50 Sublime Chocolate Brown Hair Shades

When we think of natural hair colors, shades of chocolate brown hair always come to mind. Rich, radiant and absolutely ravishing, chocolate brown is one of the most beloved options for aspiring brunettes.

Chocolate brown stands out through its natural beauty, all while maintaining a glossy effect no matter the hair texture.

See the many ways in which you can wear chocolate brown in your hair and look absolutely stunning with this natural color!

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1. Medium Chocolate Brown Hair

What better way to start off our list than with a chocolate brown tone suitable for everybody? We would call this yummy shade medium chocolate brown, owing to the fact that’s it’s not too light, nor too dark.

2. Chocolate Brown Balayage

Oftentimes, you will see chocolate brown as part of melted hairstyles. While we have plenty of ombre ideas in store for you, we want to take a moment to appreciate this dazzling balayage – that subtle color melt is just lovely!

3. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

However, if you do want to showcase your mysterious side, opt for dark brown. It is a romantic hair color that is also part of the earth tone palette. For a natural look, you can count on this dark chocolate shade.

4. Chocolate Brown Ombre Hair

As promised, here is our first ombre idea with chocolate brown. Both colors used are in the same area, just that the first part is darker. For the secondary shade, we want to point out that intense and warm brown.

5. Rich Chocolate Hair Color

If you want to have everyone longing to rake their fingers through your hair, any rich chocolate hue will do the trick. To get that velvet aspect, you should keep in mind that a pinch of red should be added to your color.

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6. Light Chocolate Brown Hair

On the other hand, light chocolate locks are just as irresistible. This is a perfect choice if you are planning on getting you color makeover during the summer. Nevertheless, it fits like a glove for women with tanned skin too.

7. Naturally Curly Chocolate Hair

Women with afro-textured curls can undoubtedly count on chocolate brown to complement their hair texture. In this photo, you can see how a deeper shade of brown looks on those stunning corkscrew curls.

8. Honey Tips on Chocolate Brown Curly Hair

An alternative for long and curly-haired girls with an outgoing personality is to play with colors. You can maintain a dark brown base and add some color just to your tips. This way, you will emphasize your individual curls beautifully. We also recommend a layered haircut.

9. Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

As if chocolate brown wasn’t sparkling enough, you can boost your natural shine even more with some highlights. For a discrete approach, we recommend trying brown highlights – just a bit lighter than your base color.

10. Reddish Chocolate Color

Mandy Moore proves that a splash of red in your chocolate hair can make a visible difference. If you are aiming for a deep brown color, all you need to do is talk to your stylist about having a reddish brown tint.

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11. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Nonetheless, you can also get highlights in a contrasting color. One of the most popular highlights choices for brown hair is blonde. To keep that natural vibe, you can tone down the blonde to a warm caramel hue.

12. Bangs with Chocolate Hair

Contrary to some beliefs, a particular haircut can have a major impact on a hair color (and vice versa). For instance, hairstyles with and without bangs look completely different, regardless of the color. But rest assured: bangs and brown are perfect partners.

13. Café au Lait Hair Color

Dare to go even lighter with your chocolate brown until you obtain this café au lait shade. The direct translation is “milk coffee”. In other words, it’s a light shade of chocolate brown that stands out gorgeously.

14. Deep Chocolate Brown Hair

It’s impossible to not get inspired by celebrities when researching trendy hairstyles. Kendall Jenner, for instance, won our hearts irrevocably with her dark and vivid shade of chocolate brown hair. This shade will also look stunning on olive skin and green and brown eyes.

15. Warm Chocolate Brown Hair

Take a splash of sunshine with you wherever you go with this warm version of choco brown. Not only is this a radiant color to sport, but it will also bring out the light tones of your eyes. You can rock it effortlessly regardless of your facial features.

16. Reverse Chocolate Brown Ombre

To continue our ombre ideas, you can go against the grain with a reverse ombre. In other words, you can choose a darker color for the secondary part of your ombre. In this case, we opted for a chocolate brown base and super dark tips.

