Get Crazy Creative with these 50 Peekaboo Highlights Ideas

What do you get when you mix playfulness, courage, and creativity in a single hairstyle? Peekaboo highlights!

One of the latest hairstyle trends and certainly one of the most creative ones, it serves as a fabulous way of putting your imagination to the test when it comes to your appearance.

Be prepared to be totally inspired by all of these bold or discrete ideas for peekaboo hair below!

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1. Natural Peekaboo Highlights

We’ll gradually get into ambitious ideas for peekaboo highlights, but we’ll start with an easygoing approach. If you don’t want yours to stand out too much, go for a natural tone. You can pick from blonde to brown and everything in between.

2. Rainbow Peekaboo Hair

On the other hand, you can go all out with striking rainbow highlights. The cool part is that they won’t show when your hair is down, but you should be aware that they’ll be fully visible with half up half down hairstyles.

3. Steel Blue Peek a Boo Highlights on Dark Hair

If you have naturally dark hair, you may want a color for your peekaboo highlights that blends in nicely with it. For example, black or dark brown hair goes extremely well with steel blue. We say it provides just the right amount of sugar, spice, and everything nice for peekaboo hair.

4. Well Hidden Peekaboo Hair

When working with an esteemed hairstylist, you may end up with the peekaboo hair outcome of your dreams. In other words, it can successfully complete its mission of peeking through your hair without being fully visible.

5. Frontal Peekaboo Highlights

Alternatively, you can focus on specific areas of your hair for your highlights. For instance, a lovely way to frame your face is by adding peekaboo streaks just in the front. You can use the above photo for inspiration, especially if you have side-swept bangs.

6. Edgy Peekaboo Highlights Short Hair Style

If you have a short and choppy hairstyle, you should know that peekaboo streaks are an excellent way of making it even edgier. A pixie haircut with heavy layers, for example, looks amazing with a few burgundy highlights.

7. Blonde and Navy Peekaboo Hair

While some women are flattered by highlights in a color similar to their natural tone, others look wicked with contrasts. It all depends on your personality type and how you plan on expressing it through your hair. Platinum blonde and navy is quite the combo.

8. Curly Hair with Peekaboo Streaks

There are ups and downs to having peekaboo highlights on curly hair. While the streaks will gorgeously outline your curls, they’ll also be almost impossible to cover up due to the shape of your strands. We think the idea is awesome all the same.

9. Subtle Peekaboo Highlights

What if you want your peekaboo hair to be barely visible? You should go for a lowlights approach. In other words, your streaks will harmoniously blend into your main color, focusing on the bottom half of your hair.

10. Autumn Mix Peekaboo Hair

In the mood for a seasonal hairstyle? Even when autumn will be over you can still carry the colors associated with this breathtaking season with you wherever you go. On a dark brown, chestnut, or burgundy foundation, you can add a blend of peekaboo streaks in autumn colors.

11. Peekaboo Hair Blonde with Purple Highlights

Light or dirty blonde hair looks wonderful when paired with vivid tones for the peekaboo effect. There are more than enough options you can choose from, but we want to shine the spotlight on this bright shade of purple for the moment.

12. Side Peekaboo Streaks

Another delightful part about peekaboo hair is that there are no rules. Basically, you can get your hidden highlights anywhere you’d like, whether they’re underneath or just on one side. We love the way honey blonde looks against black in this shot.

13. Emo Peekaboo Hairstyle

If you add some joyful highlights to an emo hairstyle, you’ll already be closer to scene hair. You can use this idea if you’re bored of all-black emo hair and you feel the need to bring some color to it. Pink or magenta are adorable ideas to start with.

14. Multicolor Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair

Considering that brown is an earth tone, it could use some brightening up. What better way to do so than with multicolor peekaboo highlights? All you have to do is determine your palette and see how you can mix the shades together.

15. Peekaboo Highlights in Cool Tones

As an alternative, choose a series of colors that have a common theme. Just an example is this cool shade selection, which includes tones of blue, purple, turquoise and green melted together. They look particularly enchanting against black hair.

16. Black Peekaboo Streaks

If you’re rocking a platinum blonde hairstyle, you can go the other way around and bring some darkness to the look. In this situation, you can’t go wrong with some black streaks underneath your pearly white coat.

