50 Trendy Ways to Wear Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

It’s no secret that pixie cuts are a really hot trend and still going strong.

But what could you do to a pixie cut to make it more interesting and contemporary that hasn’t been done already?

How about a set of long bangs, which are also a huge trend all on their own?

Mix the two to get an explosive and trendy combination and try our pixie cut with long bangs ideas.

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1. Side Parted Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Side Parted Long Pixie pixie cut with long bangs


Let’s start with a classic version of the hairstyle at hand. This is a simple, yet long pixie cut which has been treated to a fantastic set of equally long bangs. It also has a side part which gives it an air of sophistication.

2. Straight Pixie with Long Bangs

straight pixie cut with long bangs


Bust out your hair straightener because this is the year of straight locks. And, if you have a pixie cut, that doesn’t excuse you.

Just look how gorgeous it can all turn out with just a little effort on your part as well as some glossing agent.

3. Lemonade Blonde Pixie Cut

lemonade blonde pixie cut with long bangs


Speaking of major trends this year, we have all seen the rise of the extreme blondes as a super force in the world of hair colors. However, if you’re still keen on your pastels, you can cheat a bit and get a lemonade blonde.

4. Rose Gold Pixie with Long Bangs

rose gold pixie cut with long bangs


Rose gold has now been replaced as the king of colors in makeup and hair. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it anyway if you really loved it. Here’s a tip – mix it with some platinum blonde just to make sure you stay current.

5. Hipster Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

hipster hat pixie cut with long bangs


This haircut is so pretty that it even works well with most types of hats. This means that you can safely wear your summer ones when you go to a music festival, your hipster hats in spring and fall, and your beanies in winter.

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6. Beautiful Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

beautiful pixie cut with long bangs


If styled correctly according to your facial type, nothing can beat the pixie with a long set of bangs.

Discuss with your stylist your best options according to what type of face you have, your skin tone, and the color of your eyes.

7. Ombre Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

ombre pixie cut with long bangs


The good news about the long bangs in this hairstyle is that they allow you to get an ombre job. Of course, you don’t have to go for the classic blonde on brown. Choose your favorite shades and run with them!

8. Purple Pixie with Long Bangs

purple pixie cut with long bangs


Speaking of hair colors, these past few years have been huge on non-traditional ones.

In other words, the world never seemed to love non-natural colors more than it did this year. Therefore, hurry up and get that shade of purple you’ve always been dreaming of!

9. Brown Pixie Cut with Rose Tips

rose tips pixie cut with long bangs


If you’re not ready for a big change color-wise, you can always go for a simple dip. This means that the only part that will get a coloring treatment will be your tips. These, for example, are rose tips on classic brown hair.

10. Opera Mauve Pixie

opera mauve pixie cut with long bangs


This shade of purple is called opera mauve, and we bet that, if you try it you will instantly fall in love with its beauty but also with its theatricality and drama. It works especially well if you have blue eyes.

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11. The Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart pixie cut with long bangs


There are a few stars who adore the pixie cut with long bangs as well. Actress Kristen Stewart, for example, has been seen wearing it long before it became a major trend. It’s very consistent with her personality.

12. The Pixie-Bob with Elastic Headband

Pixie Bob With Elastic Headband pixie cut with long bangs


Are you a major sucker for the pin up style? Alternatively, maybe for the modern pin up?

Then you’re in luck because the pixie cut with long bangs allows for a very contemporary take on this style. Just add an elastic headband and the right makeup, and you’re done!

13. Elegant Pixie with Long Bangs

elegant pixie cut with long bangs


This platinum white pixie cut is ready for a very elegant date night. We absolutely love how sleek it is, not to mention the combination of the evening makeup and wine lipstick plus those silver hoop earrings!

14. Beige Blonde Pixie

beige blonde pixie cut with long bangs


Sometimes, even if you have found the right hairstyle, you still need to find the right hair color for you.

And, when you do, you still have to think about the shade. It’s true that we now have a lot of choices, but that can also make it harder to decide.

15. Pretty Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

pretty pixie cut with long bangs


This pretty pixie cut consists of a sandy blonde with dark roots and a dark undergrowth. The long bangs are all swept to one side of the face thank to the side part where they will curtain your frame and highlight your eyes.

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16. Office Casual Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

office casual pixie cut with long bangs


Here’s the perfect office hairstyle for you in case you must respect an office dress code, or you don’t have much time to style yourself in the morning. Simply take a bit of hair wax in your fingers and run it through your hair.

