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115 Short Haircuts for Black Women in Early 2024

Pink and Blonde TWAs

Black women short haircuts come in many varieties. There are those that need little maintenance and there are those that show off your personality. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are happy with your choice and that shows you in the best light. A pixie cut can be a great option for those women with natural hair. You can style it with long or short bangs, or add some designs.

Short black hair is not always the easiest to handle as it can be both a blessing and a pain to style. This becomes even more apparent on short locks. However, there are plenty of short haircuts for black women out there, and we will be showing you the best of them!

For the women out there that have loose or curly hair, the teeny-weeny afro is a fun style. Pin it to the side, sweep it or even twist it. You can also wear it with a tight comb and fix it up for a faux hawk effect.

A simple way to incorporate color into your short black haircut is to add a few streaks of color to your hair. Blonde and silver tones work well together, so go for it, if you dare!

Regardless if you’re growing out your natural hair, already have a short do, or fabulously long locks, there are so many hairstyles you can have fun with – and you should know them all! In addition to short and long haircuts of all kinds, black women can also experiment with beautiful traditional African hairstyles such as braids and twists styles.

Discover the cutest, coolest haircuts for black women that prefer sporting short hairstyles – especially ones that will naturally enhance your locks. From buzz cuts to pixie cuts to bobs and everything in between, take a look at some of the best black hairstyles and get inspired by all of them!

What’s more, there are so many great ways to style natural hair to fit all tastes and to bring out your facial features! So scroll down and get inspired by the black hairstyles we present below!

1. Short Hairstyle with Design

Short Hairstyle with Design
Source: @adrianfanus

You cannot go wrong with a short and edgy style like this next one. Here she has kept her style shaved short with an undercut and a short layer on the top. Then she added a zig-zagged design and it looks amazing.

This short and edgy hairstyle is a bold and contemporary choice, featuring a shaved undercut that adds an extra element of daring flair. The short layer on top maintains a sense of length and versatility, creating a dynamic contrast with the shaved sections.

The standout feature of this hairstyle is the zig-zagged design, which adds a touch of artistic and unconventional detail. The zig-zagged pattern enhances the edginess of the overall look, creating a visually striking element that sets this hairstyle apart.

2. Short Bob Micro Braids Style

Source: braidsbytasha

If you have the necessary patience to get them done, micro braids are an incredibly cute way to wear black hair. Indeed, depending on the length of the hair, they can take many hours to get done, but the results are simply marvelous!

Micro braids are a charming and intricate hairstyle that involves creating tiny, thin braids throughout the hair. This style is particularly popular for black hair due to its texture and versatility. While the process of getting micro braids can be time-consuming, the end results are undeniably marvelous.

The tiny size of micro braids allows for a detailed and intricate look that adds a unique texture to black hair. The braids can be styled in various ways, offering flexibility and creativity in expressing one’s personal style. Additionally, the length of the hair plays a role in determining the time required for the braiding process.

3. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut
Source: @khimandi

We continue our collection of short haircuts love with this layered and longer pixie haircut for black hair. So, this short haircut is not especially created for black women is both daring and elegant as depending on the styling, it can be worn even for more elegant and special occasions. It is also one of the cuttest black straight hairstyles too!

4. Curly Pixie Cut

Source: @thecutlife

To accentuate natural curls even on short hair, go for a longer pixie cut and skip any straighteners. So, make sure to leave the bangs long so they will curl gracefully to the side.

Channel your inner retro diva with this fabulous black hairstyle and its vintage vibes. It’s the perfect idea for a classy lady that wants to show off her refined tastes through her hairdo while still keeping her tresses short.

5. Thick Hair Short-Medium Haircut

medium black hairstyles

Singer Keri Hilson is yet another of our biggest sources of inspiration – especially when it comes to celebrity-inspired styles. She has plenty of ways and ideas on how to sport medium-length hair. Take these loose curls with side bangs as just one example of the many.

In addition to traditional bobs, the long bob is all the rage among short to medium-length haircuts. Also, a long bob will help give to the hair no matter its texture. Depending on the occasion, consider curling the tips for a more elegant look – perfect for special events!

6. Straight Bob Style

Source: @derrisha_b

While there are many short haircut styles for black women with curly hair, you might sometimes want to fully straighten yours from time to time. So go for a hairstyle that will look good with both straight and curly hair. Also, to add some extra spice, consider dyeing it too. Cold shades of blonde hair or straight-up gray can look fantastic on a straight black bob.

7. Pixie Haircut with Shaved Designs

Source: @krewkutz

Most pixie hairstyles for black women will play around with the texture of the hair. However, you can also play around with the design itself and add an undercut to the mix. Then, step it up a notch and cut some shaved lines and other designs into it as well.

Pixie hairstyles for black women often explore the natural texture of the hair, embracing its unique beauty. However, for those seeking an extra touch of edge and creativity, incorporating an undercut can be a bold choice. An undercut involves shaving or cutting the hair shorter on one side or at the back, creating contrast with the longer sections.

Taking it a step further, adding shaved lines and other intricate designs to the undercut introduces an artistic and contemporary element to the hairstyle. These designs can range from simple geometric shapes to more elaborate patterns, allowing for a personalized and unique expression of style.

