50 Radiant Weave Hairstyles Anyone Can Try

Weave hairstyles provide a wide variety of beauty options for women with natural locks.

Essentially, they are hair extensions that are with either real human hair or synthetic hair for more women who desire volume or length.

Whether you opt for sew-in, net weaves, glue-in/ hair bonding or fusion weaves, you can enjoy a multitude of possibilities for a new look.

Get inspired with some of our favorite ideas below.

1. Short Weave Hairstyles

Want to keep your locks short and flirty? You can go for this category of weaves, all easy to maintain and style. In addition to the chic cut and soft waves, we also think you should keep the ruby red color in mind as an idea.

2. Updo Hairstyles

Rihanna is an infinite source of inspiration for hairstyles. In this shot, you can get inspired by her messy yet classy updo for styling your weave. It works amazingly for women who have long and curly or wavy hair extensions.

3. Hairstyles with Weave Braids

Braids are also a fantastic way of using hair extensions. There are numerous braid styles you can try out, ranging from box braids or Senegalese twists to Ghana braids or cornrows with extensions. This photo shows an option you can start with.

4. Curly Auburn Tips

Why not add a pinch of color to your hair extensions? This gorgeous, curly weave stands out through discretely colored tips. This example shows how auburn would appear as a color choice, but feel free to play around with your favorite hues.

5. Weave Hairstyles for Natural Hair

If you want to extend your natural hair with an equally natural result, you can always opt for curly weaves. Like in the example above, this one has just enough color to make the results original. Choose your desired length and embrace those curls!

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6. Medium Length Weave Hairstyles

A great deal of women choose medium as the perfect length for their hair extensions. It’s the most well-balanced length option, as it’s not too long to be hectic for maintenance, but not too short for limited styling ideas either.

7. Bright Hues

Bold women deserve an appearance just as spectacular as their personality. If you follow us on Hair Motive, you already know that we adore purple hairstyles. This is how a vivid shade of purple can look on your weave.

8. Sunny Blonde Vibes

Got that sunshine in your pocket? Show it in your hair! Blonde is always a lovely hair coloring option, owing to the warmth and welcoming vibe. If yellowish tones aren’t your thing, you can also consider the icy or platinum options at hand for your blonde shade.

9. Long Weave Hairstyles for Round Faces

Without a doubt, there are weave hairstyles available for flattering any face shape. If your face is round, for instance, you can choose a longer weave with soft curls that gently fall over each shoulder. They will frame your face charmingly.

10. Rich Violet

Another way you can rock purple hair in your extensions is to tone it down a bit. This deep, dark and dazzling shade of violet is ideal for women who want to get closer to their natural hair color while keeping it funky.

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11. Weave Hairstyles for Teenagers

If you’re still in school, it may not be appropriate to experiment with far-fetched colors or styles for your hair. However, you can choose natural weave hairstyles that will also complement your features, like this long and curly look.

12. Ash Blonde Weaves

Both ash blonde and ash brown have taken the hairstyling world by storm this year. This fabulous color works for all types of weaves, for women with all ranges of skin tones. You can also use the haircut in this example for inspiration.

13. Subtle Highlights

Little do we realize how much of an impact highlights can have on any hairstyle. Even the subtlest highlights add just enough of sugar, spice and everything nice to make your weave shine. For a natural approach, consider earth tone highlights.

14. Soft Curls Weave Hairstyles

One of the evergreen trends that we’ll never get enough of consists in big, soft, loose curls. Women who are looking for longer weave hairstyles will enjoy this idea particularly, for the casual yet elegant style.

15. Bob Weave Hairstyles

If we had to make a shortlist of our top 3 haircuts of all time, the bob would definitely be among them. This playful and enchanting style is generous from countless points of view, from easy styling to multiple length choices.

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16. Very Long Straight Hair

Passionate about extremely long hair? Dare to wear it and make it shine! While you might be required to invest more time in styling, care and maintenance, the results are no less than phenomenal.

