50 Cool Ways to Wear Ombre if You Have Short Hair

If you think that short ombre hair is a dream that’s too good to be true, think again!

After getting short haircuts, women often overthink the color combinations that can get into, due to the length of their new hairstyle.

Be that as it may, you’ll be surprised to find out just how many mixtures you can look into.

Let your imagination run free and get extra inspiration for short ombre hair below!

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1. Short Blonde Ombre Style

Brown and blonde is easily one of the most popular combinations for short ombre.

It flatters just about every skin tone, and it also goes nicely with all hair textures. We highly recommend it for any gal looking into an adaptable ombre idea.

2. Short Ombre Undercut

If you want to make your short ombre hairstyle shine, pair it with a daring haircut.

For instance, you can get a bob haircut or a long pixie cut and completely shave one side or add an undercut.

Your ombre will stand out more than ever.

3. Subtle Short Ombre Hair

All the same, not all women are looking for a flashy ombre hairstyle. In fact, some want theirs to be more on the subtle side.

For this, we recommend choosing a shade from the same palette as your original hair color, such as chocolate brown for dark brown.

4. Balayage on Short Hair

On this note, you have to learn more about one of the biggest hair trends of these past years – the balayage.

It’s pretty much the same thing as ombre hair, just that the color gradient is done more discretely.

This way, you can avoid the dip dye effect that many ombre hairstyles come with.

5. Short Caramel Ombre with Pixie Cut

If you have a pixie cut, a gorgeous way to make it come to life is with a natural-looking ombre.

Yet again, brown and blonde is one of the best blends you can go for.

Choose dirty brown for a subtle approach, or platinum to show the hairstyle off.

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6. Short Red Ombre Hairstyle

Is your natural hair color black or dark brown? Well, one of the most flattering hues you can use for your short ombre hair is red.

Regardless if you opt for an eye-catching cherry red or a darker crimson tone, rest assured that the two ombre colors go together perfectly.

7. Black to White Ombre

If you’re all about contrast, you should definitely keep a black and white ombre in mind.

While it’s not one of the most common choices for ombre hair, it’s undoubtedly one that you won’t see around every corner.

Start with a black base and blend out to white.

8. Honey Blonde Ombre Bob

Want a well-balanced hairstyle more than anything? Well, the optimum solution is to choose a short ombre hair combo that’s not too discrete, nor too eccentric.

For instance, a great example is coffee brown with honey blonde for the lower part.

9. Short Ombre Hair with Blunt Bangs

Whether they’re short, choppy, blunt or side-swept, one thing’s for certain: bangs make any hairstyle even more adorable.

If you decide to get bangs for your short hair, you will create a pleasant contrast with the secondary color.

10. Hot Pink Ombre Hair

Even though some ladies are all about natural, others are all for expressing their bright personality.

And what better way than through your personal style? Your short ombre hair shouldn’t have any limits, even if it means choosing hot pink for the hairstyle.

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11. Ash Blonde Short Ombre Hair

This year, ash blonde and ash brown were among the top trending hair colors. They’re ideal for any time of the year, whether it’s summer or winter.

In most situations, they’re paired with dark roots or a deep tone for the first part of an ombre.

12. Ombre Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

If you decide to get a pixie haircut with long bangs, you’ll have even more options available for your short ombre hair.

You can leave the foundation your natural hair color and melt the rest into pink as you go towards the tips of your pixie hair.

13. Bleached Blonde with Dark Roots

Is summer forever in your heart? You can showcase it through your hairstyle.

Think about getting a beach hair look, which basically involves bleaching your locks and keeping dark roots.

Mind you, this idea works brilliantly for any hair length.

14. Short Magenta Ombre Hair

Magenta is yet another one of the hair colors that topped the charts this year.

If you’re worried that the hair color might make you stand out too much, all you have to do is incorporate it into an ombre hairstyle with a darker base.

15. Light Ombre on Short Hair and Dark Skin

When it comes to skin tones and hairstyles, contrasts are just as pleasant as finding similar shades.

For example, a fair-skinned woman looks wonderful with black hair, while a dark-skinned gal looks amazing with lighter locks.

Keep this in mind when choosing your ombre colors!

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16. Short Light Brown and Pink Ombre Hair

If you’re interested in getting a smooth transition out of your ombre, it’s best to pick colors that seem to effortlessly blend into one another.