8. Long Bobs with Looser Curls

Long Bobs with Looser Curls

Use any of these cute short haircuts for black women to show off your curls, and do it with pride! One of the best ways to do so is with an inverted bob that will fall beautifully into places – especially with loosely curly hair.

9. Short Haircut for Black Women

Keri Hilson naturShort Haircut

Keri Hilson always inspires us with her fabulous short hairstyles. In this particular case, we will be focusing on this two-toned pixie haircut with long bangs – these were sexily styled to the side, while the opposing side faded down.

She is renowned for her stylish and ever-evolving short hairstyles, and this two-toned pixie cut is no exception. The juxtaposition of two distinct tones adds a dynamic and contemporary flair to the hairstyle, showcasing her penchant for bold and trendy looks.

The standout feature of this pixie cut is the long bangs, which are sexily styled to the side. The length and side-swept styling of the bangs contribute to an alluring and playful vibe, framing the face with a touch of glamour. The opposing side, subtly faded down, adds a modern and edgy element to the overall aesthetic.

10. Sleek Pixie Cut


This slicked-back, straight and short pixie will look excellent on everyone but especially so on women with round faces. Not only does it complement the face shape, but also the cheekbones and the facial structure, in general. So, it is more than appropriate for elegant and casual events alike too.

Pixie haircuts continue being all the rage among women – no matter their skin tones. If you’re rocking natural hair, then this pixie cut with soft curls can be a great way to bring out your femininity.

11. Short Cut for Curly Hair

Short Cut for Curly Hair
Source: @beautybylee

Even the shortest of hairstyles will look amazing on naturally curly hair. Just take a look at these corkscrew curls and how well they look styled in this flat-top-inspired cut. So, consider dyeing the hair on top too, to further accentuate those ringlets.

Naturally curly hair has the incredible ability to elevate even the shortest hairstyles, as demonstrated by these stunning corkscrew curls. The flat-top-inspired cut provides a modern and edgy foundation, allowing the curls to take center stage in a captivating and stylish manner.

The corkscrew curls add a playful and dynamic element to the overall look, creating a texture-rich appearance that stands out with flair. The compact and defined curls showcase the natural beauty and versatility of curly hair, contributing to a chic and contemporary vibe.

12. Curly Tapered Cut

Source: @rockinitnatural

Tapered haircuts are also an extremely popular option among black women. This curly taper, for example, is styled in a mohawk-like manner and features shaved sides that further accentuate the curls.

Naturally curly hair has the incredible ability to elevate even the shortest hairstyles, as demonstrated by these stunning corkscrew curls. The flat-top-inspired cut provides a modern and edgy foundation, allowing the curls to take center stage in a captivating and stylish manner.

The corkscrew curls add a playful and dynamic element to the overall look, creating a texture-rich appearance that stands out with flair. The compact and defined curls showcase the natural beauty and versatility of curly hair, contributing to a chic and contemporary vibe.

13. TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) Cut Style

Source: @niahope

A TWA or teeny weeny afro will delight the heart of any African American lady looking for short hairstyles with curls for black hair. Also, the hair will simply glow with natural beauty, especially if it is kept well moisturized and properly cared for.

14. Curly Hair Very Short Cut

Curly Hair Cut Very Short

Many brave gals choose to skip medium cuts for black women and go directly for the BC (or the Big Chop). So, this is an excellent way to style that super short hair after the cut. Notice the beautifully executed outline that brings dynamism by adding extra shape to the hairline.

15. Halle Berry Short Hairstyle Inspiration

Halle Berry is another celebrity that proved more than once the versatility of short hairstyles for black women and outlined their beauty. So, here she is with her famous layered pixie cut with short and choppy bangs. Short cuts for black women give you the chance to experiment with colors and shades depending on your wishes and the look you’re after.

She is, without a question, one of the celebrities that has been an inspiration for black hairstyles for decades now. The renowned actress can sport short haircuts like no other. Just take this razored pixie cut as an example and proof of this!

16. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bobs
Source: @anthonycuts

Another cool way to wear a bob is asymmetrical. This helps contour the jawline while serving as a refined hairstyle that can be worn everywhere. Decide on the lengths for each side according to preferences and lifestyle.

To continue our list of celebrities who look outstanding with short hairstyles, our attention turns to Zoë Saldana. Also, the esteemed Star Trek actress rocked an elegant asymmetrical bob. Also, this look can easily become bolder by making the asymmetry more pronounced.

17. Curly Style Short Hairstyle

Curly Style Short Hairstyle

It might not look like it at first glance, but this is a curly stacked bob, and a beautiful one at that as it points all attention to the afro-textured hair texture. So, this side part hairstyle for short hair gorgeously outlines the face – without getting in the way either. It’s also a natural volume boost too!

18. Dreadlocks on Short to Medium Hair

Source: @loc.lady

We’re used to seeing dreadlocks hairstyles on tresses that are at least shoulder-length. However, that doesn’t mean locals can’t be worn on short or medium short hair. They will, of course, have to be made on longer locks, but can then be cut in a bob-like shape complete with side-swept bangs.

19. Short Natural Hairstyle

Source: @adannamadueke

Short natural hairstyles have gained immense popularity in recent years, and for good reason. These hairstyles not only showcase the beauty and versatility of natural hair but also offer a convenient and low-maintenance option for those who prefer shorter lengths. With short natural hairstyles, individuals can embrace their natural texture and enhance their facial features.

