Keep Them Looking Lovely: 50 Heartwarming Flower Girl Hairstyles

Walking down the aisle in a princess dress, spreading flower petals while the entire wedding crowd watches and oooohs! and aaaaahs! over her is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of a girl’s childhood.

Therefore, you need to make sure she has a hairstyle to match.

Spend a fair amount of time focusing on the mini squad of your wedding party. You won’t regret it!

To make things easier for you, scroll down and be delighted by these heartwarming flower girl hairstyles and styling ideas!

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1. Sweet Flower Girl Hairstyles

cute flower girl hairstyles


As a rule of thumb, always officially ask your flower girls if they want to perform this duty.

Here’s a tip: Send them a card with the question plus a small token such as a necklace or bracelet. They will be thrilled to wear it.

2. Traditional Flower Girl Hairstyle

flower girl hairstyles


Traditionally, a flower girl is typically a small girl between the ages of three and ten that is closely related to either the bride or the groom. However, if no such relation exists, she can also be a friend of the family.

3. Flower Girl Hairstyles with Pigtails


This has to be one of the cutest hairstyles for flower girls out there. It pays homage to the girls’ age, seeing as it has two little pigtails on either side of the head.

However, this being a special occasion, the pigtails also have satin ribbons, to make them more elegant.

4. Flower Girl Hairstyles with Headband

headband flower girl hairstyles


You can use the clever trick of the large headband both to dress up your little girl and help keep hair out of her eyes for the duration of the ceremony and party. It’s a very low maintenance hairstyle.

5. Messy Bun Flower Girl Hairstyle

messy bun flower girl hairstyles


As tradition would have it, the flower girl should be accompanied down the aisle by a little boy called the page boy. As she scatters flower petals, he is the one carrying the wedding rings.

However, if the flower girl is old enough and doesn’t have stage fright, she can walk by herself.

6. High Chignon Flower Girl Hair

high chignon flower girl hairstyles


This little princess is covered in tulle as she threatens to upstage the bride in her high chignon with a few blonde curls hanging down the back.

Flowers girls are usually dressed in white, the only person besides the bride allowed to wear this color at a wedding.

7. Flower Girls and Pink Roses

pink roses flower girl hairstyles


Always a traditional choice, pink roses are also very safe. They are everyone’s favorite, and you can bet your little flower girl will adore being decked from head to toe in this lovely shade of pink.

8. Flower Girl with Fishtail Braid

braid flower girl hairstyles


This is a messy fishtail braid with a few strands hanging out that were arranged with some help from a curler.

The braid has baby breath flowers woven all along it as well. However, you should be aware that the little princess might undo it at any moment.

9. Rolled Up Flower Girl Hair

flower girl hairstyles


Building on the above, you could also try a hairstyle such as this roll-up, which you can redo yourself at any time. All you need are some bobby pins.

Here’s a tip: Remember to pack some extra flowers as well!

10. Angelic Flower Girl Hairstyles

beach flower girl hairstyles


Even though she’s called ‘the flower girl’, she can carry other things as well if you don’t want petals.

For example, you could go for candy, little bubbles, small balloons, or confetti, which she will spread on the aisle much like she would have spread the flowers.

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11. Braided Crown Hairstyle

Braided boho flower crown flower girl hairstyles


We can call this hairstyle crown-ception because we have a crown overload here.

This little cutie pie has both a gorgeous natural flower crown and a crown braid made of her own blonde hair which ends in a chignon in the back.

12. Boho Flower Girl Hairstyles

boho flower girl hairstyles


Most flower girls are dressed the same as the bride because they are meant to symbolize her or the way she was when she was a child.

The flower girl spreading petals is meant to represent innocence and youth, and this lovely boho style achieves this in the loveliest fashion.

13. Side Ponytail Flower Girl Hair

side ponytail flower girl hairstyles


It is also believed that the flower girl leads the bride both in a symbolic and literal way, guiding her path from innocence and childhood to womanhood being a married woman and, if she so chooses, a mother.

14. Flower Girl Hairstyles with Plaits

flower girl hairstyles


Continuing on the above, that is why there must be a strict order when walking down the aisle.

The bridesmaids will enter first, and then the flower girl, followed by the bride herself, as she needs to lead her into her new life.

15. Elegant Flower Girl Styles

elegant flower girl hairstyles


Historians have pinned down the beginnings of this custom to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. They used to have young girls carry herbs and wheat during the wedding.

They symbolized fertility and thought to help the couple procreate. In time, the things they carried changed to flowers.

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16. Flower Girl Hairstyles with Beach Waves

beach waves flower girl hairstyles


Jumping to the Elizabethan era, all people invited to the wedding were responsible with scattering petals all the way from the house of the bride to the church. The flower girls carried rosemary branches covered in gold.

