50 Beautiful Bantu Knots Ideas to Inspire You

Bantu knots are not only gorgeous, but they also have a rich history behind them.

Known as a staple among African hairstyles, Bantu knots actually date back hundreds of years.

Their origins are in Africa, among the Zulu tribes.

For these reasons, they are also sometimes referred to as Zulu knots.

As far as the practical part of this hairstyle is concerned, it can be worn with the twisted buns in place or unwrapped in big, soft curls.

See what kind of Bantu knots you can rock!

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1. Red Bantu Knots

Why not add a bit of color to your hairstyle? There are plenty you can choose from, but this deep shade of wine red is a great way to start. Feel free to use your favorite hair color.

2. Two Natural Knots

We’re accustomed to seeing at least 4-5 Bantu knots at a time, but there aren’t any rules when it comes to this hairstyle. For example, Anna Sui shows us that two small knots look adorable and fashionable at the same time.

3. Bantu Knot Out

Believe it or not, these are the results you get when using Bantu knots. After tying them on wet hair and leaving them in overnight, unravel them the next morning to get these glorious curls. Make sure you use coconut oil or a similar product to soften your locks beforehand.

4. Black, Blonde, and Baby Hair

If your hair has blonde highlights, you can get a unique set of Bantu knots. Slick down your baby hair on the sides for even more urban glam.

5. Bantu Knots on Short Hair

Even ladies with short hair can enjoy this hairstyle. If you’re growing out your natural hair, it’s a great way to protect your hair and encourage curls later on. Twist tightly, tie and rock it!

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6. Alternative Bantu Knots Short Style

This is another example for Bantu knots and short hair. Even if you have longer hair and you want to get a similar look, all you have to do is tie the knots tightly.

7. Beaded Knots

You can glam up this hairstyle at any given moment. To do so, choose some hair beads in the metallic color of your choice, either gold or silver. We recommend choosing the metal that matches your jewelry.

8. Gold Accessories

Beads aren’t the only bling that can bring your Bantu knots to life. This beautiful gold accessory gracefully drapes your forehead and gives you that African princess glow you’ve been dying for.

9. Bantu Knots on Natural Hair

Arguably one of the best benefits of Bantu knots is that they can be created with natural hair. It’s an excellent way to protect your natural locks while having a funky fresh appearance wherever you go.

10. Creative Design

It is actually encouraged that you get creative with the design of your knots. You can part your hair strategically to get curls in all the right places after you unravel them.

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11. Bantu Knot Curls

This is a delightful example of how these knots look when unwrapped. Even more so, the look is unique by leaving a few knots on top for a half up half down hairstyle.

12. Cornrows and Knots

If you plan on keeping your Bantu knots in for a while, why not make the hairstyle even more memorable? Add a few cornrows to the final design for a dynamic look.

13. Heart Shape

Sometimes a gesture as simple as one Bantu knot in a meaningful shape can provide glam for days. In this case, you can tie a knot in the shape of a heart next to one ear and leave the rest of your hair spectacularly free.

14. Bantu Knots on Relaxed Hair

As we previously mentioned, you can get this hairstyle on relaxed, dry or wet hair. If you do so when your hair is relaxed, this is how the outcome will look like after unraveling them. Gorgeous!

15. Bantu Knots Out

If you have shorter locks, a Bantu knot out can help you achieve a much-desired voluminous hairstyle. This is the afro-like result you will get after your knot-out on a pixie haircut.

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16. Rihanna Inspiration

Among celebrities who rock Bantu knots flawlessly is, without a doubt, Rihanna. The world-famous singer is proud of her roots and can be frequently seen with African-inspired hairstyles, like in the picture above.

17. Bantu Knots on Dry Hair

You can get huge, soft curls if getting a Bantu knot hairstyle on dry hair. If your hair is medium-length, the photo above gives you a better idea of how your knot out will turn out.

18. Bantu Pigtails

For a truly special style, try mixing the following techniques: Bantu knots, a few cornrows and braided pigtails. The sleeked down baby hair in the front is the icing on the cake for this amazing look.

19. Bantu Knots on Wet Hair

One of the main differences between Bantu knots on dry or wet hair is that the curls are more defined for the latter technique. Don’t forget to apply any necessary product to get the big curls you’re aiming for.

20. Braids All Around

While most Bantu knot hairstyles that have braids only include one or two cornrows, you can always take it to the next level. Decorate your marvelous knots with cornrows braided with an intricate design. You’ll love the final impact.

21. Three Knots and Two Braids

If you don’t want the hassle associated with cornrows, you can always just mix Bantu knots and braided pigtails for long hair. Start with three knots on top and end the second half of your hair with two tight braids.

22. Bantu Knots on Straight Hair

Even though this hairstyle is frequently associated with curls, you can always combine it with straight hair. Try tying three knots and leaving the rest of your hair long and straightened.

23. Bantu Knots on Transitioning Hair

Transitioning locks always work amazingly with Bantu knots. The photo above shows how your knot out will look like if you’re in this situation.

24. Elegant Knots

If you want to glam up your knots for a special occasion, here’s some inspiration for you. Wrap a few gold strips around them to get a fabulous addition to your fancy outfit.