From chic pixie cuts to trendy tapered styles, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Short natural hairstyles allow individuals to express their personal style while embracing their natural hair journey, making them a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and effortless look.

Short natural hairstyles are not only fashionable but also empower individuals to embrace their natural hair texture. These hairstyles celebrate the unique beauty of natural hair by showcasing its volume, texture, and versatility. Short natural hairstyles can be customized to suit different face shapes and hair types, allowing individuals to find a style that enhances their features and complements their overall look.

Whether it’s a curly afro, a defined twist-out, or a sleek buzz cut, short natural hairstyles offer endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity. With the right products and styling techniques, individuals can achieve stunning looks that highlight their natural beauty and make a bold statement.

20. Colored Pixie Haircut with Shaved Sides

Source: @stepthebarber

The colored pixie haircut with shaved sides is a bold and edgy hairstyle that combines the best of both worlds – a short and chic pixie cut with a daring twist of vibrant hair color and shaved sides. This unique hairstyle allows individuals to express their creativity and individuality through their hair.

The shaved sides add an element of coolness and modernity, while the colored hair brings a pop of personality and excitement to the overall look. Whether it’s a vibrant shade of blue, a fiery red, or a soft pastel hue, the colored pixie haircut with shaved sides is a statement-making style that is sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression. It is a fearless choice for those who are not afraid to embrace their inner confidence and showcase their unique sense of style.

21. Curly Angled Bob

Source: @trackbaby001

The curly angled bob is a stunning and contemporary hairstyle that beautifully combines the elegance of a classic bob with the playful and voluminous nature of curly hair. This unique haircut features shorter layers in the back that gradually lengthen towards the front, creating a stylish and dynamic angle. The natural curls add texture and movement to the bob, giving it a lively and carefree vibe.

This curly angled bob is a versatile choice that can be tailored to suit different face shapes and curl patterns. Whether it’s loose waves, tight coils, or anything in between, this hairstyle effortlessly enhances the natural beauty of curly hair. It is a chic and trendy option for those who want to embrace their curls while maintaining a sophisticated and fashionable look.

22. Colored Short Curly Cut

Orange Colored Short Curly Cut

Just because it is short doesn’t mean it can’t be colored. Take this dark orange and curly haircut as an example of what short dyed hair can look like. Also, the shade works exceptionally well on dark skin tones as would shades of red or blonde. Even unconventional colors can look stunning.

The misconception that short hair can’t be versatile in terms of color is beautifully debunked by hairstyles like this dark orange and curly cut. This vibrant and bold hue adds a whole new dimension to the short hair, proving that creative and eye-catching colors can enhance the beauty of a shorter hairstyle.

The dark orange shade not only stands out but also complements dark skin tones exceptionally well. It brings warmth and richness to the overall look, highlighting the versatility of hair coloring for individuals with darker complexions. Additionally, shades of red or blonde can also complement dark skin tones, offering a range of options for those looking to experiment with color.

23. Natural Curly Hair Short Cuts

Source: @smart_naturalhair_dodoma

We’ve talked pixies, now check out this cool hairstyle that can be the perfect solution for when you’re growing out your hair. It’s actually a style just between a pixie and a bob, so all you have to do is let those curls bounce freely and beautiful!

Slightly longer short hair like the one above (that verges on medium-length) opens up the door to more styling options. For example, it makes it easier to dye just specific sections of the hair – like the tips. Blonde, in general, will contrast with black hair and help add definition to those curls.

Transitioning from a pixie to a bob can be seamlessly achieved with this stylish and versatile hairstyle. Situated between the two lengths, it strikes the perfect balance for individuals growing out their hair. The beauty of this in-between style lies in its adaptability, especially when paired with naturally bouncing curls.

Letting the curls bounce freely adds a playful and carefree element to the hairstyle. The texture and movement created by the curls enhance the overall charm, giving the hairstyle a dynamic and lively character. This style embraces the natural texture of the hair, allowing the curls to shine and make a statement.

24. Short Ombre Style

Short Ombre Hairstyle

As with dreadlocks, ombre is more common among medium-length or long hairstyles. However, ombre hair looks just as magnificent on super short locks. So, take this natural haircut for black females as an example of the visually stunning look of this blue and black contrast. This hairstyle can be a good fit also for black older women and is not necessary to dye your hair in blue.

25. Pin Up Pixie Cut

Pin Up Pixie Cut

This hairstyle goes to prove just how practical and adaptable short haircuts are. So, take the popular pixie haircut with long bangs and style the bangs back and voluminous to recreate this radiant pin-up-like hairstyle!

26. Short Cut for Black Women

Short Cut for Women with Wavy Hair

As it is now easy to tell, there are several ways to personalize a short haircut, and this is one of the edgiest ones. So, it starts from a neat and well-kept short and wavy haircut but then breaks from the fold thanks to the shaved top of the ear and head portions.

27. Short Natural Curly Cut for Black Women

short natural hairstyles for black women

This is an additional example of how to rock a TWA. It’s different from our first example (the one at #2) as here, the hair is left in its natural color – without any bleaching, dyeing, or highlights – and so pretty!

Here’s another fantastic example of how to embrace and rock a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA). In contrast to our previous example (at #2), this iteration showcases the beauty of leaving the hair in its natural color, devoid of any bleaching, dyeing, or highlights—and the result is simply stunning.

