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50 Red Ombre Hair Ideas for a Vibrant Look

Subtle Red Ombre Hair

If you have a fiery personality, why not get a hairstyle to match it?

Ombre hair has been trending for a few years now, but it’s far from going out of style.

No matter how long or short your hair is, you can experiment with blends involving the hottest shade in this spectrum.

Check out these fabulous ideas for combining colors and get ready to slay with your new ombre this year!

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1. Red Ombre Short Hair

When we think about the concept of ombre, we tend to associate it with long, flowing locks. Contrary to popular belief, you can sport a red ombre even if your hair is super short.

This pixie hairstyle shows how to accentuate your undercut and bangs with two distinct shades.

2. Pink and Red Color Melt

The enchanting color melting in this hairstyle has us thinking of all sorts of candy. The first part of the ombre beautifully blends raspberry and purple, while the rest turns into a light peach tone from the shoulders down.

3. Red and Blonde Ombre Hair

If you’re not into dramatic hair colors, you can mix a few relatively neutral tones. For example, you can color the base of your ombre dark red. Blend into a brick orange red and finish off the look with a warm honey blonde.

4. Auburn Red Balayage

Ombre and balayage are similar coloring techniques, just that the former is subtler than the latter. If you prefer a harmonious transition for your colors, think about an auburn red balayage like in this example.

5. Dark Red Ombre on Short Hair

Another way you can make your short locks dazzle with a red ombre is in darker tones.

This is an excellent option for woman who are brunettes and prefer keeping their natural color for the base. The rest can bleed into dark red for smoothness.

6. Subtle Red Ombre Hair

Similar to the 4th example on our list, this is also an ombre balayage combo to die for. However, the colors differ, as here we’re dealing with more of a rusty red. To get this look, we encourage you to use shades that are close to one another.

7. Reverse Ombre with Red and Black

You won’t see this approach often, but that’s one of the reasons why it’s so special. While most women prefer to start with a black base and transition to red towards the tips, this is the reverse ombre style.

By coloring the other way around, you’ll get a candy red top with black undertones.

8. Magenta to Bright Coral

Dare to go vivid! The red part of your ombre can be adapted to your outgoing tastes by turning it up to magenta.

To make the look eye-catching all around, consider an equally bright color for the second half. Intense coral is a wonderful option.

9. Brown to Red Ombre Short Hair

Ladies with short brown hair don’t have to stress that much about their ombre. If fall under this category, your hair makeover can be as simple as adding a bit of reddish brown to the tips. It’s another situation in which a balayage approach is encouraged.

10. Phoenix Hair Ponytail

As a symbol, the phoenix represents spiritual rebirth, strength and confidence.

If you resonate with these values, you should consider the colors of a phoenix as inspiration for your new red ombre hair. Make all the red, orange and yellow shades as bright as you can!

11. Angled Long Bob with Red Ombre

As far as haircuts are concerned, an angled long bob is one of the most flattering choices for ombre hair.

In addition to the already remarkable color gradient, you will also be able to play around with optical illusions thanks to the angle of the haircut.

12. Red to Platinum Blonde

Let your young, wild and carefree personality glow with a unique red to platinum blonde ombre. These colors flow into one another spectacularly, creating an eye candy look that is impossible to go by unnoticed.

13. Black and Magenta Hairstyle

This cute hairstyle made our list for two reasons: the colors and styling. While we truly appreciate the intense magenta used for the ombre, what really impressed us was the partly braided ponytail. As you can see, it helps define the two colors gorgeously.

14. Natural Red Ombre Hair

Have a soft spot for redheads and dream of looking like one? You can successfully recreate a ginger kid look with this type of red ombre hair.

The approach is all natural, using a cinnamon red for most of the hair and adding a bit of spicy blonde in strategic places.

15. Shoulder Length Red Ombre Hair

Now this is a hairstyle that we can admit is totally on point. Both the black and red parts are rich and shiny, just like the graceful color transition.

It goes to show that jaw-dropping red ombre hair doesn’t require a particular length.

16. Red Brown Gradient

Striking ombres are not for everyone. If you’d rather stand out through class and elegance, you can opt for discrete red ombre hair, using natural tones.

In this example, you can see how dark brown and burgundy would look like together.

