Wear It Purple & Proud! 50 Fabulous Purple Hair Suggestions

Purple hair might not be for everyone, but it’s an actually excellent color idea for anyone looking for a serious change.

When used as hair dye, purple can vary from silvery lavender all the way to deep plum and everything in between.

With so many flattering shades available, you’re sure to find the most suitable one for you. Explore these charming purple hair ideas and color your life!

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1. Dark Purple Hair

One of the most popular types of purple for hair is this deep, rich shade. It’s a lot easier to wear than other colors in this palette that might be too flashy for work or school.

2. Purple Afro-Textured Hair

After having the patience to grow out your natural hair, why not bring it to life with a gorgeous new color? This deep purple is a great option and it contrasts beautifully with dark skin tones.

3. Pastel Purple Hair

On the other hand, pastel purples are just as glamorous. For instance, this almost periwinkle shade looks absolutely stunning on long locks. It’s a perfect idea for blending in with the chilly season.

4. Purple Balayage

We all know that balayage is one of the hottest hair trends, but how would it look with purple? When faded from a natural hair color like black, a purple balayage can really take your breath away.

5. Black to Purple Ombre Hair

If you want something a bit more contrasting, you can opt for purple ombre hair. Likewise, it turns out most natural when blended with black or dark brown.

Also, it looks wonderful on long hair, but it can also be rocked with short ‘dos.

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6. Light Purple Hair

This super light lavender hair color is just what you need to bring out your inner fairy. It’s feminine and edgy at the same time, all while maintaining a graceful impact.

7. Purple Braids

If you love rocking braids all around, you can consider incorporating purple into them next time. For a more natural approach, consider keeping at least part of them with your root hair color.

8. Purple Buzz Cut

The beauty about purple is that it looks amazing on all types of hair, no matter how short yours is. For example, this adorable buzz cut looks even better in this deep red-purple color.

9. Silver Purple Hair Color

We have all witnessed the silver/gray hair craze. However, if you really want to stand out, you can give yours a pretty tint. This silver hair color has just enough metallic lavender in it for a lovely final touch.

10. Lavender and White Hair

Long hair can be easily colored lavender and look brilliant. Nevertheless, you might like playing around with other colors at the same time.

This lavender to white ombre will give you a better idea of how cute the results can be.

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11. Pink and Purple Hair

Among hair color combinations that contain purple, pink is one of the most popular secondary colors.

Aside from natural hair tones, pink completes purple gorgeously. Go from purple to pink or vice-versa. It will look just as charming!

12. Metallic Purple Locks

If you’re caught between pastel purple and gray hair, go for something in between. This metallic purple mixes the softness of pastel with the edginess of steel grey. The outcome is quite a beauty to behold.

13. Messy Purple Bun

Out of styling ideas for your purple locks? A messy top knot always does the trick. It looks even better if you have dark roots, so grab that hair tie and wrap up your hair in a careless manner. It’s chic, cool, and super pretty!

14. Purple and Blue Hair

In addition to pink, blue is a fantastic choice for a secondary color after purple. A hairstyle like this isn’t ombre-based.

Rather, it’s a series of highlights and lowlights in various shades of violet and blue. Now this is taking mermaid hair to a whole new level!

15. Blue and Purple Hair

For the other way around, simply put more emphasis on the blue part of your hair.

This works amazingly if your hair is already dyed blue or is a combination of different shades of blue. All you have to do is sprinkle a bit of purple on top for a nice twist.

16. Purple Flat Twist Out Curls

Another deliciously eye candy idea for natural hair gone purple involves a classic process: flat twist out curls.

Even though most women with afro-textured hair already know how to get these corkscrews, we wanted to point out how delightful they look when colored purple.

17. Purple Hair Extensions

If you’re not up for dying your natural hair purple, you can always get extensions.

It’s a great way to protect your hair from damage caused by coloring, and you can take them off or put them back on whenever you please.

18. Grey Purple Hair

Like we previously mentioned, gray hair can be toned with a bit of purple to make the overall look more interesting. This is yet another example so you can see how beautiful the fusion turns out!

19. Shaved Purple Haircut with French Braid & Balayage

Kelly Osbourne shows that a carefree spirit can rock a shaved hairstyle, an upside-down French braid, and lavender balayage locks, all at the same time.

20. Turquoise, Pink, and Purple Mix

Who ever said that you only have to settle for one or two hair colors?

To step up your mermaid hair game, consider going for three bold and beautiful colors. For instance, turquoise, pink, and purple look absolutely outstanding together.

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21. Purple Double Buns

If you get tired of classic messy buns, you can switch things around with double buns. This look is even greater if you have bangs, but it will look cute without them as well.

22. Katy Perry Purple Hair

As far as celebrities with purple hair are concerned, Katy Perry definitely deserves a top spot on the list. Here is how she once rocked dark and purple hair flawlessly, with black roots and undertones.

23. Black and Purple Hair

Another subtle approach to purple locks is this discrete plum ombre. It focuses on the tips, and the color used is very dark. If you ever get tired of the look, you can chop the ends off directly and change your whole look.

24. Big Curly Purple Hairstyle

Were you blessed with huge curly hair? Try coloring it purple! This mixture of dark and light violet tones looks breathtaking against any skin color, not to mention all types of curly locks.

