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50 Reverse Ombre Hair Ideas to Shine!

sky blue reverse ombre hair

Ombre is one of the biggest hair trends of these past few years, so what is reverse ombre hair?

Basically, it is a simple switch-up of the classic ombre style, where the darker color goes on the bottom and the lighter one goes on top.

It’s a softer and warmer look that allows for more transitions, as opposed to the bolder traditional ombre.

We’ve prepared a list of 50 ideas and suggestions to help you get ready to embrace this trend, so make sure to scroll down to the bottom!

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1. Brunette and Blonde Reverse Ombre Hair

brunette blonde reverse ombre hair


Let’s begin with a classic combination of blonde and brunette. The reverse ombre has the beige blonde on top slowly melting into the brunette on the bottom. This is perhaps the most common type of reverse ombre hair.

2. Cinnamon and Chocolate Reverse Ombre

cinnamon reverse ombre hair


This combination is as beautiful as it is delicious. It has a lovely cinnamon shade on top and a chocolate brown on the bottom that look amazing together. This can be your next color for the autumn season.

3. Gray Hairstyle with Reverse Ombre Hair

Long Gray Hairstyle with Reverse Ombre hair


If you want, you can use your naturally graying hair to get this trend. You can keep this color on top and dye the bottom in a darker shade that’s closer to brunette. If you do this at home, make sure to fade the colors.

4. The Kaley Cuoco

kaley cuoco reverse ombre hair


We have even seen the reverse ombre hair trend on some celebrities. Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco is one of them.

Here, she is wearing a champagne blonde on top and milk chocolate on the bottom, both colors that highlight her green eyes.

5. Blonde and Dark Red

reverse ombre hair from blonde to dark red


Another reverse ombre hair combo you can try is blonde and red. This shiny Manhattan blonde goes straight into blood orange-red and then into a darker cherry red in a beautiful color progression.

6. Blonde and Turquoise

 turquoise reverse ombre hair


This is an easy one that you can pull off at home all by yourself. It’s only two colors, and it doesn’t require a lot of transitioning. Plus, the turquoise is a very summer-y color that will right in with your next music festival look.

7. Platinum to Dirty Gray

platinum to darl reverse ombre hair


Here is the perfect reverse ombre hair for winter. It starts with a platinum blonde on top and continues with a dirty mushroom blonde on the bottom. If you want to copy these curls, braid your wet hair overnight.

8. Reverse Ombre Bob

Short Reverse Ombre Hair


This trend also works wonderfully if you sport short hair. This is a jaw-length bob which started off with a platinum blonde and ended with a dark brunette to emphasize your cheekbones and elongate your face.

9. Lilac Reverse Ombre

lilac reverse ombre hair


You can also try reverse ombre with a soft pastel too. This is lilac, a shade in the purple family.

The top is the same color, but a much more watered-down version, so that you can really get a nice contrast going between the two.

10. Blonde and Hot Pink

hot pink blonde reverse ombre hair


If you don’t want to dye your hair hot pink, you can try some chalk highlights or even clip-on extensions. You can take them off at the end of the day without any damage to your hair whatsoever.

11. The Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne reverse ombre hair


Singer Avril Lavigne was a big sensation during the 2000s when she rocked the teenage scene. She also used to rock reverse ombre hair back then, before anyone else did. Her colors of choice were brunette and blonde.

12. Sky Blue and Platinum Blonde

sky blue reverse ombre hair


This almost washed off sky blue is the perfect color for spring. Pair it with a platinum blonde to stay on the reverse ombre hair trend, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

If you want to make this a spring look, then make sure to wear the appropriate makeup as well.

13. Blonde and Tangerine Hair

blonde hair with red ombre reverse ombre hair


Mixing blonde hair and tangerine orange is much easier than you think because they both belong to the same color palette. This is why the transition between the two colors looks so smooth and wonderful.

14. Nutmeg and Orange

orange reverse ombre hair


Speaking of orange, here an interesting combination between nutmeg brown and dusty orange. This is another perfect color mix for autumn because it looks just like the falling leaves outside or the changing trees.

15. White Blonde and Scarlet Red

blonde dark red reverse ombre hair


This reverse ombre hair combo can also be taken as a heavier dip dye job. The latter is another famous trend that makes your hair look as if you’re literally dipped the ends of the strands in contrasting hair color.

16. Platinum Blonde and Pink

Platinum Blonde to Pink Red Ombre reverse ombre hair


We’re not really sure about wearing a shirt the exact same color of your hair, but we are completely sure about this reverse ombre hair idea. We think you should totally go for it if you’re a fan of fuchsia pink.