17. Orange Red Ombre Hair

Take a walk on the wild side by experimenting with orange red ombre hair. One of the main benefits is that it continues from brown hair brilliantly. Ladies with natural brown locks should keep this idea on their shortlist.

18. Pull Through Braids with Red and Copper Ombre

If you ever have any doubts about styling your red ombre hair, go for braids. Any braiding technique will help emphasize the different shades in your hair, especially an original method like pull through braiding.

19. Red Ombre Hair with Rose Gold Tips

This year, rose gold is topping beauty trends around the world. If you want to adopt this trend but give it your own twist, you can use the tone in your red hair ombre. However, we recommend using a dark raspberry red for a clean melt.

20. Intense Hues

Be brave, be bold! If you want to make a statement through your hairstyle, don’t shy away from lively colors in your ombre.

Even though this is a basic black to magenta ombre, it shines through the intensity of the colors involved.

21. Dark and Light Reds

You don’t have to go too far from home with your ombre. In other words, you can combine two types of shades from the same palette.

In this case, burgundy seeps into orange red, and we love how the ombre turned out.

22. Yellow to Red Ombre Hair

Become the center of attention in your squad with this bright and fiery ombre. It begins with yellow roots, transitions to rich orange and blends out into dark red at the tips. This is the ideal hairstyle for a rebellious and chic gal.

23. Red Ombre Hair in Fishtail Braid

Aside from French braids and pull through braids, fishtail braids also serve as a splendid method for making your ombre pop.

Provided your hair is long enough, you can weave it into a fishtail braid so the gradient stands out.

24. Dark Red Hair and Copper Tips

Layers can have a major impact on any hairstyle. When it comes to red ombre hair, the difference is more than visible.

The copper red ombre in this example looks even more extraordinary thanks to the wavy, layered locks.

25. Fire Red Color Melt

Neon orange and yellow might not be for everyone, but bold ladies will definitely sparkle with it.

Another aspect regarding this hairstyle that caught our eye was the huge contrast of the jet black roots and the electric fire colors.

    26. Violet Burgundy Ombre Hair

    Regardless if you call it burgundy, wine red or another name, you have to admit that this color is downright beautiful.

    When paired with dark brown or black for a subtle ombre, it steals the spotlight in the most charming way possible.

    27. Red Ombre Hair Ponytail

    If you have large bangs and long hair, you can always count on a ponytail for quickly styling your ombre locks.

    The fact that you pull your hair back makes the color difference even more noticeable, especially when dealing with red and black.

    28. Orange and Magenta Curls

    Curly girls can rock red ombre hair magnificently too! Nevertheless, that’s not the only distinctive trait in this example. What makes the hairstyle even more memorable is the choice of color: bright orange and magenta.

    29. Red to Pink

    Whether you’re in high school or you want to bring out your inner teenager, red and pink ombre hair is the way to go.

    Seeing as the colors are from the same palette, they sublimely melt into one another. You can go for the pink tips idea to give any normal red a chic twist.

    30. Light Brown to Rusty Red Ombre Hair

    This rusty orange red is surely a pretty color you won’t see around every corner. Even more so, it looks remarkable when matched with light brown hair.

    If you’re looking for out of the box red ombre hair options, search no further.

    31. Ginger to Blonde

    We briefly spoke about recreating a redhead look earlier, but what if you’re already a natural ginger girl?

    In this case, all you should consider is a splash of contrast for accentuating the superb hair tone you were born with. A bit of caramel blonde is just what you need.

    32. Loose Curls with Red Ombre Hair

    The gradient in this red ombre hair example is so smooth that it makes you think twice about the authenticity of the photo.

    Aside from expert coloring skills, the example truly shines through styling. Big, loose curls are a must-have for ombres.

    33. Watermelon Red to Orange Hair

    Glow with summer vibes wherever you go with this daring ombre. It contains watermelon red for the first half and carrot orange for the second part, both astounding choices for a lively hairstyle. The colors look super sweet on the curly locks.

    34. Pale Red Ombre Hair

    Before Pantone introduced us to Marsala back in 2015, we would have normally referenced this color as a sort of pale red.

    Regardless of the name, we think it’s a radiant idea for red ombre hair, not to mention that it works perfectly with dark brown roots.