17. Peekaboo Highlights on Bangs

As we previously explained, peekaboo hair has no style rules. This means that you can get some of these concealed highlights only on your bangs area if that’s what you like. You’ll have beautiful results with side bangs and asymmetrical hairstyles with peekaboo highlights.

18. Royal Blue Peekaboo Streaks

We have to admit that this is one of the most intense shades of royal blue we have ever seen in a hairstyle. Additionally, we want to give props to whoever had the idea of blending it with brown. The two shades together look fantastic.

19. Pink Peekaboo Highlights

A little pink never hurt anybody, right? Regardless if you have blonde, brown or black hair, you can rest assured that baby pink highlights will be a chic addition to your hairstyle. For a subtle result, consider light pink with blonde hair.

20. Yellow Peekaboo Hair

We’re back to courageous colors for this idea, with inspiration for playing around with yellow tones. If you’re generally a bright and outgoing person, think about choosing a similar shade for your peekaboo hair, such as yellow.

21. Ginger Hair with Blonde Peekaboo Streaks

Back in the early 2000s, Lindsay Lohan proved to everyone that naturally red hair and blonde highlights were totally a thing. The idea stands strong as ever to this day, especially when peekaboo hair is in the discussion for gingers.

22. Peekaboo Highlights with Long Bob Haircut

Let’s talk about the kind of haircuts that look best with peekaboo highlights. Just one example is the forever charming long bob, particularly with short layers around the tips. That way, you’ll be able to see a bit of the colors underneath.

23. Black Hair with Red Peekaboo Highlights

Black and red also serve as another one of the hair color combinations that will most likely never go out of style. If you’re a brunette or currently have your hair dyed red, you may want to ponder the idea of getting a few chunky red peekaboo streaks.

24. Blonde Hair with Burgundy Underneath

We are absolutely thrilled with the way these two distinct coats look together. Even though you can easily separate the blonde from the burgundy, they also look outstanding when worn normally one over the other.

25. Turquoise Lowlights

If you want to liven your hair with even more color, you can think about combining peekaboo highlights with lowlights in the same color. A clear example is in the photo above, with a marvelous shade of turquoise used for both.

26. Scattered Peekaboo Highlights

Just like some women choose to get their hidden streaks in certain areas of their hair, others decide to get them all over. If you decide on scattering your highlights, we recommend picking at least two or three colors for a dynamic effect.

27. Silver Hair with Peekaboo Highlights

The same goes for bringing out the best in a pretty plain hair color, such as silver white. If you contribute to the hairstyle with deep tones like blue, purple or wine red, you’ll have peekaboo hair that will be impossible to not draw admiration.

28. Neon Peekaboo Hair

Are you fearless when it comes to your hairstyle? Go ahead, show it! Neon tones are a sublime way to show off an adventurous personality. In addition to this, you can also get neon peekaboo hair as a summer hairstyle.

29. Blonde with Dark Hair Underneath

We started off our list with an example of dark brown hair with blonde peekaboo streaks. But how would they look the other way around? Getting a dark layer underneath your main color will bring a sense of mystery and romance to your hairstyle.

30. Green Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair

Why not bring some nature into your life, but in a spectacular way? Use the earth as inspiration for incorporating green into your hairstyle, but just turn it up a notch to an emerald tone. We’re sure you’ll love the results.

31. Peekaboo Hair with Ponytail

It’s hard to find a hairstyle that works better with peekaboo hair than ponytails do. To instantly reveal your cute streaks, all you have to do is get a hair tie and wrap your locks up into a classic pony to show them off.

32. Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights

As far as this year’s hair trends are in discussion, almost none compare to rose gold. When using rose gold for peekaboo hair, you will find a highly stylish and discrete highlights choice for making blonde hair more intriguing.

33. Pastel and Bright Blend

Are you head over heels in love with pastels? Do you adore lively colors? Are you caught between the two ideas?! Have no fear – you can mix them with the ultimate peekaboo hairstyle! Blend pastels with bright shades without a care for a truly memorable look.

34. Purple Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Hair

As you most likely have noticed by now, there’s a pattern going on for peekaboo highlights colors. In most cases, brunettes go for cool shades, while blondes generally opt for warmer colors. Another idea for our dark-haired divas is purple for their peekaboo hair.