25. Metallic Purple French Braid

If you decided to color your hair in a metallic pastel shade, you can show it off with a classic French braid. It won’t take a lot of time to braid, but you’ll love how it turns out.

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26. Short Purple Hair

So, you recently got a pixie undercut. Why not make it even more memorable? You can either dye all of your hair in this spectacular plum shade or color just the top and leave the undercut natural.

27. Red Purple Hair

This dark shade of magenta is, without a doubt, a glam approach to purple locks. It’s yet another option for rebellious ladies that want to show their wild side while keeping up with the latest hair trends.

28. Pink and Purple Double Dutch Braids

Regardless if you colored all of your hair purple or went for a half and half combo like the one in this image, double Dutch braids are a must.

This is an excellent styling idea if you have long and straight hair, and it’s not as overused as other braid styles.

29. A-Line Bob in Purple

Generally, purple looks great on any type of hair or cut. But we wanted to include a few examples of purple on specific haircuts so you can see how the results look.

30. Silver Blonde and Purple Hair

This funky look can be obtained in two main ways: either by getting purple lowlights or by getting extensions.

We recommend the second option if you’re not 100% sure you want to have permanent purple. It looks fabulous either way!

31. Half Up Half Down Purple Hairstyle

Another cool styling tip for purple locks is the ever-fashionable half up half down look. One of the best parts about this hairstyle is that it works for all hair textures, as long as the locks are at least shoulder-length.

32. Purple Red Hair

You can give your dark purple hair a red tint to warm it up a bit. In most cases, purple gives off a cool sensation due to the cold nature of the color. However, by adding some red tones, you can warm up the entire look.

33. Purple Braided Ponytail

If you have long braids, a high ponytail is always a wonderful way to style them. Not only does it look superb, but it’s also a practical approach to super long braids. They won’t get in your eyes and you’ll look astounding!

34. Brown and Purple Hair

Natural roots have become more and more popular in the last years. This is good news on several levels, starting with long-term hair color maintenance.

35. Purple Mohawk

This might not be your everyday look for popping up at a corporate job, but it’s definitely an idea for our punk girls out there.

The contrast between the dark shaved roots and the bright lavender mohawk will keep heads turning wherever you go.

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36. Pink and Purple Faux Hawk

If you’re not up for a genuine mohawk, you can always have fun with faux hawks. If you have two hair colors, you can accentuate each with such a hairstyle. In this case, the purple roots stand out against the pink top.

37. Deep Purple Hair

This is one of the closest shades to black you can get from purple. A deep plum tone like this is just enough to spice up your natural hair color while keeping an appropriate appearance for all occasions.

38. Bright Purple Hair

If you’re not constrained by a strict job, you can go wild with bright shades of purple too. It’s great if you are a teenager or you just want to express your outgoing personality through your hair color.

39. Half Purple Half Turquoise

After you get the colors of your choice, such as the great combo above, have fun accentuating them with various braids and pigtails for fun!

40. Purple Hair Accessories

If you’re looking for accessories for your vivid hair color, we recommend going with silver or otherwise a cool metal. It will complement the cold color of your hair while allowing you to style your hair differently.

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41. Braided Purple Back Crown

This purple hairstyle is so lovely that it can even be used at your prom or wedding day. Essentially, it’s a back braided crown that starts from the top sides and braids down to a chignon.

42. Dark Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Another office-friendly way to wear purple hair is by adding some discrete plum highlights to your natural color. The subtle effect is best obtained when your natural hair color is black or dark brown.

43. Deep Purple Twists

With just enough hair product and patience, you can recreate purple dreadlocks without damaging your hair. These long twists are just what you need if bohemian is your middle name.

44. Purple Curly Hair

Even if your curls are not afro-textured, they still look splendid when colored in purple. To make the look even more special, experiment with different shades of purple that will blend beautifully thanks to your curls.

45. Lavender Double Fishtail Braid

Fishtails might not be the easiest braiding technique, but they look dazzling on purple locks.

Even more so, you can make your hairstyle more creative by braiding three fishtail braids and uniting them in one normal braid starting at the back of your neck.

46. Purple and Turquoise Braids

These loose cornrow-like French braids show how pretty the transition from bright turquoise to soft lavender if. You can add a bit of silver to the gradient so it won’t go roughly from one color to the other.

47. Purple and Green Hair

You can also try the reverse, with purple locks on top and green at the ends. In this situation, we recommend using a shade of blue to harmoniously transition from purple to turquoise.

48. Long Purple Hair

It’s not every day that you see ladies with thigh-length hair. However, imagine seeing hair so long and a rich shade of purple.

You should consider this if you’re lucky enough to have super long hair and want to change things around.

49. Indigo Dreadlocks

Gals who have dreadlocks can also try out purple for a new look. It gives their already daring hairstyle choice even more edge, and also a lovely new color.

50. Dark Violet Hair Bow

Our last but possibly cutest styling tip for purple locks is this huge hair bow. It might take longer to make than a messy bun, but you’ll adore the way it turns out in the end.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

In conclusion, there are more than enough purple hair options you can browse.

Our aim was not only to show you what various tones you can experiment with but also how your purple locks will look when styled in different ways.

Now, it’s up to you! Choose your favorite shade of purple for a memorable hairstyle and flaunt it in style. Which of these will you go for?

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