25. Jumbo Blue

Jumbo knots are great if you already have succeeded in growing out your hair or have braids or dreadlocks. Make them baby blue for a genuinely unique approach to this beloved hairstyle.

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26. Bantu Knots on White Hair

Fab knows no age! Even if you’re a senior citizen, your curls can look prettier than ever after unwrapping your knots. Take a look at how natural white hair looks when you’re all done.

27. Bantu Knots on Long Hair

Generally speaking, the longer your hair is, the larger your knots. If this is your case, we recommend having multiple knots all over so you can balance out their size.

28. Tall Knots

Short hair can also be styled into lots of thin and tall knots. What makes this look even more flattering is the dark roots that stand out through creative parting in different directions.

29. Twisted Mohawks

With the help of huge, braided Bantu knots and flat twists, you can get a hairstyle fit for a rock star. Just twist the sides towards the center to create a faux hawk, and wrap your braids into a few big knots that go from your forehead to your nape.

30. Bantu Knots for Short Hair

If you want your TWA to shine with beauty, you can get numerous tiny knots all over your head. They look just as lovely as knots as they do when let down.

31. Half Up Double Puffs

Channel your inner Scary Spice with this fabulous hairstyle. It brings the best of both worlds by mixing corkscrew curls with two puffy knots on top.

32. Colorful Bantu Knots Hairstyle

Make every day bright and beautiful with this Bantu knot hairstyle. What makes it so special is that it mixes different vivid colors for an all-around inspiring and cheerful effect.

33. Copper Shades

We’re so used to seeing this hairstyle on natural hair that it might come as a bit of a surprise to see these knots on colored locks. However, an equally natural color like copper looks outstanding with them.

34. Bantu Knots with Weave

If you’re accustomed to wearing extensions, you can rock this weave hairstyle too. The key is to tie a few knots on top or to the side and leave the rest of your hair how you would normally wear it.

35. Purple Bantu Curls

Another fabulous color you can experiment with is purple. Not only does it look great when your knots are in place, but it enhances your curls after a knot out too.

36. Shaved Hairstyle

We already know that undercuts are becoming as popular as ever, especially with short hairstyles. Add a few Bantu knots to the top part to spice your shaved hairstyle up.

37. Bantu Knots on Permed Hair

You can count on this African hairstyle to give you curls for days. Even if your hair is already permed, these knots can help contour every curl individually in a marvelous way.

38. Small Bantu Knots

No matter how you decide to part your hair in between, you can never go wrong with Bantu knots for styling short hair. Keep them in or unwrap them for curls – you’ll love how it turns out either way.

39. Blonde and Braided

Copper isn’t the only earth tone that you can use as an alternative for black hair. These honey blonde locks look amazing when braided, beaded and tied into knots.

40. Bantu Knots for Kids

Your little girl will love feeling like an African princess with this hairstyle. It’s easy for kids to wear at home, school or playing outside with their friends. As a bonus, it also keeps their hair from getting into their faces.

41. Side Knots and Curly Hair

Textured hair doesn’t require extensive styling or hairstyles to look gorgeous. However, you can switch things around by adding a few Bantu knots to the side, just above one ear.

42. Bantu Knots with Braids

When growing out natural hair, you might want to speed up the process to enjoy long locks. With this hairstyle, you can style your natural hair with knots on top and complete the look with some jumbo box braids.

43. Two Strand Twists

Both you and your daughter will enjoy this adorable hairstyle. Simply take two strands at a time and twist them to the top. Finish off the twists with a bunch of cute knots.

44. Bantu Knots Locs

We briefly talked about dreadlocks styled with Bantu knots before, but we wanted to show you a clear example of how the final results will look. Add a gold bead or two to make the look even more memorable.

45. Crown Braid and Knots

Another way to mix these knots with other styling techniques is with a crown braid. All you have to do is create a braid across your hairline and go wild with Bantu knots for the rest.

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46. Rainbow Vibes

This hairstyle looks astounding no matter what colors your hair has. This pastel rainbow ombre can be beautifully styled with two knots on each side of your part.

47. Flat Twist Bantu Knot Out

You can also blend flat twists with Bantu knots like in the photo above. Start with the twists in the top front and continue with knots all across the back.

48. Bantu Knot Out Mohawk

Get a super chic mohawk with the help of twisted braids and unraveled knots. Braid the sides in a cornrow-like manner and unwind the knots on top for some lovely coils.

49. Knot Out Results

After keeping your knots in overnight, you can wake up the next morning, untie them and get these jaw-dropping curls. Not only are they well-defined, but you also get a volume boost all around.

50. Baby Knots

To wrap up our ideas for this hairstyle, we want to show you how a beautiful toddler can look with some baby knots and curly locks all around. We can feel our hearts melting already.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, Bantu knots serve as an extremely versatile and pretty hairstyle for African American women.

They’re playful, beautiful and can be worn in numerous different ways, according to the occasion or your mood.

Decide if you want to wear them as they are or unravel them for some stunning curls you’ll fall in love with.

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