help you get an even sharper jawline than you already have. Just make sure the bob falls around the length of your chin.

2. Pixie Cuts with Short Bangs

Pixie Cuts with Short Bangs

Yet another way to boost your angular face structure is with a short pixie cut. When we say short, we’re also referring to the length of the bangs. We’re sure you’ll love the look.

3. Big Waves Hairstyles

Big Waves Hairstyles

Still, there’s an alternative available for you if you want to soften your features. With a little bit of backcombing and some hairspray, you can get glamorous loose curls.

4. Straight Hairstyles with Middle Part

Straight Hairstyles with Middle Part

Straightened hair can make your diamond-shaped face stand out like never before. Pair that with a middle part and your charming face will be the center of attention.

5. Wedge Haircuts

Wedge Haircuts

Would you rather go for some contrasting elements? You can even out the pointed bottom half of your face with a retro wedge haircut.

6. Subtle Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Subtle Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts work for girls with diamond-shaped faces just as well as they do for round-faced girls. Nevertheless, we recommend subtle asymmetry for the former category.

7. Face Framing Bangs

a woman wearing blue shirt with long blonde hair with face framing bangs

Regardless of your specific shape, face-framing bangs have a unique charm of their own. For girls with diamond-shaped faces, they emphasize length while slightly covering the highest points of the cheekbones.

8. Tucked Behind Ear Hairstyles

Tucked Behind Ear Hairstyles

Likewise, you can never go wrong with tucking your hair behind your ear. It’s a highly feminine hairstyle that will bring out your very best features.

VI. Cool Hairstyles for Rectangular Faces

Did your measurements result in an oblong or rectangular face shape? You can cut down on the length or make all those angles stand out with pride.

1. Beach Waves Hairstyles

Beach Waves Hairstyles

For years now, beach waves have been the ultimate sign of a chill and chic girl. Add contourage highlights to the mix and your face shape will shine for sure.

2. Wispy Bangs Hairstyles

Wispy Bangs Hairstyles

On the flip side, you might want to make your face shorter. To do so, you can elegantly try a set of wispy bangs.

3. Full Bangs Hairstyles

Full Bangs Hairstyles

For even more reduction, get a full fringe haircut. When you want to expose your boxy jawline, all

4. Inner Flip Hairstyles

Inner Flip Hairstyles

A cute flippy hairstyle can have a remarkable effect on your appearance. If you have a rectangular face shape, make sure the angles go towards your neck.

5. Side Braid Hairstyles

Side Braid Hairstyles

You have every reason to adore your oblong face. To sport it with pride, weave your hair into a classy side braid.

6. Half Side Part

Half Side Part

You don’t necessarily have to wear your hair with a middle or side part. For a rectangular face, you can go halfway with a semi side part and maintain optimum proportions.

7. Side Bangs Half Up Hairstyles

Side Bangs Half Up Hairstyles

On the other hand, side bangs coupled with a half up hairstyle can get your hairstyle to where it needs to be.

While your jawline will be marvelously displayed, the length of your forehead will be gently reduced.

8. Medium Bob Haircuts

Medium Bob Haircuts

It’s obvious that bob haircuts are trending more than ever. In the context of rectangular faces, a medium-length bob that falls an inch or two below the chin will be perfect.

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So, Have We Reached a Conclusion?

To conclude, learning how to determine face shape isn’t a complicated task.

It’s all in finding out some basic proportions and working your way from there. Once you have the suitable haircut, we guarantee that you’ll love the shape of your face.

From your experience, are there any other tips you know on how to determine your face shape? Add your insight into the comment section and let’s help other women find the best hairstyles for their facial structure!

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