Leaving the TWA in its natural state celebrates the authentic beauty of the hair, allowing its unique texture and color to take center stage. This approach is not only a reflection of simplicity but also a powerful statement in embracing and loving one’s natural features. The unaltered color highlights the richness of the natural hair, emphasizing its individuality and character.

Brown hair with blonde highlights looks astounding in general, and even more so on curly afro hair. Experiment with different shades of blonde on those curls to make them even more eye-catching than they already are!

Short Natural Curly Cut for Black Women

28. Forest Green Color on Short Hair

Forest Green Color on Short Hair

You won’t see this hair color everywhere, but it looks oh-so stunning on darker skin tones. So, this rich forest green complements the soft skin tone, while the choppy bob with straight bangs outlines the face beautifully.

This unique and distinctive hair color isn’t commonly found everywhere, but its stunning appearance is particularly captivating on darker skin tones. The rich forest green hue complements the softness of the skin tone, creating a striking and harmonious visual effect. The choice of this unconventional color adds an element of individuality and boldness to the overall look.

The choppy bob with straight bangs enhances the allure of this hairstyle by framing the face beautifully. The dynamic combination of the choppy layers and the straight bangs creates a modern and edgy vibe, adding sophistication to the overall appearance. This hairstyle isn’t just a color statement; it’s a carefully crafted and stylish cut that enhances the facial features.

29. Two Tone Pixie Bob Cut

Two Tone Pixie Cut

Black and platinum blonde look brilliant together – as this photo goes to show. This flawless balayage is an exceptional way to style what would have otherwise been a simple pixie haircut with long bangs.

30. Short Weave Haircut

Short Weave Hairstyle

Black ladies looking for a protective style will love looking for a short weave hairstyle. So, we’ll give you a sneak peek and draw attention to this gorgeously dyed long bob. Also, it is a purple ombre but a blue ombre or any other color will look just as good!

31. Long Bobs with Dark Roots

Long Bobs with Dark Roots

We’ve shown you ombre and balayage, now prepare to admire shadow roots! What had us all calling the salon before is now a hair coloring trend on its own. But this is such a pretty example of how well natural roots can blend with a light brown dye. And we’re loving the vintage curls too!

There’s truly something uniquely chic about bob haircuts and African-American women can rock them amazingly well no matter if they choose to keep their natural hair color or go for a honey shade like the one above.

32. Short Bob Hairstyle

bob hairstyles for black women

Bobs are one of the classiest and most adaptable short hairstyle for black women. There are options ranging from short bob to long and inverted ones. So many that we dedicated an entire article to bob hairstyles for black women. For this particular case, we just love the long-side bangs that come as a bonus.

There’s truly something uniquely chic about bob haircuts and African-American women can rock them amazingly well no matter if they choose to keep their natural hair color or go for a honey shade like the one above.

Women over the age of 40 will look glamorous with this spectacular bob. The haircut itself is kept simple and classy but the coloring job makes all the difference! So, the chich ombre goes from dark brown to pink tips with some blond shades in between for a smoother transition.

Short Bob Hairstyle

33. Double Puffs Styles

Double Puffs Style

Hair styling does not always have to be so serious. Take these double puffs as an example of a funky and funny way to style shorter hair. So, they serve as a super cute hairstyle and they add a youthful touch to the general look.

Who says hair styling can’t be fun and playful? These double puffs serve as a delightful and lighthearted example of how to infuse a funky and funny twist into styling shorter hair. This super cute hairstyle not only adds a touch of whimsy but also injects a youthful and energetic vibe into the overall look.

The double puffs are a charming and carefree way to showcase the natural beauty of shorter hair. The playful nature of this hairstyle encourages a sense of individuality and creativity, demonstrating that hair styling can be an enjoyable form of self-expression. It’s a great choice for those who want to break away from more traditional styles and embrace a carefree and youthful aesthetic.

34. Purple Short Wavy Hair

Purple Short Wavy Hair

Take short wavy hair to a whole new level simply by dyeing it a new color. From natural shades to pastel hair colors, there are so many choices, but in this case, we recommend going for bold colors! Blue or pink or green will look great, and so will the magenta hair color!

35. Chestnut Pixie Haircut

Chestnut Pixie Haircut

In contrast, ladies that prefer a more natural hair color palette should look into the many different and pretty earth-tone hair hues. Chestnut, for example, looks gorgeous against darker skin and brown or hazel eyes.

For those who lean towards a more natural and earthy color palette, exploring the various earth-tone hair hues can be a wonderful choice. A shade like chestnut, for example, exudes a timeless and natural beauty that complements darker skin tones and brown or hazel eyes exceptionally well.

Chestnut is a warm and rich hue that mimics the earthy tones found in chestnuts. When applied to hair, it creates a stunning and harmonious contrast against darker skin, enhancing the natural beauty of the complexion.

36. Cornrows to Long Bob

We’ve talked about many other hairstyles, but we couldn’t pass over braids and the many styles to wear them. Learn how to braid cornrows and then style them to flow into a classy inverted bob. Opt for a side part of a straight-down-the-middle hairline – they will look perfect nonetheless!

