50 Extraordinary Ways to Rock Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair with bangs has been in style for decades now, and we’re sure that this hairstyle won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

Soon enough, we’ll be able to add it to the “timeless” category, thanks to the multiple advantages it has.

In essence, it is an extremely versatile hair choice, with outnumbered styling options after getting your hair trimmed.

Without further ado, enjoy the inspiration below!

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1. Long Hair with Ponytail

For those of you who already have long hair with bangs, this hairstyling idea will come in handy. It’s your everyday, average ponytail, fit for all occasions. You can sport it at the office, out in the city or even on a date.

2. Long Bangs on Long Hair

The first bangs example we will focus on is this hairstyle with long bangs. You should take this option into consideration if you know you will be keeping your hair up most of the time. Also, it works if you don’t want your bangs getting in your eyes.

3. Wispy Bangs with Long Hair

One way to classify bangs is based on their thickness. While we’ll present full bangs later on, this example shines light on wispy bangs. They don’t cover your forehead entirely, leaving space for styling the bangs in different ways.

4. Thick Hair with Bangs

Ladies with naturally thick hair will rock bangs effortlessly. Owing to the generous locks, your bangs will fall gracefully into place without a care. Nonetheless, we recommend bangs that are a bit longer, at least over your eyebrows.

5. Long Hair with Side Bangs

JLo has been slaying ever since she came into the entertainment industry, from her hourglass figure to her permanent #hairgoals status. She’s mostly well known for her long locks with bangs from time to time. This side bangs look is simply flawless.

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6. Long Layered Hair with Bangs

As with most other hairstyles, layers can have a major impact on your final look. This cutting technique provides an abundance of natural volume, simultaneously shaping your hair. With long hair with bangs, it’s the detail that makes the whole difference.

7. Middle Part Bangs

If you usually sport a side part, side bangs will come as a natural result. However, women who part their hair in the middle can enjoy bangs styled in the same fashion. One way to rock bangs with a middle part is a bit longer, about ear length.

8. Arched Bangs

Although this form of bangs is typically associated with trends from a few decades back, the shape is still flattering for women of all ages. Arched bangs provide a dynamic form for your hairstyle, especially if you have a small face.

9. Long Hair with Bangs for Round Face

On this note, here is another long hair with bangs idea for a specific face shape. If your face is round, you should consider rocking parted bangs with a middle part. Yet again, layers play a significant role in framing the face.

10. Textured Bangs

Whoever said that you have to go with the crowd? If you want to stand out in a creative way, you can consider the idea of textured bangs. In other words, you can chop your bangs unevenly, with jagged edges and a bit of asymmetry involved.

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11. Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

As far as colors are concerned, blonde is easily one of the most popular choices for long hair with bangs. Hilary Duff confirms this claim with the look she’s been rocking since her Lizzie McGuire days: sunny locks with bangs.

12. Short Layers on Long Hair

To prove our point with layers, here is a shot that clearly shows the dynamism layers provide. Even though the hair is long par ensemble, the short and choppy layers contribute to an eye-catching shape all around.

13. Messy Ponytail with Bangs

Here is another way your can style your long hair into a ponytail while leaving your bangs out. If you have side swept bangs, all you have to do is wrap the rest of your locks in a loose, messy and casual ponytail that will bring out your down-to-earth side.

14. Black Hair Long Bob with Bangs

We have been in love with Krysten Ritter’s goth chick style for years, but now we want her to get the spotlight for her hairstyle. In this pic, you can feast your eyes on her jet black inverted long bob, perfectly paired with choppy bangs.

15. Casual Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs

If you’re on the run, you can rely on this hairstyle to complement any casual #ootd. Seeing as you already have long hair, you won’t need a donut to master this bun. Simply wrap your locks around for a picture-perfect top knot and let those bangs frame your face charmingly.

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16. Blunt Bangs and Vintage Waves

Our loyal readers here on HairMotive.com know that we present high fashion hairstyles from time to time. We got some major inspiration from the cover of Vogue for these short blunt bangs and long vintage waves.