An atypical but undoubtedly eye candy idea is to use pink as the continuation of a light brown base.

17. Choppy Short Blue Ombre Hair

No matter what colors you select for your short ombre hair, there’s a detail that can make the entire hairstyle far livelier.

However, take note that it involves cutting your hair a certain way. In essence, you should get short and choppy layers for the colors to really come to life.

Just look how cool this blue-colored idea looks!

18. Black to Auburn Short Ombre

Natural brunettes can pretty much take any ombre color idea and make it work.

Although you can always go for a vivid shade for completing black hair, you can just as well opt for a natural tone like auburn to look gracefully marvelous.

19. Platinum and Cyan Short Ombre Hair

We’re back to contrasts for this one, with an ombre combo that is impossible to go by unnoticed.

If you have light blonde hair or have dyed your locks platinum, you can think about using cyan for your short ombre hair.

20. Short Hair with Bleached Tips

Another way to get the beach hair effect is just to simply dye your tips.

We particularly recommend the idea for women who have short and layered hair.

Dyeing just the tips will make the layered haircut shine more than before.

21. Grunge Ombre Bob

Being a teen has its fair share of advantages. For example, you can get short ombre hair with a grunge vibe to it without being kicked out of your job. In saying that, make the most of your youth with all hairstyle ideas you have.

22. Gray Ombre Pixie Cut

Together with the other examples we mentioned, gray hair also has secured a spot on the podium for hair trends.

We believe it’s a fabulous idea for any ombre hairstyle, especially when it’s paired with dark grey, brown, or black hair.

23. Short Ombre Hair with Highlights

You can take your short ombre hair to the next level by adding highlights throughout your locks.

Not only will you accentuate the secondary color more, but you’ll also enjoy a dynamic hairstyle full of texture. The idea works effortlessly with any tones you may choose.

24. Peekaboo Ombre Hair

We’ve recently talked all about peekaboo hair as a fun and flirty hairstyle trend we love.

In this context, instead of going for a classic ombre, you can add your new color as a peekaboo hairstyle.

In other words, dye your hair underneath instead of all over at the bottom.

25. Two-Sided Dip Dye Hair

Who ever said that you were limited to only one color for your short ombre hair? You can continually express yourself through two or more colors in an ombre.

Just one example is this hairstyle with light blue on one side and purple on the other.

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26. Dirty Blonde to Platinum Short Ombre Hair

Platinum is one of the hues that goes extremely well with dirty blonde or brown hair.

The two colors simply complete each other beautifully, particularly when done as an ombre hair option. You can also add highlights for even more glam.

27. Ombre on Short Curly Hair

When you have naturally curly short hair, dyeing a part of your locks is one of the best ideas to make them pop.

You can truly use any color, because your curls will stand out either way. In this example, you can see how caramel would look.

28. Contourage Ombre Hair

Contourage is slowly but surely taking over the hair industry. In a nutshell, contourage involves highlighting the strands that frame your face, from top to bottom. Combine the idea with an ombre hairstyle and you’ll be radiant.

29. Short Reverse Ombre Hair

In most situations, short ombre hair can be found going from dark to light. Be that as it may, you should never stop yourself if you feel like going the other way around.

As you can see above, a silver base with black as the secondary color looks super cool.

30. Pastel Short Ombre Hair

There’s no doubting that pastels are extremely pretty. The challenging part comes when you have to choose which one works best for you. If you can’t make up your mind, combine the shades for a dreamy pixie pastel ombre.

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31. Short Fire Ombre Hair

Generally speaking, we constantly look towards nature for beauty and fashion inspiration.

The same goes for short ombre hair, especially when you have fire in mind. By blending red, orange, and yellow, you will get a spectacular, fire-like ombre to make heads turn.

32. Black and Blue Short Ombre Hair

Blue is a mysterious and chic hair color that has been gaining popularity in the past few years.

It looks awesome in a short ombre hairstyle, particularly with black, dark brown or medium brown as a base tone. Go for it if you like cool shades.

33. Turquoise and Pink Ombre Hair

There are so many reasons why we love this short ombre hair idea that it’s hard to pick which one to start with.

First of all, the dark turquoise and pastel pink combo is to die for. After that, the crown braid makes the colors stand out beautifully.

Talk about hair goals!