    35. Blonde, Red, and Black

    Why not step your ombre game up with three colors? Blonde red and black are quite the brave combo, but you should wear them with your head high.

    Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone for an unforgettable hairstyle.

    36. Red Ombre Dreadlocks

    We’ve spoken all about braids, but what about dreadlocks? If you had any doubts about ombre locks, you can leave them at the door. This example goes to show that dark brown and burgundy dreadlocks look phenomenal.

    37. Smooth Red Ombre Hair

    If your hair is effortlessly straight in general, you will enjoy a stunning color transition in your ombre.

    No matter if you go for this dark brown and candy red blend or other colors, your hair will shimmer all day long. The longer your hair, the more exceptional the results will be.

    38. Afro-Textured Red Ombre Hair

    Nonetheless, the beauty of red ombre hair is that it looks breathtaking on any hair texture.

    If you have natural afro-textured curls, for instance, your ombre will look outstanding. Not only will your whole hairstyle have the wow factor, but so will your individual curls highlighted by the rich colors.

    39. Copper Red to Strawberry Blonde

    Strawberry blonde is back and booming among hair trends. But what if you don’t want to get a solid color like everyone else?

    Don’t hesitate to mix it with dark copper red in an ombre hairstyle that will certainly make heads turn.

    40. Dark and Mysterious Red Ombre Hair

    One of the secrets to getting a dreamy appearance is to match your hairstyle with your makeup.

    For instance, this ruby red ombre is flawlessly paired with lightly smoky eye makeup. Also, the lipstick resembles the red from the ombre.

    41. Blonde to Red Transition

    Remember when Christina Aguilera surprised us all with rocking platinum blonde hair and red undertones? Well, you can take a trip in time to the 2000s and recreate her iconic hairstyle from back in the day.

    42. Pink to Red Ombre Hair

    We showed you how a red to pink ombre would look, but how about the other way around?

    No matter which way you choose to combine these colors in your ombre hairstyle, they obviously look fantastic together.

    43. Flame Colors

    Spark the fire back in your life with an inspirational hairstyle like this one. Even though it contains colors that make you think of fire when melted, it’s still appropriate enough to be worn in all sorts of situations.

    44. Red Ombre Hair with Box Braids

    Women with box braids should really consider ombre as an option for livening their locks.

    The color blend and braids complement each other impressively, making all aspects of the hairstyle stand out. You should also keep the half up, top knot in mind for styling.

    45. Dark Sunset Ombre

    We adore hairstyles that shine with creativity. This complex ombre, for example, mixes three marvelous colors.

    When blended, they make you think of a setting sun on a lovely summer day. What could you want more from a bright hairstyle?

    46. Red and Gold Boho Braid

    If you have a bohemian soul, you will love all parts of this hairstyle. Firstly, the red and gold ombre is undoubtedly a beauty to behold.

    Secondly, the messy boho braid inspires youth, freedom, and playfulness all in one.

    47. White to Red Ombre Hair

    Hands down, this is the most unique red ombre hair idea on our entire list. Who would have ever thought that pure white and ravishing red could look so exquisite together?

    If you want to take your hairstyle to a high fashion level, this is the look for you.

    48. Red Ombre Hair with Complex Styling

    Have a super special event coming up? We guarantee that this alluring hairstyle will make you stand out in an admirable way.

    The dark ash and pale red locks are ingeniously styled so that they both are emphasized. Just look at how the red strands form the center of the flower braids!

    49. Pink Red Updo

    Updos are a classy way of showing off your ombre hair. Even more, your updo can have an elegant or edgy impact based on the way you style it.

    You can incorporate braids into your updo ombre hairstyle to make it even more alluring.

    50. Grunge Tiara Braid

    Lastly, we couldn’t have completed this list without including braided crowns for styling inspiration. As you can easily notice, this type of tiara braid makes both the base color and the shade used for the ombre draw attention.

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    So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

    All in all, red ombre hair is a genuine delight from a visual point of view.

    There are numerous possibilities for the way you rock your ombre, from discrete transitions to eccentric tones.

    As for yours, we encourage you to put some creativity in finding the combination that represents you the best.

    After your hair is all spiced up, make sure you share your story in the comments!

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