17. Pixie Haircut Weave Hairstyles

Yet another idea for short weave hairstyles is the glamorous pixie. Just like bobs, pixie haircuts can be either really short or longer, such as in this example with long side bangs. No matter what length you go for, don’t forget to wear this kind of weave with attitude.

18. Low Ponytails

Seeking a semi-formal, business casual kind of weave hairstyle? Never underestimate the power of a low ponytail. While it’s clearly one of the sleekest professional hairstyles, it’s also a cute idea for school or a nice day out in the city.

19. Asymmetrical Weave Hairstyles

In the past few years, asymmetrical haircuts have gained more popularity than ever. Even when it comes to weave hairstyles, you can spot numerous uneven bobs as favorites. Consider a slightly asymmetrical style like this one.

20. Retro Hairstyles

Soft curls or wavy hair can be styled in an abundance of ways. If you’re in love with retro styles, you will adore this take on long weave styling. Make sure you part your hair to the side for the effect you’re looking for.

21. Side Swept Bangs

Speaking of side parts, side swept bangs are also a pretty idea for your weave. Combine them with shoulder length extensions and big curls and you have a hairstyle to die for. Just look at all that volume!

22. Long Bob Weave Hairstyles

One way or another, we always get back to bobs somehow. In this delightful example, you can see how a long bob would look as a weave hairstyle. We can easily vouch for its trendiness and irresistible appeal.

23. Golden Weave Hairstyles

If you’re not fond of eccentric hair colors but still want to test out a different shade on your weave, you can go for gold. This sublime, honey gold blonde with dark roots will make you sparkle wherever you go.

24. Lowlights Ideas

Instead of adding highlights to your weave, how about lowlights? You can try out this idea if you’re craving a sweet yet subtle twist to an average, solid color. One excellent way is to maintain your natural hair color and add a bit of red brown to the tips.

25. Multicolor Highlights

Nevertheless, you can have an amazing time experimenting with color. Some women will adore the pastel and bright color blend in this highlights mix, while others may want to use just one of these tones in their weave hairstyles.

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26. Ombre Weave Hairstyles

If you want to flaunt two splendid colors in your hair, ombre is often the best way to go. You can start with a darker color on top and work your way down to its lighter version. Nonetheless, you can mix your own favorite tones too.

27. Half Up Weave Hairstyles

Styling your weave can provide hours on end of fun and creativity. If you’re at a loss of inspiration and want an idea to get your gears going, you can always rely on half up half down hairstyles for elegance and attitude.

28. Wet Look

Curly or wavy hair extensions look drop dead gorgeous with a “wet look” approach. With the help of the right hair product, you can recreate this look and feel like an exotic, sexy island gal throughout the day.

29. Deep Balayage

Balayage is a coloring method that works terrifically for both light and dark hair colors. If you have your mind on a deeper tone, this dark violet balayage is the perfect idea for you. It not only brings attention to your hair, but it blends beautifully with your natural hair color.

30. Pink Weave Hairstyles

Pastel pink, magenta or any other version of pink hair is just as popular as purple hair these days. We can completely understand why, especially for women seeking an outgoing, feminine and delicate color for their hair extensions.

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31. Candy Red Weaves

Red is also another memorable color choice for weave hairstyles. You can go for a candy red like in this photo or test out darker tones of burgundy or mahogany. See which one you’re most comfortable with and go for it!

32. Outgrown Pixie Weave Hairstyles

Can’t choose between a pixie and a bob for your weave style? Meet them halfway with an outgrown pixie haircut like this one. It’s has just enough of each hairstyle to give you the best of both worlds in a highly stylish way.

33. Chignon Hairstyles

Honestly, few updos can live up the refinement of the chignon. If you have an important or fancy event coming up and have longer hair extensions, you should definitely consider styling your hair this tasteful way.