17. Chocolate Brown Hair with Lowlights

Lowlights are an amazing option if you want to bring just a bit of shine to your lovely locks. This is a terrific idea for women who don’t want to go over the top with highlights, but rather enjoy a subtle glow on their base color.

18. Mocha Chocolate Hair

We know and adore Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries, but let’s take a moment to talk about her flawless look. The pale-skinned beauty chose a rich chocolate brown shade for her hair.

19. Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Highlights

As far as highlights on brown hair are concerned, you should know that blonde isn’t your only option. In fact, you can easily stand out from the rest by picking red instead of the classic choice. Simply sprinkle some burgundy streaks throughout your locks and own them!

20. Tan Skin with Chocolate Hair

You will often see chocolate brown hair associated with pale skin, owing to the eye-pleasing contrast. However, that doesn’t mean that this rich hair color doesn’t go astoundingly well with tan or dark skin tones.

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21. Chocolate and Platinum Mix

We’ll skip back to highlights for this entry, thanks to the eye-catching mix. In this hairstyle, you can appreciate equal amounts of chocolate and some cool-toned platinum highlights in a breathtaking work of hair coloring.

22. Milk Chocolate Brown Hair

Another solid color that has our hearts going wild is this sublime milk chocolate brown. While it’s a tad bit lighter than the average choco brown, it will leave an unforgettable impression and also work great on a warm skin tone.

23. Messy and Layered Chocolate Brown Hair

We love recommending hairstyles and coloring options based on skin tones or eye colors. In the case of chocolate brown, green eyes are a match made in heaven. Not only is the contrast splendid, but the two distinct colors complement each other marvelously.

24. Choppy Chocolate Hair

How about haircuts to flaunt your chocolate locks? Even though brown is an earth tone, you can spice it up a bit with an edgy haircut. For starters, you can look into any choppy cuts that add some attitude.

25. Pixie Cut with Chocolate Brown Color

Anne Hathaway is another celebrity we look up to for how she slays with her choco brown hair. No matter if she appears with long and thick wavy hair or a chic pixie cut, she clearly knows how to own chocolate brown.

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26. Chocolate Brown Hair on Dark Skin

Ladies with dark skin look nothing less than spectacular with chocolate colored strands. One of the main reasons is that it reflects the rich color of their skin. You can follow in Kelly Rowland’s steps and sparkle like a diva.

27. Short Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Yet another cute combination you can take into consideration is a short haircut with chocolate hair and highlights. The nape-length bob looks enchanting in vivid brown, while the discrete dark blonde highlights make the entire hairstyle come to life.

28. Pale Skin and Chocolate Hair

We’ve already gushed over Emma Stone when talking about auburn hair color, but she has fabulously made our chocolate brown hair list too. In this example, you can see how her very light skin tone contrasts with her deep hair tone.

29. Turquoise Lowlights on Chocolate Locks

So, we’ve talked all about natural ways to wear chocolate hair, but what about thinking outside the box? If you’re not afraid of a little color, you can mix this natural hue with a striking one, such as turquoise.

30. Iced Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Kristen Danyal proves that an iced version of chocolate brown should be on your mind when picking your specific shade. The icy effect is ever so subtle, but provides a huge impact on your hairstyle. It goes to show that the difference is in the details.

31. Chocolate Pink Ombre

If you’re not into turquoise but still want to make your chocolate brown pop, think about some pink. Whether you opt for a pastel pink or bright magenta, you can count on this secondary color for an unconventional ombre.

32. Deep Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

Combining shades of chocolate brown can result in the hairstyle you have always dreamed of. In this photo, for instance, you can admire a subtle blend of dark brown with light brown highlights. It’s just enough to make the whole look memorable.

33. Brown Amethyst Hair

Brown amethyst is certainly a hair color that you won’t see around every color. However, this deliciously discrete tint is challenging to obtain, we recommend working with a professional stylist for a phenomenal outcome.

34. Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

We have talked about either blonde or red streaks for spicing up your chocolate base, but what if you mix them? The results bring your entire look to life! In addition, you’ll get some violet tones – owing to the colors used.

