50 Catchy and Practical Flat Twist Hairstyles

If you have natural hair, it is essential to take extra good care of it, especially if it is braided.

So try out this idea: instead of traditional braids, try flat twist hairstyles!

Compared to braids, twists are not just easier to make, but also faster, which is great for beginners.

Other than that, twist hairstyles come with the same benefits: they protect the hair, allow length retention, and are a great base for various hairstyles.

Try out these catchy flat twist hairstyles!

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1. How to Flat Twist Your Hair



If you’re curious about the process that transforms your big afro into an orderly and chic braid, check out this step-by-step tutorial. With a little bit of practice, you can learn to twist your hair yourself.

2. Flat Twist Bun Hairstyles



Known as a protective hairstyle, flat twists can be very practical. However, they can be so much more with this stylish low bun hairstyle.

3. Flat Twist Hairstyles on Relaxed Hair



If you used a hair relaxer that helped you tame your stubborn curls, you can still wear your locks in flat twists without any frizz. You can also try cutting your hair shorter for enhanced practicality.

4. Two Strand Flat Twist Hairstyles



When it comes to flat twisting, you can’t go wrong with double strand twists. They are the simplest and quickest style which adjusts perfectly to the texture of black hair. You can sport the two strand flat twists in both complex and easy styles.

5. Chunky Flat Twist Hairstyles



You don’t have to give up the protection of braids for the glamour of having twisted updos on your natural hair. While still protecting your strands from over-styling and heat damage, this catchy look can give you the change you need.

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6. Scalp Twist Hairstyles



Opting for protective hairstyles does not have to be boring. With this scalp twist look, you only have to worry about not pulling too hard on your strands. It’s been proved that it can lead to hair loss, and that’s not something you want happening to you.

7. Cornrow Twist Styles



Cornrows have never not been in style, so why not give this hairstyle a try? The low bun can be the perfect fit for a lovely night out.

8. Easy Protective Updos



Style your hair up and out of your face with these twin twists. Neither chunky nor thin, they can be sported for weeks, making them the ideal choice for a summertime hairstyle.

9. Flat Braided Hairstyles with Undercuts



Going for the undercut feels like a bold move, but you don’t have to fear not looking feminine with it. Flat braid the rest of your hair and style it in glamorous updos for the full-blown effect.

10. Flat Twist Updo Styles

Chunky Flat Twist on Natural Hair


Weddings and formal occasions can be quite a hassle with African-American hair, but this flat twist updo can help you forget all your worries.

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11. Flat Twist Mohawk Hairstyles



It’s daring, it’s fancy, and it’s begging for you to try it. If you are currently going crazy because your long beautiful hair won’t settle, this stunning flat twist Mohawk is definitely the look for you.

12. Flat Twists with Bangs



If you’d rather avoid extensions and keep your hair shorter, you can try these pretty twist styles. Go with some flat braids that move upward, allowing your beautiful curls to tumble down freely in bang-fashion.

13. Flat Twist into Bun Hairstyles



Flat twist your hair, add extensions and make this huge braided bun your style for the night. Thanks to extensions becoming so popular, you won’t have to wait until your hair grows very long. A full bun is readily accessible and very easy to assemble.

14. Puffy Flat Twist Hairstyles



These two hairstyle suggestions show that flat twists don’t necessarily have to stick to your head. Going for the puffy look might involve using a hair relaxing lotion, depending on how thick your hair is.

15. Cornrow Twist Updo Ideas



This beautiful face-framing style brings your hair all up and towards the face, allowing your ringlets to fall freely. It’s elegant while also being messy, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t choose it for a night out with the girls.

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16. Flat Twist & Curls Hairstyles



Twists don’t always have to be held into one spot – if you want to try a fun hairstyle that works well on medium curly hair, go for this flat twist ‘do that’s oh so adorable.

17. Bold Chunky Twist with Heavy Undercut Hairstyles

daring short hair for African American women


This is the hairstyle you usually only dream of during the hottest days of the summer. Why not give it a try?

18. Flat Twist Hairstyles with Highlights



A gorgeous twisted out bob with auburn highlights can do wonders if you’re looking for a drastic change.

19. Flat Twist or Double Strand Vintage Hairstyles



Take a cue from some decades ago and try out this twist style next time you want to feel out of this world. The look works best on natural hair, but installing some extensions if you haven’t got thick hair is also an option.

20. Flat Twists Protective Hairstyles for Summer



Opting for protective hairstyles does not have to be boring. You can choose this zig-zagged hair part and the flat twists to keep your hair from getting damaged during the summer.

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21. Natural Short Hair

Natural Hair Flat Twist Out


There are many cute hairstyles for short hair, but not many look as good as twisting it out and growing it over the ears.

22. Classy Flat Twist Hairstyles



This style helps you minimize breaking on natural hair, as you twist it out in the back upward to the top of the head; then you can let your curls go to town with these classy bangs.

23. Two Strand Fancy Updos



With this symmetrical two-strand twist at the back of your hair and some extensions for the frontal crown, you can get a rich-looking updo for any occasion.

24. Flat Twists on Blonde African Hair



If you’ve ever looked at pictures of flat twisted hair and were in awe of the braids’ precision, know that the answer is usually found in a professional hair salon.

Go to a stylist to discover if blonde – or any other color – is your hue, and ask for advice about products that will you’re your strands shine brighter.

25. Crochet Havana Mambo Twists



Don’t be afraid to be a little more daring! The Havana mambo twist offers you the solution to a versatile twisted bob style. YouTube is full of tutorials you can watch to get the hang of this look.

