50 Ultra-Cool Shaved Hairstyles for Black Women

Shaved hairstyles for black women aren’t everyone’s piece of cake. Rocking a semi-shaved or completely shaved head like a total diva isn’t easy – it takes courage, attitude and a personality that is equally outgoing.

Still, black women, in particular, look absolutely stunning with creative shaved hairstyles.

The fact that they have gorgeous, naturally curly hair makes styling a shaved haircut even more fun, especially considering they have options like faux locs, twisted braids, and mohawks.

When it comes to shaved hairstyles, you just need to be brave enough to take the first step – after that, you have limitless possibilities for styling! So have fun exploring these fabulous shaved hairstyles for black women!

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 1. Growing Out the Hair in Style

If you previously had shaved the side of your head for an edgy pixie cut and you now want to grow your hair out, do it with style. Gently comb down the shaved part to your side and style the rest of your pixie in soft waves.

2. Playful Afro on Short Hair

Make the most of those bouncy, adorable, tiny corkscrew curls. Shave the sides of your head and let your curly locks playfully jump around above.

3. Sassy Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are super cool for girls with beautiful faces, but what if you took yours to the next level? Put some attitude in it and shave a part to your side for instant glam.

4. Double Edge Shaved Lines

As you have noticed, pixie cuts are one of the biggest trends for shaved hairstyles for black women. To make your pixie even more eye candy, dare to shave another line halfway between the top of your head and your ear.

5. Retro Pastel Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

We all love embracing our feminine sides. Channel your inner 50s diva and go for a retro pixie with shaved sides, dyeing the top part silver. Style those waves in a gentle side part and be ready for everything!

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6. Ponytail Up, Shave Down

Even if you do decide to experiment with shaving your head, that doesn’t mean that you can leave parts of it long. Try out a precise undercut and leave the top half of your hair long and silky. You can style it in a perfect high ponytail or even a messy bun.

7. Curly Shaved Mohawk

Make your naturally curly locks stand out more than ever before with a funky mohawk. This is one of our favorite shaved hairstyles for black women as it combines femininity with that sassy edge we’re crazy about.

8. Curved Line on Short Natural Hair

While straight angles are definitely a trend among shaved styles, adding some curves can have an amazing impact. For a more dynamic look, opt for a curved line along the side of your head.

9. Double Shaved Lines

The more, the merrier! This shaved hairstyle doubles the curved lines – they will look awesome on teeny weeny afros too! Let those beautifully curly locks bounce around bordered by two edgy lines.

10. Classy Buzz Cut

If you want a sophisticated approach to a feminine buzz cut, you can cut your hair down without any additional lines. It’s classy, sassy, and super tasteful all in one.

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11. Platinum Chic

You can instantly get a high fashion edge by dyeing your hair platinum, close to white. This is quite a daring shaved hairstyle, but you can rock it like a supermodel (if it suits your personality).

12. Adventurous Undercut Symmetry

If you still want to let a bunch of your curls run free but still play around with shaved hairstyles for black women, go the extra mile and design lines all around. Use this style as inspiration, but feel free to experiment with lines in different directions and on different parts of your undercut.

13. Crimson Defined Curls

A deep, rich shade of red will always look marvelous, regardless of your skin tone. You can combine long, wavy locks with faded shaving on one side. Add another line to enhance your fierce femininity.

14. High Bun Creative Updo with Shaved Designs

We absolutely love this unique way of turning an undercut into a funky piece of visual art. You can add faux locs and wrap them in a large bun, revealing your intriguing shaved style underneath. If you ever want to cover up, all you have to do is release your bun and voila!

15. Amber Rose Glam

We all know that Amber Rose has succeeded in making a platinum buzz cut the ultimate shaved hairstyle for sexy ladies. Don’t hesitate to use this as inspiration for your next courageous haircut.

16. Dazzling Zig Zag Shaved Design

This shaved hairstyle combines rock and roll glam, with practicality and an original touch. When it comes to shaved hairstyles for black women, not even the sky is the limit. Let your imagination run free and explore different options for shaved lines!

17. Burgundy Curly Mohawk

Keep the reds coming! This stunning shade of burgundy looks wonderful on a curly pixie mohawk with shaved sides. You can even go for some dark red highlights if you don’t want to dye all of your hair.

18. Voluminous & Natural Long Hair

You can never go wrong with an all-natural look. Hard as it may seem, you can have a natural approach for a shaved hairstyle, especially with medium length to long hair. All you have to do is carefully shave only a part of your hair on the side and allow the rest of it to flow freely.

19. 90s RnB Inspiration

What can be hotter than having a shaved hairstyle inspired by the golden age of RnB music? Any shade of pink, red, or orange will look awesome on a buzz cut if you love the 90s.

20. Silver Faux Locs

We’re all for faux locs, but there’s something that can make them even more stylish. Dyeing your hair in a chic color like silver blonde can make a huge difference if you have a fresh style.

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21. Artsy Allure on Buzz Cut

This type of shaved hairstyle might not be to everybody’s liking, but it looks breathtaking for somebody who is up for it. Find and go to a top-rated hairstylist and allow him or her to transform your hair into an intriguing work of art.

22. Side-Swept Twisted Braids

Twisted braids have been, are and will always be an incredibly sweet and stylish option for long hairstyles. However, you can level up by shaving half of your head and sweeping your twisted braids to the side.

23. Rich Violet All-Around

You don’t even have to shave a lot of hair for your hairstyle to make it unique and lovely. You can rock some long locks in a lush color like this magnificent deep violet with magenta accents. Shave just a little bit around your part and enjoy your new level of fabulous.