17. Short Hair with Long Bangs

What if you want to do things the other way around? Switch your hairstyle entirely by going for a short haircut with long bangs for an out-of-the-box look. You can rock a layered pixie with chin-length bangs to the side.

18. Curtain Bangs

Just like their name suggests, these bangs stand out through a curtain-like appearance. Cheryl Cole stands out through her nostalgic retro style, and this hairstyle fits in with her tastes perfectly. Try these bangs out for a blast from the past.

19. Thick Bangs with Long Hair

Women with straight hair should truly think about getting thick bangs. This full approach is especially recommended for this hair texture, as maintaining the bangs won’t be as challenging as with wavy or curly locks.

20. Parted Bangs

To take curtain bangs a step further, we are happy to present parted bangs. While the basic principle is the same, parted bangs follow a middle part and naturally caress each side of your face. Get Chloe Moretz’s look with this hairstyle.

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21. Emo Hairstyle

We’re not the ones for stereotypes, but we all associate full, thick and highly side swept bangs with emo hairstyles. Whether or not you resonate with the lifestyle in discussion, you can get an edgy cute look with these types of bangs and long hair.

22. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Who says bangs can’t be curly? Our naturally curly ladies can rest assured that they can flaunt long hair with bangs anytime. In fact, bangs with a curly texture are sure to stand out more than others, in quite a fabulous way.

23. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

The same goes for wavy hair and bangs alike. One of the advantages that wavy hair has over other textures is that you can keep your bangs straight or a bit arched. In any case, you’ll enjoy a delicious boho hairstyle without much effort.

24. Two Tone Hairstyle

If you genuinely want to express your unconventional style, go for a quirky coloring idea to complement your long hair with bangs. An approach that will certainly make you stand out from the rest is dyeing your hair in two colors, but straight down the middle.

25. Undercut Hairstyle

Boosting the edginess of your all-around look is a piece of cake. If you’re not afraid to hit the razor, take some time to think about getting an undercut. Please note that this doesn’t mean reducing the length of your hair, just shaping it from underneath in a cool way.

26. Long Straight Hair with Bangs

This example focuses entirely on the texture of the locks in a long hair with bangs context. Although we love the creative look that curly or wavy bangs provide, we have to admit that straight hair is the easiest to style if you have a fringe.

27. Long Hair with Short Bangs

Channel your inner artist or mysterious woman with short bangs to go with your long hair. It may not be the most common way to sport bangs, but it will definitely make your individuality shine. Get them blunt or choppy, based on your personality.

28. Pin Up Bangs

Speaking of short bangs, you can go back in time glamorously with this pin up hairstyle. The bangs are short, blunt and ever so slightly arched to get that vintage aspect. Furthermore, we recommend the soft waves to top the look off accurately.

29. Messy Hairstyle

Just like you shouldn’t be afraid to get your hands dirty from time to time, you shouldn’t shy away from messing up your hair. While you may be apprehensive at first, you should know that messy hairstyles are trending more than ever, for visible reasons.

30. Long Black Hair with Bangs

Another hair color we frequently see on long hair with bangs is black. Owing to the intense tone and bohemian haircut, your hairstyle will result in romantic, mysterious and femme fatale. Don’t be afraid to get this haircut if you are a natural brunette.

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31. Shaggy Bangs

If you want to push the natural aspect of your appearance a bit, you should look into shaggy bangs as an alternative. This style has a carefree vibe to it that can’t quite compare to other versions of bangs, especially if you wear your natural hair color.

32. Long Brown Hair with Bangs

Now that we’re on this note, here is a hair color that says natural like no other. You can also check out some chocolate brown hair inspiration if you plan on coloring your hair this way to flatter your new haircut.

33. Braided Headband

We always encourage you to get your imagination going with your look. In other words, try to put some creativity into your hairstyle by adding a personal touch. For instance, you can style your long hair with bangs with a braided headband.

34. Choppy Bangs with Long Hair

We have to admit that Dakota Johnson had a noticeable part in sparking the long, dark hair with casual bangs look. If you want to get a similar hairstyle, think about getting your bangs cut in a choppy fashion.