Cornrows to Long Bobs

37. Short Braided Black Hairstyle

Short Braided Hairstyle

A complex hairstyle such as these micro braids on short hair takes a while to make – think more than 2 or 3 hours rather than several minutes – but the results will be well worth it! It is a pixie cut with long bangs, but one that is constructed exclusively out of micro braids – teeny tiny ones, at that.

38. Short to Medium Black Style

Short to Medium Hairstyle

Any short to a medium-length black haircut will look amazing if styled in box braids – we hold in it our Top 5 prettiest braid styles options. Box braids will make for an exquisite hairstyle even when worn simply and in the natural hair color.

39. Shoulder Length Havana Twists

Shoulder Length Havana Twists

Do not confuse the Havana twists with the flat twist. They are both protective hairstyles for natural hair, but the Havana twists are thicker and fuller and made out of just two strands. In this case, they were made on shoulder-length tresses but will look just as good on shorter hair too.

40. Black Short Mohawk

Short Mohawk

Not quite ready to hit the razor for a real mohawk? Well, rest assured because it can be recreated and reimagined through a braided mohawk based on cornrows! Simply braid the hair from the bottom and sides up, and leave the top curls on the top part natural and free.

41. Sisterlocks Bob Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Sisterlocks Bobs

Another short haircut for black women that go beyond curly, wavy, or straight hair is those based on sisterlocks. The African sisterlocks hairstyle is charming and works well no matter the face shape.

42. Updo Haircut for Black Female

Updo Haircut for Black Female

Another way to get a faux hawk that’s very much on point is by tightly combing and fixing the hair up. Make sure you have plenty of product on hand to get those sleek sides. Let your curls bounce freely on top.

For a sharp and on-trend faux hawk, a key technique involves tightly combing and fixing the hair upward. The sleek sides are achieved by using ample styling products to create a polished and well-defined appearance. This meticulous approach ensures that the sides of the faux hawk are sleek and structured.

To execute this style, it’s essential to have sufficient styling products on hand to achieve the desired sleekness. This could include gels, pomades, or styling creams to provide hold and shine. The careful application of these products helps create a smooth and controlled look on the sides of the head, contributing to the overall precision of the faux hawk.

43. Bantu Knots Short Hairstyle

Bantu knots are one of the most versatile short hairstyles for black women. They can be worn as a pretty African hairstyle, or used as a technique to get well-contoured curls.

Bantu Knots

As far as traditional African hairstyles are concerned, Bantu knots have been constantly trending since the 90s and up until. It’s completely understandable why – they mix chic and edgy perfectly!

bantu knots

44. Black Crochet Braid

Crochet Braid Black Short Hairstyle

Crochet braids are all the rage these days, and it is easy to understand why! No matter if the hair is long or short, crochet braids are a fantastic way to style those natural locks. Here is an example of crochet braids on very short hair!

45. Big and Beautiful Afros

Big and Beautiful Afros

Never hesitate to rock short hair or even medium one in an afro! This hairstyle works both when your natural hair is very short and when it gets longer. Enjoy the abundance of volume you’ll undoubtedly have the whole time.

46. Bandana for Short Black Hair

Bandana Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

Hair accessories always come in handy when you want to play around with different hairstyles. A simple bandana can bring a bit of urban edge to any short curly updo. Bonus tip: wear lipstick the sample color of the bandana.

47. Short Blonde Style

Short Blonde Hairstyle

This radiant shade of caramel blonde goes magnificently well with a warm chocolate milk skin tone. The two shades go hand in hand brilliantly, while the funky haircut contributes to an effortlessly cool style.

48. Black Vintage Style

Vintage Short Black Hairstyle

Who thought about combining locs with a pompadour? This stunning lady, and how fabulous she looks! It is a clever way of keeping locs out of the way and also a great way to add some vintage hairstyle glam.

49. Pink and Blonde TWAs

Pink and Blonde TWAs

Create a very pretty ombre by having platinum blonde roots transition into cotton candy pink tips. So, this combo will look simply gorgeous on a short, afro-textured haircut – a look fit for a magazine photoshoot!

50. Lavender Pixie Cuts Haircut

Lavender Pixie Cut

The last short haircut on this list is another pastel color: a subtle blueish lavender. When used on a short haircut just like this one, it transforms the pixie cut and gives it an almost fairy-like look.

51. Cut Off Hairstyle for Black Women

Cut Off Short Hair

The best way to describe this style would call it super short, sassy, and stylish. Here she has styled her hair shaved around her natural hairline with a longer layer styled brushed down. You could always spike it up a bit for an edgier style.

52. Perfect Pixie Weave Low Maintenance

Perfect Pixie Weave

Next up is a beautiful short hairstyle with a perfect pixie cut. She has kept the sideburns long and added in a textured fringe, and it looks amazing. This is a perfect short haircut for black women who want a low-maintenance style.

There are many pixie hairstyles for black women to pick from, so the first one we’ll present is this tousled pixie with a sharp undercut. Also, it helps add an edge to an already daring look and will make for a very sleek appearance.

53. Short Weave in Full Effect

Short Weave in Full Effect

Another way to go is to wear a short weave hairstyle. Here she kept it all natural with a black, short weave that looks amazing. You could always add a new color and change it up with the seasons.

54. Big Chop Style

Big Chop Short Hair

Another way to go is to wear a short chop hairstyle as she is wearing in the photo above. She has also added in the perfect amount of waves and curls, which looks amazing.