17. Paparazzi Blonde and Blue



The shade on top is called paparazzi blonde while the one on the bottom is a neon blue.

Combining them will get you this striking resemblance to a mermaid that has wondered onshore and can’t find her way back to the sea.

18. Light Gray and Purple

purple reverse ombre hair


Purple is such an outstanding color that it can be mixed with almost anything. However, we suggest you try something like this stony, light gray that won’t steal the spotlight away from the beautiful and royal purple.

19. Berry Tone on Beige Blonde

berry tones on blonde reverse ombre hair


Pair your reverse ombre hair with a lipstick in the same color and take matchy-matchy to a whole new level.

If you have purple hair, this will be easy because beautiful lipsticks are available in every shade of purple imaginable.

20. Orchid Pink and Blonde Hair

Blond and pink reverse Ombre hair


There is no limit to how many shades of pink you can try. This is orchid, a lovely color that works well in spring and summer. You may have to tone it down a little in the wintertime so that it doesn’t clash with the landscape.

21. Blonde and Plum Hair

Blonde hair with dark plum brown underneath reverse ombre hair


Who would have thought that combining blonde hair with such a strong color as dark plum would look as amazing as it does? What’s even more awesome is that this color combo can be worn in all seasons.

22. Brown and Blonde Reverse Ombre Hair

brown blonde reverse ombre hair


This classic color combination has received an upgrade thanks to the reverse ombre hair trend. Now the darker brown is at the bottom while the iceberg blonde is on top, making it a very striking and interesting look.

23. Blonde, Purple, and Blue Reverse Ombre

Blonde purple blue reverse ombre hair


If you look closely at this coloring job, you will notice that there are some purple streaks in all that blue on the bottom, warming it up a little, and making it sweeter at the same time. Add your favorite shade of purple!

24. Rainbow Reverse Ombre Hair

rainbow reverse ombre hair


Here’s a cool version of this trend that has rainbow peekaboo highlights. This means that you can choose the shades you want to use as well as their intensity and dip dye your hair to make it look like a beautiful rainbow.

25. Peacock Reverse Ombre Hair

peacock reverse ombre hair


Another major trend as far as hair coloring goes is the peacock inspiration.

This means that you can only use the colors you can see in the plumage of a peacock, such as blue, green, turquoise, and a bit of pink to warm everything up.

26. Green and Ginger Reverse Ombre Hair

green reverse ombre hair


The reverse ombre trend brings together colors that you would have never thought go so well when put one next to the other.

This combo is the perfect example. It starts off with bottle ginger on top which slowly melts into a yellow and then turns into a bright green.

27. The Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson reverse ombre hair


Another celebrity who couldn’t resist the beauty of reverse ombre hair is singer and reality TV personality, Jessica Simpson. She went for the classic combination of platinum blonde on top and caramel brown on the bottom.

28. Purple and Pink Hair

purple pink reverse ombre hair


This mix is meant for girls who have a Legally Blonde level of attraction for the color pink. The reason is that you have to dye your hair bubblegum pink on top and a pinkish purple hue on the bottom.

29. Sunset Reverse Ombre

sunset reverse ombre hair


Here is a color combination that is closer to art than hairstyling itself. This is the sunset reverse ombre.

It starts with a matte iceberg blonde, has a bright sunshine yellow in the middle, and finishes off with a fiery red at the tips.

30. Orange Reverse Ombre

orange reverse ombre hair


This mix looks more like swirling candy than anything else, which is why we believe you should try it this Halloween. The milky white on top drips down into the sweet orange at the bottom making it look like a candy cane.

31. Rose Bun Reverse Ombre

rose bun reverse ombre hair


The reverse ombre also looks good if you get creative with your hairdos instead of simply wearing your hair loose all the time. This is an oversized platinum and red bun that has been shaped into a rose.

32. Silver and Green Lob

Silver and Green Layered Lob reverse ombre hair


This is one of the greatest lobs we’ve ever seen. It’s a beautiful stony gray with a silky, grass green finish to its tips. You can also see that this long bob is asymmetrical in the front, adding to the illusion of volume.

33. Braided Reverse Ombre Hair

green undercolor braided blonde hair reverse ombre hair


Let’s stay in the green zone a little while longer and take a look at this wonderful braided reverse ombre. It has a gorgeous shade of forest green underneath and dark, dirty blonde on top.

34. Seafoam and Blonde Reverse Ombre

seafoam reverse ombre hair


Seafoam blue goes well with almost any other color. That’s the beauty of this shade. It’s incredibly versatile, and it works perfectly well as a great color for both summer and winter. So, don’t be afraid to try it on!