35. Teen Hairstyle

If you’re a teen, you just might freak out over this ultra cute, half up half down hairstyle. It works like a charm for any school event, whether you want to support the team at a rally or even sparkle on prom night.

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36. Side Braid and Bangs

The most famous Kardashian of them all never ceases to set trends with every new style she shows off. A few years back, she wore this fishtail braid swept to the side, with long side bangs and a few loose strands that will surely inspire you.

37. Long Dark Hair with Bangs

If “tall, dark and handsome” had a female counterpart, this is probably what it would look like. Regardless if your locks are raven or dark chocolate, a set of full, thick bangs will add to the romantic tone of your look.

38. Half Up Hairstyles with Bangs

We’re back to channeling our retro divas for this look. The hairstyle draws attention not only through the curtain bangs and long, loose curls, but also through the half up hairstyling. With this look, you’ll be a Dancing Queen in no time.

39. Braided Bangs

If you’ve frankly become sick and tired of your bangs getting in your eyes or you just want a style change, check this out. You can braid your bangs to the side for practical and aesthetic purposes, and glam up your look at the same time.

40. Side Bangs with Curly Hair

In many cases, long and curly hair with bangs looks best (and is most comfortable) when styled to the side. This specific way of styling helps the curls stay out of your face, as well as your fingers out of your hair.

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41. Updo for Straight Hair and Bangs

Girls who have straight long hair with bangs will adore this updo hairstyle. The main part consists in a low bun, all decked off with a braided headband. You can experiment with this hairstyle for any formal event.

42. Long Hair with Bangs for Black Women

To be honest, bangs look terrific on any woman, regardless of hair texture, thickness or skin tone. As for this look, we not only dig the straight bangs and wavy hair contrast, but also the cute half up palm tree hairstyling.

43. Formal Updo with Bangs

This is yet another fancy updo you can try out for the next dressy event you have in your agenda. The knotted chignon really shines in this look, but so do the bangs and loose, curled strand on the sides of the face.

44. Ombre Hair with Bangs

It’s easy to see why ombre hair has been trending for years now without going out of style. In your case, your long hair allows you to accentuate the gradient and the two distinct colors in the mix. Side bangs look amazing with the rest of the style.

45. Asymmetrical Bangs

Another funky way to sport your bangs is by getting them cut asymmetrically. To put it shortly, it creates the same alluring effect as with any other asymmetrical hairstyle. You decide on how visible you want the asymmetry to be.

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46. Rolled Up Pin Up Bangs

If you want to have fun with a themed photo shoot or you’re just not sure if you want to get bangs just yet, try this. Use a pin up technique to get a gorgeous, vintage hairstyle, even if it’s only temporarily.

47. Chin Length Bangs with Long Hair

What makes this entry so memorable is the double practicality. In other words, it serves as inspiration for women who want to get bangs, but also for those who are growing out bangs and want to shape them along the way.

48. Short Side Swept Bangs with Long Hair

Even though we mostly see short bangs combed directly down the forehead, there are other sweet ways to style them too. Another excellent choice is sweeping them carefully to the side, like in the shot above.

49. Big Curly Hair with Bangs

Girl, all that volume is enough to make our hearts stop! Women blessed with afro-textured curls can enjoy breathtaking bangs to go with their big, curly hair. Even more so, you can style them into this huge, puffy updo for even more glam.

50. Balayage Hair with Bangs

Last but not least, we will wrap up our list with a final coloring idea for long hair with bangs. If ombre is a bit too flashy for you, consider using balayage as your technique for mixing two or more colors harmoniously.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

All in all, long hair with bangs is a fantastic hairstyle choice for your next appointment at the salon.

We warmly recommend the idea for women who have long hair and want to switch things up a bit with bangs.

As you now know, there are plenty of bangs types to pick from, based on your tastes and personal style.

Moreover, we hope the styling ideas from our list served as an extra source of inspiration. How would you rock bangs with long hair?

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