50 Hairstyles for Christmas Party

December is undoubtedly one of the loveliest months of the year. Aside from spending the holidays with loved ones and exchanging gifts, December is also the month of parties and celebrations. Once you find the right hairstyles for Christmas party, you can show up to yours looking and feeling fabulous. Zoom in on our favorites below!

1. Low Bun Hairstyles for Christmas Party

The low bun is the kind of hairstyle that’s appropriate for literally any occasion. Whether you’re getting ready for the office party or just want to Netflix and chill with your bae, you can always count on a low bun for a sweet and sexy look.

2. Side-swept Curls

Curls always have a knack for adding refinement to your appearance. A beautiful way you can sport curls is to style your hair in a side ponytail and curl only the bottom half. You can keep the top slicked down for contrast, like in the example above.

3. Half Up Hairstyles for Christmas Party

If you’re in the mood for leaving your hair down but you still feel that you need to sprinkle some spice in your look, a half up hairstyle is just what you need. By wrapping your hair half up half down, you’ll be displaying a sophisticated look that flatters your hair length.

4. High Ponytail Hairstyles

This year, the high ponytail could be spotted on the cover of every beauty and fashion magazine. What we love about the look is that it mixes comfort with style in the cutest way possible. It definitely should be one of your go-to hairstyle for Christmas party.

5. Christmas Hairstyles for Short Hair

However, not all women prefer rocking long hair. In this case, we have the perfect solution for styling shorter locks for fancy events. Take a curling iron or round brush and create soft, vintage curls throughout your hair. Marilyn Monroe would be proud.

6. Hairstyles for Christmas Party with Hair Down

For our ladies with long locks who want to keep their hair fully down, soft curls are still the answer. If you want to avoid the ringlet effect, we recommend keeping your curls on the wavy side. Even more, you can work with just the area that frames your face for a subtle outcome.

7. Half Up Braid Hairstyles

It’s a well-known fact that braids are wonderful for livening up any woman’s appearance. For your Christmas party, you may want to experiment with fusion braided hairstyles. As an example, get a mohawk French braid only on the top part of your hair, leaving the rest down.

8. Low Ponytails

Just like high ponytails, low ponytails were ubiquitous the past year. If you feel that a classic low ponytail would be too casual, you can dazzle it up by wrapping your hair around a few times. After that, tie it in place with a cute piece of hair jewelry.

9. Scarf Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Nicole Richie is definitely one of the celebs you want to keep your eyes on for hairstyle inspiration. In this photo, you can see how see embellished her retro hairstyle with lovely polka dot scarf. Do the same for an unforgettable Christmas party impression.

10. Half Up Bun Hairstyles

If your party doesn’t come with a black tie dress code vibe, you have the liberty of playing around with semiformal hairstyles. One of them would be the half up bun, perfect for ladies who boast natural curls.

11. Loose Halo Braid Hairstyles for Christmas Party

The halo braid, often referred to as the crown braid, is a hairstyle that simply glows with bohemian beauty. At the same time, a halo braid is also a highly elegant hairstyle that would do any woman justice at a Christmas party.

12. Casual Christmas Hairstyles

Christmas parties that are more casual than they are formal open up loads of new opportunities for hairstyles. For instance, you can keep everything laid back with a half up half down hairstyle that features a knot in the middle.

13. Pull Through Braid Hairstyles

Among popular braided hairstyles, the pull through braid has a charm of its own. In addition to having a mermaid-like impact on the bearer, the way that pull through braids are created also make the hair appear to be thicker.

14. Messy Updo Hairstyles for Christmas Party

We really can’t think of a situation in which a messy updo wouldn’t work. As far as hairstyles for Christmas party are concerned, it’s the perfect option for feeling cozy yet alluring. Similar to the low bun, the messy updo always results in effortless grace.

15. Hairstyles for Christmas Party with Big Loose Curls

Are you all about getting extra volume out of your hair? We have three magic words for you: big loose curls. Regardless of how long or short your locks are, this styling technique boosts your volume levels without too much hassle.

16. Chignon Hairstyles

How could we not talk about the exquisite chignon? This timeless French hairstyle is widely regarded as one of the classiest hairstyles around. In other words, you shouldn’t hesitate to approach it if your Christmas party is on the luxurious side.

17. Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Although women with afro-textured hair look spectacular with faux hawks, we honestly recommend the hairstyle to women with any hair type. You can give yours a retro allure by shaping the bangs area in a pin up fashion.

18. Low Buns with Braids

Are you looking for an original idea that doesn’t involve overdoing your appearance? Well, here is where mixtures come into play. You can keep a low bun in mind as the foundation, but work your way towards it through two side braids.

19. Crown Braid Hairstyles for Christmas Party with Half Up Hair

Another way you can wear a crown braid is with your hair half up half down. To put it otherwise, you should focus on making the braid look as if it were a wreath gently placed on your head. It’s a must for long-haired beauties.

20. Christmas Tree Braids

Throughout our article, we will also be covering themed hairstyles for Christmas party. Namely, we aim to inspire you with holiday-related hairstyles. For starters, here is how you can braid your hair to actually look like a Christmas tree. Use red, white and green hair pins as decorations.

21. Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

Whether your hair is naturally wavy or you plan on lightly curling it for the occasion, you should keep the waterfall braid in mind. Although it requires a skillful hand at braiding, the waterfall-like result will be breathtaking.

22. Half Up Braided Hairstyles for Christmas Party

On this note, here is an alternative for women who are drawn to the waterfall braid but want something slightly different. For this boho chic hairstyle, all you have to do is part your hair half up half down and create a thin braid around the crown of your head.

23. Hair Bow Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Sometimes, the most inspired hairstyles come from items or real-life situations. Here, specifically, we’re talking about Christmas presents. Let your imagination flow free with creative holiday hairstyles that feature hair bows.

24. Headband Hairstyles

If you have shorter hair or plan on rocking a messy updo, you can rely on headbands as accessories. A cute headband will help you keep your hair out of your face so you can enjoy the party stress-free. We also recommend the idea if you want to show off your makeup.

25. Glitter Hairstyles

Themed gatherings like Christmas parties are the perfect opportunity for adorning hairstyles that you wouldn’t normally wear. While it may not be suitable to throw glitter in your hair on a day to day basis, it’s a marvelous choice for a holiday event.

26. Side Bun Hairstyles for Christmas Party

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: details make the whole difference in a special hairstyle. This is way an element so seemingly insignificant like styling your bun to the side can increase your elegance levels by a mile.

27. Teased Hairstyles for Christmas Party

As long as you don’t do it excessively and with the proper technique, teasing can be a lovely way to get the “wow” factor out of you hairstyle. To ensure the safety of your locks, work with a wide-toothed comb and hairspray. When backcombing, be gentle and add hairspray along the way.

28. Vintage Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles will never cease to attract admiration from those around. Almost any vintage hairstyle comes with a natural dose of femininity that few modern options provide. For your Christmas party, think about incorporating some finger waves into your hairstyle.

29. Double Braid Hairstyles

Oftentimes, two braids are better than one! This is certainly the case if you want to have all eyes on you at the party. We believe this idea is particularly flattering for women with long hair and highlights, thanks to the way they’ll be accentuated through the braids.

30. Half Braided Pigtail Hairstyles for Christmas Party

As an alternative, you can braid your hair only halfway down. To get the look, pick your favorite braiding technique and weave two pigtails until you reach the back of your neck. From there, tie each braid and leave the rest of your hair down.

31. Hairstyles with Christmas Colors

If you’re not afraid of experimentation, we encourage you to let your creativity go wild. In some cases, this could mean temporarily coloring your hair for the occasion. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a red and green Christmas hairstyle?

32. Festive Ponytail Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Let’s say that you adore ponytails, but you feel that one may be too casual for your Christmas party. No worries – you can glam yours up in just a few minutes. Add a braid anywhere in your hair or use the ponytail part for a large and loose braid.

33. Floral Hairstyles

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to bring back nature elements in a season overwhelmed by sub 0 temperatures? You can, through a floral hairstyle. After getting your updo, chignon or low bun in place, use a hair piece with flowers like a tiara on top.

34. Funny Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Let’s be honest; a great deal of company Christmas parties have a humorous tone to them. In other cases, you may want to be the one to bring this approach to the party yourself. Either way, don’t be afraid to try out a funny hairstyle, like this reindeer bun.