26. Natural Twist Hairstyles for Kids



If you’re looking for an easy style for your little girl, one that won’t require daily attention, you might want to try this kind of flat twist hairstyles for kids. It’s easy to learn and stylish to sport.

27. Stuffed Flat Twist Updos



Rock this hairstyle at the next wedding you attend, and then keep those flat twists for as long as you want to.

28. Silky Flat Twists Hairstyles



It works best if you add extensions of silky hair to balance your natural afro look and tone it down a bit. Sport it with a side parting for maximum effect.

29. Easy Protective Bantu Knots for Natural Afro Volume



In line with the protective hairstyles we have already presented, here’s another one. Check out this tutorial to learn how to do your own Bantu knots; you can either sport the knots or comb them out and sport a natural afro style.

30. Party in the Front and Flat Twists in the Back



These precious ringlets make a beautiful pair for the flat twists that she has in the back. The cascade of hair flowing in the front is perfect for any kind of event.

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31. Flat Twisted Hairstyles for Short Hair



Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock these flat twists. It just means you’re going for a little more afro than girls with longer hair would – and that’s perfectly fine.

32. Two Flat Twists Pigtails



Wearing your flat twists in pigtails is never a bad idea. It gives you a much more youthful look that’s much easier to achieve and maintain than rows of braids.

33. Pulled Back Flat Twists Styles



Usually, flat twists remain flawless for about four to six weeks. During this time, you can wash your hair without having to un-twist them. This pulled-back look just adds to the practicality of rocking flat twists.

34. Un-Twisted Flat Twists & Curls



As your flat twists start to come undone – weeks after your first look – be bold and rock it. As you un-twist the ends day by day, embrace the curls while hanging onto the flat twists for as long as possible.

35.  Bantu Knots and Flat Twists for Short Hair



Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you have to give up on the flat twists. Mix your natural thicknesses with flat twists to achieve a glorious mess without the heavy length attached.

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36. Jumbo Flat Twist Styles



Some days, you just want something simple and to the point – and this jumbo flat twist is the ideal solution. The look is based on the concept of a sideways-swept braid, but with a much larger flat twist.

37. Senegalese Braid, Twist, & Weave Hairstyles



To achieve the Senegalese twists, you need to attach strands of Kanekalon hair (or Marley hair) one by one to each section of hair, as you twist away. This hairstyle involves three types of hair styling, and the end result is fabulous.

38. Senegalese Flat Twists



Younger girls are very much into this kind of Senegalese twists, as they can be styled in various ways. Anything from a ponytail, a high/low bun or just hanging loose locks works.

39. Asymmetrical Flat Twists



Yet another way of sporting short curly hair, this asymmetrical look of flat twists allows you to keep things spicy and fresh.

40. Flat Twist Out Hairstyles



Typically done on tapered hair, this hairstyle is extremely easy to achieve and to rock. Work with a hairstylist if you’re unsure about the tapering technique.

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41. Low Twisted Buns on African American Natural Hair



Even though a lot of hairstyles with flat twists require extensions, this low twisted bun is the perfect solution if you want to use only your natural hair.

42. Big and Small Flat Twist Updos



Adding to the list of hairstyle ideas for relaxed hair, this flat twist updo is made up of a smaller braid and a bigger one, balancing each other out in a beautiful coiffure.

43. Flat Twists with a Coat of Color



Nothing brightens up a day more than a fresh hair color. This hairstyle combines both the practicality of flat twists and the elegance of a different hair color – just try it!

44. Directional Flat Twist Hairstyles



Even though it looks rather rigid, going for directional flat twists can make for a very fluid look. Ask your hairstylist to go from bigger twists to progressively smaller ones to achieve the desired style.

45. Elegant Two Strand Flat Twists



We close the list with this elegant two-strand flat twist hairstyle which you can try yourself. It’s easy and looks great when paired with some long earrings.

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46. Flat Twist Pigtail Buns

Flat Twist Pigtail Buns


An alternative for classic pigtails with flat twists is this adorable hairstyle. Although it’s along the same lines, the main difference is that you tie both sections into small buns at the end when you’re done. The double twists on each side are also eye-catching.

47. Highlights on Flat Twist Hairstyles

Highlights on Flat Twist Hairstyles


We always support the idea of adding a bit of color to your hair, no matter what cut or style you approach. If you plan on supporting longer flat twists (at least shoulder-length), you can bring them to life with set of highlights in your favorite color.

48. Layered Crown Flat Twists

Layered Crown Flat Twists


Now this is what we call a hairstyle with layers upon layers of sheer beauty! Crown braids are popular with flat twist hairstyles, but why not make yours even more alluring? You can by having your hair professionally twisted into a layered crown.

49. Loose Curl Waterfalls with Flat Twists

Loose Curl Waterfalls with Flat Twists


If you’re the type of gal that loves combining flat twists with other hairstyles, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this look. While half of the hair is twisted upwards, starting from the nape, the other half is left long and curly. The loose curls will be a natural result from a flat twist out.

50. Flat Twist Hairstyles with Creative Parts

Flat Twist Hairstyles with Creative Parts


Last but definitely not least, we challenge you to put as much creativity into your flat twist hairstyle as possible. Just an example is the hairstyle pictured above, with several parts beautifully integrated into the overall hairstyle. Try doing something similar for some extra glam!

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

In summary, you can always count on flat twist hairstyles to be some of the most effective in protecting your natural curls.

We all know that afro-textured hair requires a little more TLC than other hair types, and flat twists are a gorgeous and practical way to care for them.

Additionally, they’re versatile, so feel free to experiment with yours. Tell us your story with flat twists in the comments!

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