17. High Bun Hairstyles

high bun flower girl hairstyles


We got the traditions we’re respecting nowadays from the Victorian Era.

That’s when flower girls started being dressed in white and started carrying a basket full of petals as well as a hoop adorned with flowers.

Its round shape symbolized that love is eternal.

18. Country Flower Girl Hair

summer country flower girl hairstyles


When it comes to today’s trends, wedding planners report that brides like to put as many children as possible in their wedding.

Therefore, you have your flower girls, as well as a bunch of other little tots called ‘greeters.’

They simply walk down the aisle before everyone else trying to put the guests in a good mood.

19. Colorful Flower Girl Styles

flower girl hairstyles


Modern trends also dictate that your flower girl doesn’t have to be dressed in white anymore either.

You can ask her what color she prefers or match her dress to the decorations. Evidently, her hairpiece will be in the same shade.

20. Adorable Flower Girl Hairdo

messy flower girl hairstyles


Did you know that there’s a trend going on called ‘flower grandmas?’ That’s right. People everywhere are going crazy about having their elders throw flowers petals down the aisle rather than a small girl.

21. Flower Girl Hair with a Bow

bow flower girl hairstyles


Bows on little girls are one of those eternal hairstyles that will never go out of style no matter what. Nobody can resist a little girl in an oversized satin bow, especially when she’s also dressed in yards of tulle as well.

22. Four Ponytails

four ponytails flower girl hairstyles


This is a fun and childish way to dress up your little girl. It consists of four ponytails spread across her head in a square pattern that remind us heavily of the 90s.

She won’t know that, of course, but it will be a cool reminder for the bride of when she was a little girl in the 90s.

23. Pretty in Pink Flower Girls

pretty in pink flower girl hairstyles


A high bun such as this one is incredibly easy to make and looks fantastic. All you need is a hair doughnut and some bobby pins.

In a pinch, you can even use a sock. Look up some YouTube tutorials to find out how!

24. The Loose Fishtail Braid

flower girl hairstyles


It’s very important that a little flower girl’s hairstyle be as serviceable as it is pretty. She will have to wear it all day long. Therefore, it has to have a high degree of comfort and she needs to like it a lot.

25. Ponytail Hairstyles

ponytail flower girl hairstyles


Sometimes, a simple ponytail will do the trick because you need to let the dress do all the talking. When the outfit is this beautiful, there’s really no need to try and upstage it with a complicated hairstyle.

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26. Curly Flower Girl Hairstyle

curly flower girl hairstyles


If your little princess has deeply curly hair, a straightforward top knot will do. Use some bobby pins and a headband decorated with a flower in the same color as the dress to secure her hair in place.

27. Afro-Textured Hair Styles

afro flower girl hairstyles


An afro is like a crown in itself when it comes to hairstyles. Therefore, there’s really no need to embellish it further. However, you can try a simple bow to make matters a little more festive for your little girl.

28. Side Braid Flower Girl Hair

flower girl hairstyles


The same minimalist rule applies here as well. When the dress is this overwhelming, you have to keep it very simple as far as hair goes.

A simple braid on one side will suffice because the focus here needs to be on the outfit.

29. Flower Girl Hairstyles with Curls

curls flower girl hairstyles


This is a simple hairstyle, but one that may require some maintenance as the day goes by, especially if it’s a hot summer one. Apply a curler to her tresses and the use some kid-friendly hairspray.

30. Pixie Cut Flower Girl Hair

pixie cut flower girl hairstyles


Even if the tot has short hair, it still needs to be styled. Give her a little trendy trim and apply a liberal amount of glossing agent so that she can look her best and like a tiny star on the big day.

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31. Flower Girl Hair with Fascinator

fascinator flower girl hairstyles


If she’s old enough not to toy with it during the ceremony, your flower girl can even wear a fascinator in lieu of a hat. This one even has a small birdcage veil with a very vintage vibe to it.

32. Bob Haircuts for Flower Girls

bobs flower girl hairstyles


Styling choices can also reside in the hairpieces you choose for them. These, for example, are two bobs.

One is shoulder-length and the other is a long bob. Both girls are wearing red flower crowns and looking perfectly adorable!

33. Intricate Flower Girl Styles

intricate flower girl hairstyles


This one is very reminiscent of pageantry and Miss America in the 80s and 90s. It has a very voluminous and intricate bun which you can obtain by using hair extensions rather than your girl’s natural hair.

34. Side Braided Hairstyles

flower girl hairstyles


Here’s a fantastic idea for a dress with a spectacular back. When you have this much lacework going on in the back, there’s no point covering it up! Go for a side bun with a thin three-strand braid instead.