17. Blue Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

blue gray pixie cut with long bangs


There are some hair colors out there that are just worth every single selfie and Instagram shot you can take. This blue-gray is one of those. It’s a magical combination that will make your eyes stand out.

18. Nutmeg Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

nutmeg pixie cut with long bangs


If you prefer a more traditional or natural look, we have this nutmeg brown for you. It’s luscious and delicious with just a handful of blonde babylights here and there to capture the light and make you look like a goddess.

19. Ginger Pixie with Long Bangs

ginger pixie cut with long bangs


Whether this is your natural color, or you got it out of a bottle, ginger is definitely the way to go because just look how pretty it is!

Make sure your roots are a bit darker, resembling copper and that your tips are closer to blonde.

20. White Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

white pixie cut with long bangs


This extreme blonde is perfect for those late summer days when you have already been twice on holiday and spent an inordinate time on the beach.

You’re very tanned and full of freckles, and this works fantastically well with your new hair color.

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21. The Kelly Osbourne

kelly osbourne pixxie cut with long bangs


The second celebrity to grace our list of ideas for a pixie cut with long bangs is Kelly Osbourne. She went for a glossy raven brunette taper fade. Kelly also has some vintage waves in her hair and Old Hollywood makeup.

22. Bleach Blonde Pixie

Bleach Blonde Pixie cut with long bangs


Another type of extreme blonde you can try out this year is this bleach blonde.

It has always been a huge favorite among women since times out of memory, and you might even remember having an aunt or a cousin who used to wear it.

23. The Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

Undercut Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots pixie cut with long bangs


This shaggy pixie cut has a dark secret. Its roots are a caramel brown. Therefore, it can look more natural. Plus, the hair has more volume. If the hair were blonde all the way through, it would look a bit limper.

24. Exquisite Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

exquisite pixie cut with long bangs


As far as pixie cuts, bangs, and extreme blondes go, it does not get any better than this. Therefore, you should take this picture to your stylist right now and get this haircut as soon as possible.

25. Extreme Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

extreme pixie cut with long bangs


So far, we’ve seen short, medium, and long pixie cuts accompanied by long bangs. Now it’s time to see an extreme pixie.

This means one that’s closer to a men’s buzz cut than anything else. The long bangs give it an elegant approach.

26. The Keira Knightley

keira pixie cut with long bangs


Let’s take a look at yet another celebrity who donned the famed pixie cut with long bangs.

Actress Keira Knightley sported her gorgeous caramel brown in a very shaggy and messy pixie cut with long bangs that covered her entire forehead.

27. Pixie Cut with Peekaboo Highlights

dark blue peekaboo pixie cut with long bangs


Peekaboo highlights are a fantastic way to upgrade any hair color in a simple and quick way without damaging your hair too much.

These are inky dark blue peekaboos on platinum white hair with a pixie cut.

28. Sweet Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

pixie cut with long bangs


Honey blonde hair is a color that drove women wild in the seasons not long ago. It works incredibly well for all skin tones and eye colors, which is why most women chose it. Honey blonde is very versatile.

29. The Michelle Williams

michelle williams pixie cut with long bangs


Seeing as actress Michelle Williams has always favored the pixie cut and has been wearing it for years and years, it was only a matter of time until she figured out she could add a set of stunning bangs to it. And a real diamond tiara for good measure.

30. Asphalt Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

asphalt gray pixie cut with long bangs


It does not get more urban than this, both in color and in cut. This is a super short pixie cut with extra long bangs on one side in a gray color called ‘asphalt.’

The combination can be the perfect choice for you if you’re a child of the city.

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31. Natural Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

natural pixie cut with long bangs


However, if you prefer things on a more natural side rather than an ‘asphalt jungle’, you can always keep your original hair color and simply grow out your pixie a little bit and, with it, your bangs.

Problem solved!

32. 90’s Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

90s pixie cut with long bangs


Seeing as we are living through a complete revival of the 90s, this article would not have been complete without an example of a pixie cut with long bangs from that decade.

This is an actual photo with the said hairstyle from the 90’s.

33. Dark Pixie with Long Bangs

dark pixie cut with long bangs


Not only is this a raven brunette, but the haircut is also feathery. It works best for green, hazel, and brown eyes, seeing as the chocolate undertones of this hair color will bring out everything that’s best in your eye color.

34. Long Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

long pixie cut with long bangs


There’s a very fine line between a long pixie cut and a short bob, and it’s not always clear when one passes it. But, isn’t that what’s fun about all this? Hairstyles are supposed to be fun, not exact, so have fun with it!