24. Turquoise Faux Locs

The beauty of faux locs and shaved hairstyles for women is that you don’t have to go just for one color. A bold shade like turquoise looks just as fantastic, especially when styled creatively like in this picture.

25. Silver Waves on Dark Roots

Silver waves are like taking Rihanna’s innocent-sexy beauty, bringing out your inner hipster, and topping it all off with the hottest hair colors of these recent years.

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26. Long Lush Braids with Shave

If you don’t want twists or faux locs, you can always go for classic tight braids. You can shave either one side or both sides of your head. After that, leave the rest of your hair down, tie it to the side, or even style it in a messy or neat updo.

27. Electric Purple Bob Beauty Style

Any spirited gal can have fun with an electric shade of purple as their base color for their shaved hairstyle. Likewise, leave your roots darker and dye the rest bright violet to leave a long-lasting impression wherever you go!

28. Fabulous Updo with Undercut

Cassie Ventura is the undisputable example that girls can rock an undercut and look nothing less than astounding. The beauty of having an undercut with long hair is that you can still play around with tens of different hairstyles, just like the one showcased in this photo.

29. Intricate Design Meets Dark Turquoise

Another great idea if you want to dye your hair turquoise is to shave one side with an intricate pattern. Don’t be afraid to play around with different kinds of lines, angles, and designs to get one of the most stylish shaved hairstyles for black women!

30. Daring Pink Pixie

You can also try out a spectacular shade of bright pink or magenta for your shaved hairstyle. Go for an undercut in this super hot shade that will leave heads turning wherever you go. To add some class, style with some retro finger waves.

31. Undercut Ponytail Puff

A subtle undercut can be easily highlighted with a playful ponytail. If you have natural, afro-textured hair, your ponytail will automatically turn into a cute and bouncy puff.

32. Half Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women

We usually associate shaved hairstyles for black women with a daring and rebellious personality. However, these types of hairdos can be a symbol of elegance, like in this case with long curls on one side.

33. Three Tone Hair with Undercut

One of the best ways to accentuate natural corkscrew curls is to color it in different ways. This red to blonde gradient is a perfect example! Top it off with a chic, V-shaped nape cut.

34. Shaved Hairstyle with Braids

Have fun with your favorite braids with a sleek, shaved side and get a glamorous result no matter the combination!

35. Undercut with Big Earrings

If you have an undercut, a fabulous way to flatter it is with beautiful and bold jewelry. For instance, these big geometrical earrings do an excellent job of outlining the elegant undercut.

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36. Shaved Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

Age is just a number – your soul is forever young! To bring out the best of your inner youth, dare to experiment with shaved hairstyles for black women. Keep your natural silver color and rock it like a diva!

37. Half Up and Shaved Sides Hairstyle with Braids

Box braids are often styled with this half up, half down bun. Take yours to the next level by discretely shaving the sides for some glamorous edge.

38. Colorful Afro Mohawk

Don’t hesitate to show your true colors and personality. If you resonate with purple or blue, this is the shaved hairstyle for you! Let that outstanding natural afro shine with a hairstyle like this.

39. Wrapped Bun with Undercut

This is yet another example of how shaved hairstyles for black women can be sophisticated. The braided bun is carefully wrapped, while the undercut gorgeously shapes the entire look.

40. Asymmetrical Shaved Side Hairstyle for Black Women

If you have a round face shape, this asymmetrical pixie haircut will do your lovely features justice. In this example, you’ll see that the side is only slightly shaved, making it appropriate for the office or school alike.

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41. Fishtail Braid with Shaved Sides

Have both sides shaved and the rest of your hair long? Have fun with a spectacular fishtail braid mohawk. You can braid it messily for effortless glam.

42. Short Shaved Side Hairstyle with Curly Hair

This example shows how a curly pixie haircut looks with a shaved side. It helps contour the overall look, while beautifully revealing and complementing your natural facial features.

43. Twisted Braids with Shaved Side

These jumbo twisted braids look absolutely breathtaking with a chicly shaved side. To make the look funkier and more original, consider adding an additional shaved line or two on the side.

44. Shaved Sides Hairstyle with Weave

If you momentarily prefer a weave over your natural hair, you can rest assured that it will look marvelous with a shaved side. This is the perfect occasion to show off your favorite bold earrings too!

45. Bouncy Curly Shaved Afro

What better way to complement your natural afro than by pairing it with the perfect undercut? The numerous layers boost your volume all while accentuating your African roots too.

46. Locs with Shaved Side

Shaved sides also look amazing with locs. This beautiful hairstyle not only outlines features like high cheekbones, but it also spices up this playful look even more.

47. Natural Hair Shaved Sides and Back

A hairdo like this is ideal for black women growing up their natural hair. In essence, it is a magnificent afro in the works, and you can shape it with a faded undercut as it grows.

48. Sister Locks with Shaved Side

In addition to dreadlocks and locs, sisterlocks are also an exceptional way to rock an African hairstyle. Feel free to get as creative as you’d like with the shaved side by adding a zig-zag or a curved line.

49. Shaved Sides and Cornrows

Cornrows or feed-in braids look just as spectacular as the other shaved hairstyles for black women on this list. Like with the rest we presented, you can always add a shaved line or two to personalize the look.

50. Crochet Twists and Shaved Side

Last but not least, you can consider a set of brilliant crochet twists for your shaved hairstyle. Choose the length you like the most and don’t forget to wear them with a big smile.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, there are so many shaved hairstyles for black women you can choose from that it’s quite likely impossible not to find one to your liking.

To narrow down the list, also keep in mind that the desired look should be representative of your tastes and personality. With this in mind, which one of these styles are you most tempted to try out?

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