55. Tapered Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hair

If you are looking for a tapered hairstyle with so much class. Here she is wearing her natural hair that is tapered on the side and in the back. Keep it long enough for the hair on the top to be able to form a curl.

56. Short Curls and Waves Hairstyle

Curls and Waves

If you are looking for a short hairstyle for black women with waves and curls you can stop your search now because we have found you your next look. Keep the hair a few inches long, and style it just as she has done here, and you will love how you look.

57. Pixie with Long Bangs Hairstyle

Pixie with Long Bangs

Pixies with long bangs are always a good idea. Here she has styled her hair with wispy layers and a thick fringe. She also added light brown hair color to add a bit of texture, which looks amazing.

58. Mob Cut Black Short Hairstyles

Mob Cut

This look is called a mob cut with bangs, and it keeps the hair even almost all the way around with an angled layer in the front. Do not forget to add in the bangs and keep it straight and you are all set.

59. Semi-cut Bowl Cut

Semi-cut Bowl Cut

Another way to have super stylish short hair is to try out this lovely look. In the photo above, she wears a semi-cut bowl cut with the sides shaved and the hair on the top a few inches long. Add in a side part, and you are all set.

60. Green Curly Pixie Cut

Green Curly Pixie Cut

Looking to add some color to your style? Ever thought about going green? Well, here is your sign. She is wearing her hair shaved short around the sides with a natural brown tone, and on the top, she added a neutral green hair color, and it looks fantastic.

61. Double Line Pixie

Double Line Pixie

Next up is an edgy style with an undercut around the back and the sides. She has added two double lines into the undercut, which looks so cool. Leave the hair on the top wavy and natural, and you will love a fresh style.

62. Lady Mushroom

Lady Mushroom Cut

The mushroom cut is back from the 90s and is cooler than ever. Here she is wearing her stylish mushroom cut with a big thick layer and leaving the sideburns long. Be sure to keep the top layer thick and full to complete the mushroom style.

63. Dark Brown Short Hair

Dark Brown Short Hair

One of the most popular colors for black women is this dark brown color. Here she has kept the sides short with the layer on the top a few inches long. Keep it messy and curly, and you are all set.

64. Thick Coarse Short Hair

Thick Coarse Hair

Next is another beautiful short hairstyle for black women with thick hair. To get this style, ask your hairdresser to keep your hair even all the way around, add in a light brown tone and shave the edges to your natural hairline.

65. Side Swept Volume Curly Hair

Side Swept Volume Curly Hair

You can always try this next short hairstyle if you have an important event or if you just want to look your best. Here she is wearing her hair short hair swept over to the side with big curls added in. Be sure to keep the other side pressed down; you will look amazing.

66. Short Blonde Flowy Hairstyle

Short Blonde Flowy Hair

Here she has kept the sides short, and the top layer long brushed over, and kept the roots dark. You could always throw in a few curls for a whole different vibe.

67. Bob Cut with Blonde Highlights

Bob Cut with Blonde Highlights

Next up is a short bob hairstyle for black women natural hair. To get this style keep your short hair parted in the middle with beautiful curls added evenly throughout. She has also added in a few pops of blonde here, and it looks amazing.

68. Black Roots with Pink Hair

Black Roots with Pink Hair

Here is a beautiful bob hairstyle with bright pink color and dark roots. She styled it with a side part and kept it straight and sleek, which looks amazing. You could wear this look to a big event or just around town and always look amazing.

69. Old School Fingerwaves

Old School Fingerwaves

Fingerwaves are a classic for black women. To get this style keep your hair curled and pressed town curled in a lovely finger wave style. You must invest in a hard-hold gel to get the most out of this style.

70. Sunset Short Hairstyle

Sunset Short Hair

Sunset hair is a colorful hairstyle that women have been wearing more often. Here she went with an orange hue with pops of blonde and red added in. A black women that is wearing her sunset hair on a short bob, side part, and curling the ends out perfectly.

71. Dark Chocolate Short Hair

Dark Chocolate on Short Hair

Another pretty hairstyle would be this short look with chocolate brown hair color. She kept it right around chin length with a side part and bangs. She has curled the hair back and away from the face; it looks amazing and helps keep your hair out of her face.

72. Short Hair on Silver and Blonde

Short Hair on Silver and Blonde

Blonde and silver hair tones always look good together. Here she kept the sides and back short and naturally black and the top layer is bright and brushed over to the side.

73. Textured Pixie Hair

Textured Pixie Hair

Up next is a lovely look with a short textured cut. In the photo above she kept her hair natural, and long, and brushed it over to the side. She kept it straight but it would look just as pretty with a few curls added in.

74. Silver Short Style

Silver Hair on Short Hair

Silver hair is one of the hottest trends for black girls in 2022. Here she has styled her hair with thin and shaved sides and left the hair on the top long and swept over to the side.

75. Short Hair on Fat Girl

Short Hair on Fat Girl

Another way to wear your short style is with this pretty spiked-up look. To get this style keep the sides shaved short and leave the hair on the top long curly, and spiked up just right. Be sure to keep those baby hairs pressed down, and you are all set.

76. Red Fire on Short Hair

Red Fire on Short Hair

Red and black are classic color combos that will never go out of style. To get this next style keep your hair short all over and leave the sides and back short and black. Then pick your favorite red hue and to the top middle section and you are going to look amazing.