35. Pixie Cut for Women over 50

over 50 pixie cut with long bangs


Many women over 50 go through what they call ‘the big cut.’ That’s what they call the need to give up their long or medium hair forever and replace it with a bob or a pixie cut.

Why not a pixie cut with long bangs?

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36. The Stacked Pixie Bob

Stacked Pixie-Bob with Long Bangs pixie cut with long bangs


A stacked pixie typically has a long front which consists of the bangs and a short back that has been heavily layered. And that is where it gets its name. The layers in the back stack on top of each other.

37. Symmetrical Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Short & Slicked pixie cut with long bangs


This is a short pixie cut with long yet symmetrical bangs that cover the entire forehead.

You can use this version if your face is elongated, heart-shaped or diamond-shaped. The bangs will cut some of it off and sweeten it up.

38. The Rihanna

rihanna pixie cut with long bangs


Bad girl Ri-Ri has tried so many hairstyles in her career that we’ve seriously lost count. However, this doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the time when she sported this gorgeous pixie cut with long bangs.

39. 2000’s Pixie with Long Bangs

2000s pixie cut with long bangs


It’s time for another throwback picture, this time from the 2000s. The base haircut is essentially the same, and you can see they were wearing extreme blondes like we do today.

The difference lies in the spikes typical for that period and the frosted pink and blue makeup.

40. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs for Prom

prom pixie cut with long bangs


You can even wear this gorgeous haircut to your prom. In fact, it will help you a lot if you have a strapless dress with a fabulous neckline because it will bare your neck and shoulders in a natural way.

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41. The Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham pixie cut with long bangs


Another celebrity who has worn pixie cuts for years on end is Victoria Beckham.

Here she is with her bouffant in the back and a set of long bangs in the front. She’s also wearing her signature black smoky eye makeup and nude lipstick.

42. Metallic Pixie with Long Bangs

metallic pixie cut with long bangs


If you’re a fashionista, you already know that the mattes are out, having been replaced by the metallic trend.

This stands true for hair colors as well. For example, this is a metallic gray on a pixie cut with a super set of feathery bangs.

43. Red Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

red pixie cut with long bangs


However, the above doesn’t mean that the traditional colors don’t still stand.

Here’s a fiery red which will make your green or blue eyes stand out like nothing else. Pair it with a lipstick in the same shade for maximum effect.

44. Strawberry Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

strawberry pixie cut with long bangs


We are absolutely in love with this strawberry hair color. It’s right at the border between blonde, red, and ginger, which means it’s fresh and delicious! 

The color is definitely one for the summer, but you can darken it a bit to make it transition into the fall.

45. Cherry Cola Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

cherry cola pixie cut with long bangs


Speaking of hair colors for the fall, this cherry cola one is a perfect choice. Nothing says autumn better than this dark rusty shade of burgundy that mimics what’s happening to the nature around you.

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46. Marsala Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

marsala pixie cut with long bangs


Moving on to spring, you can try this shade of marsala. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t find it on the shelf labeled pink. Instead, try the purples because marsala is a shade of purple with just a hint of pink to it.

47. Simple Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

simple pixie cut with long bangs


If you want to keep matters simple, you don’t even have to dye your hair at all. This haircut is beautiful enough to be the main attraction on its own, without further embellishments. However, it’s all up to you.

48. Curly Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

curly pixie cut with long bangs


You can even sport this awesome hairstyle when you have curly hair. In fact, you’d better do so because curly bangs have been very in this season.

We’ve seen many people on Instagram wearing it as well as a lot of celebrities on the red carpet.

49. Crimped Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

crimped pixie cut with long bangs


That’s right, crimped hair is back! Seeing as the 80s and 90s are so fashionable right now, it was only logical that crimped hair would make an appearance in our lives sooner or later. So, go find your old crimper!

50. The Jada Pinkett Smith

jada pinkett smith pixie cut with long bangs


Jada Pinkett Smith is a lesson in elegance at this red-carpet event with her glossy super short pixie cut complete with long bangs and her silver dress studded with crystals and sequins.

We also love the pop of color from the pink lipstick!

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

As you can see, the pixie cut with long bangs is first and foremost a very versatile haircut that can be molded and changed to fit your face and hair type as well as your every need.

It is also a very low maintenance haircut that only requires a short time to style and very little hair care product.

Let us know in the comment section below which one of these hairstyles you are oh so prepared to get!

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