35. African Braids Hairstyles

Here at HairMotive, we’re full supporters of beautiful protective hairstyles for natural hair. Some of the hairstyles that we admire the most are those with African braids. Get yours with a sweet hairstyle like a side-swept ponytail for your Christmas party.

36. Braid into Bow Updos

Yet another way you can rock a hair bow for the event is by combining it with a braid. In fact, we say that this approach is even more festive, with the braid having a ribbon-like effect. Bend over, create a reverse braid by starting from your nape and end it all in a pretty hair bow on top.

32. Diagonal Braid Hairstyles for Christmas Party

If you’re not the type that goes for classic hairstyles, you can add a funky twist to a traditional braid. To help you get a better idea, take a look at the diagonal braid featured in the picture above. Start from one side and braid diagonally for a memorable look.

38. Half Up Bouffant Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Bouffant hairstyles are a must if you want to have a retro charm. If you think that a vintage beehive hairstyle may be too much, you can go for a half up bouffant hairstyle. We also like the overlapping technique used in this example.

39. Complex Braid Hairstyles

The season of hot chocolate and knit sweaters is the ideal occasion for complex braid styles. You can look to mermaid hair ideas for inspiration, with intricate braiding techniques. Feel free to combine various braided styles for a hairstyle that won’t go by unnoticed.

40. Low Ponytail Hairstyles for Christmas Party with Ribbons

If we were to pick just one hair accessory that could make any hairstyle instantly festive, it would totally be the ribbon. Not only were ponytails with ribbons among the top trends of the year, but they also go hand in hand with winter celebrations.

41. Candy Cane Pigtails

Here is yet another adorable idea for sticking to a Christmas party theme. With the help of red and white ribbons, you can get two pigtails and make them look like candy canes. Use clear hair ties throughout the pigtails for the results you desire.

42. Updo Hairstyles for Christmas Party with African Braids

With a braided updo like this one, we guarantee that you’ll be stealing all the spotlight at your Christmas party. We especially recommend it to women with box braids, or other African braids that can be easily styled.

43. Star-shaped Ponytails

We’ve talked about bows and candy canes, but what about using stars for Christmas party hairstyle inspiration? With a few ribbons and hair ties and a bit of patience, you can get one of the most creative ponytails ever.

44. Ribbon Bow Hairstyles for Christmas Party

If your hair is too silky or not thick enough for creating a hair bow, you can always use a traditional bow for your hairstyle. All you need is a ribbon, preferably in a Christmas color. Afterwards, simply style your hair half up half down and use the ribbon to make a bow around the hair tie.

45. Fishtail Updos

Fishtail braids will always serve as impressive hairstyles. When you use them in a fancy updo, you can only imagine how phenomenal the outcome will be. Use the combination if your Christmas party is particularly sumptuous.

46. Wreath Hairstyles

It’s amazing how a spark of creativity can lead you to simple yet mesmerizing hairstyles. No matter what texture, length or type your hair is, you can get into a Christmas mood with a head-sized wreath. Just secure it in place with a few pins and you’re ready to go.

47. Boho Hairstyles for Christmas Party

You can obtain a bohemian hairstyle anytime if you’re up for unconventional braids. If your hair is at least shoulder-length, have fun by adding a random braid here and there. Top it all off with a crown plait and you’ll look gorgeous.

48. Starry Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Simplicity is often the secret to an abundance of successful hairstyles. In these situations, you can choose to style your hair in a simple way, but make it come to life with inspirational accessories. Throw in some gold stars to get in a Christmas mood.

49. Extravagant Christmas Hairstyles

We’re aware that this eccentric Christmas hairstyle isn’t for everyone, but we guarantee that it would help you win a costume award. If your Christmas party involves strictly sticking to the holiday theme, this decorated tree hairstyle is all that you need.

50. Faux Hawk with Braid Hairstyles

Last but not least, we want to leave you with a reinterpretation of the classic faux hawk. An awesome way to glam yours up is by adding a braid on each side of the “hawk”. Allow a couple of strands to fall down around your face as the cherry on top.


In summary, creativity is the key to radiant hairstyles for Christmas party. If you’re an outgoing person, don’t be afraid to venture into festive hairstyles that draw inspiration directly from the holiday season. Alternatively, bring out your feminine side with a sophisticated updo or half up hairstyle. Whichever hairstyle you choose, make sure you have fun and enjoy the Christmas party!

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