77. Extra Short Cut for Curly Hair

Extra Short Cut for Curly Hair

Here she has kept the hair evenly trimmed all the way around with a thick side part added in. Curl the edges for a super sleek style.

78. Medium-Short Ombre Locks

ombre locks

To accentuate the difference between two colors, go for ombre hair! We recommend leaving the roots in the natural hair color and applying your favorite color on the rest of your locks.

79. Tapered Curly Hair with Blue and Purple

Tapered Curly Hair with Blue and Purple

One of the best ways to show off your creative side is to add your favorite colors in. Here she kept the sides short and natural and the top is where the party is at. She has added spiral curls and a lovely blue and purple hue mixed in throughout.

80. Extra Short Curly Hair

Extra Short Curly Hair with Orange and Pink

If you need some color in your life, you could always add these bright orange and pink hues. She has kept her hair the perfect layer all the way around, with a few curls added in and a great mix of orange and pink.

81. Very Short Hairstyle

Very Short Hairstyle

This is the perfect idea for women who just went through their BC (Big Chop) and are ready to grow out their natural locks. To glam up your shaved hairstyle, bleach it or dye it in your favorite hair color.

82. TWA Hairstyle

twa hairstyles

African American women know that a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) is one of the next steps after the BC (Big Chop). Even though it’s only a stage in growing out natural hair, go through it glamorously by either dyeing your short hair or adding some hair accessories to it.

83. Big Natural Afro

big natural afro

Another great natural black hairstyle – especially if you have medium to long hair – is to let it all loose and go with a huge afro. The volume and dynamism that a natural afro provides are immeasurable and the results are, just as expected, gorgeous!

84. Long Hairstyle for Black Women

long hairstyles for black women

Big, soft curls have always and will always look extraordinary on long hair. If you prefer rocking long locks, this is certainly a styling option to keep in mind. Not only is it appropriate for all occasions, but it is also beautiful and quite simple to obtain.

85. Long Curly Black Women Hairstyle

Long Curly Hairstyle

Let those pretty corkscrew curls bounce around all day. If your hair is about shoulder-length when left curly, you can definitely take this natural hairstyle – basically a no-hairstyle even – and make it your go-to look.

86. Box Long Braids

box braids

As you will easily see on this list, African-American women have a wide range of braided hairstyles they can play around with. Box braids are one of the most popular options – partly because they will beautifully complement any face shape.

Get them long, mid-length, or even short and style them as you please – you can get all the inspo you need from a separate article specially dedicated to box braids.

87. Jumbo Braids

jumbo braids

As we’ve said above, there are several ways to wear box braids, and jumbo braids are one of them. Jumbo braids will work exceptionally well for women who have thicker hair – extensions can also help in case you don’t. They can also be easily accessorized and dyed in other hair colors too.

88. French Braids

black french braids

French braids are and will likely continue trending for many seasons to come, and their pigtails version is one of the most popular styles. These classic and classy braids not only look magnificent in selfies but can also be worn in any setting – whether it’s school or the office, a lazy day or a date.

89. Ghana Braids

ghana braids

In a nutshell, Ghana braids might look like Dutch braids (or the so-called reverse French braids) but they are actually weaved in a feed-in manner (and more on this up next). Try out this black hairstyle if French braids are not your thing or if you’re looking to add more volume to your hair.

90. Feed-In Braids

feed in braids

The feed-in technique is highly popular because, besides being pretty, it is also a great way to protect natural hair. Basically, the stylist will feed in extensions to the roots of the braids. This will add length and thickness to the hair. This technique is particularly popular with goddess braid hairstyles.

91. Mohawk-Like Goddess Braids

mohawk braids

The image above shows a great way of styling goddess braids. It also goes to show that you can recreate mohawks through braids. These two long, parallel braids create an awesome braided mohawk-like effect. It will allow anyone to get a mohawk – but without the need to shave a side of the head.

92. Yarn Braids

yarn braids

To change the texture of your hair in a unique way, just go for yarn braids! As their name suggests, these are literally braids made out of yarn. They can be worn just for their style or even as a protective extension that will allow the hair to grow longer and softer.

93. Cornrows Braided Hairstyle

cornrows braided hairstyle

Ladies who want traditional black hairstyles can always opt for cornrows. You can either go for a classic approach or play around with different designs and styles, like in the photo above.

94. Inverted Braided Bob

inverted braided bob

Even though we’re used to seeing bobs with straight, wavy, or curly hair, they will also look just as amazing with braids. Above, see and admire how a long, inverted bob looks like when made out of goddess braids.

95. Natural Hair Bun – The Braided Version

natural hair bun

This is an excellent natural hairstyle that won’t require hours of braiding or styling. All you have to do is sweep up the natural hair and create a traditional braid out of it. After that, simply wrap it around to form a large, beautiful bun.

96. Lace Braids

lace braids

To put it shortly, a lace braid is usually one that crosses the crown of the head and is then ‘laced’ into the rest of the hair. It’s one of the cutest and fancies black braided hairstyles that will work just great for an everyday look as well as for special occasions of all kinds.

97. Goddess Braid Chignon

goddess braid chignon

Here is yet another fantastic alternative for styling goddess braids – or all types of braids, for that matter. These goddess braids were gathered up to form a low chignon hairstyle.