35. Classy Flower Girl Updos

flower girl hairstyles


Speaking of hairstyles on the side, here’s a ponytail that has been curled and twisted into perfection. The hair has been swept to one side and the ponytail itself rests perfectly on her little shoulder.

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36. Casual and Free Flower Girl Hair

casual flower girl hairstyles


If you’re having a casual, bohemian, beach wedding, there’s no need to style your flower girl with an uptight hairdo.

Dress her up in a festival type of dress and allow her to enjoy herself as the sea breeze blows through her locks.

37. Simple Flower Girl Headbands

flower girl hairstyles


This is a flower crown that you can make yourself using just the blooms you have in your backyard.

Ask your flower girl to help you, you’ll have fun together! It will be a great bonding moment between the two of you which she will never forget.

38. Sophisticated Hair Accessories

flower girl hairstyles


The opposite of the above is a flower band which you can buy at the florist. It typically comes with perfect roses or other wedding flowers and satin or silk bows and ribbons holding them together.

39. Winter Flower Girl Styles

winter flower girl hairstyles


If your wedding is in the winter, you can have your little flower girls wear crowns made of holly and pine to symbolize the cold season, as well as a faux fur shrug over their shoulders to keep them warm.

40. Spring Flower Girl Hairstyles

spring flower girl hairstyles


Nothing says spring better than this grass green shade which you can use as your theme color.

It can lord over their dresses, bouquets, and flower crowns. They will be little spring princesses announcing the coming of the warmer seasons.

41. Haute Couture Flower Girl Hair

D&G Summer 2016 Collection flower girl hairstyles


If you are willing to go for it, you can try haute couture fashion and accessories. This is a dress and headband combo from the Dolce & Gabbana Summer Collection for girls.

It is adorned with daisies on a black silk and tulle background. The hair is kept slick and simple in a low ballerina bun.

42. Fall Flower Girl Hairstyles

fall flower girl hairstyles


Is there anything more beautiful than a fall wedding? Just imagine the natural colors surrounding you. Perfection!

You can mimic them in your flower girl’s outfit and even have her carry a bouquet made of fallen leaves.

Here’s a tip: Ask her to collect the leaves herself! She’ll be collecting fond memories as well.

43. Teenage Flower Girls

flower girl hairstyles


Teenage flower girls need something age-appropriate when it comes to hair and fashion.

We suggest a faux hawk made of three knots (such as the one above) and a lavish lavender gown with a lace shrug decorated with rhinestones.

44. The Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte after the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle flower girl hairstyles


Even though she’s so young, she’s already been a flower girl twice. Once when her aunt Pippa Middleton got married and the second time when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle.

Princess Charlotte is second in line for the throne of England and a cutie pie of a flower girl.

45. French Braid with a Bun

Decorate a French braid + bun combo with floral accent pieces flower girl hairstyles


This is a classic French braid ending in a high bun hiding a hair doughnut. Everything has been decorated with natural pink roses and miscellaneous garden flowers in white, yellow, and green, symbolizing youth.

46. Crisscross Flower Girl Updo

crisscross flower girl hairstyles


Although this hairstyle might take a little practice before you get it done perfectly, the result will be completely worth it!

It has a crisscross pattern dotted with pearls and a waterfall braid. The latter has white flowers all along it.

47. Dramatic Hair Jewelry

hair jewelry flower girl hairstyles


If you want to, you can give your flower girl an extra chance to shine by having her wear a dramatic piece of hair jewelry. In addition, make it match yours, so that the moment will be truly memorable!

48. Crown Braid with Golden Leaves

Crown Braid with Gold Leaves flower girl hairstyles


Novelty bobby pins are a huge thing these days. They come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is still the best choice for a wedding. It’s a set of golden leaves that can adorn a beautifully braided crown.

49. Elsa’s Hairstyles for Flower Girls

elsa braid and coronation bun flower girl hairstyles


Here are Elsa’s side braid decorated with flowers and her coronation twist and bun. Both of them are, of course, from Frozen.

Talk to your flower girl and see if she has a favorite Disney princess and if she would like her hair like that for the ceremony.

50. DIY Flower Girl Hair

diy flower girl hairstyles


This is a no sweat and no toil little girl hairstyle. It requires very little maintenance.

All you need is a handful of bobby pins in case the original ones gets lost during the day. Just to be safe, buy one or two more roses as well.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

There are a few rules when it comes to flower girl hairstyles.

They have to last the entire day, be as comfortable as possible, have accessories that can be easily replaced and, most important of all, the tot has to love the hairstyle!

Therefore, we suggest you scroll through our list together with your flower girl and that both of you choose the one you like most (and then let us know what you picked)!

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