35. Emo Reverse Ombre

emo reverse ombre hair


There are many ways in which scene haircuts have reinvented themselves over the years so that they can remain cool and fresh.

The reverse ombre is just one of them. This is a puffed-up blonde and pink hairstyle with a black bandana.

36. Reverse Ombre Hair for Autumn

reverse ombre hair


Does it get better than this when you’re trying to find the perfect hair color for autumn? The back portion of this reverse ombre is so luscious it looks more like an oil painting in fall colors than a hairdo.

37. Candy Pink and Purple Hair

pink purple reverse ombre hair


Here’s another combination of colors that simply looks too good to be real. In fact, it looks like candy, especially because of the matte finish the hair has.

If your own locks aren’t long enough to pull this off, get some extensions. They’ll be worth it!

38. Glossy Pink and Red

reverse ombre hair


We’ve seen the matte, now let’s take a look at the glossy pink and red combination of the reverse ombre hair. To achieve this, you must use a conditioner in the shower and then hair oil or an oil-based cream.

39. Mature Reverse Ombre Hair

mature reverse ombre hair


Just because you’re over 60 doesn’t mean you have to act or even look like ‘an old woman’.

You can be the coolest grandma on the block with this gray and neon pink reverse ombre that is also slick and straight, and that will have everyone gushing over you.

40. Tangerine Reverse Ombre Hair

tangerine reverse ombre hair


Tangerine is a beautiful color that has been making a lot of splash in the past few seasons. Combine it with a pale blonde or even a slightly lighter shade of tangerine to get the contrasting effect of reverse ombre.

41. Mint Green Reverse Ombre Hair

mint green reverse ombre hair


Is there anything better than mint green as your hair color of choice for those long, hot summer days?

It’s an extremely refreshing shade that will lighten your features and highlight your eyes, especially if they are green or blue.

42. The Demi Lovato

demi lovato reverse ombre hair


This talented songstress has tried many looks during her career. We’re happy to say that this ice cream-colored reverse ombre is one of our favorites. It’s vanilla blonde on top and berry pink on the bottom.

43. Shaggy Reverse Ombre

shaggy reverse ombre hair


Keep in mind that the haircut is just as important as the coloring itself when you go for such a big change as this extreme trend. This is a shaggy medium haircut with silver platinum and pink reverse ombre.

44. Reverse Ombre with Flower Crown

flower crown reverse ombre hair


What kind of a festival look would be complete without the ever-present flower crown? It was seen in scenes such as Coachella and Burning Man but quickly turned into a street style as well as an Instagram style.

45. Reverse Ombre for Bangs

bangs reverse ombre hair


Here’s an idea! When you’re coloring your hair and trying out the reverse ombre hair trend, don’t stop with just the length of your locks.

If you have bangs, dye them as well. This is what a set of dip-dyed bangs would look like.

46. Reverse Ombre Hair with Glitter

glitter reverse ombre hair


If you want to make sure your Instagram pictures get as much attention as possible, this is how to do it. Go for glitter hair, only in reverse, and try pasting it over the ends of your strands as opposed to your roots.

47. Boho Reverse Ombre Hair

a woman with a boho reverse ombre hair with multiple rings on the hands


As far as summer styles go, nothing compares to bohemian chic.

You can elevate it to the point where it becomes art and even haute couture or haute styling if you find the right colors and accessories that match your skin tone and personality.

48. The Blue Angled Bob

angled bob reverse ombre hair


This blue angled or stacked bob has a lot of color in its underneath layer.

This means that, when you move your head, the vibrant blue will show a lot from the flimsy iceberg blonde on top, given the high mobility of the haircut.

49. Curly Reverse Ombre Hair

curly reverse ombre hair


If you want to copy this look, you will have to dig out your old hair curler. Here’s a tip – always apply heat protective hairsprays or hair oils before using the curler so as to protect your hair from the damaging heat.

50. Vanilla Blonde and Cherry Cola Hair

Blonde to red ombre reverse ombre hair


This ombre job has no transition to it. What does this mean? That you can see the clear line where the color switches from vanilla blonde to the dark cherry cola red. It’s an option you have and which you can discuss with your stylist.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

Even though reverse ombre hair looks a little more foreign than the classic ombre job we all know and love, it’s still beautiful and stunning to look at.

That is, provided it has been done correctly and professionally. Not to mention that it allows you to get as creative as you want.

Let us know in the comment section which was your favorite hairstyle and why!

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