Perm Hair: 50 Marvelous Ideas for Straight, Wavy or Curly Hair

If you’re up for a huge, fabulous makeover, consider getting a perm.

Whether you want to get super curly locks, soft waves, or perfectly straight hair, you can always play with the idea of a perm.

Contrary to popular belief, not all perm hair methods damage your hair.

Nowadays, new techniques allow you to get the hair texture you have always dreamed of while keeping your locks happy and healthy. So why not try out the ideas below to see how they fit?!

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1. Sweet Spiral Perm Hair

Spiral perms are delicious eye candy indeed. This permed style shines through well-defined, bouncy curls that don’t take a lot of time to style. In addition, they work for short and long hair alike.

2. Messy Curls

If you want to highlight your rebellious side, go for messy permed locks. You can toss them from one side to the other with minimum effort. Also, they look amazing with both casual and fancy outfits.

3. Perm Rods Results

For a DIY approach, you can always think about using perm rods. This helps if you want to give your natural hair some shape, and you’ll love the results. It might take a bit more time, but the outcome is worth it.

4. Curls and Bangs

One of the best parts about having permed hair is that you can choose to rock it with bangs as well. For a bohemian glow, consider leaving a few choppy bangs in front. You can always pin them to the side for a change.

5. Dazzling Digital Perm

If you want your waves to stand out when your hair is dry, the digital perm is for you. Moreover, this perming technique gives you loose wavy hair when it’s wet.

The results resemble those of a curl iron, which makes it the perfect hairstyle for girls who want those soft waves.

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6. Beach Wave Perm Hair

Have a spot of sunshine in your hair all year round with beach waves. These are ideal for the gal who loves the messy-yet-tamed look, with carefree curls all around. It’s enough to brighten your day every day.

7. Curly Balayage

Once you get your curls, you can start thinking about coloring them if you’d like. One of the coolest ways to go is with balayage. Even though it’s like ombre, the gradient is a lot smoother, boosting the natural glow of the look.

8. Ombre Locks

Of course, you can always go for the bold contrast that ombre has to offer. This coloring technique looks especially attractive when combining dark brown with blonde or a similar light shade.

9. Pink Permed Hair

For an even bolder approach to your newly curled locks, try a pretty pastel shade. For instance, this cotton candy pink is all the rage.

It looks even more stunning if you have light colored eyes, so girls with blue or green eyes should definitely keep this fairy-like look in mind.

10. Natural Hair and Bangs

If you have naturally curly hair and bangs, one of the best ways to style them is with the ‘pineapple’.

This puffy ponytail with bangs is named this way owing to its resemblance to a pineapple. Nevertheless, you’ll look glamorous for days on end!

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11. Sensational Curly Perm

This is what a super curly permed style looks like. The all-around look is enhanced by the dark highlights, which beautifully blend with the platinum blonde base. If you want a long, sleek result, skip cutting your hair in layers.

12. Boho Waves

A bohemian spirit is often complemented by soft, loose waves. In this regard, we recommend that women going for the boho chic style to not opt for full curls. Instead, experiment with wavy hair.

13. Gray Corkscrews

Mix this uber cool gray shade with permed hair and dark roots and you have the granny hair results you’ve been longing for! Easily wear your hair in a loose updo or in a laid back manner.

14. Sleek Loose Perm

This is yet another example of how wavy hair turns out after getting it permed. If you have long hair, it will be beautifully shaped into delicate waves that flow all around.

15. Flawless Straight Perm

Even though we’re used to associating perms with curly or wavy hair, it’s also possible to get a straight one.

In Asia, in particular, straight perms are popular, and we can totally understand why. The outcome is soft, shiny, and classy from all points of view.

16. Soft Retro Pin-Up Glam

If you feel that you would have loved living in the 50s, you can adopt a vintage hairstyle that will bring back golden age glam. These Jessica Rabbit-like pin-up curls are an excellent way to start.

