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Channel Your Inner Ariel with These 50 Mermaid Hair Color & Styling Ideas!

Baby Blue Mermaid Hair

What can be more dreamy, adorable and eye candylicious than mermaid hair?

It’s one of the boldest trends you could try, and we love every part of it.

From lively colors to flawless blending, you have every reason to adore the style that will make you feel like a princess.

If you’re brave enough to step out of your hairstyle comfort zone, get ready to relish in these mermaid hair ideas that will inspire you!

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1. Braided Mermaid Hairstyles

Braided Mermaid Hairstyles

We’ll start off with a cute and easy way to style your freshly colored mermaid locks.

As long as your hair is long and preferably thick, you can obtain a memorable look quickly with a French braid.

Just make sure that you don’t braid it too tight to get the mermaid impact.

2. Blue Hair with Purple Highlights

Blue Hair with Purple Highlights

Our first color mix idea contains the most common colors found in mermaid hair: blue, teal, and violet.

While you can opt for just one of them, we recommend blending highlights or lowlights in one of the colors.

An example is a sea blue base with purple highlights.

3. Mermaid Hair Waves

Mermaid Hair Waves

If your colors are on point, prepare to fall in love with this mermaid styling.

The soft retro waves look absolutely gorgeous and recreate the effect of a mermaid’s genuine hair amazingly.

The softer the waves, the more authentic the results will be.

4. Cotton Candy Pink

Cotton Candy Pink

Not into color mixes? You can try a single mermaid hair color! For instance, a soft shade of pink with loosely curly hair will look ravishing.

On the other hand, you can explore any pastel or metallic tones. We’ll continue with alternatives as we work our way through our list.

5. Baby Blue Mermaid Hair

Baby Blue Mermaid Hair

Another solid color you can play around with for this hairstyle is baby blue.

It’s just like the pastel pink we presented earlier, but more suitable for girls who prefer cooler tones.

You can also use this image as inspiration for the half up braided styling, including the star accessory.

6. Medium-Length Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair Short

Even though we tend to associate the idea of mermaid hair with waist-length locks, you can achieve the look even with medium-length or short hair too!

For example, these green, purple, and blue highlights look spectacular on shoulder-length, wavy hair. We love that crystal too!

7. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids

It’s almost impossible for a fishtail braid and mermaid hair to not go hand in hand.

If you really want to nail the mermaid part of the look, we recommend creating a thicker fishtail braid.

In addition to this, try braiding outwards, like with Dutch braids.

8. Periwinkle and Lavender Balayage

Periwinkle and Lavender Balayage

Are you dreaming of a color that has just enough pastel in it, but is significantly more vivid?

This periwinkle and lavender balayage is just what you need for bringing out the brighter part of your personality.

If your hair is naturally wavy, the outcome will be phenomenal!

9. Mermaid Hair Highlights

Mermaid Hair Highlights

How about having just a touch of mermaid colors in your hair? Highlights are the way to go!

Instead of coloring your hair entirely, you can simply sprinkle a few sea-colored streaks throughout your locks.

Alternatively, opt for some subtle lowlights in the same color.

10. Pastel Tiara Braid

Pastel Tiara Braid

This hairstyle scores double points in our book. Firstly, it has one of the most beautiful pastel balayage we have ever laid our eyes on.

After that, it’s a fine example of a thick tiara braid, perfect for enhances the tones in the balayage.

11. Cool Ombre Mermaid Hair

Cool Mermaid Hair Ombre

As you’ll soon notice, both ombre and balayage are quite frequent mermaid hair ideas.

One of the ombre styles you can try out for this look is in cool shades, ranging from purple to mint green.

We also love the blue gradient in the middle.

12. Blue and Silver Ombre

Blue and Silver Ombre

For a lighter approach, you can combine a bright color with a more neutral one.

In this example, you can see how the roots and the top part are a rich shade of blue, while the second half is silver.

Feel free to mix other colors in a similar matter.

13. Half Up Space Buns

Half Up Space Buns

How can you not adore space buns? No matter if you wear them entirely wrapped or half-up, this is a charming hairstyle that we have been in love with since the 90s.

Aside from the sweet styling, we also support the purple and blue ombre.

14. Mermaid Hair Curls

Mermaid Hair Curls

After focusing on colors or styling, we want to highlight texture options for mermaid hair.

In most cases, you will find this style combined with wavy or curly hair.

Nevertheless, the ideal situation involves something just around the middle, somewhat loosely curly.

15. Side Swept Mermaid Hair

Side Swept Mermaid Hair

Remember what we said about fishtail braids and mermaid hairstyles? Well, this is an alternative for the classic fishtail braid down the back.

Instead of going for the norm, you can braid yours gently to the side, and even add a headband as an accessory.

16. Mermaid Styling

Mermaid Styling

We’ll take the spotlight off of the classic fishtail braid for this genius combo.