34. Short Lavender Ombre Hair

Speaking of pastels, one of the most delicate choices you have at hand is lavender.

It’s a cute and feminine color that will bring out your girly side without going overboard. We encourage women with brown hair to consider the idea.

35. Boho Short Ombre

Bohemian is beautiful! Once you get your ombre colors all sorted out, you can start to think about hairstyles that will enhance the shades.

If your hair is about chin-length or longer, you can explore boho hairstyles with braids, beads, rings, and other lovely accessories.

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36. Blonde to Brown Ombre

Remember what we said about reverse ombre looking phenomenal? Here’s yet another example to prove our point.

In this photo, Evan Rachel Wood dazzles with a platinum blonde foundation and brown tips in a dip dye fashion.

37. Short Green Ombre Hair

If you’re an outgoing person, dare to experiment with an unconventional color like green.

We think that any tone of bright, deep, or emerald green works best with a black base, but feel free to try it out even if you have light hair.

38. Very Short Ombre Hair from Blue to Black

You shouldn’t stress about having super short hair if you truly want an ombre hairstyle.

There are solutions even for short pixies, and many are even more remarkable than their longer counterparts. Take this blue to black pixie ombre, for example.

39. Ombre with Bangs Hairstyle

With a courageous hairstyle like this one, we’re sure that you’ll never get bored. Rarely do you see women explore multiple colors for their bangs.

As you can see, the results combined with ombre tips look absolutely astounding.

40. Metallic Short Ombre Hair

Metallic hair is just as chic as pastel locks, which is the reason why you’ll often find them combined.

In this hairstyle, you can admire a long pixie haircut with a steel blue lavender top and a dark bottom. The idea is perfect for razor pixie haircuts.

41. Short Lime Ombre

Are you in love with neon colors? You can always add them to all of your outfits, but how would it be if you could have yours all the time?

The answer is a short ombre hair idea with your favorite neon tone, such as lime green.

42. Purple to Magenta Short Ombre Hair

Another neat aspect related to short ombre hair is that you can pick unusual colors from the same family.

As an example, check out this dark purple ombre that melts into magenta towards the tips. Can you say glamorous?

43. Short Rainbow Hair

There are few hairstyles that look as irresistibly cute as rainbow hair does. You may frequently see rainbow highlights in long hair, but how often can you appreciate them in short haircuts?

Spice up your pixie haircut with all the colors of the rainbow!

44. Ombre Medium Hair

What if your hair surpasses your shoulders and is more on the medium side than it is short?

Get inspired by Selena Gomez for a natural, black to chocolate ombre hair idea that complements her dark eyes and olive skin terrifically.

45. Short Cappuccino Hair

Likewise, you can maintain the natural approach for a short cappuccino ombre hairstyle.

As you can guess from the name, this ombre idea involves taking light tones of brown and blonde and mixing them for a milk coffee-like outcome.

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46. Deep Copper Ombre Hair

Copper has also been a top hair color trend for quite a few years by now. We say that it’s a superb short ombre hair choice if your natural hair color is on the dark side.

A black or dark brown foundation will look gorgeous with copper.

47. Short Ombre Gray Hair with Peach Tips

Yet another short ombre hair concept that you won’t find on every other girl is silver with peach.

The two metallic pastels have the power of flattering any skin tone, and look especially attractive on girls with wavy hair.

48. Navy to Green Short Ombre Hair

As a cooler alternative, you can take the same idea and apply it to a cold-color palette. For example, you can make navy hair melt into green tips. It’s all part of the mermaid hair trend that was so beloved this past year.

49. Warm Palette Ombre Hair

To switch to the other end of the spectrum, this candy red and neon orange palette is nothing less than heart-warming.

We encourage girls who have pale skin and light-colored eyes to think about this option, with or without bangs.

50. Multi Pastel Ombre Hair

Last but definitely not least, here is the pastel alternative for short rainbow ombre hair. It basically follows the same idea or mixing numerous colors, but all in lighter tones.

You can get yours with pink, purple, green, and blue or any other pastels you’d like.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

In closing, you now know that short ombre hair doesn’t just have to be a dream.

You can benefit from all the color melts that any other women with longer hair would.

You just have to set some time aside for analyzing the best colors for your features and personality.

Don’t forget to share your favorite ideas with us in the comments!

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