35. Silver Peekaboo Streaks

Or you can always hop on the granny hair trend in a creative way. Instead of dying your hair gray entirely, you can go against the grain with some sassy silver streaks on your dark foundation. We recommend mixing the peekaboo technique with classic highlights for the best results.

36. Peacock Hair Underneath

What do you get when you mix intense blue, medium purple and cool green undertones? One of the most beautiful peacock hair jobs you can find! You can equally combine all of these shades for a full colored undercoat.

37. Pastel Peekaboo Highlights

We think we can all agree that pastels are superb, no matter what specific shade they are. From pink, to purple, blue and more, pastels boost the femininity of your overall appearance, also giving your hairstyle a fairytale-like touch.

38. Isolated Peekaboo Highlights

Nobody is stopping you from adding a single peekaboo streak wherever you want in your hair. For example, you can take a piece of hair right behind your ear and dye it in a vivid color. It’s also an exceptional way of testing out any hair color you’re not familiar with.

39. Hot Pink Peekaboo Streaks

Why not be bold with your peekaboo highlights and go with hot pink? Whether you have blonde or black hair, you can’t deny the impact that flashy pink can have on it. We recommend this idea for girly girls with an attitude.

40. Peekaboo Highlights with Heavy Coverage

We have presented quite a few ideas with scattered or subtle peekaboo streaks, but what about having an abundance throughout your hair? If you have significantly long locks, you should be aware that you’ll look jaw-dropping with numerous hidden highlights.

41. Blonde Tips All Around

Another idea for our girls with bangs is to get blonde peekaboo highlights all around, starting from their fringe to the tips of their overall length. You can try any color you’d like, just make sure you focus on the ends of your strands to get the look right.

42. Lavender Peekaboo Highlights

We spoke so highly of pastels for a reason. Just look how phenomenal lavender streaks look with ash blonde hair. Here is yet another scenario where you can effortlessly blend peekaboo highlights with lowlights for astounding results.

43. Teal Peekaboo Streaks

In an older article, we talked all about the unique beauty that comes with teal hair. Now, you can take that knowledge and put it to good use with peekaboo streaks. We believe the rich shade looks particularly flattering for brown-haired women.

44. Peekaboo Highlights with Warm Tones

To support our idea of dark hair with cool tones and light hair with warm ones, here is the perfect example. If you have blonde or light brown hair, you can take a few of your favorite warm colors for the ultimate peekaboo highlights hairstyle.

45. Chestnut Lowlights

It’s easy to see why chestnut is one of the top-trending hair colors of the year. Sure, you could choose to dye your hair chestnut all around, but why be the same as everyone else? Opt for peekaboo highlights in this warm brown tone instead.

46. Magenta Underneath

Just like teal, magenta is a hair color that will never be overlooked. You could either choose to get a few hidden magenta highlights here and there, or you can go full bold with a layer of red-purple peekaboo hair underneath.

47. Peekaboo Highlights with Messy Bun

Just like ponytails, messy buns are a fine way of letting your secret highlights grab attention. Not only do they take literally one minute to put together, but they’re also extremely flattering for any women that rocks peekaboo hair.

48. Braided Hairstyle with Peekaboo Highlights

On this note, we wholeheartedly agree that braids fall under the same complimentary category as ponytails and quick buns for peekaboo highlights. You can either go for a full braid that evenly mixes the colors or you can opt for a funky one that reveals the secondary colors entirely.

49. Silver and Teal Peekaboo Streaks

Yet another eye candy idea for cool peekaboo shades is to use teal and silver simultaneously. The two shades go hand in hand, and even better so when applied on a dark solid base. Feel free to throw in another cool color if you want.

50. Platinum and Crimson Hair

Last but definitely not least, bring out your inner goth chick with platinum blonde hair and crimson peekaboo streaks. You can either wear this hairstyle for a specific occasion, like Halloween, or all year round for an alluring look.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To sum up, there aren’t any limits to the number of ideas that can come out of peekaboo highlights.

You can literally use any color in any amount and you’ll end up with an extremely cool hairstyle that will set you aside from your peers.

Dare to be different and choose peekaboo hair for a super fun hairstyle you’ll adore rocking!

Which one would you choose?

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