Not only does it include the specific mermaid braid, but it also has the end resembling the tail.

Even more so, the top part is beautifully braided on all sides.

17. Glitter Mermaid Hair

Glitter Mermaid Hair

Feeling glamorous? Show it in your mermaid locks!

If you have a special event coming up or you just want to take some really cool pictures, you can count on glitter or sequins for bringing out your true inner mermaid.

Sprinkle some on your roots and shine, darling!

18. Boho Mermaid Hairstyle

Boho Mermaid Hairstyle

Honestly, mermaid hair and boho chic really go hand in hand.

You can harmoniously combine the two styles into the hairdo you have always desired.

Also, the light pink flower crown hair braid enchantingly completes the look.

19. Sunset Mermaid Hair

Sunset Mermaid Hair

What if you could capture the colors of the sky in your hair? Even more, the shades of the sunset?

If this is one of your dreams, your heart will melt upon seeing this hairstyle.

It starts off with deep violet and blends into link pink. The waterfall braid is even more delightful.

20. Platinum Pink

Platinum Pink

For an original approach to your mermaid hair, you can add just a pinch of color. Zoom in on this hairstyle, for example.

Essentially, it’s platinum silver with a splash of light pink. The results are marvelously metallic!

21. Fish Scale Undercut

Fish Scale Undercut

Want to make your mermaid hair a surprise? Get an undercut with a fish scale design!

In addition to the dazzling design, the undercut is also colored with a fabulous shade of teal.

You can leave the rest of your hair in its natural color.

22. Light Mermaid Hair Updo

Light Mermaid Hair Updo

This is yet another mermaid hairstyle that deserves a round of applause for multiple reasons.

Let’s start with the colors – isn’t that powdered balayage jaw-dropping?

Now, we’ll take a moment to appreciate the sublime updo. Perfection in its entirety!

23. Rainbow Highlights Mermaid Hair

Rainbow Highlights Mermaid Hair

If you want to get some mermaid highlights but you’re not sure what colors to pick, don’t hesitate to combine multiple shades.

In this photo, you can feast your eyes on rainbow highlights, all on an earth-tone base.

24. Bohemian Braids

Bohemian Braids

Few braided hairstyles can compare to the creativity put into this one.

What really impressed us was the variety of widths on the three smaller braids, but also the way they’re combined with the larger ones.

The pastel rainbow colors are also to die for!

25. Reverse Braid Hairstyle

Reverse Braid Hairstyle

If you have chunky highlights, one of the best ways to accentuate them is through French braiding.

Take yours a step further by preparing a reverse braid. Start from your nape, braid upwards, and tie the rest in a messy bun.

26. Pink Ombre Mermaid Hair

Pink Ombre Mermaid Hair

As promised, here is another idea for ombre mermaid hair. Instead of going through the cool color palette, you can warm yours up into the pink region.

Try out magenta for the base color and blend out into pastel pink.

27. Dark Mermaid Hair

Dark Mermaid Hair

While most mermaid hairstyles involve light hair colors, you can get the look just as well with a dark base.

For example, natural brunettes can get subtle highlights done throughout their locks.

Tone all of them down and you’ll go crazy over the results!

28. Subtle Undertones

Subtle Undertones

A similar idea for dark hair is to turn the highlight into lowlights, for some dark but impressive undertones.

You can play around with the same colors, but get them under your top coat and more dispersed.

29. Ariel Hairstyle

Ariel Hairstyle

What would our mermaid hair list be without the original model, Ariel?

When we were young, we would always sigh dreamily when watching the Little Mermaid and appreciating Ariel’s cherry red flowing locks.

Now, you can use this as inspiration for your next hair appointment.

30. Half Mermaid Hair

Half Mermaid Hair

Some call it peekaboo hair, others call it under coloring – we like to refer to it as a superb half and half mermaid hairstyle.

To put it in a nutshell, your hair is parted half up and you color only the bottom part.

It’s lovely because you can show off the colors according to your mood.

31. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

Another wonderful idea for emphasizing your mermaid colors is Dutch braiding.

It’s quite close to French braiding, just that you work from the inside out instead of vice versa.

We recommend it most for ladies who are blessed with a thicker hair texture.

32. Mermaid Hair with Long Bob Haircut

Mermaid Hair with Long Bob Haircut

To continue our examples of mermaid hairstyles on shorter strands, we’re delighted to present this eye-catching idea.

Not only are the highlights extraordinary, but they look astounding on a choppy long bob haircut.

33. Coral Hair Color

Coral Hair Color

Want to really stand out from the crowd? Go against the grain with a solid mermaid color, and a unique one.

Coral is a fantastic and graceful tone that looks magnificent on any hair texture and against any skin one.

34. Opal Mermaid Hair

Opal Mermaid Hair

When searching for mermaid hairstyles, you might encounter a few examples described as opal hair.