34. Weave Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs are back and booming more than ever among hair trends. Regardless if you get them straight or part them to the side, you can rest assured that you will be ravishing either way. This shoulder length weave, for example, looks exceptional with full bangs.

35. Color Melt

If you are among the women who love playing with color, you will fall in love with this melting idea for sure. Provided your extensions are long enough, you can blend different shades from the same vivid color palette.

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36. Choppy Shoulder Length Hairstyles

There’s no doubt that Tyra Banks is an alluring woman and permanent inspiration for everything beauty-related. What we like most about the look she sported here is the choppy, shoulder length cut for her extensions.

37. Inverted Bob Weave Hairstyles

Just when you thought that you couldn’t enjoy more bob styles, here is a superb idea you should keep in mind. The inverted styling and casual side bangs make this breathtaking bob full of volume and glam.

38. Wavy Weave Hairstyles

An easygoing and super cute hairstyle can be easily obtained with a wavy texture. Ladies thinking about longer weaves can consider wavy hair for their final look, no matter what hair color they opt for.

39. Silver Balayage

Another balayage idea that is delicate, sexy and always remarkable is silver or gray. It’s impossible to have not noticed the granny hair trend this year, and this silver balayage is sure to do your extensions justice.

40. Weave Hairstyles with Bun and Bangs

With a bit of love, care and patience, you can achieve this picture-perfect weave hairstyle. One of the best parts about it is that you don’t even need to get real bangs. The styling procedure actually involves leaving the tips of your hair in front as faux bangs.

41. Bicolor Hairstyles

Feel free to go against the grain gracefully with this two tone weave hairstyle. Aside from those delicious corkscrew curls, the hairstyles shines through the daring bicolor mix. Try out copper or any other secondary tone you dream of.

42. High Ponytail Weave Hairstyles

Glow with confidence with a classy and sassy hairstyle like a slicked back, high ponytail. We encourage women with very long and straight hair extensions to think about this as an eye-catching styling idea.

43. Dark Teal

Deep green is yet another color you can think about for an out of the box approach to your extraordinary extension. On a similar note, you can get the darker versions of blue, red, pink or any other courageous color.

44. Double Bun Weave Hairstyles

No matter if you want to bring out your inner child or you want to test one of the hottest summer hairstyles this year, think about double buns. This weave hairstyling idea is adorable and guaranteed to make heads turn.

45. Ponytail Braids

If you love the idea of high ponytails but want to add a personal touch, try out different braiding ideas. You can always go for the simple, three-strand braid, but we encourage you to have fun discovering different styles.

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46. Bold Hairstyles

Long asymmetrical bob, full side bangs and splashes of color – we’re already irrevocably in love. Although this is a daring weave hairstyle, it’s perfect for women who know their style, what they want and are not afraid to show it.

47. Wedding Weave Hairstyles

If you’re preparing for the big day, your weave hairstyle can be effortless. All you have to do is get long and wavy hair extensions and pick the hair piece of your dreams to spice it up. Remember, darlings, simplicity = elegance.

48. Headband Weave Hairstyles

On the other hand, a day to day accessory to complement your weave can be as simple as a headband or scarf. We especially recommend this hair accessory for ladies with super curly, medium length weaves.

49. Pastel Blend

Mermaid hair is jaw-dropping both for natural hair and extensions. These ravishing baby blue and pink pastel colors are brilliantly combined in this heart-stopping balayage. The longer your extensions are, the better the color blend will turn out.

50. Bridal Updos

We’ll end on a note of celebration with an alternative bridal weave hairstyle. While our first example focused on leaving your hair down, this one showcases an exquisite updo with a marvelous white accessory to match your wedding dress.

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In summary, weave hairstyles are among the optimum solutions for black women seeking a beautiful makeover.

While it’s not recommended that ladies resort to weaves permanently due to potential damage to their natural hair, they’re a wonderful idea for temporary hairstyles.

If ever in doubt about ideas for your new weave, don’t hesitate to re-consult our list for inspiration and share your thoughts through a comment.

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