35. Rose Gold with Chocolate Tint

Just like brown amethyst, this chocolate rose gold color is wonderfully creative. Not only does it look and feel super special, but you can also lighten or darken this shade as you please.

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36. Pastel Brown Ombre

Speaking of major trends this year, we have to talk about pastels. No matter if they’re pink, blue, lavender or green, these fairytale-like shades are all over the place. Let’s not forget that blue ombre hairstyles are incredibly stylish this year.

37. Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color

A little red can go a long way for any hairstyle part of a natural color palette. In this situation, you can add a dash of red to a chocolate brown base and get delightful results. It’s an excellent way of rocking burgundy hair in a subtle and impressive way.

38. Blonde and Chocolate Brown Hair

If you’re more of the blonde hair type, there are plenty of chocolate options for you too. You can mix the two nuances for a warm base color, or go for highlights or balayage.

39. Charcoal Chocolate

While this example comes pretty close to iced chocolate, it still stands out as a hypnotizing shade of charcoal chocolate. To put it shortly, the dark brown has an all-around charcoal gray tint to it made especially obvious by the perfectly straight hair.

40. Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Undertones

Not  up for red highlights? You can choose the discrete way by adding some red undertones to your chocolate brown locks. Even though the red additions are indeed subtle, they can still be appreciated from afar.

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41. Sunny Chocolate Hair

Another chocolate blonde look you can try out is this adorable balayage. We’re impressed with how much the results resemble beach hair. Feel free to experiment with it for your next makeover.

42. Chocolate Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

When you can’t get enough of chocolate brown, you can blend it all around. If your natural or base color is deep brown, you can rock some milk chocolate highlights. Also, you can go vice versa if you have naturally light brown hair.

43. Green and Brown Combo

Just like turquoise, a green ombre with chocolate brown hair is guaranteed to make you stand out. It might not be appropriate for a corporate workplace, but it’s fantastic for the free-spirited boho girl.

44. Chocolate Ash Brown Hair

Both ash brown and ash blonde are major trends this year too. If you opt for ash brown, you can take your color to the next level by warming the brown part up a bit. It’s a magnificent look for all four seasons.

45. Light Brown Undertones

If you have green, blue or generally light-colored eyes, you may want to consider a solid chocolate brown for your hair color. What you can do, however, is liven up the color with some super discrete undertones that resemble the base.

46. Brown and Ash Blend

Not into an all-over ash brown color? You can enjoy a charming gradient with a chocolate ash brown balayage. Start with the darkest tone at the top and blend your way to a light ash at the tips. The choco brown will look exceptional at the transition.

47. Black Hair with Chocolate Brown Highlights

Are you a natural brunette looking for a classy change? You can go for a delicate approach with some soft chocolate brown highlights. Alternatively, go for an equally natural balayage for a similar impact on your final look.

48. Chocolate Brown Hair with Auburn Lowlights

If you carry autumn in your heart wherever you go, then rock it in your hair too! Some gentle auburn lowlights can go a long way for your brown locks, especially if they’re dark. Consider a bit of a highlighting technique in the front to frame your face.

49. Hair and Skin Color Match

When you match the color of your hair to that of your skin, magic happens. This is why Gabrielle Union looks absolutely brilliant in this shot. If you are blessed with this graceful skin tone, don’t hesitate to think about chocolate hair.

50. Ashy Blonde Highlights on Chocolate Hair

Lastly, we will leave you with a natural yet unconventional way to wear chocolate brown hair. In this look, you can notice some highly subtle ashy blonde highlights. The results make your hair color look as natural as if you were born with it.

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To sum up, chocolate brown hair really is a gorgeous color. It has all the qualities you could ever hope for in a natural hair color, as well as effortless luster throughout the day and night.

Even though this brown hue is usually associated with earth tones, you now know that you can sport it in all sorts of creative color combinations.

If you’re planning on getting choco brown locks, put some time into finding the best mix for you. After that, tell us all about your experience in a comment!

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