98. Braided Hairstyle with Twist Braids

black braided hairstyle with twist braids

Twist braids are cute, feminine, and beautiful – all in one. To spice up a head full of typical twist braids, consider unwinding the tips and dyeing them a lighter shade or even a different color.

99. Senegalese Twist Braids

senegalese twist braids

There are so many great ways to style and wear Senegalese twists, that we dedicated an entire article to them. Still, they couldn’t miss from this list either – especially as they are so well styled. The twists here are styled in a really high and big bun that we just love.

100. Marley Style Twists

marley twists

Bob Marley is known around the world for his massive contribution to reggae music. Aaand, he also indirectly contributed to black hairstyles with what we now call the Marley twists. Inspired by Marley’s famous hair, these twists will look wonderful – no matter the hair length.

101. Nubian Twists

nubian twists

Going back to African hairstyles, this list wouldn’t be complete without Nubian twists. These coil-like twists are a very close relative to both kinky twists and Marley twists. They are also yet another funky fresh way to rock black hairstyles while looking fly.

102. Short Twist Out Curls

short twist out curls

Flat twist out curls are absolutely beautiful in all lengths and can be worn in any hairstyle. Take this bouncy bob as example – it is practical, chic, and suitable for any situation (and not to mention super cute!).

103. Twist Curls Natural Black Hairstyle

Twist Curls Natural Black Hairstyle

Go all-natural with these stunning flat twist out curls. Dyeing the tips in the color of your choice will help outline the curls even better – and so will the whole puffy ponytail with bangs look.

104. Little Girl Hairstyle

black toddler hairstyles

Any little girl will feel like a princess with a pretty braided hairstyle such as this one. The criss-cross braids are adorably decked off with two bows and double curly puffs to make the style child-appropriate and extra cute.

An adorable toddler deserves an equally adorable hairstyle. An extremely cute hairstyle for them is this double bun. The bangs were brought up to the front and the rest sleeked up in the back. The results? Two heartwarming curly puffs that the little one will adore.

105. Braided Hairstyle for Black Girls

Braided Hairstyle for Black Girls

There are many creative braided hairstyles for little girls – you just have to have a bit of patience to find and make them. This faux hawk, for example, gorgeously combines horizontal cornrows with braided Bantu knots from top to bottom.

106. Natural Hairstyle for Weddings

natural black wedding hairstyle

If you treasure your natural hair, show it off on one of the most important days of your life. Strapless wedding dresses will also make for a great reason to let your hair down (literally) and showcase those extraordinary curls all around.

107. Afro-Textured Puff for Everyday Wear

afro-textured puff

You can also prevent your countless tiny curls from getting in your face while still enhancing them and making them look as pretty as they are. A big, high and puffy ponytail will do the trick.

108. Curly Mohawk-Like Pixie with Long Bangs

curly mohawks

You can also create the illusion of a mohawk if you have a pixie haircut with long bangs. Simply sleek down the sides and emphasize your curls on top and in the front to create the hawk-look.

109. Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

mohawk hairstyle for black women

Also, whoever said that mohawks are the only edge? If you combine them with long bangs and luscious curls, you can get the best of both your rebellious and your elegant sides. Add some color for extra glam!

110. Black Updo Hairstyle

black updo hairstyle

No matter if you’re prepping for a fancy event or you’re generally a posh gal, an updo like this guarantees you’ll be turning heads. The spectacular curls on top make this updo memorable, to say the least.

111. Black Hairstyle with Bangs and Inverted Bob

black hairstyle with bangs

The bangs are what make this chic, layered, inverted bob complete. Also, consider getting either bangs to the side or directly down your forehead – whichever you find most flattering for your face shape.

112. Ponytail Hairstyle

black ponytail hairstyle

Ponytails always look fab, no matter if they’re simple, braided or made with silky extensions. There’s also the option of picking a lighter hair color and showcasing it in a sleek, long and slightly curled ponytail.

113. Long Black Weaved Hair

black weave hairstyle

The sky is the limit when it comes to weave options – but the one in the picture above is clearly one of the most popular picks. Long wavy hair is a flattering option for almost any black woman.

114. Black and Blonde Hairstyle with Dreadlocks

black and blonde hairstyle with dreadlocks

Women who want dreadlocks should know they don’t have to get them in a single color. For example, they can combine black and blonde to add a playful and personal touch to a hairstyle that has been around for ages.

115. Faux Locs

faux locs

Dreadlocks have a unique appeal that can’t be replaced by any other hairstyle. However, many women don’t want to damage their hair, so they opt for faux locs instead. The visual result is quite similar and they can rest assured that their hair is protected in the process as well!

So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

We’re wrapping things up by once again pointing out that there is a myriad of cute short hairstyles for black women for you to try out and look stunning while wearing them! We recommend choosing a haircut and hairstyle that flatters your facial features. It brings out both your hair texture and your personality. Also, remember: true style has no rules! And we’re also curious: which of these short black hairstyles is your favorite?

In the end, black hairstyles should be a depiction of the wonderful women wearing them. As a result, you should take some time to analyze all the hairstyles that would suit your personality. Don’t rush! Instead, search for one that will bring out the best and draw attention to the real you.

Top it all off with a brilliant smile and you’re good to go! And don’t forget to tell or show us which of these hairstyles was your favorite!

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