Spruce Up Your Purple with An Ombre: 50 Ideas Worth Checking Out!

Purple ombre hair is a creative and fun way to get a stunning day-to-day look!

Spiking popularity rates, tens of purple hair shades to choose from, and vibrant hair coloring results recommend purple ombre hair as a must-try hairstyle for women.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a natural brunette, a blonde or a redhead.

DIY purple hair ombre is one way to get this electric color. Nevertheless, even if you plan to save on your hairstyling budget, ask a specialist about the best tips on how to get purple hair ombre at home.

As is, with these great ideas below, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for any type of hair and hair color. So browse through these images for great purple hair ideas!

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1. Purple Ombre Hair

This is the classic approach to adding a few purple streaks to naturally dark hair (it looks stunning nonetheless).

The dark purple hair color is applied close to the base on a few tresses. However, the intensity of the color grows with each cascading lock.

2. Purple Green Ombre Hair

Who said that combining two intense hair colors isn’t a great idea? This edgy look featuring a purple ombre with a twist is among our favorites.

3. Purple Blue Locks

Two rather cold hair colors meet in a cascade of curls turned absolutely gorgeous by a perfectly done purple hair ombre.

4. Ombre Purple Hair

Such a classy hairstyling idea tames the lilac purple and electric blue hair colors.

Nevertheless, the warmer purple shade applied on subtle highlights creates a visually pleasing balance.

5. Braided Purple Lilac Ombre Hair

If you’re looking for great ideas on how to turn heads to your new ombre hairstyle, try this on for size!

An intricate braid that runs the length of your tresses will reveal the lilac shades in a new light.

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6. Green Purple Mermaid Hair

These intense hair colors retain a certain charm for the fall. Turquoise and the almost reddish purple are complementary colors which look great in this mermaid hair combination.

7. Red and Purple Ombre

Red-brown hair that flows in thick waves looks beautiful with a vibrant tint of purple.

8. Auburn Purple Ombre on Long Hair

If purple shades seem to rough, soften their edge with a light auburn. Enhance the luminosity of your hair with this ombre hair coloring including both the auburn and purple shades.

9. Deep Purple Ombre

Purple hair does look better on cascading locks. Even if it’s just the ends of your tresses that are layered and styled in soft curls, this hairstyle is worth a chance!

10. Dark Purple Ombre

We love the natural transition between the naturally dark hair color and the iced lavender hair color. A natural looking ombre for the stylish ladies out there.

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11. Blonde Purple Ombre

Take a cue from this purple hair ombre idea for light brown to blonde hair. A more intense purple shade can create a more dramatic look.

On the other hand, applying a faded purple shade on light brown or blonde hair creates a soft, chic look.

12. Purple Tints on Brown Hair

Another natural look achieved by combining complementary purple hair colors on layered brown hair for a creative, attractive hairstyle.

13. Light Purple Ombre

This hairstyle for women right here counts well among our favorites. Ashy brown and dusty purple with a lavender tint make for a uniquely feminine look with a soft edge.

14. Dark Purple Hair

If you’re a natural brunette and a dramatic look change is what you’re after, then this is the right hairstyle idea for you!

15. Sleek Blonde to Purple Hair

We mentioned that blondes can also adopt this vetted hairstyle, purple ombre hair. So here is the proof!

Sleek straight hair and an electric shade of purple that’s bound to attract some envious looks.

16. Purple and Blue Ombre Hair

Layered medium hair looks astonishing with this choice of hair colors. Take note: if your skin tone verges toward darker, these cold shades may not look so flattering.

17. Dark Hair and Purple Tips

Purple ombre hair is a great way to experiment with this creative hair color without getting a full dye job.

If you want to keep a minimalistic approach, coloring the tips works too. We love the purple face-framing highlights.

18. Red Lilac Ombre

This sweet look is a must-try for natural brunettes looking to meet fall in style. The almost burgundy hair color is ideal to pack a color punch that revitalizes brown hair.

19. Purple Hair Ombre

Silky straight golden brown hair with blue-purple tips is bound to make heads turn. Both hair colors make each other pop in all their intensity.

20. Blonde Locks with Purple Tints

Springy locks are a great display for the intensity of purple hair colors. A sophisticated look for the classy ladies!

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21. Purple Blonde Ombre Hair

Mix lavender purple and platinum blonde and you get this stunning result!

22. Ombre Hair with Purple Tips

This purple ombre idea is great for blonde hair, whether it verges on the light brown end of the spectrum or the dirty blonde one. A delicious potpourri of colors.

23. Dark Brown and Purple Locks

Two block colors that work perfectly together to infuse new energy to those springy waves. Definitely a must-try for a soft, sophisticated fall look.