17. Stack Perms for Short Hair

In many cases, short hair can prove to be more challenging to style than long hair. However, this isn’t the case for stacked bobs and perms.

This haircut and curled style will give you plenty of volume, especially when rocking it with short locks.

18. Rose Gold Wavy Locks

In addition to gray hair, rose gold deserves a spot on the podium for some of the latest and greatest hair color trends.

As the name suggests, it gorgeously mixes light pink with nuances of gold. It is one of the loveliest colors to bring your permed hair to life with.

19. Body Perm

A body perm, also known as a body wave, is a looser alternative to the classic curly perm.

Instead of being tightly rolled into small curls, the hair is permed to obtain large waves. It’s a natural approach to a perm that is flattering for all face shapes.

20. Ash Blonde Curls

Ash blonde looks absolutely radiant on permed hair, with tones of blonde and gray scattered all around.

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21. Natural Ginger

Ladies born with natural red hair can enjoy rich, copper-colored curls without resorting to hair dye. If you’re a natural ginger, all you have to do is focus on the curls and enjoy the head-turning results!

22. Big Perm

If you want as much volume as possible, you can choose one of two ways:

  • Firstly, you can get numerous tight corkscrew curls. Unfortunately, this look does not go well for everyone.
  • Secondly, you can opt for wide, loose curls that result in a big and beautiful perm.

23. Piggyback Perm

In the mood for bunches of small curls? Then the piggyback perming technique is the one for you.

As opposed to other perming methods, the piggyback involves two rods for every hair segment. You’ll end up with an abundance of small & cute curls!

24. Big and Soft Curls

If you’re not sure whether to choose curly or wavy hair, you can get something in between.

While these permed locks are indeed curly, they flow softly just like wavy hair. It’s another fantastic way to obtain a natural look.

25. Summer Sunshine

This is an alternative for rocking a beach wave perm, one that will make you the center of attention.

It has a lovely carefree approach to a soft perm and is enhanced by the bold ombre contrast. It also looks spectacular against darker skin tones or tanned skin.

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26. Pretty Wavy Perm

This permed hairstyle looks so natural that you wouldn’t even think it was permed in the first place.

If you want something similar, consider a natural hair color to go with the silky waves. Chocolate brown or auburn are two wonderful ideas.

27. Glamorous Root Perm

Remember what we said about that elegant retro glam? Well, you don’t need to worry about long hair anymore! The timeless root perm looks outstanding on short locks too. The results are classy, refined, & irresistible!

28. Short and Playful

Short hair can also benefit from a myriad of curls. This is the curlier approach to the aforementioned style. It’s just what you need if you want your hair to appear as naturally curly.

29. Half Up Half Down Curls

Long permed locks offer an entire world of styling options.

If you want to accentuate the shape of your curls, you can try this half up half down top knot look. Keep a few loose curls in the front to define their shape even more.

30. Long Perm Hair

Shakira has been inspiring women all around the world to embrace curly hair since the early 2000s. The beloved Latina songstress is known for her bold blonde curls, a style that you can also obtained through perming.

31. Exotic and Voluminous

If you want an even more exotic approach to your permed hair, consider this island beauty look. It has the same effortless style as most curly perms, with the majority of one part tossed carelessly to the other.

32. Perm Rods on Natural Hair

For bigger curls on natural hair, consider using thicker perm rods. They’re an exceptional way to outline your tresses and get more than enough volume on the way.

33. Bouncy Magenta Locks

If bright, vivid colors define your personality, don’t be afraid to use them in your hair. Magenta, for example, is a brilliant shade will make any permed hair stand out! Plus, it will also let loose your personality.

34. Loose Curl Perm

Singer Tori Kelly shows how charming loose curl perms look. If you want a bit of celebrity glam, consider getting a similar look with dark roots and blonde locks, all in satin waves.