Just like the name suggests, this version uses colors that remind us of opals, all achieved with delicate color melting.

35. Intricate Updo

Intricate Updo

If you have a bit more free time and you really want to experiment with something special, this is the hairstyle for you.

Complicated as it may seem, all you have to do is create about eight narrow braids at your nape and simply criss-cross them into your bun.

36. Starfish Accessories

Starfish Accessories

Not willing to venture into intense hair colors just yet? You can play around with mermaid-like styling.

These two mini French braids with starfish accessories look stunning.

If you’re a bride planning a beach wedding, this is a terrific hairstyle to look into.

37. Fantasy Mermaid Hair

Fantasy Mermaid Hair

We’re not sure if it’s the moon and crystal accessory or the incredibly deep and rich colors used, but this mermaid hairstyle leans towards fantasy, gaming, and even cosplay.

All in all, we recommend any part of this hairstyle, from the color blending and all the way to the styling.

38. Long Mermaid Hair Braid

Mermaid Hair Long Braid

Another mermaid-like hairstyle that can also double as a wedding hairdo is this light purple beauty.

The zig zag braiding is truly a sight to behold, and the pastel rose accessories make the look all the more memorable.

39. Metallic Pastels

Metallic Pastels

These colors are a dream come true for ladies seeking a metallic outcome for their hairstyle.

All of the tones lean towards white, creating the effect that they’re highly desaturated.

In color theory, they’re referred to as “muted colors”.

40. Messy Mermaid Hair

Messy Mermaid Hair

We can all agree that most mermaid hairstyles are far from tight and well-kept.

In fact, messy styling is one of the main traits of this trend.

After all, you most likely wouldn’t imagine a mermaid with perfectly slicked hair, would you?

    41. Curled Waves

    Curled Waves

    This particular hairstyle combines the two main textures used in the mermaid look – wavy and curly.

    The hair is generally lightly wavy, but the curled up tips have a major visual impact.

    The sloping loose braid and color palette are also admirable.

    42. Ashy Mermaid Hair

    Ashy Mermaid Hair

    Yet another idea for toning down your eccentric hair choice is to mix them with ashy tones.

    You can either use gray as one of the colors in your blend or use it as an undertone all around. Keep the side fishtail braid in mind too!

    43. Playful Bob

    Playful Bob

    You probably wouldn’t have imagined a mermaid look on really, really short locks, right?

    Well, this is how a short bob or outgrown pixie haircut looks with a pink on pink ombre. Surprisingly, the ombre is as mermaid as you can get!

    44. Dark Green Mermaid Ombre

    Dark Teal Mermaid Hair Ombre

    Go back to basics with this simple yet effective mermaid ombre. It’s another alternative for women who aren’t into pale or bright colors.

    Instead, its a deep green shade used as a secondary color for this ombre hairstyle.

    45. Pastel Grunge

    Pastel Grunge

    If you are (or were) a Tumblr girl, you will freak out over this hairstyle.

    It radiantly blends some of the prettiest shades of baby blue and lavender we have ever seen.

    What we particularly enjoy is that the colors are pastel, somewhat bright and all-around grungy in one.

    46. Mermaid Roots

    Mermaid Roots

    Similar to the highlights only idea, you can go for colored roots only.

    It’s not a look you’ll see often, and that’s one of the reasons why we encourage you to try it out.

    Play with different colors for the roots and blend out into silver or another ashy tone.

    47. Steel Mermaid Hair

    Steel Mermaid Hair

    Speaking of silver, why not mix it with steel blue for unique mermaid locks?

    This balayage is classy and sassy, not to mention that it looks splendid on curly or wavy hair.

    It’s an unconventional but alluring way to rock mermaid locks.

    48. Mermaid Hair Tips

    Mermaid Hair Tips

    Not interested in highlights, lowlights, or roots in mermaid colors? Last but not least, you can color your tips.

    If you have a cool base, like gray, silver, or platinum, we recommend continuing with shades from the same palette, like blue or purple.

    If you have a warm base, go the other way around.

    49. Sea Princess Hairstyle

    Sea Princess Hairstyle

    Now this is an exquisite hairstyle indeed. The turquoise used for the hair dye is out of this world, and so is the creative styling.

    It may not be suitable for your everyday walk in the park, but we guarantee it will help you leave an unforgettable impression when needed.

    50. Candy Bun

    Candy Bun

    If you mixed your favorite flavors of cotton candy, this balayage would be as close to reality as you could get.

    After your colors are on point, you can style it all in a large, messy bun and get ready to leave all of your friends in awe.

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    So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

    To wrap it up, it’s now easy to see how you can treat yourself to a breathtaking hairstyle change with mermaid hair.

    It’s a brilliant idea for gals who have a bright personality and aren’t scared to go above and beyond traditional beauty standards.

    So, which version will you rock? Let’s start the girl talk below!

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