24. Electric Blue Purple on Black Hair

If you’re after a dramatic look change, try this shade of electric blue-purple. It’s bound to get a load of attention!

25. Blonde and Purple Hair

Ash blonde and purple? Yes, please. Some years have passed since these two hair colors gained new popularity ranks.

Nevertheless, they seem to remain among top preferences. Go for it for a truly unique look.

26. Reverse Purple Ombre

Darker roots and lighter mid-length and tips are old news. Yet this purple ombre idea brings a new twist to the plot.

The reverse ombre achieved on this stunning fringe bob falls nothing short of mesmerizing.

27. Light Brown Purple Curls

Here is another purple ombre look that is both natural and edgy. The light brown highlights framing the face add a soft note to the perfect ombre.

28. Purple Blue Ombre Hair

Electric blue and purple displayed beautifully in a side braid updo. What more can you ask as far as cool hairstyles are concerned?

29. Purple Black Hair

Thick healthy black hair is the ideal canvas for purple ombre. Because it is such an intense natural hair color, the radiance of the purple hues will just pop!

30. Red Purple Tints on Brown Hair

Once you achieved the purple ombre shade you wanted, there are plenty of creative hairstyles to wear your tresses. This simple half-do is one of them.

31. Black and Purple Ombre

Layers upon layers of cascading black and purple hair sound like a dreamy hairstyle. Make it your own for a sophisticated fall look.

32. Platinum Blonde Purple Ombre

When you want to refresh your look, a gradual purple ombre for dirty to platinum blonde hair should be among your top choices.

33. Blue to Purple Straight Hair

This hair color combo looks just as great on straight hair as on curly locks or layered hair.

34. Purple Ombre Short Hair

Here’s proof that purple-pink ombre works as well with edgy short hairstyles as on long tresses.

35. Purple Tints on Short Hair

As if the angled fringe bob with blunt bangs wasn’t cool enough, the purple highlights added an extra edgy punch.

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36. Purple Ombre on Short Bob

Unlike the previous bob hairstyle, this one has a more delicate note. That’s thanks to the warmer shade of purple hair color and the voluminous wavy locks.

37. Pink and Purple Ombre

These two hair colors are a common combo for the highly trending mermaid hairstyles.

Nevertheless, they also add just the needed color punch when you’re in dire need of a look change.

38. Messy Purple Blonde Ombre Hair

In this case, the purple has been applied as an under-color. Nevertheless, the messy hairstyle reveals purple lock by purple lock in an enchanting play of hair colors.

39. Purple Ombre on Black Hair

Here is a chic purple ombre look that’s fit for every natural brunette. The purple hair color is flattering for all skin tones, ages, and hair types.

40. Brown to Purple Hair

We may be partial to how purple hair colors look in combination with brown to brunette hair color palettes.

Nonetheless, you must admit that these shades compliment each other beautifully.

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41. Layered Purple Ombre

Dare to wear this intense shade of purple hair for a truly edgy look!

42. Purple Green Ombre Hair

Both the green hair color and the dark purple enhance the stunning texture of this fringe layered lob hairstyle.

43. Black and Purple Ombre

Whether you opt for a light, more natural shade of purple or the intense iced lavender shade seen here, you’ll get an astonishing final result with black hair as the base color.

Well-defined curls are a hairstyle to keep in mind!

44. Shades of Purple Hair

A basic hairstyle can get a new lease of life with the right hair colors. And if your mind is set on purple, why stop at just one shade?

Ask your hairstylist for a stunning purple hair ombre using your natural hair color as the base and a few purple shades.

45. Chocolate Brown Hair with Purple Tips

Who would have thought that such an unconventional hair color like purple can add more luminosity to the vibrant dark chocolate brown?

46. Brown Hair with Purple Ombre

The shoulder-length cut in layers is perfect for thin hair. However, for a plus of volume and effortless texture, add a tint of purple in subtle highlights.

47. Purple Locks Ombre

Rainbow hair cascading in cute curls? Yes, please! This is a cute, feminine look that’s worth trying on for a playful vibe.

48. Purple Medium Brown Ombre Hair

Show off your new ombre hair with a well-styled layered haircut and playful bangs!

49. Purple and Black Ombre Hair

Without any bleaching involved, this hairstyle remains a top choice for a chic, feminine look.

50. Blonde to Purple Ombre

Choosing to incorporate the purple hair colors on the tips of your blonde tresses adds a sophisticated yet edgy note to your day-to-day look.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

Purple can be a tricky hair color as not every shade of purple is fit for everyone.

Nevertheless, with purple ombre, you can play around with different shades until you find just the perfect one for you! Don’t shy away from a refreshing look change based on purple ombre. This color is uniquely vibrant and energizing.

Create the look you want with these gorgeous ideas for classy, edgy or softer purple ombre hair, and let us know which one you picked!

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