35. Braids and Waves

Waist-long permed hair opens up a world of infinite possibilities for styling. You can add all sorts of braids to your curls or waves, from Dutch or French braids to fishtail or pull-through ones.

For a unique look, consider combining several braiding techniques. For example, a classic three strands with a four strands braid.

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36. Afro Vibes

Women can shine like African princesses with this afro-like hair idea. In this example, you’ll see what bleached curly hair with dark roots looks like.

Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to get this ultra-curly perm on your natural hair color.

37. Short Hair Perm

This is yet another laid back and natural approach to perms. The key to getting that natural volume without teasing is to have a stacked and layered haircut. Pair it with a gorgeous hair color and you’re good to go!

38. Japanese Straight Perm

Among straight perm hairstyles, the Japanese straight perm is certainly the most well-known. The outcome is impeccable straight hair, which enhances the natural shine of the locks.

39. Curly Highlights

Another awesome way to define your permed hair is through lots of highlights. This is a great approach for ladies with brown hair, as they can sprinkle blonde streaks all around to show off their newfound curls.

40. Flattering Perms for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, you can always think about getting it permed to spice it up a bit. By transforming straight, fine hair into waves or curls, you’ll be adding volume and dynamism naturally.

41. Side Swept Curls

As you have noticed in a few other ideas on our list, an exceptional trick for boosting volume with your permed locks is to toss most of your hair to the side. It’s a comfortable and chic way to sport your lovely curls.

42. Multi-Textured Perm Hair

Why settle for just one hair texture when you can have all three?

The multi-textured perm gives you some curls, some waves, and also straight roots all in one. By blending the three textures, you get a natural hairstyle that can be shaped for any occasion.

43. Bleached Ringlets

These wide and defined ringlets are enough to get any fashionista excited. Even though their shape provides their major visual impact, the beach blonde hair color adds a chic touch to the whole look.

44. Curly Perm for Black Hair

If you have black hair or yours is dyed in a dark shade, perming it is a brilliant way to show off the rich, deep color. Soft and curly ways are an amazing way to go, so feel free to try them out.

45. Layered and Puffy Perm Hair

Layers are the ultimate tool to get more volume than you could have ever imagined. Especially when dealing with permed hair, a layered haircut is essential for obtaining that much-desired dynamism.

46. Natural Updo

If you were blessed with a chocolate brown color, you shouldn’t even stress out about dyeing your hair.

After getting it permed, you can twist your way into all the updos you could ever think of, all while maintaining that natural appeal.

47. Perms for Thick Hair

Speaking of natural blessings, thick hair is like pure gold for any woman passionate about hairstyles.

It allows you to get any type of perm you’d like. At the same time, you reap the voluminous benefits of the perm without any effort.

48. Partial Perm

A laid back look can also be achieved through a partial perm. This means that you don’t start your curls from your roots, but rather from the second half of your hair.

We recommend this for ladies with very long hair that still want to keep it slicked down but with a bit of shape.

49. Opal Perm Hair

All sorts of pastel highlights can contour curls like there’s no tomorrow. This coloring technique, commonly referred to as opal hair, is gorgeous for teens and outgoing adults alike.

50. Deep Purple Beauty

We’ll finish up our ideas on a bright note, with this ravishing deep purple color. On short permed hair, a vivid shade like this electric violet can bring out the best in the curling technique.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, the world of perm hairstyles has limitless possibilities. Without a doubt, there is a permed style out there that is just what you need to genuinely express yourself.

No matter if you choose curly, wavy, or straight permed hair, don’t forget to figure out the optimum color that best represents you and then tell us what you went for!

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    Really enjoyed seeing all styles of perms. I think trying multi.style perm.would work wonders, since my hair is naturally wavy.medium short..not much though.

    Thank you..

    • HM Editor says:

      A perm could work wonders for your hair texture. Just be sure to work with a specialist so that the perm is well applied and won’t damage your hair! Hope you’ll enjoy the results 😀

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